Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-36

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Ragini hugs her dad who jst cme to her room..
Ragini:y dad..y he is behaving like that..i tried to understand him dad but alway he brk my trust..he kept trust on neha but not me..then also i understand him..he always misunderstood me..i tolerated.. im tried to make normal things..but he..he changed dad ..y he was not loving me like before..am i bad as wife dad..
Sharad:u r mistaken him ragu
Sharad:ha..u r mistaken as he was loving u..but truth is he didnt lovd u nd will never..he was jst did timepass with u..they r jst use rich girls like this..i knw he was lke that only but u loved him i could not able to resist u..
Ragini:no dad..my sanskar is not like that..he loved me
Sharad:really..if he really loves u,he should not have hurt u like this.he hurted u so much..he should have trusted u..think once ragu..if he really loves u ,y he agreed for mrg with neha..ok fine he agreed for his parents..u also agreed for me..but u could not able to move on..u tried to stop ur mrg with aryan..but he didnt do like that..u only confessed him ,u only asked him to marry ..u only foreced him to marry..its always u, who wants him ,who loves him..he doesnt..he might agreed for ur money or his enjoyment but not by love…
Ragini(jst numb hearing this):no dad ,its not true..it cant be true..
Sharad:it is d truth ragu..try to understand his true face atleast now..
Saying he leaves smirking..
Ragini recalling her confession..how he hesitated to agree when she confessed nd asked him to marry ,sharad words..their fightings(i dont understand y they r not remembered their happy moments when they r angry?)..
Ragini(shouts):no..he is not like that..no..
She cries..
@next day
Sanskar called ragini but ,he got a answer as switched off..he goes to her home ,but sharad stops him as soon as he seea sanskar who entered his home..
Sanskar:i want to meet ragini
Sharad: she dont want to meet u
Sanskar:but i need..let me go
Sharad:why..still u wanr to hurt her
Sanskar:i dont have a mood to argue with u..let me meet her..
Sharad:no u cant meet her..
Sanskar:who r u to told this..she is my wife
Sharad:when she left ur home..u lost ur wife mr sanskar..she is my daughter now..get out..orelse i want to make u out with security..
Sanskar looks at him engrily..sharad closed d door on his face..sanskar leaves helplessly..
Ragini was seeing her mbl, expecting sanskar msg r call.. whole day passed but she doesnt get..
Here sanskar calls her..he gets a ans as switched off..
Sharad smirks thinking how he replaced ragini sim with another one..he says to himself sry ragu.he is not crrect for u..i will make all gine..he smiles evilly..

1wk passed,sanskar was trying to contact ragini but her mbl was not connected nd whenever he cme to meet her, sharad sends him not letting him to meet her..ragini who was unware about this feels hurt thought sanskar doesnt care about her..
Sharad:ragu dont cry why r u wasting ur time for one who doesnt cared about u nd ur feelings..
Ragini:i loves him so much dad..
Sharad:but he doesnt..it has been 1wk he doesnt even try to contact u r met u…leave him ragu..
He manipulated her..
Ragini ears filled with sharad words..nd sanskar ignorence(she thought) make her wk..
@next day
Sanskar was desparate..he comes to mehra mansion..for his surprise sharad imvites him inside which is shocked sanskar..
Sanskar:where is my wife
Ragini(who jst cme there):wife..now u remembered u have wife..
Sanskar:ragini..u r still angry on me na..fine we will clear everthing..come..we will go to our home..get ur bag..
Sharad:she wont cme..she will never cme..
Sharad gives some papers to him..sanskar was shocked..
Sanskar:divorce papers
Sharad:ha.she wants to divorce frm u..
Sanskar looks at ragini who was look away controlling her tears..
Sanskar:ragini..really u want divorce
Sharad:ha..she signed it u too sign..
Sanskar was double shocked to see her sign..
Ragini( comes to sharad):dad..i want divorce frm sanskar
Sharad(cloud 9):sachhi
Ragini:ha dad..am i doing wrong
Sharad:no ragu..u took good decision..
Ragini wiped her tears those r not
Fb ends..
Sanskar( moves to ragini nd holds her shoulders):what is this ragini..do u really want divorce..tell looking into my eyes..
Ragini:ha sanskar..
Sanskar left her with jerk..
Ragini:i cant live the one who doesnt love me..who hadnt trust on me
Sanskar:what..am i not loving i..
Ragini:no..u r not loving me..i did wrong by loving u..
Sanskar was brken ,hurt nd angry as she cant understand his love..
Ragini:u should be happy na sanskar..im going frm ur life now no one can cme bw u nd neha..
Sanskar got more angry hearing this..he takes d divorce papers which r on floor..signed on it..ragini closed her eyes tightly..sanskar looks at her with painfull eyes nd left angrily..ragini goes to room crying..sharad happy finally he did what he wants..
Sanskar comes to his home..
Suji:sanskar..where is ragini..u told u took her with u..where is she..is she still angry on me..
Sanskar kept quite
Ram:sanskar maa asking u something..where is ragini..is she not cme
Sanskar(shouts):she disnt cme nd she will never cme..
Ram:what r u saying sanskar
Sanskar:she wants divorce frm me papa..
Suji ram shocked where as uttara neha faces r brighten..
Sanskar:i signed papa…i gave what she wants..
Suji:sanskar u have to make her understand..
Sanskar:no maa..she neither have trust on me nor my love..she was not ready to listen me..
Suji:can i talk to her once
Sanskar:no maa..no need..
He goes to his room..
@mehra mansion
Dadi:laado..what u have done
Ragini:plz dadi
Dadi:no laado u r doing wrong..think about ur life nd think about sanskar..
Ragini:im thinking about him only dadi but he was not..that is d pblm..in these 8days i kept on hope ,he would cme nd take me..but he doesnt.. Neither he have tried to called me nor tried to meet me..
Dadi:no laado..i heard frm driver sanskar cme here to meet u..
Ragini:no need to lie for him dadi..
Dadi:no laado..
Ragini:plz dadi..leave me alone..
Dadi was helpless..

Do u want to throw eggs nd tamotas..u can dears..im sry..but dont wry i will not separate them..

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    Its painful truth….. Nobody wants RagSan bit they are oossmmm……. Hell with this sister….. What she did in their life…. Father is….. No wwrds as he worries about his status

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