Ek Mutthi Aasmaan (A Fistful of Sky)


Hi guys this wellwisher here. You all know Ek Mutthi Aasmaan was our favorite serial. As soon as Rachana Parulkar left the show the TRP of the show also got down and it came to an end within a month. Still we all miss them. So I’m here to write fan fiction for it.

Here it goes………

Before I start I would like to give the plot. It is from wiki.

Plot summary

Ek Mutthi Aasmaan follows the story of Kalpana (Kalpi) Jadhav (Rachana Parulkar) and Raghav Singhania (Aashish Chaudhary) and how their path crosses with each other in their journey of achieving their goals. Kalpana is the daughter of a domestic worker Kamla Jadhav (Shilpa Shirodkar) and a mill worker Vitthal Jadhav (Mohit Dagga). She struggles to fulfill her mother’s dream, who works as a maid in a big ‘Seth’s'(Kapoor) house, to become memsaheb. Kalpi selflessly loves her mother, but is always deprived of her love and attention because Kamla is always busy looking after her Malik’s Daughter, Pakhi Kapoor (Shirina Singh). However, she still desires to fulfill her mother’s dream by becoming successful.

On the other hand, Raghav Singhania is a rich business man whose only motive is to get revenge from Kapoor’s who murdered his father when he was a kid. Raghav has always been indebted to Kamla (Kalpi’s mother) as she had helped him from the clutches of Kapoors who wanted to adopt him and take away all his wealth. He tries to be rude to Kalpi and kind to Pakhi so that he can marry Pakhi and take revenge over the Kapoor’s. But he gets attracted with Kalpi’s sweet, simple and caring nature, and falls head over heels in love with Kalpi. Eventually, Kalpana understands Raghav’s feelings and reciprocates back. Both Raghav and Kalpana fall in love with each other and with blessing on their parents, plan for their wedding.

But the story takes a major turn when on the day of his wedding to Kalpi, Raghav gets married to Pakhi Kapoor. However, no marriage scene is shown much to the viewer’s surprise. Eventually he realizes his mistake but cannot rectify it at that moment because of his long lost mother’s (Gauri Singhania) pressure who wants revenge from Kapoors’. In order to prove his love for Kalpi he gets married to her by putting the sacred sindoor on her forehead in a temple with God’s blessings.

Kamla doesn’t accept this and she wants Raghav and Pakhi as she thinks Raghav has done the mistake by cheating both her daughters (Pakhi and Kalpi). But later it is revealed that it was Gauri and Pakhi’s trick of marrying Raghav. Kamla finds this out and plans with Kalpi to expose Gauri and Pakhi on his birthday. Pakhi who has turned negative and is in deep love with Raghav, gives alcohol to Raghav before his birthday night and gets intimated. Raghav feels guilty of what he has done and confess this to Kalpi on his birthday who has come there with Kamla. Kalpi later finds out from Pakhi that nothing has happened between Raghav and Pakhi. She with proofs goes to meet to expose Pakhi.

But before that, Pakhi hired goons to kidnap Kalpi and keep her where no one can find her. She also kidnaps Gauri who was supporting her all this while. Kamla had requested Gauri to find where Kalpi is. Pakhi who has overheard their conversation kidnaps Gauri. Raghav comes their save Gauri who apologizes to him and confess everything to Raghav. Pakhi shifts Kalpi to another place. Later, Raghav gets to know where Pakhi hid Kalpi and goes to save his love. After getting her in the car, he drives with speed. The car drives off a cliff and blows up. Some fisherman finds Kalpi near the river and takes her to the hospital. Raghav is still missing. While in the hospital, Dhiraj Diwan (Siraj Mustafa) is depressed over his niece Suhana’s (Asha Negi) death as his son was the cause for Suhana’s accident. When he hears how Kalpi’s face has been burned and her memory has been lost, he requests the doctor to do plastic surgery on Kalpi to make her Suhana in order to save his son. The surgery is successful. Suhana aka Kalpi gets flashbacks of her real family and the accident and doesn’t believe she is really Suhana Diwan. Everyone convinces her she is nothing other than that.

Whereas Kamla joins as a maid to take care Suhana. Later Kamla and Vitthal come to know that Suhana is actually their Kalpana. They try to convey this to the family but none believes it. Kamla, Vitthal and Pakiya (Kalpi’s elder brother) try to stop Suhana to get wed second time as she is already married to Raghav. On the day Suhana is about to get married to Aryan (Kunal Varma), she recalls her past with Raghav. On their way to stop Suhana’s marriage Kamla helps an old man and leaves in his house. To their surprise Raghav is alive and had been their long days. When Kamla questions why he had not to come to meet to them he apologizes to them for not able to save Kalpi. Kamla reveals to him that his love, their Kalpi is alive but lost her memory and is also getting married also. They immediately rush to stop the marriage. There Suhana feels of already being dressed as bride once. She hesitantly comes to mandap and does the rituals. As the rituals go on Raghav, Kamla, Vitthal and Pakiya come there. As Raghav walks in looking at her Suhana realizes that she is Kalpi and tells “Raghav.” Later Dhiraj accepts his crime. Aryan asks Kalpi to get married to Raghav as everyone is here. Gauri, Kamla, Vitthal blesses them. Kamla tells that her princess at last got her “Fistful of Sky”……….

Here goes on my Fan fiction………………..

It is after a year of Ragna’s (Raghav and Kalpana) marriage…….

Scene: 1

Location: At the chowl

The whole chowl is decorated. Vitthal is busy in the arrangements. He sees Pakiya doing the arrangements also. Vitthal, “Pakiya today is your engagement and you are doing work. Trying to show you are responsible in front of the girl na?” Pakiya tells, “Baba………” Kamla comes there. She tells, “Vitthal leave him today at least.” Pakiya, “Hmmmm…….. Thank u ai.” Vitthal, “Don’t do too much. I’m leaving you today because today my princess is coming with her prince.” Kamla, “Ha….My Kalpi is coming. It has been nearly a year of seeing her. My Kalpi with her husband is coming back to India………” Vitthal says, “She is coming back as our Kalpi. Not as Suhana………” Pakiya, “Ai she will come for sure right?” Kamla, “How will she not come. It is her brother’s marriage.” Manda (She is one of the people whole lives in the chowl) comes there. She as usual taunts, “Hmmm…..Kamla luck always knocks at your door. Your daughter was smart enough to make Raghav fall for her and now your son is getting engaged to his boss’s daughter. Both children of yours are smart.” Vitthal, “Why are you going to teach this smartness to your kids na? How will you teach? You’re not at all married at all. Then you will feel jealous only.” Manda goes from there. Pakiya, “Baba superb. She needs it.” Kamla tells, “Pakiya go get ready. Bride and her family will come now.” Pakiya goes. Kamla tells to Vitthal, “You’re only spoiling him.” Vitthal asks, “What did I do?” Kamla tells, “You should not talk to Manda like this in front of Manda.” Vitthal says, “Kamla still you have not changed. She is badmouthing my princess. How can I be quite?” Kamla tells, “World will tell everything that doesn’t mean our daughter and son are trapping rich under them.” Vitthal, “If you want you don’t bother. I will never like if any speak bad about my children.” Kamla nods head and smiles. Vitthal smiles at her and tells, “This is why I like you so much. You’re too honest.” Both of them smile. Kanta (She is also one of the people whole lives in the chowl) comes there and tells, “Kamla get ready fast, the bride and her family are on the way.”

Scene 2

Location: At Mumbai Airport

Gauri is waiting for someone. She hears the announcement that the flight from U.S is to land within 5 minutes. She gets excited.

Scene 3

Location: At the chowl

Kamla, Vitthal and all the other people of the chowl are waiting for the bride to arrive. The bride’s car arrives. The family gets down from the cars. Kamla does the aarti of the bride. They all come inside the chowl. People perform dance on the stage. Pakiya and the bride Riya come and sit. Kamla is worried for Kalpi and Raghav. Vitthal comes near Kamla and tells, “Don’t worry my princess will come.” Kamla smiles. All performance gets over. Riya’s father Rajendran comes there and tells, “Time is going on. Will Raghav and Kalpi come?” Vitthal tells, “Another 10 minutes sir. Now they will come.” They all keep looking at the entrance. Riya’s mom comes there. She says, “I know how much is Raghav and Kalpi’s presence important but we don’t have much of time. After a long struggle this marriage is going to happen. We can start the rituals. They will come when Pakiya and Riya change the rings.” Vitthal is about to say something Kamla stops him and says, “Yes we can start the rituals.” Vitthal tells, “Kamla what will you tell to Kalpi when she comes?” “There is no need for that Baba.” They all turn back and smile …………

Precap: Pakiya and Riya’s engagement takes place

Hope u guys liked it. Pls everyone comment it.

Credit to: wellwisher (ww)

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