Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-29

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Uttara comes to ragini room..
Uttara:bhabi..havnt u got ready yet
Ragini:ha uttara..i dont knw which Saree i should wear..can u help me..
Uttara:sure bhabi..she selects black color Saree..
Ragini:thank u uttara..i will get ready..
Uttara gives a fake smile nd leaves smirking…
Sanskar came nd sees ragini getting ready…ragini sees him through d mirror nd turns at him..
Sanskar was awestruck seeing beauty in black..
Ragini:sanskar..u came na..go nd get ready fast..
Sanskar doesnt respond as he was lost in het beauty..
Ragini shakes sanskar..
Sanskar(came to sense):r u trying to kill me tday with ur look
Ragini blushes nd hits him playfully..
Sanskar:reallu yaar..u r looking gorgeous,stunning,hot ,se*y nd.
Ragini:bas bas..go fast..maa must be waitingi for us..
Sanskar:k give me a kiss..i will go
Ragini:sanskar go..she pushed him into washroom..

After getting ready both comes to suji..suji looks at ragini frm top to bottom..
Suji:ragini..what is this beta
Ragini:kya hua maa
Suji:u wore this black saree..we r going to temple to take aashirvad..dont u knw that,u should not wear black..it will be apashagun(i dont knw its true r not bear me..)
Ragini:vo..im sorry maa..i dont knw about all these..im really sorry maa
Suji(cutted):i knw sanskar u dont need to tell..ragini beta go nd get change(she said coldly)
Uttara who was watching this hiding..fumes…she recalled how suji scolds her when she wore black dress when they went to temple…uttara thought suji will scold ragini..but shocked to see suji behaved with ragini coldly…she gritted her teeth..
She goes to ragini who was going to her room..
Uttara:bhabi im sry..i also dont knw about this all..
Ragini:its k..uttara..
Ragini smiles..uttra in mind thank god she doesnt get doubt on me..

Ragsansuji came after completing darshan..after having dinner ragsan comes to their room..as soon as entered sanskar locked d door nd back hugs ragini who was arranging bed..
Sanskar:r u ready
Ragini:for what
Sanskar brks d hug nd makes her turn ,looked at her with shocked expression..ragini rolled her eyes..
Sanskar:dont act
Ragini(controlling her smile):i dont knw what u r talking about..
Sanskar:achha..u will gt to knw..saying he pulls her holding her waist..ragini pushes him nd runs..sanskar chases her while saying i will not leave u today…ragini smiles nd runs around bed..sanskar tries to catch her..finally he caught her saree pallu nd pulls ,saree unwrapped..ragini widened her eyes nd immediately take bedsheet nd covers herself..sanskar says this is not fair..ragini says everything is fair in love nd war..sanskar coming towards her to catch her..
Ragini throws blanket over him..he take off bedsheet frm him nd saw ragini wears his shirt to cover herself..
Sanskar:that is my shirt..give it to me
Ragini:nahi tho
Sanskar:nahi tho..i should only take..
Ragini:then come..she winks at him runs..sanskar runs behind her..he finally caught her nd
Pins her to the wall..both r breathing heavily..he looked straightly into her eyes..ragini jst lost into his eyes those r showing immense love for her..sanskar slowly unbuttoned shirt..he take off shirt frm her..she came to sense when she noticed smirk on his face…she looked at herself..
Ragini:where is shirt
Sanskar shows towards floor where shirt was..
Ragini:when did u took
Sanskar:when u r lost in me..
Ragini (blushes):this is not fair
Sanskar:u only said everything is fair in love…
Sanskar:shhh(keeps finger in her lips)
He lifts her in his arms nd makes her lie on bed..Starts kissing her frm her foot to till her neck..then he looks at her rosy lips nd kissed passionately holding her tightly in his embrace…after a while he brk d kiss..ragini hugs him tightly feeling shy..he untied her blouse knot..ragini kissed his neck…nd lights goes off…they consummated their mrg..
When ragini opend room door to come out..sanskar pulls her inside nd kissed her..neha who was passing in that ways sees this nd gritted her teeth…she angrily goes to uttara..
Uttara:kya hua neha
Neha:all got over..
They r enjoying their married life happily..but we cant able to do anything
Uttara:dont wry neha..our time will come oneday
Neha:when uttara..their relation getting strong day by day..nd suji! aunty ram uncle also accepted them..she was leading a happy life
Uttara:i can understand u neha..we should plan something big..
Neha:ha..i cant sit quitely now…
Both gets thinking about how to separate them…

Sry for small update

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    Hi, Lahari! Plz don’t edut SwaSan pics making it like this dear!
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    It deeply hurts when you do this!
    So dear, it’s a humble request. Don’t spoil those pics!
    I hope you try to uunderstand what I mean!
    Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Lahari

      Hiiiii kakali dear…i didnt edit those edits..i found in insta…
      Let us be happy likr this…im sry..hope u understand..

      1. Kakali

        You can stay happy dear but hurting us, all SwaSan fans? Does it feel good? Those pucs hold many memories of SwaSan! And it hurts!
        I do understand you and try to understand me also! Evtime those pics lead to a huge war and many of us get hurt. Haina?

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      seebu di please dont say that raglak fans love ragu with anyone cause its not the same case for everyone
      pls sont bring raglak in between these wars

      1. sorry dear…but most of ppl in every sns is thinking this only…that u guys like ragini with anyone…as she is being paired with everyone..!and maximum raglak fans also supporting this..!so i said that…sorry to hurt u..!and also sorry loyal raglak fans..!but it hurts us..!when our beloved couple edits are getting morphed..!

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