Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-38

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Ragini comes to dining where sanskar ,neha nd uttara r having dinner..sanskar looks at her but she ignores..
Uttara:bhabi can u pass that curry bowl
Ragini nodded nd handover the bowl to uttara..before uttara could take ,neha who was middle bw utt nd ragini..intentionalli hits her hand which made cury bowl frm ragini hand bd
Curry fell on neha hand..she screams with pain..
Ragini looka shocked..
Sanskar:kya hua
Neha:ragini..y r u angry on me this much ha..
Neha:ha u intentionally did it na..
Ragini:what r u saying neha..u on..
Neha screams loudly,before complete ragini..
Sanskar glares at ragini..ragini gives a i didnt do anything look..he ignores ragini..nd takes neha hand nd keeps in cold water nd blows air..ragini heart pinches….san takes neha to her room..leaving ragini hurted..
@ragsan room
Sanskar comes inside after did first aid to neha…
Sanskar:what u did
Ragini:what i did..i didnt do it intentionally..
Sanskar:stop it..y r u hurting her..we r getting divorced na then whst is problem with her..
Ragini:y cant u understand..i didnt do anything..neha only the reason for what had happened there..
Sanskar:enough..y she hurting herself..
Ragini:i too dont understand..
Sanskar:y always u r not keeping trust on my words..
Sanskar:bcz u r lying
Ragini(hurted):teeke..i did it intentionally..r u happy
Sanskar:how could u do like that…i thought u will understand things but i mistaken..u never change..im really ashamed by ur behavior..
Tears rolling down frm her eyes..she leaves angrily while wiping her tears..sanskar brks d things which r around him…
1hr passed..sanskar was in room he thinks where ragini went..
Another 1 hr passed its 12am..sanskar worried..he called her but she is not lifting his calls..
Sanskar (comes out nd askd driver):did u see ragini mam
Driver:vo saab..maam took car
Sanskar:what..u knw na she dont knw driving properly..how could u let her go
Driver:i told her saab..she didnt listened
Sanskar:u should have told me na
Driver bowed his head..
Sanskar bcme more worried..he searching for her madly on the roads..tears flowing frm his eyes..cursing himself for scolding her..he continuously calling her but she is not lifting..
He got relieved when he sees her sitting on bench..he goes to her..
Sanskar:r u mad..im calling na y didnt lifting call
Ragini kept silent
Sanskar:do u knw how much i got worried..y did u took this car..u dont knw driving properly na..what if anything happenes to u..
Ragini:who r u to me to worried..u r nothing to me..go and live happily with that neha..u no need to care about to me..no need to wry about me,even if im die..
Now we can hear “phattt”..
Ragini looked at him sjocked holding her cheek..yeah sanskar slapped her ..
Sanskar:it will not good if u talk another word..come
Ragini(sobbing):i wont come
Sanskar:im asking get into car..
Ragini (was stubborn ):i wont..go frm here..leave me alone
Sanskar holds her wrist nd asks her to cme..ragini frees herself nd pushes him..sanskar frustrates..he lifts her nd makes her sit in car..
Ragini:i dont want to cme with u..
Sanskar:chup..bilkul chup..
Ragini turns st window side nd cries..
They reached home..ragini throws herself on bed nd sleeps crying.
Sanskar wakes up nd looks at ragini who was sleeping..he recalling last night incident…he says y r u bcame like this ragini..ur every word makes me angry..he caressesd her cheek..nd kissed all over her cheek where he slapped..
Nd whispered im sorry..he goes to get fresh.
When he comes out ,he sees ragini who sits on bed nd lost in thoughts
Sanskar:what r u thinking..get up nd have bf.. u didnt have dinner na..
Ragini:say sorry
Ragini:why!!!u slapped me last night
Ragini:what..tho.u slapped me without my mistake.u have to say sorry
Sanskar(in mind u still didnt realized what u said):if i can..i will slap u again for what u said last night..but wont say sorry.
Ragini:u again prooved sanskar that u r not loving me..
Saying she goes to washroom..
Sanskar:i slapped to bcz i love u..
U r not in a state to understand..
Dadi calls ragini…
Dadi:laado..how r u..
Ragini:i dont want to stay here
Dadi:kya hua laado
Ragini(told everything):if he really loves me ,y he slapped me dadi..im crt he didnt lovd me..
Dadi:its not like that ragu..u r mistaken..
Ragini cutted d call nd says i knw u support him only..
Sanskar comes with food for ragini..
Sanskar:maa told u havnt eaten anything since mrng..have it
Ragini:i dont want
Sanskar:dont behave like child..u want sorry na..ok..sorry..im really sorry..eat
Ragini:no need ur sorry..
Sanskar:then what u want
Ragini:i dont want anything..leave me alone nd go..
Sanskar:have it..i will go
Ragini:ok u stay here..i will go..
Saying she turns to go..sanskar holds her wrist..
Sanskar:dont be stubborn..sit nd eat
Ragini:leave me..im not hungry..my stomach got full with ur love which u showed last night..
Sanskar:do u knw what im feeling now..i want to slap u again..
Ragini looks at him angrily..
Sanskar pulls her nd makes her sit on his lap..he forcefully feeds ragini..
Sanskar:if u split..i will not give divorce..now only i will talk to lawyar..
Ragini nodded as no
Sanskar(feeding another byte):then eat..
Ragini looks at him annoyed while munching d food..

I will clear misunderstandings..have patience guys..

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    He is so caring so good episode

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    awesome akka….loved it alot…hate thz neha uttara…..eagerly waiting for their misunderstanding clear..tkcr akka

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    They look cute yaar. Their fight scenes are so sweet and cute romantic. Continue.

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