Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-28

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Uttara asks sanskar who jst came frm office..
Uttara:bhai..can u take me nd neha to out..
Sanskar:sorry uttara..i promised ur bhabi to take her to dinner tday..
Uttara:its k bhai..atleast get icecrem for us..
Sanskar:k..i will get after i got fresh..
Uttara:no bhai..now only go na..

Sanskar nodded nd goes out..
Uttara told to neha about ragsan dinner plan…both smirks..
Uttara got oil nd pours infront of ragsan room.nd says now i see how will u go for dinner date..they hides behind pillar nd waiting for ragini..after a while they smiles hearing scream but their smile turned to be shock when they sees sujatha who was fell on ground due to oil…ragini rushed to her after hearing suji screem..
Ragini:kya hua aunty..r u k..
Uttara neha too rushed to suji who was moaning holding her back..they helps ragini to take suji to room..
Ragini:i will call doctor

Suji:no need..get some balm for me..thats enough
Ragini:but aunty
Suji:im telling u na..
Uttara got moove..ragini takes it frm her…suji says i will apply..ragini says this time i will not hear u aunty..plz let me apply..ragini massaging suji back..
Neha(whispers in uttara ear):see how she was trying to impress ur mom..
Uttara:ha our plan got backfired..but u dont wry..

Ragini asks suji to take rest..if she needs anyhelp call her..suji nodded..ragini leaves..

Sanskar comes to suji room after hearing about suji frm ragini..
Sanskar:maa..what happened r u fine..r csn i call doctor
Suji:no need..im fine
Sanskar:u should have take care na maa..
Suji nodded..after a while sanskar comes to their room nd sees ragini lost in thinking..
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini:i noticed oil infront of our room..due to oil only aunty fell..but i dont understand how it came there..

Sanskar:i think..it might be fell on accidentally
Sanskar:no but nd vut..leave it..tomorrow we will go for dinner..
Ragini nodded…

@suji room
Ragini comes to her..
Ragini:how r u feeling now aunty..

She about to get up..ragini stops..where r u going..
Suji:to cook dinner
Ragini:no need aunty..
Suji rolled her eyes at her..
Ragini(understood):dont worry aunty..i will not prepare..i told to sanskar to get frm hotel..
Suji :but what was d need..i should have prepare na
Ragini:u r not well na aunty..u need rest..

After sanskar getting food frm hotel…ragini got food for suji in her room..
Suji:what is d need to get here..i should have come there..
Ragini:its k aunty..have it
Suji nodded nd had dinner..ragini gives tablet to her..
Suji(hates tablets):tablet
Ragini:ha..danskar bought it.
Suji:im fine..no need of tablet
Ragini:u will fell better..eat na

Suji:no..no..i cant
Ragini:if u r not hsve this tablet..i will feed u food made by me..
Suji:no..no..tablet is better than that..
Ragini smiles…
After that all had dinner .. ragini cleaned dining nd did remaining household work..

@ragsan room
Ragini enters as soon as fell on bed feeling very tired..sanskar sees her nd feels bad as she was not used to this work…
Ragini:howmany times i told u..dont be sorry..its my responsibility na..
Ragini:plz..let me sleep
Saying she buried her head into his neck nd sleeps holding sanskar tightly..sanskar pecks her forehead nd sleeps..

Ragini wakes up..she kissed sanskar cheek nd about to get up..but she realized she was in her night wear ..ragini says i didnt change my saree last night na then how…
Sanskar:dont think so much..i only changed
Sanskar:ha..u slept with saree only i thought u will feel uncomfortable..so i changed
Ragini(controlling her blush):chi..how could u do..cheater
Sanskar:shall i tell..how could i..he pulls her..
Ragini:no need..she pushed him nd goes to washroom..leaving smiling sanskar..

After having breakfast..suji called him..
Suji:sanskar..come early frm office today..we r going to our kuldevi(region god) temple..
Sanskar:kuldevi temple?
Suji:ha..we r going evening with my new bahu..
Ragsan wr jst cloud9 hearing this..
Sanskar:maa u mean..u mean
Suji smiled at them..
Sanskar:u accepted her maa
Suji nodded

Ragini:really aunty..
Suji:not aunty..maa
Ragini face lighten..she hugs suji tightly…thank u so much aunty sorry maa..
Suji brks d hug nd caressed her hair..
Sanskar:maa love u..
Suji kissed sanskar forehead..
Ragsan takes blessings frm suji..nd they hugs eo being happy..
Suji clears her throat to bring them reality..they brks d hug nd goes to their room embarrassed…Ram smiles..while neha uttara fumes..

As soon as ragsan entered their room..sanskar gives her a bone crushing hug..
Sanskar(brks d hug):sry
Ragini smiles nd pulls his cheek..i jst kid..
Sanskar makes pout..ragini kissed his pout..
Sanskar:so u r ready
Ragini:for what..
Sanskar:dont tell u have forgotten..
Ragini understood nd blushes..

Sanskar lifts her in his arms..
Ragini:sanskar what r u doing..its morning
Sanskar:so what..
Ragini:sanskar plz..u have to go office na..
Sanskar:no need
Ragini:plz sanskar..not now..what if anyone come..plzzzzzzzzz
Sanskar(make annoyed face pout):teeke..
Ragini:good boy..now go office..come early..i wil wait..
She kissed his cheek..sanskar smiles nd goes..

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