Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-4

Im sorry for being late..i think all r forgot this ff…here is previous 3parts…
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3

Sanskar was rolling chapathi in kitchen ragini comes there nd laughed…
Sanskar:i knw u r mad no need to proove all d times
Ragini:shutup idiot..im not a mad
Sanskar:then y r u laughing
Ragini:seeing ur chapathi
Sanskar:what happened to my chapathi(he looks at chapathi which was no shape)
Ragini:is it called chapathi..yuckk..it was look like u..ugly..who will wat this..yuck..
Sanskar suddenly dragged ragini nd makes stand infront of him..he surrounded her placing his both hands on kitchen slide..(hope u understand their position..ragini was infront of him ,her back was touching sanskar front)..
Ragini:oy idiot what r u doing
Sanskar:roll it
Sanskar:u make fun on my chapathi na..now u do it i will watch how can u make perfect
Ragini:i dont knw how to do
Sanskar:do it..u should have learn
Ragini nodded nd trying to roll chapathi..sanskar was stood behind ragini..wind passes ragini hair blows nd fell on sanskar face…sanskar smells her hair ,he closed his eyes nd enjoying it ,without his knowledge he moves even more close to her..ragini was bsy in make chapathi.she didnt even noticed this…sanskar came to sense when he heard ragini voice..

Sanskar composed himself nd steps a little back…
Ragini:see how i made it
Sanskar( sees this nd laughs):now it was like ur face..scary
Ragini:its was my first time but its better than yours
Sanskar:better than mine..see once chipikalli
Ragini:u called me chipikalli..idiot
Sanskar:i told u dnt call me like that
Ragini:idiot ..
Sanskar:u..(he takes flour on table nd throws on ragini)..
Ragini:i will not leave u…she takes flour nd pours on sanskar…
Ns they started fight throwing all d things in kitchen…
Sudha(who was jst cme there saw this):what was going on
Ragsan looks at her..
Ragini:see aunty..he was teasing me
Sanskar:no aunty she only started first
Ragini:no aunty he only
Sanskar:no u
Sudha:stop it..r u both really hus&wife..
Ragsan(reality hits their mind):ha aunty
Ragini:actually he was like this only always used to tease me..
Sanskar(gives a sarcastical smile):ji aunty..but we love eo so much..
Sanskar( goes beside ragini nd placed his hand around her shoulder):he na
Ragini nodded while smiling sarcastically….
Sudha(smiles):fine..but what is all this..u didnt prepared lunch at
Ragsan nodded no…
Sudha:come i will help u

Ragini bodded nd follows sudha..sanskar tells her learn well..ragini glares at him nd goes…sudha made food for them…ragsan thanked her nd had food after cleaning themselves…
Its become evening..ragsan comes out of home nd sees sudha ,prakash sits in laun nd Chit chatting…
Prakash(looks at ragsan):what lovebirds enjoying ha..
Ragsan(looks at eo nd says in mind):enjoy that too with him/her..my foot..nd they turns at prakash nd gives a faint smile..
Prakash:if u both feel bore y dont u go to see d village..
Sudha:ha ,u both should go
Ragsan nodded as they also feel bored being in home…
Ragsan got ready nd they wr roaming in village…all r looking at ragini wierd(she wears shirt nd 3/4 jean looking modern..that is village so)
Ragini:y all r looking at me like this
Sanskar:they r like this only when they sees wild animal
Ragini stamps his foot..

Ragini kneely observed ,the whole village filled with farming feelds looks greenary nd some of lake filled with lotus flowers..ragini was enjoying all this as she was first time seeing a village.she felt peace..she liked it alot….
Sanskar goes to sugercane field nd gets one..
Ragini(looks at):what was that
Ragini:sugercane?what will u do with this
Sanskar:i will beat u with this
Sanskar(smiles seeing her):dnt wry i jst kidding..i want to eat this..
Sanskar shows by eating..
Ragini:can i have
Sanskar gives her another one..but ragini cant able to eat..

Ragini: i cant able to eat
Sanskar:its ur problem
Ragini:i want to eat…help me
Ragini:u give pieces to me..i will eat
Sanskar:no..y should i give
Ragini(glares at him):give na
Sanskar:say sorry
Sanskar:for morning incident
Sanskar:then go
Sanskar smiles nd gives her pieces ragini eats..
Ragini:it was so sweet..i liked it ..give more pieces
Sanskar:oy dont order me
Ragini(dramatically):k mr respected sanskar give me more pieces
Sanskar murmurs drama queen..

They finished it nd went to water pump(which is used for farming) to clean their hands…ragini washed her hands nd throws water on him nd runs while shouting it is for morng what u did..
Sanskar chases her ,ragini runs but sanskar catches her nd lifts her in his arms..ragini widened her eyes nd asks him to get her down…sanskar doesnt listen he takes her to water pump md makes stand under it…ragini shouts as cold water hits her body…she become wet…sanskar smiles evilly..ragini looks at him nd drags him under pump nd encircles her hands around his waist, not letting him go(i hope u guys understand they wr in hugging position)..sanskar was shocked by this..but ragini didnt realized she jst holds him tightly..sanskar too become wet but he was jst stands like statue…

Sry guys i stopped it middle..i will continue this in nxt part

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