Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-24

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Sharad breaks d things in his room nd says no it cant be happen..the great business man sharad mehra daughter married to that cheap middle class man..he shouts nooo..i will never accept him..i want my daughter should be in high class not like this..i need to do something…he gets thinking…
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Sanskar comes to suji nd pleaded her to talk with him…
Sanskar:sorry maa..plz talk to me.
Suji:ram ji tell him i dont want to talk
Ram:let him forgive na..he loves her so much..
Suji:im not angry that he loves her..he should have told this before..neha life ruined bcz od us..
Sanskar:maa i knw neha got hurt..but dnt wry maa i will tool her responsibility..i will get good match for her..
Suji:but sanskar..i will not forgive u
Suji:im getting sleep u go..
Ram signed him to go nd asuured he will talk witj suji..sanskar nodded..

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Uttara comes to neha…
Uttara:im sorry neha..
Neha:how could ur bhai do like this..nd that girl..i want to kill her
Uttara:i too hate her…i will never accept her as my bhabi..u only my bhabi..
Neha:this is my fault..i should hsve take serious when i knw that ur bhai loves her..
Uttara:what..u knw already..
Neha:ha uttara..when ur bhai introduced her in that mall..i observed san nd her i felt something cooking between them..nd nxt when we met in ice cream shop..i can clearly see their eyes those r expressing pain..nd nxt day i saw ur bhai talking with her photo that he loves her so much..i felt broken..but i consoled my self as my mrg was fixed with him..now he cant do anything..but i didnt expect ur bhai did like this..
Uttara: neha i knw howmuch u loved bhai..u r my best friend i can do anything for u..i will not let her stay in my house so long..we can do something
Neha shows her one photo which she had in her mbl..uttara see this nd asked who is this..y this girl hugged him(its rag nd aryan hug photo)
Neha:when i went to temple i saw they r hugging..i captured it in my mbl thinking it will be use oneday..
Uttara(smirks):god was with us..
Neha:i wil get ur bhai na??
Uttara:obviously neha..we wil plan something..
They both smiles..

@san home
Sanskar comes to his room..where ragini sat upset as her dad didnt lift her call…
Ragini:sanskar..u talked with aunty na..what she said
Sanskar told d convo bw suji nd him..
Ragini:dad too didnt lift my call..
Sanskar:they needs sometime..they will understand..nd maa she loves me alot she cant be angry on me so long..leave it all..come have sleep..
Ragini nodded nd they sleeps hugging eo…
Ragini wakes up nd sees sanskar who was getting ready…sanskar sses her through mirror..
Sanskar:good mrng my lovely wife
Ragini:gud mng..y r u getting ready this much early..
Sanskar:early???its 9
Ragini:what 9..u should have woke me up na..
Sanskar:now kya hua..
Ragini:kya hua!!this is my first day na..i should have to prepare some sweet..it is called some rasam..i didnt remember its name but i remembered once sudha aunty told me about this..
Sanskar:rasoi rasam
Ragini:ha that one only..
Sanskar(smiles):do u knw how to prepare any one sweet
Ragini nodded innocently as no.
Sanskar:then how u will prepare
Ragini:i will ask ur maa
Sanskar:now no need to these rasams..go nd get fresh first..
He gives her saree..
Sanskar:i became theaf bcz of u
Sanskar:ha that day i stolen one girl dupatta for u..tdy i stolen saree for u thst too frm my sis wardrobe..
Ragini:is it uttara’s saree
Sanskar:ha..when she was in bathroom..i got it
Ragini:sanskar..what she will think
Sanskar:leave it..go nd get ready..
Saying he was about to go..
Ragini:where r u going
Ragini:if u go like this then whom will make me wear Saree..
Sanskar:still didnt u learned..
Ragini:no..in village sudha aunty ir naina helped me..
Sanskar:k..go nd have shower..
Ragini nodded..
After sometime she came wearing blouse nd skirt..sanskar looks at her romantically .
Ragini(blushes):sanskar dont see like that..make me wear saree
Sanskar was lost..ragini turns other side blushing hardly..sanskar moves towards her nd back hugs her nd gently kissed her neck..
Sanskar makes her turn nd moves close to her…ragini pushed him lightly..
Sanskar:what yar
Ragini:kya sanskar..already its late now u r
Sanskar:what mein(he winks at her)
Ragini:sanskarrrr..plz make me wear saree first..(she pouts)
Sanskar :fine wify come..
He takes saree nd makrs her wear..nd says looking beautiful..ragini smiles..nd they both went down where all r having breakfast..suji looks at them but not said anything..
Uttara(looks at ragini):how dare u to wear my Saree..
Ragini was afraid..
Sanskar:uttara i only gave her..y r u shouting like this..
Uttara:that was my saree..ask her to remove it..
Ram:shut up uttara..she is ur bhabi
Saying she goes angrily…ragini gets sad..sanskar holda her hand nd signs him to no..ragini gives a weak smile..
Ragini moves towards suji nd about to speak something but suji leaves frm there..
Ram:dont get sad beta..all will be fine..have breakfast..see his maa was angry in him but she made all his fav food..
Sanskar smiles nd they had bf.jst then ragini’s dadi came with shagun nd some jewelry nd some stuff..ragini goes to her nd hugs her…sanskar sees d jewelry nd money nd costly gifts…he movrs to dadi nd politely rejectes all d gifts..nd says we dont need these gifts dadi..we need ur blessings only..
Dadi:but beta
Ragini stops her nd signs her to no..
Dadi:ur dad sent these..he should have only come to meet u but last min he has to go some meeting..
Ragini:dad..he was not angry on me na..
Dadi:no..he askd u both come to home..
Ragini gets happy…sanskar too happy but he asked her to take return all those gifts…dadi nodded..she moves to suji nd says i knw u must be angry on them..plz forgive them..if behalf of them im apologising u…ram who stood beside her says no jii..plz u dont say sry…suji jst stood sternly…ram says now ragini is my bahu..we will take car her as my daughter…dadi thanked him..after bidding bye to all she left..
Ragsan comes to their room..
Ragini:im very happy sanskar..dad accepted us
Sanskar(kissed her forehead):always be happy like this..im going to office..take care..
He about to go ragini holds his wrist nd pulls him nd pecked his lips…sanskar pulls her close nd kissed her lips passionately…after a while they brk d kiss..ragini breaths heavily..sanskar again pulls her nd about kiss again..ragini pushes him nd says u have to go to office..go..
Sanskar:no..i jst want to be like this
Ragini blushes nd says go..sanskar smiles nd leaves saying take care..

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