Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-35

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I week passed..sanskar becme busy in office..he was going office early nd coming late at night..he doesnt have time to speak ragini…she feels bad..ond day when she wakes up sees sanskar who was getting ready..
Ragini:sanskar.r u still angry on me
Sanskar:its not like that

Ragini:can u cme early today..
Sanskar:im bsy ragini..but i will try..
Ragini nodded..he leaves for office..
At night,ragini got ready in sanskar fav Saree nd made sanskar fav food nd waiting for sanskar..but sanskar called her nd says he was not able to come early..he ask her to have dinner nd sleep..ragini gets sad…
Another 1wk passed..
Ragini lost in thoughts..she was thinking their sweet moments..nd recent misunderstandings..she says to herself why sanskar y r u doing this to me..i was missing u..i love u..plz talk to me like before..she cries..

Meanwhile sanskar who was jst completed his meeting sits on chair..he also thinking about ragini..he knw she was bit possessive about him,her love towards him is d reason for ragini haterdness towards neha..sanskar realized his ignorance towards her ,he cursed himself..
He finished his work early as possible..he thought to call ragini but stopped thinking he Will surprised her..he went shopping mall..nd bought saree for her..md drives to home..

When he reached home..uttara who was sees him comes near..
Uttara:thank god..u cme Bhai..
Sanskar:kya hua uttara
Uttara:first go on terrace..

Sanskar:terrace..but y
Uttara(grabs his bag):u go..
Sanskar nodded nd goes to terrace which is beautifully decorated..he sees someone standing there showing her back..seeing the saree he smiles nd says i thought to surprise u..but u gave me surpeise..he slowly moves towards her nd hugs her frm back..
Ragini who was witnessed this scene numb..
[uttara goes to ragsan room to keep sanskar bag..
Ragini:is ur bhai cme
Uttara:ha..bhabi..he was on terrace
Ragini:terrace.??what he was doing
Uttara:i dont knw bhabi

She leaves smirking..so ragini cme to see sanskar nd got shocked]
She goes cryingly…
Sanskar who was realized it was not ragini immediately brks d hug nd sees it was neha..
Sanskar(bit angry):neha tum..what is all this..
Uttara(who cme):vo bhai ..today is neha bday..so we planned small party..
Sanskar:u should not have told me before..
Uttara:sry bhai
Sanskar:y did u wore it..it was ragini saree na..
Neha:ragini saree..no sanskar yesterday i went shopping nd i liked this nd bought..
Sanskar:k..i thought u r ragini sry..

Neha:its k sanskar..
Sanskar:k u both enjoy..i have to go..
Uttara:bhai..stay some more time na
Sanskar(sternly):no uytara..i need to go..
He walks..
In room ragini packing her bag while wiping her tears..she recalling when she asks sanskar to cme home early ,what he said nd now she thought he came early for neha bday..she done packing nd walks out of room..suji who was coming frm kitchen sees her nd asks where she was going..
Ragini:maa i want to go my home
Suji:but ragini
Ragini:plz maa i will talk to u later bye..
Saying she left leaving confused suji..

Sanskar comes to his room nd doesnt find ragini anywhere..he comes to kitchen nd asks suji about ragini..
Suji (told him what ragini told to her):what happened sanskar..did u both fought..
Sanskar(shocked):maa i will talk to later..
He calls ragini but she was not lifting his call..so he immediately drives to her home..

Sanskar came..
dadi (who sees sanskar):sanskar kya hua..what happend to ragini
Sanskar:where is ragini
Dadi:she cme nd locked herself in room..is everything fine..
Sanskar:dadi u dont wry..all will be fine..
Dadi nodded..

He knockd door nd called her name out..ragini who was crying sitting in corner heard sanskar voice..
Sanskar:ragini open d door
Ragini doesnt say anything
Sanskar:ragini plz
Sanskar:ragini open d door..or else i will brk d door..
Ragini:leave me alone..plz go
Sanskar:im asking open d door

Ragini:i dont want to talk to u
Sanskar:but i need..open..seriously i will brk d door..
Ragini opens d door..he sees her eyes those filled with tears it pained him..
Ragini(cutted):am i got bored to u sanskar..
Sanskar:what r u saying ragini..
Ragini:truth sanskar..
Ragini:u dont have time to talk with me..but u have a time to spend with neha on her bday..
Sanskar:ragini u r again misunderstanding..
Ragini:no sanskar..now only im understanding..it has been 15days..u dont have time to talk with me..i was dying to talk to u..but u didnt bothered..i can understand u wr in wrk bsy but i cant believe thst u dont have time even 2min for me..
Sanskar(feels bad):ragini im so..
Ragini:no sanskar..u dont want to say anything..plz go i want to be alone..
Sanskar:come home ragini
Ragini:kyun sanskar..to suffer more
Sanskar:ragini plz
Ragini:plz sanskar..go(she shouts)

Dadi( who seen all this):sanskar u ho home..
Sanskar:dadi aap bhi
Dadi:beta..being angry she was talking like this..i will talk to her later..u knw her..she will not listen anything now..u go i will take care her..
Sanskar noddes..he looks at ragini who was looking away..he leaves unwillingly..
Ragini:dadi plz..leave me alone..plz
Dadifeels bad nd goes..ragini cries..

These fights will common in relationship..so forgive me for writing this..

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  1. Aditi.Ayansh

    Poor Ragsan feeling bad for them..unite them soon Lahari di

  2. AWW…Poor Ragsan…….hate that Neha and specially Uttara…Hope all the misunderstandings btwn Ragsan gets clear soon…..

  3. Mmp

    Poor ragsan..!! Clear misunderstanding soon yaar..!!

  4. Sindhura

    Let sanskar realize what his sister doing with them and how he neglected her
    Poor ragu

  5. awesome

  6. awesome

  7. Follybraverl

    Aww they are so cute you are right this is real that misunderstanding are common..Post next part soon

  8. Amazing dr sanky u deserve this.

  9. superb dear…poor ragu

  10. amazing

  11. Sreevijayan

    Awesome update dear….

  12. AMkideewani

    Amazing, but feeling sad for Ragini

  13. AahanaReddy

    loved it but reunite them early please

  14. Akshata

    awesome, feeling bad for ragini

  15. Nice….

  16. My Rago :’-(
    I wanna slap this Uttara & Neha.Shameless creatures!
    Sis pls clear the misunderstanding soon

  17. Awesome but emotional. Waiting for next episode dear

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