Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-27

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Ragini got coffee for sanskar who jst woke up..sanskar takes it nd sips..ragini looking at him excitedly..
Ragini:how was coffee
Sanskar:who made it
Ragini:i made it..kyun..was it bad..
Sanskar:no no..it was good
Ragini:really..k..i will give to papa also..
Ragini looks at him nd grabs d cup nd she tasted it..
Ragini:yuck..agaim i failed
She gets upset
Sanskar:this is new to u na..u will learn..dont wry
Ragini:u said it was good
Sanskar:my wife brought for me with so much of love na..then how could i ..
Ragini:so sweet..
She pulls his cheek..sanskar pulls her hoding her waist..both looks at eo lovingly..ragini leaned close to sanskar..he closed his eyes thinking she will kiss him..ragini moves even more close..sanskar enhaled her fragrance..ragini smiled seeing sanskar…sanskar opend his eyes when he was not felt rag presence..he saw ragini who was running giving teasing smile to sanskar..he says i will take my revenge..

Sanskar got ready to go office..he looked at ragini for his kiss..ragini smiles ,sanskar comes closer nd about to kiss ragini..disturbed by uttara..who knocked d door..
Sanskar opend d door cursing uttara..
Uttara:bhai..u got ready na..can u drop me nd neha to clg..
Sanskar:ha uttara..wait in hall..i will come
Uttara:u got ready na come bhai..we r getting late for clz..
Sanskar looks at ragini who was giving helpless look..
Uttara:bye bhabi..come bhai
Saying she drags sanskar..sanskar pouts nd goes..ragini smiles thinking his pout face..then suddenly sanskar came nd kissed her lips..he says how can i go without my kiss..he winks at her..nd runs as uttara calling him..ragini smiles..

Rag suji r in kitchen..suji tries to take flour box which is upper slide..ragini says i will take u move aunty..suji moves aside..ragini tries to get that..but it slipped when her hand touched d flour box..whole flour fell in ragini nd suji who was beside her..ragini widened her eyes..she says sorry aunty..sorry..saying she wipes d flour on suji face..but suji was laughing seeing ragini who was fully drown in flour..ragini looked at her puzzled..suji controlled her laugh nd says go nd clean yourself first..ragini was surprised as suji first time talking with her calm voice that too smiling..
After cleaning themselves both comes to kitchen nd looked at eo nd burst into laughing..ragini was happy seeing suji..suji composed herself immediately..

Sanskar came frm office nd lifts ragini who was arranging bed on their room..he twirls her..ragini asks kya hua..get me down..
Sanskar make her down nd says we got a big contract..im very happy..ragini too gets happy..sanskar says u came into mylife na..u r my lucky champ..ragini says no its my hubby talent..sanskar says but credit goes to u..they share a hug..

All r having dinner..ram says im very happy finally we got that contract we can explore our business..this is all bcz of my new bahu..ragini says papa what i have done ,this is u nd sanskar hard work na..ram says we tried to get this frm past 3years but we didnt get..u came to our house.nd we got it..suji nd sanskar smiles..but uttara nd neha r fuming inside hearing this..
Ragini:for this good news..tomorrow i will prepare kheer..
Suji san gulped as they only knw about ragini cooking…
Ram:ha beta..i too wants to eat..make it
Suji(slowly):r u sure..u really wants to eat kheer made by her..
Ram:ha..u knw na i love kheer
Ram:suji let me eat din first..
Suji in mind he will be gone tomorrow..

@ragsan room
Ragini was on sanskar chest..sanskar caressing her hair..ragini told d kitchen incident..nd about their laugh and all..
Sanskar:so u r hapoy
Sanskar:im also happy..so
Ragini(lifted her eyebrow):so
Sanskar(passing his finger on her face sensuously):so
Ragini understand..she take off his finger frm her face nd says im getting sleep..good night..sanskar turned otherside nd sleeps being annoyed..
Suji came to kitchen nd sees ragini was preparing kheer..she looks at kheer then ragini..then kheer ..then ragini..ragini asks kya hua aunty..suji says nothing nd prepares breakfast..
After some all sits for breakfast..ragini smiled at sanskar but sanskar turned his face..ragini understood he hurted last night..ragini serves kheer.while serving sanskar..she slowly said sorry..but sanskar didnt say anything…suji looks at kheer horrified..ram says y r u looking like that,have it…suji says vo..vo..u have it first..sanskar looked at ram who was ready to eat..san closed his eyes…ram have one spoon..ragini lookes at ram…he says it was very tasty beta..i liked it very much..ragini smiles..suji nd sanskar looked surprised they too tasted it nd it was really tasty..suji winders how she made it..ram askd her to serve more nd more as i loved it..
Neha uttara completed their breakfast nd comes to room..
Neha:what u told nd what was going on here..see how she get impression frm ur parents..last night u told u will make her kheer spicy..what u did..
Uttara:im sry neha..tdy i wokeup late..but u dont wry..
Neha looks at her..uttara assures her all will set..
@ragsan room
Sanskar came after having breakfast..ragini too came nd says sorry..sanskar ignored nd fixing his tie..ragini hugs him frm back nd says plz talk to me im sorry..sanskar turned hearing ragini cracking voice..sanskar hugs her immediately..
Sanskar(brk d hug):dont be sorry..i can understand..im pretends to be angry to tease u..dont get sad
Ragini:what? u pretends
Sanskar smiles sheepishly.
Ragini pouts angrily
Ragini:me too
Ragini:i cant fulfill ur wish
Sanskar:its k..i will wait..leave it..btw how u made kheer..it was really tasty
Ragini:today i woke up early..after watching how to made kheer in YouTube..i tried..firsr time i failed..after 2 tries..its perfect..
Sanskar:but what is d need..maa should have made it na..
Rag:but papa askd me na..as a bahu i have to do it na..
Sanskar smiles nd kissed her forehead..

Hope i havnt boring u all..

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  1. Saumya_K

    I request you to not use edited SwaSan pics for your story. Not bashing you or anything but please just don’t.
    Thanks and all the best for fanfiction[s] dear! 🙂

    1. Kakali

      Saumyaaaaaaa..!! Shhhhh!! It’s okk dear! Let them do what they want..!!
      They are doing this just bcz they love Bhai Behen, you see respect towards relation..!! It’s a very waste of time to try to make them understand what SwaSan mean to us! Haina? We know that..!! Lemme roll on the floor, yaaar ev1(Bhai Behen) lovers love to copy paste Ragini from here to there!
      Time, place, situation don’t matter at all..!! Just like in ffs
      The same way in SwaSan pics also!! Soooo not a big deal!!
      ADDAT SE MAJHBUR hai na? ?

      1. Saumya_K

        LOLLL TRUE 😉

  2. Niriha


  3. Awesome dr always u rocked dr

  4. Dharani


  5. Nice story….keep going …

  6. Neptune

    please don’t edit our SWASAN pics, if you people hate swara and swasan so much then why do you always want to take her place you can make your own edits but please do not use swasan pics it hurts us also sorry if you felt bad but please don’t use it its a request

    1. Lahari

      Deear neptune nd soumya..we didnt get a chance to see them onscreen together..plz let us be happy atleast like this..we also getting hurt when we sa swa___san pucs..im sry..hope u people will understand

      1. Saumya_K

        No dear if editing our SwaSan pics making them Rag____San makes u happy then we won’t let u b happy like this. Hope u also understand that it hurts more seeing our SwaSan transformed into a gross bro n sis Jodi which doesn’t even exist. You don’t like SwaSan cover pics? Why dear atleast v don’t edit Swara’s pic instead of Ragini…

      2. Neptune

        i know that you never saw them onscreen but that’s not our fault right?? and it was just a hope that pairs would be rag—————san but if you read any interview then varun cleared the fact that it was decided that he would be paired with helly and these pics are our real beautiful memories yaar how can you people play with all our feelings you can seperately make their edits but please don’t take swara’s place it hurts us i hope you understand our pain and that was not our fault that they were paired together please don’t edit our pics if you them so much then let them be as they are but don’t ruin our photos and memories its our request hope you will understand…………

      3. Lahari

        Who told u they r nro nd sis…im sry to say but whenever i saw swa_____san i felt they look like bro nd sis..

      4. Neptune

        its ok you felt it your choice but just do one thing go to SWASAN THE ULTIMATE WINNERS post given by kakali there you will find a link when ragini called sanskaar as bhaiyaa and if you get hurt then thats not our fault but please don’t use its our sincere request but then also if you want to use it you can you know because we are swara fans and we are just like her we feel happy even when someone hurts us but we are happy that due to us you became happy………..
        and swasan were always meant to be so by your indicating a speration between them it will not become so and tell me one thing are you a fan of any pair which is very close to your heart, how will you feel when their special moments are edited like this i did not tell you to not use their original pics or not edit their original pics i just told you not to use any swasan pic that’s it i don’t understand what problem you have in it

      5. Saumya_K

        OMG Lahari! r u trying to do comedy or u r actually so funny? SwaSan bro sis? Joke of the year! Well, I don’t blame you, hats all u can say to self pity yourself dear! You said that? Your Ragini proved that dear! Then why is anyone else needed to say?
        It’s human nature that human fantasize – remember people fantasize not wants – about things & people which & whom they can’t have! That’s why it’s called FANTASY! And we fantasize for those things which we can’t have & which are too good & extraordinary!
        So of course Ragini fans also fantasize the ultimate good & extraordinary partner, which is undoubtedly Sanskaar Maheshwari, for their fav; Bt in reality Sanskaar is only Swara’s!
        Ragini fans only can fantasize bcoz they can’t have!
        Arre Ragini fans, if Sanskaar was available then we SwaSan & Sanskaar fans would have started fighting to have him! Bt we also know that Sanskaar is only Swara’s as Swara is Sanskaar’s
        So SwaSan fans, grab this epiphany & don’t pay heed to those bhai-behen fans
        They can’t have the BEST for their fav so they are having fantasis! Bcoz fantasy is just fantasy never the reality!
        SwaSan are WINNER,
        SwaSan fans are Winners!
        And this is the ultimate truth
        Love to SwaSan <3

        Check out this if u havnt, good for ur mentality – http://www.tellyupdates.com/swasan-ultimate-winners-kakali/

      6. Neptune

        you are right shri that if you tell that swasan are bro sis it won’t become true because you don’t have any proof but we have it so it is your problem if you believe it and not ours its not our fault that in the show they showed ragini calling sankaar bhaiyaa i just told that this is the link you can see it yourself and about pics editing i just requested her did not force her and i told her so its better if you don’t come in between and it hurts us but let it be you guys will never understand

      7. Shrilatha

        Akka leave them mana ragsan ni chusi kadupu manta bharinchaleka potunaru..papam pichollu..vadiley..ragsan chudataniki superb ga unaru..anduke..veelaki inta problem..anta kullu okay na

      8. Kakali

        Hilooo Lahari, we do understand your feelings dear! Soo will you mind understanding our emotions too?
        I agree you all didn’t get time to watch our EVER HEAVENLY couple SwaSan! So it’s okk dear! Even I do fantasize instead of watching TV now a days! Sooo it’s totally okk!
        The matter is we are talking about SwaSan pics which is transformed as bahi behen pics! That’s our main object over here!
        You all are writing on bhai behen! Sooo beautiful and cool as I said we should respect relations and I do! That why felt soo happy seeing writing on Bahi Behen! it’s a pleasure that they value relation.!
        We understood your emotions na, soo understand our also, don’t morphine SwaSan pics! I know it’s not your mistake even as you have find it in Google but still a small request from my side not to hurt SwaSan fans as it holds many memories towards us! It means a lot..!!
        Hope you all understand..!!

        And about You feel like SwaSan as Bro-Sis, it’s also not your mistake.!
        See you have been loving Bhai Behen all the while soo it’s too obvious that you will feel like that! You will see everything, every relation from that eye!
        Soo here also you are thinking like that! We can understand your inner turmoil and we respect that!!
        Hope you understand dear,
        Thnk u.!
        Urghhh I just couldn’t help out pouring my out here seeing your love for bhai behen!
        ?Stay blessed dear!

    2. Shrilatha

      OK Neptune and the other girl it’s completely writers choice to use which ever pic she finds appropriate for her story…and u don’t have any Right to say anything..u might be swa_____________ San fan but even helly don’t have any Right to tell us not to use this pic…so please stop bothering us and one more thing…if u still have problem with this u can delete the pics from Google…because we r not morphing them …we found them on Google we r using them and about article even I will say swara is Sanskar’ s sister that doesn’t become ultimate truth…

      1. Saumya_K

        See dear first of all I am not ‘the other girl’ Secondly true your bullshit can never b true! I think u have a mental disease because you never understand the difference between actors n characters. Get well soon!

      2. Lahari

        Thank u so much for support shri dear….
        Let them leave dear..it would be better to ignore them instead of arguing..

        Swa_________________san fans stop troubling us..its our wish to keep cover pic as our wish…in serial cvs did wrong..we r correcting it..hope u people understand what i meant

      3. Saumya_K

        Again dear! CVS never did wrong it was supposed to b like this only! U r wrong. We’ll surely stop bothering u when stop using SwaSan pics. Bcz it was supposed to b SWASAN only always I mean any proof in the series that tells u it wasn’t?

      4. Lahari

        Crct shri….ragsan looking adorable than theur swa__________________san in those pics..andke vallu bharinchalekapotunnaru..eppudu mana meda padi edavadame vellu..
        Jealous people..

        I love ragsan..i dont care anyone who against them…love u sooooooooopoooooooooooooooopoooopp much ragsan

      5. Saumya_K

        Seriously the girl who cant understand the difference btw SANSKAR & VARUN what will she understand???? Will she thnk something wisely???will she give value to relations????ABSOLUTELY NO.such an immature school gng girl is she..and its just waste of time to ask to such a kid..so leave it neptune and we dnt bother about dem..
        And she relax her frustuation by breaking our swadanoments by her imagination..
        Why we bother her???
        about morphed pics i cant say anythng about dat..bcz we can wake up a sleeping person not the one who pretends to sleep..but whatever is dat whenever i see dat pics i only remember our beloved swassn memories..bcz each and every our swasan moments are i still remember..
        .. dear, why to request such people?? I just feel disgusting whenever I see it but if they are morphing, they also know the reality that who is the couple in the serial.. They can just do this morphings and write and read FFs! Let them live in their imagination world, we can go and watch our swasan scenes online, but they can only imagine. No one can change the truth, right? However they go with their morphing tricks, don’t think about those things..

        swaragini serial viewers fans wellwishers…all knows that only SWASAN n raglak are couples…but some obessed fans are living in their imaginary shell…shipping their female fav. with everyone…it is so irritating to us…bcs this is swaragini page n have to bear who are not even existed and couple bcs of them and swasan fd is more active in wattpad ,indiaforums… so don’t give damn to these all…and from now we should also follow same…and they hate swara…bla..bla..and they will make morphed pics of swara replacing their fav.’scan’t stop laughing..but truth is sanskar only loves swara and romanced with swara…and even sanskar kissed swara…see how despirate they are using those morphing pics..they want our swara’s place….but poor them…reality is SWASAN so don’t give damn…do u remember…sanskar even tried to kill ragini for his swara ,whenever ppl write their ff…i remember that scene and ragini calling sanskar as bhai scene…and will laugh like anything! lollz
        let them die for there non existent pair n leave these dogs!

      6. Kakali

        HILOOOO SHRI! After sooo many days! Hope you are doing good!
        I sooo badly agree with you that it’s totally upto writer whatever pic they use, but as a SwaSan fan Naptune & Saumya just said that they felt hurt seeing the morphine pics! That’s it! as they are purely our EVER HEAVENLY couple SwaSan pic.! You know what I mean?

        Can I ask you something?
        You know when I talked to for the 1st time, I felt you are genuine Ragini/Teja/RagLak/Bhai Behen fan who loves them truly..!! And I do respect you for that.!
        But after seeing your few comments I feel like what you try to say or prove?
        Everytime you drag Helly, Varun or Teja here!? Why?
        I mean we just talk about SwaSan and Bhai Behen here na? Then what’s the need to drag the real actors here? They have nothing to do with it right? I feel sooo SORRY for you. Dunoo why but really feel that.!

        I know, you are having no any point to cut out the SwaSan fans, but still dragging the real actors here, it doesn’t look good!
        You argue with us over SwaSan bhai behen na! Why to unnecessary dragging Helly here!
        In Sams ff also you pointed out at VaHe, saying Soo much of bla blaaa blaaaaaaa!! I couldn’t help out chucking dear!!
        You know even I want to reply you back in your tone bullying the REAL ACTORS and shut your mouth easily.
        But the difference is I can I CAN DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN REAL & REEL and I won’t be uttering carps like you..!!
        Well, I know this the MAIN DIFFERENCE between a SWASAN lover and a BHAI BEHEN lover!
        Isn’t it? IT IS!
        Yooo, I understand you took those pics from Google. No doubt! And soo sad that we can’t remove them!
        I must say, who must have made those edits copy pasting Ragini in place of Swara is a huge Bhai Behen lover who knows how to respect relation..!! Salute for him/her!! Even I do respect Bhai Behen! ? *suppress my laugh..!!
        Have a good day dear!

    3. Neptune

      cvs did everything right lahari and you yourself know that you not got something that it was not possible to match those standards that is why editing those things and trying to imagine how it would be, we were talking to you in a polite manner but you don’t understand how to respect others but its completely ok we understand that you are a ragini fan and don’t know how to respect others just like her only care about your own happiness but its okay we completely understand and cv’s knew what was perfect that is why they made the right choice hope you understand even if you spoil it won’t matter us because we do not play with others feelings for making us happy and it would be better if you ignore us and ignore our SWASAN and SWASAN pics also…………………..

      1. Shrilatha

        Why CVS did that we know Neptune no need of telling us…we do know the cheap tricks which is played by some one …we know everything so better shut ur mouth about that

      2. Lovely7

        Neptune it’s writer wish to edit any pic, this is fanfiction
        If you’re not interested in ragsan Stories wat is the need to open this story

        First value other person feelings, she likes ragsan so she writing ragsan stories ,we love tavar so we love to read lahati sis stories and edits

      3. Kakali

        Neptuneeeeeeeeeeeee..!! Shhhh my dear.! Why are saying all this?
        I have already said na we shouldn’t even try to make them understand..!! Will they understand? A HUGE NOO.!
        It’s a waste of time dear! They have been writing on bhai behen and we should actually respect that as we are taught by our parents to value relations..!! Sooo Chill dear!! Say Bhai Behen lovers Zindabaad!
        And we do know what CVs did and why did? and we got the best for what they did? Isn’t it? Huraaaahhhh we got our SwaSan!!! Omgggg, remember the way Sanskar used to romance with her? Hayeeeee today I was just watching those moments..!! How shameless I’m. haina?*blush..!!
        And Copy pasting Ragini photos in place of Swara won’t make any change?.
        We got our SwaSan! I mean Swara get Sanskar! Sanskar get Swara!
        Ragini get her brother Sanskar and Sanskar get her sister Ragini.!!
        Awwww what a complete family..!! God bless them..!!
        And don’t take tensions about those pics! They will do this to annoy us right? They will do that more! So let them doooooo as I said WE SHOULD RESPECT BHAI BEHEN!! *Crocodile hug..!!?

    4. Neptune

      i have never told anyone to stop rag—————————-san stories and i did not tell any of you to change your likes i just REQUESTED YOU TO NOT EDIT A SWASAN PIC i don’t understand one thing if i am talking so calmly then why are you talking with me in such a rude way did i bash her no? and even i did not say anything about your story or the pair you are writing on so don’t blame me for things i have not done i did not tell anything regarding your favourite pair because i know how much it hurts when someone tells about your favourite pair something you don’t like its you people who started it i just replied thats it have you ever seen me commenting on a rag——————————————san ff no na bas then i just felt bad seeing our beautiful swasan pic edited and thats why i just requested her thats it its you people who are making a fuss out of a matter thats just nothing and if someone would have did that with you then you would have understood.
      and shri i have told you before itself that am not talking to you and so you better don’t involve in between its you who first replied rudely and i don’t want to talk to you about it and lovely i know how to respect other’s feelings first read all my comments properly and then answer i did not tell any one of you to stop writing stories on your pair or any other thing first you people learn how to talk and how to speak then tell me..
      and lahari if you are hurt with my comment then i am sorry from the bottom of my heart i know that we like different things but atleast you should understand how it makes us feel seeing our swasan memories ruined like this so am sorry if you are hurt and if you again edit a swasan pic then i am not just saying that keep yourself in our place and then tell would you not be hurt i don’t like what you like but i definitely respect other’s choice and feelings……………….

  7. Awesome

  8. awesomeee

  9. Sindhura


  10. Sreevijayan

    Awesome update dear….

  11. Awesome <3

  12. Shrilatha

    awesome akka

  13. Asra

    fabulous akka…i loved it alot akka…ragsan scenes r super akka…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr akka…

  14. awesome ????? i loved it soo much..And ignore them .They have problem with everything in this world .You go girl ❤

  15. Silent_writer

    Woooooow loveddd it soooo much yrrrrrr its amazing today i read all chappies the jungle mai mangle part was fab and yeah lahari ignore them don’t even reply you use whatever edit you want ??

  16. Inu

    superb dear. loved it.

  17. Superb, awesome dear. Loved it a lot

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