Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-26

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When ragsan r coming After having breakfast ,they confronts uttara nd neha..they r about to cross them..uttara stops..
Uttara:bhai..im sorry..i should not behave like that with bhabi..will u forgive ur sister
Sanskar(happy as his sister is talking to him..he hugs her):its k uttara..
Uttara:sorry bhabi..
Ragini(surprised by her sudden change..but happy):no need to say sry..u accepted me as ur bhabi thats enough for me..
Uttara smiles..
Sanskar looks at neha nd about to speak..neha interrupted..

Neha:no need to say anything sanskar…There is no meaning of marriage without love..i can understand..but can ww be a friends like before..
Sanskar:thank u neha..u r always my friend..
Neha smiles nd says u both r looking good together..
Ragsan smiles nd comes to their room..
Sanskar:i cant believe uttara accept us this much early..

Ragini:ha sanskar.but in feeling something fishy..
Sanskar:u r thinking somuch..no need to wry about them..nd maa will also accept u soon..
Ragini:k.. sanskar can u come early frm office today
Sanskar:why..r u arranging something special for tonight(He winks at her)
Ragini(hits him):dadi called nd asked us to come home..
Sanskar:k.i will come..im going now
Sanskar looks at her with pout..

Sanskar:this is not fair..how could u sent me lie this
Ragini looked at him puzzled
Sanskar:yesterday u given me something na..today also i want..
Ragini recalled how she kissed sanskar yesterday..she blushes..
Sanskar:stop blushing..give my kiss
Ragini:u took morning na

Sanskar:that was morning kiss..now it was send off kiss
Ragini smiles
Sanskar:quick..im getting late for office..
Ragini holda his coaller nd pulls him closer nd kissed him..

After sanskar left for office..ragini goes to kitchen..suji was not there..she got one idea..she takes bendi(ladies finger) nd cutted them..she got her mbl nd started to prepare bendi curry by watching YouTube..suji comes there by smelling burnt..suji rolled her eyes..
Suji:what r u doing
Ragini:aunty see i made bendi..
Suji looks at that curry horrified..

Ragini:taste it nd tell aunty..how it was
Suji gulped seeing that curry..
Ragini requested her to taste it..suji taste it helplessly..her expression got change..immediately she split it out..ragini asks kya hua aunty..
Suji:plz dont try to cook again..
Ragini pouts nd says sorry..

Ragini cursed herself for bad cooking..she scolds herself idiot..suji smiled seeing her !innocent face..this is unnoticed by ragini..

Sanskar comes home nd back hugs ragini who was trying to wear saree…ragini left saree folds by his sudden hug…ragini turns at him nd says kya sanskar i tried to wear it so much difficulty u spoiled it..sanskar pulls her nd wishpered im here na to make u wear then y r u trying..u should have wait for me..

He folds her saree nd tucked them into her belly.nd he gently kissed there..ragini shivers but as soon as composed.she pushed sanskar nd asks him to get fresh…sanskar says im not yet fixed it properly..ragini says i will do it myself u go..san nodded

@rag home
Ragsan getting down frm auto..sharad who watched this through Window ,fumes…ragsan entered inside..rag goes to sharad nd hugs him..sanskar takes his blessings..
Sharad:ragu baby..u came in auto
Ragini:ha dad..papa(ram) took car nd sanskar bike got punctured so..
Sharad:then..u should have called me na..what is d need to come in that..

Ragini:areh dad..i enjoyed traveling in that..leave na..where is dadi..
Sharad:she was in kitchen
Ragini goes to meet her..
Sharad:i cant expect this frm u vo..whats ur name..

Sanskar:sanskar ji
Sharad:ha sanskar..how could u got her in auto..it was not safe for her..dont forget she was indian top business man’s daughter..
Sanskar annoyed by his words..dadi ragini comes there..sanskar takes blessings frm dadi too..dadi caressed his hair nd blessed him..they had a some formal talk..Nd they had dinner..
Sharad gives one box to ragini..she opens it nd sees beautiful diamond necklace in it..sharad says while looking at sanskar ,it was 1crore i specially designed it for u..how is it..
Ragini:Its beautiful dad..but dad
Sharad:dont refuse ragu..it was ur mrg gift

Ragini hugs him…sharad goes to sanskar nd gifted him watch worth of 25lakh..sanskar refused ..but later accepted for ragini..sharad says to sanskar i knw u will never give that much expensive gifts..he taunts sanskar..ragini unware about this as she was talking t!o her dadi.. sanskar says ha uncle i will never give her luxur!y life but i will give pure love which only she wants.. She was never happy when she was with u..but she will be happy with me every second..sharad fumes hearing sanskar..sanskar ignores it..he asks ragini shall we go..ragini nodded..
They leaves..

Sanskar was thinking about sharad words…ragini who was lied on sanskar chest ,asks what he was thinking..sanskar asks ragini u r happy with me na..ragini immediately gets up nd asks why he was asking her like that..
Ragini: cant u see my happiness..ofcourse im happy with u nd i will be always when u r with me..
Sanskar:i love u
Ragini:i love u too

She kissed his forehead..nd they dozzed off..

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