Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-37

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Ragsan stands infront of lawyer..
Both looks eo with love ,hurt ,angry filled eyes..
Sanskar:i didnt thought..our relationship was this much wk which can brk easily..
Ragini:u only made like this..
Sanskar:u r not in a position to understand my love..
Ragini:am i not understanding..u r..u r mr maheswari.who doesnt understand my love..
Sanskar:give a chance me to explain
Ragini:nothing left mr sanskar..nothing.im tired nd fed up
Sanskar:u fed up with me???
Ragini:i didnt mean that
Sanskar:fine..i understand..

Sharad who was enjoying his victory with Champaign,gets a call nd shocked to hear this..he throws his mbl angrily..
Uttara neha r dancing in their room..
Neha:finally we won
Uttara:ha neha..now bhai is urs..
Neha:no uttara..we have to remove her in sanskar heart also..
Uttara:dont wry neha..he will change..
Both smiles ,after enjoying themselves comes out of room nd is shocked to see ragsan together who r stands in front of suji..
Suji:ragini..u cme na..i knw u would cme..these misunderstands common in relationship..we have to manage..im very happy u r back..
Ragini goes to her room,before suji completing her words..
Sanskar:maa she cme to stay here for only 4mnths..not life long..
Suji:what do u mean sanskar..
Lawyar:it has been 8months since u both got married..
Ragsan nodded
Lawyer:y u want divorce
Ragini:i cant live with someone who doesnt care about me or my love..
Sanskar:if she really thinks im not loving her..her wish..give divorce us sir..
Ragini:ha u r not loving me..
Sanskar(angry):fine..thanks for giving this much value to my love..
Ragini:even u too didnt give this value to my love na..
Lawyer:will both stop..
Ragsan kept quite
Lawyar:its not possible to give divorce without completing 1 year of mrg..
Lawyar:means..u have to live together for 4monts..
Sanskar feels happy little bit..
Ragini:no..i cant
Sanskar(hurted nd angry):i too cant
Ragini glares at sanskar..
Lawyer:u have to…it is rule(sry i dnt knw there is any rule like that r not)..u both must live together for 4monts..after that i will get u both divorce,if u both want..u have no other option..
Sanskar amazed to see her agreement..
Ragini(looking at sanskar):i can… but my decision will not change then too..
Sanskar:i will not stop u then..
Both gives a sharp look to eo..
Fb ends..
Suji:sanskar make her understand..
Sanskar:she will not maa..leave it..
Saying he goes to room..

In room..ragini was recalling their sweet moments looking over room..when she sees sanskar who entered d room ,reminds their fights..she gives a look to sanskar nd goes to washroom..
Neha:what is this uttara..4months they have to be together..no..what if they agains becme one..
Uttara:dnt wry neha..now both r angry on eo..we have to make it hate..
Uttara:im he na..dont wry..
Dadi comes to sharad who brks d things in room..
Dadi:sharad what r u doing..
Sharad:y this happend maa..again ragu had to go that house..no maa..i cant wait 4months..i will talk to another lawyer..
Dadi:no sharad.u cant..
Sharad:y maa..
Dadi:im telling na..promise on me..u cant do anything like that..let them clear their misunderstandings..
Dadi leaves..sharad says to himself no..
Dadi called lawyar nd thanked him

Before ragsan could reach lawyer..dadi met him nd asks him to do as she said..she explained about their love nd misunderstandings..nd all..he understand..promises dadi he will do what she said..
Fb ends..
Dadi smiles nd praying god that make fine her laado life…
Sanskar is shocked to see ragini who jst cme frm washroom wearing short nd sleeveless top..
Sanskar:what is this ragini..y did u wore these clothes again..i told u dont wear here
Ragini:time changed sanskar..im neither not ur wife nor bahu of this house.. why should i losten to u now..
Sanskar:we r not get divorced yet..so u have to listen
Ragini:we got divorced..when i got to knw u r not loving me
Sanskar(got irritated hearing this again nd again frm her):enough
Ragini:i can also shout

Sanskar:dont argue..change ur dress..if maa papa sees this..what they will think
Ragini:no i wont change
Sanskar:im asking u again
Ragini:my ans is no..

Saying she turns to go..sanskar pulled her nd holds her tightly in his embrace..he moves to cupboard in that position only..he grabs d kurta pyjama nd asks her to wear it..ragini throws d dress on bed..sanskar takes d dress..he pulled out her top..
Ragini:what r u doing
Sanskar:chup..bilkul chup..
He m changes her dress..
Ragini(pushes him):u have no right to do this now
Sanskar:i have a right till
Ragini fumes..
Both went for dinner..
All looks at ragini..
Suji:ragini..r u fine..y did u wore ur top reverse..
Neha ,uttara chuckles..
Sanskar bited his tongue
Ragini(looks at herself):u intentionally did it na..u want to make me embarrassed na..thats y u made me wear like this hena..
Sanskar:im asked to keep quite but u kept moving..i god disturbed nd made u wear like this in hurry..
Suji ram widened their eyes listening this while neha ,uttara fumes..
Ragini about to speak but reality hits her..sankar too..both realized what they r talking nd feels embarrassed..
Ragini:vo..vo..maa..i will get change..
Saying she goes..samskar too excuses himself nd goes..
Suji says to ram..hope all will get fine bw them in 4months..ram smiles nd gives assuring nod..


  1. Egde Black

    Hate that Uttara, Neha and Sharad to the core……but I must say Interesting update…..hope all the misunderstanding gets clear soon…..

  2. Asra


    |Registered Member

    awesome akka…loved it alot…hate thz neha uttara …eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr akka…

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