Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-23

Im really sorry for late..i had to cme to my relative house for my mom sake..thats y im not able to post regularly..sorry

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Ragini got sanskar phone num frm sudha…she called sanskar nd asks him to meet her at temple immediately..before sanskar could speak ragini cuts d call..

After some time @temple..Ragini was waiting for sanskar..he came..
Sanskar:what happened ragini..r u f(cutted by ragini)
Ragini:i love u
Sanskar shocked Ragini hugs him tightly nd says i love u so much..
Sanskar(brks d hug):r u joking right?
Ragini(shouts):joke??my love seems joke to u..
Sanskar:it doesnt meant like that..u r engaged nd u r saying now i love u..
Ragini:ha im engaged but its for my dad…i love u…i thought to confess my feelings to u that when u went to give file to prakash uncle..i planned surprise for u..i dreamed about our life but all ruined when i saw my dad infront of me..he took me here…im helpless that time…after i came here im trying to contact u but i dont have ur no as i forgot my mbl there itself..i was with my dad nd dadi but i wasnt happy..i felt like dying..after that my dad got heart attack nd he took promise frm me to do this mrg..i agreed for him…when i saw u in that mall no bounds for my happiness but when i got to knw that u r also engaged..i was broken..i was unable to bear that..i cant live without u sanskar..i love u so much..

Sanskar was in cloud9…his love finally confessed her love but he was thinking about his family nd how ragini will live normal life with him..
Sanskar:it was wrong ragini..
Sanskar:ha..im getting married one girl in two days nd u too promised ur dad…now this time..its not correct ragini..(he turned his face controlling his emotion)
Ragini(make turned his face holding his chin):dont u love me
Sanskar kept silentRagini:tell sanskar..tell that u r not loving me..i will marry whom my dad had selected..bolo sanskar bolo..she shakes him
Sanskar:ha..i love u..i love u alot..but im scared that i cant give a life which u had…if u married me u have to live normal middle class life which u doesnt exist..u have to cook ,u have to manage a family as a bahu..u cant live this life..

Ragini:i can sanskar..how could u say that i cant..i will be happy when u r beside me..thats enough for me..i dont want that luxury life..i want a life with u…
Sanskar looked at her emotionally nd hugs her..This is all seen by ragini bodyguard who was some far away frm them..he immediately called sharad nd told everything…
Ragsan brks d hug…ragini holds sanskar wrist nd drags him into temple with her..sanskar looked at her puzzled…ragini makes him stand infront of devi maa idol…
Ragini:sanskar can i ask u something..
Sanskar nodded
Ragini:marry me..here itself sanskar..
Sanskar:ragini what r u talking..we cant be selfish..we will make our parents agree first..
Ragini:ha im selfish sanskar..but i have only this way..im afraid..i dont knw what will happen next..but i want to be with u..plz dont say no..marry me sanskar..

Sanskar dont knw what to do..he looks at ragini who was hopefully looking at him… sanskar takes pinch of sindhur nd filled her hairline..ragini takes mangalsutra frm her bag..nd says do u remember this sanskar which u tied it before in that village..make me wear it again..sanskar takes it make her wear mangalsutra..happy tears r flowing frm ragini eyes.she says now im ur wife no one csn separate us…sanskar wipes those tears..ragini looks at him lovingly sanskar does same..both have eyelock..disturbed by sharad voice who jst came there with dadi..
Sharad:ragini..what was going on here
Ragini holds sanskar hand nd takes him towards sharad who was gritting his teeth angrily…
Ragini:dad..i love him..
Sharad tries to speak..ragini stopped him..
Ragini:first listen to me dad..i met him when i left home..i dont when i started loving him but i fell for him..i loves him so much..i tried to talk about this but i didnt get a chance..
Sharad:but ragini u did wrong..ur marriage was fixed..
Ragini:dad aryan too loves someone else..nd he eloped frm his home..but shiv uncle(aryan’s dad) hided it frm u..
Sharad:no u r lying
Ragini:its true dad..i knw we did wrng by doing mrg like this but We have this option only..u want my happiness na dad..i will be happy with him..he was only my happiness dad..plz dad accept him..
Sharad looks at them nd leaves frm there angrily…ragini gets upset..nd looks at dadi who was stands there…she goes to dadi nd hugs her..dadi smiles nd says he will accept dont wry…ragsan takes blessings frm dadi..dadi leaves as sharad ask her to come…

@san house
Suji,uttara neha wr seeing some jewelry..ram was jst sat there..there is knock on door..suji gpes nd open..she was shocked to see ragsan…
(offo again drama..guys i will not give clear explanation sry)
Suji(shouts):what is this sanskar..
Hearing her scream ,utt neha ram came nd sees ragsan…
Sanskar:maa we loves eachother ..
Suji:so u married as ur wish being engaged with neha..dont u feel shameless
Sanskar:maa actually
Suji:what sanskar..u should have told us before..but now ..
Sanskar:maa im sry..situations r like that..bcz of u i agreed to marry neha but i didnt love her..i will never able to love her maa.

He moved to neha…nd says im sorry neha..if we had married..i cant make u happy i cant give the rights of wife..i should have told this to u before only..im really sry..neha lools at him with teary eyes nd runs frm there..
Uttara:bhai..i hate u..
Suji:i cant accept this marriage..
Ram:suji calm down..marriage had happened..now she is our bahu..we cant do anything…they did mistaket..plz forgive them
Saying she leaves..
Ram:im happy sanskar..u got ur love…
Ragsan smiles nd takes his blessings…ram blessed them nd says to ragini u dont take tension beta all will be fine…
Ragini nodded…

Sanskar takes her to his room nd says this is our room..
Ragini:sanskar.ur mom nd sis will accept me na
Sanskar(holds her hand):they r jst angry..they will accept…
Ragini smiles nd hugs him..
Sanskar:go nd get fresh
Ragini:i dont have another dress
Sanskar:k..i will get frm uttara..
Sanskar comes to uttara room..but uttara closed d door on his face..sanskar feels bad nd comes to his room nd told to ragini..
Ragini:sry..this is all bcz of me..
Sanskar:dont talk like this..
Sanskar:chup..u can sleep without dress also i dont mind(to lighten her mood)
She blushes nd hits him playfully..sanskar smiles nd drags her in his embrace..nd says i love u…ragini i love u too..

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    Finally they got one

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    Awesome!!! Hope the families accept their relation!!! N the last part was just awww ??

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    Ohh it was cute…And bit emotional

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    Finally they are married..awesme update dr..

  16. the part was smply and sweetly awsome………..but i”””ve a request plzzzz update ur ff b’coz i love u it is one of my fvrt hope u’ll understand i’m waiting for it from so long plzzzz update it……………..plz.plz.plz…

  17. Superb episode dear

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    superb epi. I didn’t expect this immediate marriage but I am happy for that

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