Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-34

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When Ragini was coming frm kitchen to her room she was confused to see neha who was coming frm ragsan room..ragini looks at neha who seems tensed..neha gives a weak smile nd goes,before ragini could speak..ragini puzzled by her behavioir..she comes inside nd noticed her cupboard was open..ragini comes to close but stopped seeing her necklace emty box..which her dad gifted her..ragini says to herself where its gone,she searched whole cupboard nd room but she doesnt find it..then she recalls neha nd her tensed face..
Ragini in mind is it neha..she stolen it..no no ragini she was not like that..
Ragini again searched but no use..
Sanskar who comes out frm washroom asks what happened what she was searching for..
Ragini:sanskar dad gifted necklace na it got stolen..
Ragini:ha it was missed.!.
Sanskar:see properly..
Ragini:i did sanskar..
Sanskar:k i will search
Ragini:no sanskar..i have searched..vo..actually
Ragini:im doubting on neha..she only came before a while
Sanskar:what..r u mad ragini.i knw her since childhood.she was not that type..
Ragini:i have seen
Sanskar:what u have seen..did u seen while she thefting..
Ragini:no sanskar..i..
Sanskar:enough ragini..there is a limit..i knw u Dont like her..but it doesnt mean u can say anything..
Ragini:wont u have trust on me sanskar:its not like that ragini..im saying u r mistken..u must forgotten somewhere..search
Ragini:i searched 2times sansksr..i have seen my necklace before i went to kitchen..after that neha only came..plz believe me sanskar.
Sanskar:no ragini..i knw its expensive..but she was not like that..
Ragini:its not about cost sanskar..if i would say to my dad he can buy 100 for me..i dont care about it..im care about ur trust on me..
Sanskar face fell..ragini realized what she said..
Ragini:so..sorry sanskai i didnt mean that..
Sanskar shows his palm to stop..
Before she could speak ,suji came nd asked them to cme for breakfast..
They goes with suji..ragini cursed herself for hurting sanskar..after a while uttara neha too cme..ragini looks at neha..sanskar glares at her nd nodded as no..
After having bf sanskar comes to room nd noticed that same necklace at some corner of room..he pick it up..he gets angry on ragini..he called her name out..ragini rushed to him..
Ragini:kya hua sanskar
Sanskar(shows her necklace):here is ur necklace..
Ragini:where u got
Sanskar:u doubted on neha for this na..if she stolen it then how it be here..y r u angry on her..she loved me once but she understand our love..she doesnt have any problem with us..then what is ur prblm with her..
Ragini(hurted):sanskar i..
Sanskar:enough ragini..
Saying he leaves angrily..ragini stood with teary eyes..
Neha who was witnessed all d scene gives wifi to uttara who stood beside her..
(she intentionally did this..she made a plan as she theft nd she only kept the necklace there when they went to bf)
Ragini was sad as sanskar doesnt lift her call..suji said sanskar called her nd told he will be late today..ragini was hurted knowing he doesnt want to talk with her..time passed..she sleeps while waiting for sanskar..
After while sanskar came home he sees ragini sleeping..he got fresh..nd goes to have dinner..
Sanskar sits nd about to serve food himself neha who was cme for water sees this nd comes to him with bright smile..
Neha:sanskar..y r u serving
Sanskar:vo..neha..ragini was sleeping..
Neha:oh..k i will serve..u sit
Sanskar:its k neha..u go..i will do it myself
Neha:areh its my responsibity
Sanskar looked at her questioning look..
Neha:i mean u r my friend..cant i do this for u..
Sanskar nodded hesistantly..
Neha serves him nd sits beside to accompany him..they r talking normally..
Ragini who awkes suddenly she noticed sanskar bag..nd she was comeing towards dining for searching sanskar..her face was fell to see the scene..she comes to them..neha sees her nd says in mind she came to disturb us..
Ragini:sanskar..when did u came
Sanskar(sternl):jst 15min before only
Ragini:u should have wakeup me
Sanskar:u r sleeping na..i dont

want to disturb u..
Ragini:i was waiting for u..i dont knw when i had slept..
Sanskar:its k ragini..no need to wait for me..
Ragini(controlling herself):neha u go..i will be with him..
Neha nodded md goes cursing ragini in mind..
Sanskar(cutted):i knw what will u talk about..y neha is with me at this time right..she jst came for water nd served me the food..thats it..dont over think..
Ragini nodded as no before she could speak..sanskar stood after finishing his dinner nd leaves..tears continuously flowing frm ragini’s eyes..

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  1. Sindhura

    It’s becoming over yar he has no trust on her and unable to see continuing problems linking with Neha I hope he will open his eyes before ragini heart broken completely

  2. IDIOT sanky

  3. awesome

  4. nice.hate this neha

  5. Follybraverl

    Oh Sanskar always hurt her…. Awesome episode love it

  6. Shrilatha

    Nice but wanna kill this Neha and slap sanky..

  7. I want to kill that monkey sanskar. when will he open his blind eyes

  8. This sanky idiot close neha chapter soon sissy

  9. Aanamikaa

    ridicules why this sanskar is hurting her …. i think ragini did not have food

  10. Awesome

  11. Awesome

  12. Dharani

    awesome…. i am angry on this sanskar he is hurting her a lot cant he understand her

  13. Sreevijayan

    Am honestly nt liking sanskaar.. .grhhhh

  14. Nice chapter di

  15. Superb awesome dear, but Sanky always misunderstanding Ragu

  16. A12345

    Why dis neha staying here… ??

  17. Rafeee

    Superb plz end dis neha chaptr dear.. I feel lyk to kil her.. Y sanskar also behvng lyk dis.. Poor ragu.. Plz updte soon

  18. Aditi.Ayansh

    Awesome episode Lahari di…pls clear these misunderstandings soon 🙂

  19. Raguzz01


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