Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-48

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As soon as ragini reached home ,sharad hugs her..
Sharad:missed u so much dear..how r u
Ragini:me too dad..im perfectly fine..nd im very very happy..do u knw dad we r mistaken about sanskar..he loves me unconditionally..he is d best husband..
Sharad burned inside but gives a faint smile to ragini..
Ragini(placed his hand on her tummy):ur grand daughter..our love symbol..u r happy na dad..
Sharad gives a wk nod..

Ragini:u knw dad when we got to knw we r becoming parents..sanskar take caring me as kid…his love his care.i fell for him again..im very lucky to hav him dad..
Sharad clenched his fist..

Sharad(cutted her):vo..rago i hav metting i need to go..we will talk later..go nd take rest..
Ragini nodded..
Ragini calls sanskar..
Sanskar:ragini r u fine..are u having ur food properly..did u have ur medicine..
Ragini:bass sanskar..im fine nd im taking food nd medicine properly..no need to get tense..
Sanskar:ok..what is my princess doing..
Ragini:princess missing u..nd asking when papa will come..

Sanskar:princess mumma isnt missing??
Ragini:princess papa knws it
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini:sanskar y dont u come here now..
Sanskar:vo..ragini im in office nd hav lot of work..i will come tomorrow..
Sanskar:good night..love u
Ragini:good night..love u too..
@next day

Ragini was waiting for sanskar since she had woken up..its afternoon sanskar havnt come..phone too not connected..she feels hurt…
Its night…
Ragini gets sanskar call..

Sanskar:sorry sorry..
Ragini:where wr u sanskar..im waiting ..u r coming na..
Sanskar:no ragini..i got stuck with work..i will come tomorrow..pakka promise..
Sanskar:good night..
He kissed in phone nd says this is for princess..
He cutted d call leaving hurted ragini…

Ragini lie on bed but sleep was far away frm her ,she is thinking about sanskar..she was craving for him but he..she wonders about sanskar behaviour..
Suddenly she felt one hand on her shoulder..she turns it was sanskar..
Ragini:im thinking about u only..but u..u r coming into my dreams..
Sanskar:atleast came into dreams na..
Ragini:whst is the need..i want u to come in real…

Sanskar:if i cme what will u do..
Ragini:i want to sleep hugging u tight..missingi ur touch which makes me secure nd comfortable nd happy..
Sanskar:then hug me
Ragini:no..if i hug u..u will disappear..
Sanskar:oh my lovely wify..its not a dream..i came really

Sanskar(kissed on her lips):now u believed..
Ragini touched her lips nd smiles..
Sanskar takes her in his embrace..

Ragini(jerked):im angry on u..
Ragini:u gave good night kiss to princess..u didnt give to me..
Sanskar( smiles nd whispered in her ear):i want to give directly thats why..
He kissed on her cheek..
Ragini(smiles):y did u lied that u r not coming.
Sanskar(rubbing his cheek with her’s):surprise.dont u like it..
Ragini smiles
Sanskar(kissing her neck):missed u so much..

Ragini:can u take me out
Sanskar(comes out frm his romantic trance):what..now
Ragini:ha..i wanna go out plz..
Sanskar:no ragini we cant..do u knw,i came here with so much difficulty by escaping ur security..

Ragini:kyun..u should have come directly na..
(sanskar doesnt want to confront sharad.if he sees, san knw sharad will say anything nd tries to make him hyper,sanskar might be fight with him being angry..if ragini sees this she will feel bad.he dont want to create any drama)
Sanskar:vo..vo..for thrilling..
Sanskar:ha…it will be fun meeting my wife secretely..
Sanskar:leave it..plzz
Ragini:fine..but i want to eat ice cream

Sanskar: close ur eyes
Sanskar:do as i say

Ragini closed her eyes..
Sanskar:open ur mouth
Ragini opens her mouth..
Sanskar feeds something..
Ragini opens her eyes nd looks at him surprisingly..
Sanskar smiles seeing her expression..
Ragini:how came u knw..i want eat now this flavor only..
Sanskar:princess told me

Sanskar:ha.we had secret conversation..
Ragini smiles nd puts some cream on his nose playfully..
Sanskar pouts…ragini smiles..he holds her tight nd rubs his nose on her neck…
Ragini (pouts):now.. i need to hv bath..

Sanskar:no need..
He pulls her close nd start to lick her neck..
Ragini pushes him nd says sansksr have some shame..sanskar holds her..nd says i dont have..saying he licks her neck…
Ragini:this is cheating..u brought for me..but u r eating..
Sanskar:i want to eat more..
Ragini( smiles):now stop..let me eat my ice cream
Sanskar:sure baby..eat i wont disturb u..
Ragini:but i like disturbd by u..
She winks at him..
Sanskar widened his eyes:my naighty wify..

Ragini smiles nd pecks his lips..
Sanskar:ok..i need to go sleep..
Ragini face fell..
Sanskar looks at her nd takes her in his embrace nd ask her to sleep..
Ragini smiles nd sleeps hugging him….
@next day
Ragini wokes up nd noticed sanskar wasnt there..she founds a note on bed..
Good morning..sry i had to go without telling u..u r sleeping na so i don’t wanna disturb u..sry..i will cme tonight i love u..
She smiles..


After freshen up she calls sanskar..
Sanskar:had ur breakfast
Ragini:i want to eat ur handmade food..
Sanskar:what do u want..
Ragini:anything made by u..
Sansksr:it will reach u soon..
Ragini:will wait..
Sanskar smiles..
After sometime..one servent came nd gives breakfast to ragini nd said sanskar sir gave it ..
Ragini:sanskar???where is he
Servent:she was gone..

Ragini nodded nd thinka y he went without meeting her..she calls him but ,no one lifting…
She thought to call him after having bf..she had bf thinking about sanskar…which is seen by sharad who stands near door..a evil smile appears on his lips…

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