Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-50

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After 2months..its ragini 9th month…
Ragini wakes up nd sees sanskar who was smiling at her..
Sanskar:a very good mrng to our princess nd princess ka mumma
Ragini:good mng to princess ka papa also
Sanskar smiles nd gives good mng kisses to both..
Sanskar:chalo..lets hav bath
Ragini:Sanskar i dont want to get bath..plz leave me for today
Sanskar:what..u r becoming lazy day by day
Ragini:u only made me like this only na..dont do this dont do that..take rest bla bla bla..
Sanskar:enough of ur talks come
Ragini:plz sanskar..im feeling cold..
Sanskar lifts her in his arms nd takes her into washroom…Ragini pouts..
Ragini:sanskar plzz na..
Sanskar:keep quite..
Ragini not letting him remove her dress..
Sanskar:u r bahaving like a kid..
Ragini smiles sheepishly..she tries to go out frm washroom..sanskar holds her nd placed his lips on her’s..
Ragini widened her eyes due to his sudden act..but she too responds..aftera while sanskar brks d kiss..ragini opens her mouth seeing herself..(sanskar takes off her dress while kissing)
Ragini:this is cheating..cheatercock
Sanskar smiles..Ragini splashes water on him..
Sanskar:ragini i had bath already..dont make me wet again..
but ragini doesnt listen she pours water on him with mug..
Sanskar glares at her,ragini looks at him with puppy eyes..
Sanskar:see na princess what ur mumma is doing
Ragini:what im doing..makeing my hubby bath with love..
she pours another mug of water nd gives a flying kiss to sanskar..
Ragini blinks her eyes smiling…
After a while both came after having bath..
Sanskar makes her wear dress while ragini disturbing him continuously by pullinh his cheeks ,blowing air on his face..Sanskar glares at her but to be fact he is enjoying her cute antics..
Uttara comes to ragsan room..
Uttara:bhabi i nitted this sweater for baby..how was it..i also bought this teddy ..its so cute na..
Sanskar:u no need to do all these..
before sanskar could speak..
Ragini(angrily):what bhai..he is telling na no need..y r u not leaving us..he said stay away frm us..enough for what u had done for us…stay away
Sankar shocked by ragini behaviour towards uttara..
uttara leaves cryingg..
Sanskar:ragini what is the need to react like that
Ragini:then kya sanskar..u dont like to talk with her na..y she was not listening..now see.she will never try to talk with us..u r happy na..
Sanskar:but u should not have shout like that..
Ragini:leave it sanskar..y r u bothering..she was now getting what she had done..it has been 4months..how much she tried to seek ur forgiveness..but u r not talking with her..y she cant understand..
Sanskar looks at ragini..nd goes to uttara room where she is crying..
Seeing (sanskar she hugs him):Bhai see na bhabi also angry on me bhai..plz forgive me bhai..i will never do wrong..plzz bhai..i cant able to tolarate u all haterd bhai..i feel like die
Sanskar:shh uttara..stop..
Uttara looks at him as he called with her name..
Sanskar wiped her tears..
uttara:bhai u have forgiven me na..
sanskar nodded smiling..
both hugs…

San nd uttara comes to ragini..
Ragini:are u deaf i told u na..again u came here
uttra holds sankar hand..
Ragini laughs..utt san looks at her puzzled..
Ragini:how is my reverse drama..she winks at sanskar..
ragini side hugs uttara..
uttara:bhabi u scared me..
Sanskar looks at her angrily(fake)..ragini holds her ears sry..
san smiles..they trio shares hug..
Sanskar:talk to ur dad
Ragini:Sanskar plz
Sanskar:i hav forgiven uttara..she also did mistake na..
Ragini:its different sanskar..he tried to kill our baby
Sanskar:forget na..i can see he is really feeling guilt for what he had done.plz forgive him..
Ragini:i will try sanskar
Sankar nodded
after 2days
Ragini was shown in hospital,sanskar stood beside holding baby boy in his hands..Ragini blessed with baby boy…
Ragsan looks at eo nd smiles..all family came,sharad also came..
Ragini about speak..
sharad:plzz ragu..give what punishment u want to give..dont ask me to go..plz..im really sorry sanskar for my behaviour towards u..im really sorry..he fell on sanskar feet…
ragsan looks at him shocked..
sankar(gives baby to ragini nd makes him stand):what r u doing..aap..
Sharad could nopt able to meet sanskar eyes as he knws how badly insulted him..Sanskar understand..
Sanskar:i have forgotten all..plz aap bhi..
Sharad:thank u so much
sanskar smiles..
sharad sits beside (ragini nd holds her hand):mujhe maaf karo ragu..plzz..
Ragini sees baby holds sharad hand with his little fingers..(filmy..)
Sanskar:see our baby also asking to forgive..
Sharad feels happy feeling baby touch..
Ragini:promise me…u will never change like as old dad..i only like this dad..
Sharad nodded…ragini hugs him..all felt happy..
suji welcomed ragsan with their baby…
@Ragsan room
Sankar:dont wry we will try hard for princess
Ragini hits him with pillow blushing..
Sankar:see na baby ur mumma hitting me..how bad na..
Ragini:oye he is not ur princess to listen what u say..he is myrince he will only listen to me..
sankar pouts..baby smiles..
Ragini:see how cute he is while smiling..like u..
Sanskar glares at her
Ragini:sry sry..
Sanskar:dont call me cute again..orelse
Ragini:orelse what will u do..huh..my prince is with me..
Sanskar:i can do anything wify.dont challenge me..
Ragini:teeke cutie
Saying she gets up to run,but sanskar holds her before she could run..
Sanskar gets up nd pins her to the wall..
Sanskar:shall i show what can i do
Ragini:sanskar plz
Sanskar leaned close to her nd bites corner of her lips..
Ragini pushed him blushing nd goes to baby while saying im sleepy..
Sanskar smiles nd goes to bed nd lies on bed merging his head with ragini,s..baby is in middle(hope u got their position)..
both looks at eo lovingly nd dozzed of hugging baby…..

i will post epilogue soon…..

This is my first ff ,i reached 50 episode all thanks goes to u friends..thank u so much…

Thank u so much Shri,naina,Chubbypeanut,Ragsan,Nive,Asra for supporting me…no need to care about them..They r talking about emotions it made me laugh..as they didnt thought about emotions when they bash about teju,when they bash ragsan fans.now they r talking about emotions…what ever..leave them..be happy..


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