Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-25

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Ragini comes to kitchen where suji was preparing lunch…
Ragini:aunty can i help u
Suji doesnt reply
Ragini:aunty plz talk to me..
Suji ignores her
Ragini:i will help u aunty

Suji:no need..go frm here
Suji:i said go
Ragini feels bad nd goes to her room..she then gets sanskar call..
Ragini:hello sanskar
Sanskar:ragini r u fine..ur voice seems dull
Ragini:im fine

Sanskar:does maa said anything
Ragini:nothing like that sanskar..missing u
Sanskar:me too..after completing work i will come asap..
Sanskar:have ur lunch..bye.. i love u

Ragini:i love u too
Again ragini goes to kitchen to help suji for preparing dinner..
Ragini:aunty plz..i knw u r angry on me..if u want to beat beat me aunty..but plz let me help u
Suji stood quite

Ragini:plzzzzzz aunty
Suji(sternly):k come nd mix this dough
Ragini smiles..then she looks at flour..but she dont knw what to do now..
Ragini:how to mix it
Suji:dont u knw

Ragini nodded as no
Suji:k leave it
Ragini:tell aunty..i will do it..
Suji:i will mix it..cut those veggies
Ragini nodded..she takes knife nd cutting slowly..

Suji:if u cut like this it will become tomorrow..give it to me
Ragini:no aunty i will cut fast..
Saying she try to cut fast..while doing thar she cuts her finger..ragini shouts in pain..suji sees blood oozing frm ragini finger..she immediately run to her room nd got first aid box nd she applies dettol nd cotton..ragini gets happy seeing suji concern..ragini says sanskar told u r very good at heart..now im seeing u..thanks aunty..suji smiles inside but she gives a stern look to ragini..
Suji:u go..i will do my work

Ragini:no aunty..its k..its small cut he na..i will do
Suji:no need..u go nd take rest
But ragini was stubborn..she takes knifr frm suji hand nd started cutting..suji looks at her injured finger somewhat she feels bad…

After helping suji ,ragini comes to room nd got fresh…sanskar came home frm office nd sees ragini who wore sleeveless tee nd three fourth pant…
Sanskar:ragini this dress
Ragini:morning dadi came na she got all my dresses here..
Sanskar:i mean..y did u wear this..

Ragini:why..ur maa also naina ‘s dadi type na..
Sanskar:nothing like that but
Ragini:i can understand..sorry..i will get change..
Sanskar nodded
Rsgini turns to go..sanskar pulls her nd whispered in her ear may i help u..ragini smiles nd says no thanks..nd tries to go..but sanskar again pulls her..ragini screams when his hand presses hee injured finger..
Sanskar(concerned):kya hua ragini

But sanskar already noticed jer injured finger..he holds it..
Sanskar:how this happened
Ragini:when i cutting d veggies
Sanskar:who told u to do all those..did maa said
Ragini:no sanskar..aunty didnt said anything..i only went to help her..
Sanskar:but ragini
Ragini:leave it sanskar..it was small cut ..im fine now..do u knw..aunty only did first aid to me..

Ragini:ha..nd she asked me to take rest..
Sanskar gets happy..

Ragsan comes to dinner..sanskar sits where ram nd uttara sits nd suji stands to serve..ragini also stands..sanskar asks her to sit..ragini nodded as no..sanskar looked at her puzzled..suji serves food..ragini too take another bowl nd start serving..ram san smiles..suji jst gave a look..ragini was about ti serve to uttara..uttara stops her nd says no need i will serve myself..ragini feels bad..but sanskar looks at ragini..she sifns him as she is k..after serving suji sits before she could serve ragini served to her..nd she too sits nd had dinner…

@suji ram room
Ram sees suji was in thoughts..
Ram:what r u thinking suji
Suji:about ragini

Ram:what u r thinking about ragini
Suji:ha..she was a high class girl..i thought she would show ego..but she was not like that..
Ram:so u forgiven her
Suji:no no..i didnt said like that.im still angry on her..
Saying she goes to bed nd sleep.. Ram smiles as he knw suji impressed by ragini..
@ragsan room
Sanskar sees ragini looking sad..
Sanskar:kya hua..r u thinking about uttara behavior

Sanskar(but he knws that was the reason):neha was
Her besr friend he na thats y she was more angry on us..dont worry all will fine..ragini nodded..sanskar kissed her forehead nd asks her to sleep..ragini sleeps encircling sanskar..
Ragini wakes up..sanskar sleep got disturbed by ragini movement..
Sanskar:u r awake..y did u wakeup this early..

Ragini:i have to help suji aunty in making bf..
Sanskar:no need..ur hand got hurt na..
Ragini:omg sanskar its small cut..see now it was fine..now im bahu of this house na so i should wakeup early na..

Sanskar:u want become adarsha bahu
Ragini:something like that
Sanskar:not only bahu..u have to fullfill ur husband wishes too..
Ragini:still it has time
Sanskar:still..howmuch yaar..
Ragini:till when aunty accept me as her bahu..

Sanskar:k..atleast give me kiss yar
Ragini kissed his cheek nd about to go..sanskar pulls her nd kissed her lips passionately..after a while ragini brk d kiss nd runs to washroom blushing..

After got ready ragini comes to kitchen..suji looks at her nd asks y did u wokeup this early..ragini says u also wokeup na aunty..i will help u to make bf..suji about to speak..ragini said plz dont say no aunty..suji jst nodded..

Ram nd san sits for breakfast..suji calls uttara..jst then she comes frm outside with neha…
Suji:uttara..where u went this early..nd neha
Uttara:maa neha parents went to Kolkata..she was alone in her house..so i took her to stay here..she will stay here for some days..

Suji looks at ragsan nd then neha..she simply nodded..ragini smiles st them but they walks to uttara room giving glare to ragini…

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