Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-49

Ragini screams with pain in her stomach..Dadi who heard this rushed towards ragini..she was shocked to see ragini..sharad who is seeing standing near door sorry dear..im giving pain to u..but wait sometime ,i will make all fine..after this no one can exist ur life nighter baby nor that cheap sanskar…
Dadi calls doctor nd sanskar..
Sharad stops sanskar who cme to see ragini..
Sharad:how dare u to come here..get out

Sanskar:see mr sharad ..i dont want argue with u..let me meet ragini..
Sharad:no u cant..
Sanskar gets angry ,he pushed sharad hard nd runs to ragini ,where doctor was treating ragini…sharad about to go to sanskar but stopped seeing dadi..Sanskar was hell worried seeing unconscious ragini…
Doctor:u r her husband..
Sanskar:yes doc..kya hua..is she fine..

Doc:did u both ok with this baby..
Sanskar:ha doc..we r very happy.
Doc:she took food which contain abortion pills?? Sanskar(shocked):abortion pills????He collapsed on floor
Doc(placed hand in him):but dont wry..nothing had happened..she took small amout of food..it doesnt affect ,i came in time..(ragini didnt ate full..it mistakenlyy fell down frm ragini hand while eating)
Sanskar(takes a realif):tq doc..

Doc:but u have to be careful..its her 5month..she needs care..
Sanskar nodded..after a while doc left….
Sanskar sits beside ragini caresssed her hair nd kissed on her forehead…
Dadi:sry sanskar..i should have more careful…but who must be it was, to kill ur baby..
Immediately sharad straikes into sanskar mind..He askd dadi to stay with ragini…Nd goes to sharad who was in sad mood after got to knw baby is safe…
Sanskar:how dare u mr sharad mehra to kill my baby..how dare u.

Sharad:oh.u got knw it was me..good
Sanskar:y r u doing this all..if u hate me show on me..before doing u even didnt thought about ur daughter also..such a father u r..i thought u will be happy after hearing this news but u r not..how crual u are..
Sharad:enough…u r talking too much..how could u think that i will accept u nd ur baby..now watch what will i do..i will tell u tried to kill baby..
Sanskar (laughs):now she is not thst ragini who was influenced by u..

Sharad:poor sanskar..im her father..she believes what i say..i already did..i think u hav forgotten..
Sanskar:how can i forget those nightmares in mylife..u r the reason for those..u want to brk our relation even without thinking once about ur daughter hapiness…
Sharad:she will be more happy after breaking with u..

Both turns nd sees ragini who was shattered after knowing about her dad..
Sanskar rushed to her nd asks is she fine..she looks at him with moisty eyes…
Sharad:ragu..see how he was behaving with me..he jst acting infront of u but truth is he is d one who tried fo kill ur baby..i knw about this type of cheap people

Ragini:stop it..if u say one word about my husband it wont be good.
Ragini:i heard all dad..how could u do..u tried to kill my daughter..no father does not do this with his dauther..r u my real father..
Sharad:ragu..dint talk like this..i did all for u..u will never happy with him..
Ragini:i will never be happy without him..i will die without him..15years back i lost my mother now i lost my father too..

Ragini:sanskar plz take me frm here..i dont want to be here..plz take me..
Sanskar nodded .
Dadi:wait sanskar beta..
Dadi slaps sharad nd says go nd live with ur money nd reputation…i lost my son too
Sharad:maa plzz
Dadi:sanskar beta..if u dont mind can i stay with ur family..
Sanskar:dadi that is also ur house..
They walks..

Sharad:maa ragu..
They left without bothering about him..sharad collapsed on floor..
@sanskar house
Ragini cries hugging sanskar…

Sanskar:ragini plz dont cry..it will not good for ur health..plzz
Ragini:ydidnt u told me abut him before..
Sanskar:i dont want u hurt by telling about him..i knw how much we get pain when our loved ones hurts us..
Ragini:im really sorry sanskar(sobs)
Sanskar(brks hug ,wiped her tears):plzz stop cry for me..for our princess..forget all..
He kissed her forehead nd makes her lie on his
Chest nd consoles her..

Sanskar makes ragini ready as today is he godhbarai..
Sanskar:my moti wife looking beautiful..
Ragini:moti???(she pouts)
Sanskar (smiles):i liked moti more than my thin wife..looking so pretty..
Sanskar(peckd her lips):sachhi.come all must be waiting for us..
Both goes down..

Sanskar makes her sit on sofa..function begins…sanskar makes her wear bangles nd applies turmeric on her cheeks..he fills her hairline with sindhur..he kissed on her baby bump nd her forehead nd says i love u so much…he looks at ragini who was staring st him lovingly…they kept on looking eo with immense love…
Suji clears her throat to get them imto reality..

Both composed…
All smiles…after suji nd someladies also did some rituals..
Sansksr dances om godh bara somg acting as lady..ragini laughs which makes sanskar more happy..
Ragini suddenly stopped laughing when she sees sharad who jst cme there…
Ragini:sanskar..whatis he doing here..tell him to go..
Sharad(he realized his mistake after losing his mother nd daughter[storu getting end so he must na???]he tried to seek her forgiveness but ragini doesnt)

Sharad:plz ragu ,forgive me i really changed..plz give one chance..
Sanskar:ragini forgive him na..
Ragini:r u ready to forgive uttara..no na..then how can i sanskar..he tried to kill our baby
Ragini:plzz sanskar
Saying she goes to room..

Sharad looks at dadi..
Dadi feels bad seeing him..(afterall she is his mother)..she knw he ia regretting what he had done..but she is helpless
Dadi gives a helpless look..

Im toda busy friends..i want to end this ff as soon as possible..sry if any mistakes r there…there r 2updates leff..i wil update soon..
I will post my other ffs when i was free…sry…

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  1. Lahari Hater

    Lahari , U Bhai – behen jodi wale are used to cropping Swara’s pic , isin’t it????? Look don’t u have enough Rag————–San pics in the market ?????????? Please stop doing such things It hurts us a lot , Please stop using Swasan morphed pics for your Rag—San stories , I request please don’t force our fandom people to fight , use genuine pics not morphed Swasan ones.

    1. Shrilatha

      Mirchi lagi ..we don’t care about u go to your HELL

      1. Moon

        Arre wah so sweet of you

    2. Lahari

      Oh poor baby…u created account to comment on my ff..thank u so much…im very glad??

      1. Phoniex

        moon let them be kuch nahi ho sakta is jaise logo ka. gone case i would say.

    3. Excuse me may i gather all your attention for a moment. For your kind information swaragini serial pictures news etc are open for all. All includes swara and sanskar as well as ragini and sanskar fan. Talking about emotions what do you know about swara and sanskar ha…. They were imaginary and would always be. What make us get attracted towards them is actress beauty and their fame lifestyle. How many times you have talked to helly or teju or how much aware are you about their nature?
      I am soory if i was rude.

      1. Neptune

        Am really sorry but for you people they will just be characters..

        But us SWASAN are our inspiration our life..

        And yeah right I don’t love vahe or SWASAN for their faces but for their characters unlike you..

        And yeah you know a person gets to know the pain only when they go through it..

  2. awesome loved it

  3. Amazingggg ur cover pic is mindblowing

  4. Amazing dr plzzzzzz extend some more chappy. Cover pic fantabulous

  5. Shrilatha

    Akka awesome.Again dogs came to bark .don’t give a damn to them

    1. Lahari

      They only knws barking..leave them..missed u dear

    2. Moon

      Yes you are right because we don’t know na like you all to care about others emotions ?

  6. awesome

  7. Dharani


  8. Superb dear

  9. Moon

    Arre wah you guys showed how much you people care about others emotions ???
    We all should learn from you all that how to respect others
    Thanks yaar for using swara’s pic showing how much you people admire her like us that’s why using her instead of having so many edited pics of your couple.
    Thanks again sacchi I mean it

    1. Lahari

      Admiring ???thst too that swara..i could not able to stop laugh?????

      1. Moon

        Of course of course using her pics same here??? hifi

      2. Moon

        That’s why instead of editing you are using her picd

      3. Moon

        Thank you so much

      4. As i said earlier stop bashing of one for another fame. We admire ragini and swara because of the way they have been created. Guys imaginary cool down… Don’t worry about them. When they don’t fight why should we… Cool down… Chill and ya don’t use words like it hurts our emotions. Bro you just love her for her face not for her nature as that is still unrevealed…. Just like teju… Take chill and lets end the fight yaaar.

    2. Shrilatha

      Oh moon ur so funny ..one suggestion don’t go near any sharp thing otherwise ur bubble might burst ..we admiring that HELL. ur really good at jokes ..and about emotions even that joke is good.. ???????

      1. Moon

        Yup of course we all can see it don’t worry.keep going what you are doing.
        Thanks for doing it

      2. Lahari

        Shri dear..ha ha..nice reply..really he/she is a good in cracking jokes ??

      3. Moon

        And wow didi you showed if someone talks to you politely how should we reply them.

    3. AnuAnn

      Moon … let it be yaar..let them do whatever they want .. they r not going to change … Nd keep patience.. tit for tat is coming soon.. wait Nd enjoy…????

      1. Moon

        Arre diii I didn’t felt bad I felt happy.helly is soo awesome that they are using her pics instead of editing on them

  10. A12345

    Awesome loved it ☺

  11. Asra

    awesome akka….loved it alot….u r going to end it…soo sad akka…but eagerly waiting for nxt one….
    again problem for cover pic…ohh no…don’t think about that akka…tkcr akka

  12. Awesome. In ur cover pic OUR RAGSAN are looking adorable

  13. Sissy thank you for this lovely cover picure. Update is awesome. We admire swra ha ha ha ???????. Bestest comedy forever

    1. Moon

      Yup I know because you people spend so much of time on editing her pics.so thanks for that

      1. I must say…..if you don’t like ragsan….don’t give a shit about it….if you like swara…or whatever…it’s your business….. So…I must say that you are just keep your f**king bullshit mouth shut….just ignore it…if you are not interested…. OK….so whatever..the story…or pic…it’s none of your business…. Even ragsan fans know to bad mouth about swara….but we will not….because it’s just waste….I must say…sorry if I am rude….but not feeling sorry…..because I am ragsan fan……

  14. Awesome

  15. Superb plzzzzzz don’t end this sooooooooooon

  16. Superb

  17. Awesome

  18. Moon

    Keep going dear

    1. Lahari

      Sure dear

  19. Awesomeee

  20. Huh! After a huge reply… Awesome di just like you. You are fantastic at imagining. Seriously and ya for cover picture don’t worry some people have problem with everything just to make sure they are present and you have to waste time on their useless talks. Don’t worry if friendship doesn’t work i am best at enmity too. Bye take care

  21. Chubbypeanut66

    Guys! Enough of this bashing!!!! People have their right to read and write what they want. *cough cough FREEDOM OF THE PRESS cough cough* just chill. These are pictures and moments, emotional ties with them may be present, but people see them other ways, so if you don’t like Ragsan, then don’t read and bash it. Just stay away, and if you don’t like them cropping out Swara from Swasan pics, then think about how Raglak fans might feel. Yes, we have our right to speak up, but we have to show RESPECT. So if you can’t show that here, then I suggest you throw your device away, and wash your brain, and social etiquette with some soap.

    1. AnuAnn

      Sorry to intrept .. Nd none of us bashed the writer or story.. as we alrdy said we don’t have any prlm if someone write story on any couple on their wish .. but our only prlm is that they r always cropping swasan moments..none of them cropped raglsk moments just morphing swaras pic with.
      ragini ..they always give respect to raglsk fans ..we alrdy saw that .. Nd we too know it is no use of argue with them they r always happy to play with our emotions .. Nd now we r not caring abt it too. But as usual some ppl from our fd is feeling low seeing all these so just asked them to stop doing so .. all r not too strong to bear all these .. so just chill .. it is not all related to bashing Nd respect.. Nd now we don’t expect anything from them too

      1. Chubbypeanut66

        Alright, i understand your point. But a problem over pictures? Are you serious?1?! We are making a big deal about pictures??? Ok, yes it is understandable that people will feel sad, but what can we do? This is our imagination, if we liked a scene with Swasan, and we wanted to see that with Ragsan and we morphed the picture…., WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL?!!! And about bashing, it was a figure of speech. Guys, we are SWARAGINI fans, not Swara and Ragini fans. We need to stop looking at our differences and look at our similarities. What happened to, if you don’t have a nice thing to say, then don’t say it? I am sorry if I hurt you in any way by saying this. But i am not sorry for trying to bring the light to this dark situation. If a picture or a morph bothers you, then do not comment, look, or care about it, and most of all. Just let us in our dream world, and you stay in yours. Just don’t forget we are humans, and we should love each other. So how about we start afresh, and look at our love for Swaragini ONLY.

    2. Neptune

      Sorry but it’s really rude of you.. you people respect raglak fans feelings but not SWASAN fans and then day what’s the big deal.. wow that’s really great..

      You don’t have any idea that to which extent it hurts..

      And about being swaragini fans why don’t you first say the same thing to your ragini fans who also bash swara like anything…

      Sorry if am being extra rude but your comments really angered me..

      SWASAN are not just couple for us they are our inspiration and those are not just pics but emotions for us…

      1. Hello sir…. Firstly i am sorry if i was rude but one thing is that we don’t hate swara….. We dislike her. And i am sure that 90% of the ragini fans never discouraged swara fans by writing such horrible comments about her. Secondly swaragini was a serial which was scripted. It was written and no doubt it was imaginary. And you said you swasan are an integral part of your life. I ask you what do you know about their nature. What do we know about their behaviour. All i just wanted to say is they are actors who just played their act. It is useless to fight for them. And this implies to all. At last sir you were not rude…. I respect your opinion

      2. Chubbypeanut66

        I didn’t mean to imply that we only respect raglak and not swasan. I am very sorry if i hurt you by what i said, but i was just trying to maybe change the very angry atmosphere we have between Ragini and Swara fans. So please. And i’m sorry on the behalf of those who bash Swara and Ragini, but we also need to unite like Swaragini. Once again sorry for hurting you in any kind of way.

  22. Chubbypeanut66

    As always amazing update Lahari Didi!!! Please do update soon! And don’t worry abou these bashers! We’re with you!! ?

    1. Moon

      Arre wah we didn’t bashed her once and she got bashed wow

      1. Chubbypeanut66

        It’s a figure of speech. Anyways, why are you being so harsh and cold? Please lets just start afresh and forget it even happened. And, if your world doesn’t revolve around us, then stop caring what we do!!! We have so many problems in the world, let’s not make this one of them.

    2. Moon

      If you see dear correctly I just thanked her nothing I did . even I told her to continue and in return I got bashed.
      Even I tried but what I got bashed

      1. Chubbypeanut66

        Oye, excuse me, but you were downright being rude and indirectly taunting people. i’m just trying to show you a way, where we can maybe we can get along for once, but i guess some people just don’t want.

    3. Moon

      So you think talking politely with people is taunting it’s ok I will remember it.leave it you people will not understand

      1. Chubbypeanut66

        ok i’m sorry for trying to make amends.

  23. Lovely7


  24. Awesome dear, loved it

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