Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-22

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Dadi comes to ragini room hearing some sounds frm her room..dadi sees ragini who was breaking all the things angrily….dadi stops her…
Ragini(hugs dadi):how could he do like that dadi..
Dadi:what happened laado
Ragini told what had happened in maal..dadi consoles her..
Dadi:may be he didnt love u laado..if he loves u ,he would have come here to meet u…forget him laado..
Ragini:no i love him..i want him..
Dadi:laado..u r engaged…u promised ur dad…
Ragini kept quite nd cries…

Sanskar recalling how ragini hugges him in mall..nd her tears..he was restless..uttara comes there nd shows some dresses nd jewelry..sanskar was not bothered..
Uttara:bhai u knw im very happy..my best friend was going to marry my lovely brother..i love u bhai..
Sanskar gives a fake smile…

@next day
Sharad planned romantic dinner for ragyan..Aryan comes to pick ragini…she went with him as usual for her dad..they both sits in car..aryan engrossed in his mbl..ragini engrossed in thoughts..no one can speak…while passing on road(sanskar came for uttara sake)..ragini noticed sanskar nd neha having ice cream beside the road..ragini got hurt nd angry too..she asks aryan to stop car..he does…she asks shall we have ice cream..aryan surprised by her sudden behavior..aryan nodded..ragini asks him to get down…aryan asks here…ragini says ha come..they parked car nd walks towards ice cream vendor where sanskar nd neha wr present..sanskar looks at ragini then arayan…
Neha:she is ur frend he na..
Sanskar only looks at ragyaan…
Ragini(to san):he is my fiance pointing towsrds aryan…aryan he is sanskar my friend..
Aryan smiles nd said hello..sanskar gives a weak smile…ragini observing sanskar..
Sanskar:u here
Ragini:why..cant we come here..
Sanskar:I mean..the great businessman daughter eating ice cream here road side , not safe na
Ragini:u no neee to wry..my fiance is with me na..he can take care of me..
Sanskar looks at her with hurt…aryan looked at her with surprise…

4 r having ice creams…ragsan looks at eo..but their minds speaks..
Ragini:how could u be ready to marry someone..i thought u loves me
Sanskar:i can ask same question
Ragini:im helpless
Sanskar:im too
Ragini:i need to knw onething
Sanskar:me too
Their convo disturbed by neha who was giggling seeing sanskar face..they trio looked at neha..then sanskar who was having ice cream on his cheek..sanskar gives a what look..neha leaned towards sanskar nd wipes it with her hand..sanskar looks at ragini who was burning clenched her fist..unnoticed by aryan..
They had ice cream..san neha walks frm there..aryan got a call he says wait in car i will come in 2min..ragini walks towards her car looking at san neha…sanskar too looking at her turning back while walking…one car approaching towards ragini..but ragini doesn bothered about it..sanskar who saw this shouts ragini move..but ragini doesnt..before the car hits sanskar runs to her nd drags her to aside..he hugs her tightly..ragini felt happy by his hug..she too hugged him tightly…neha cant see this as one truck came across bw ragsan nd neha..
Sanskar(brks d hug):r u mad..cant u see..what if i should not have come in time..ha..
Ragini:y u cared for me this much
Sanskar kept quite
Ragini:i want my answer sanskar
Sanskar:now it is waste of time to discuss about that..!
Ragini:but i want to knw
Sanskar:u want to knw na..then listen..i(cutted by aryan who came after talking his call nd neha who came after crossing all vehicles)..
Neha:what happened
Sanskar:nothing lets go home…
Neha aryan looks at ragsan blankly..sanskar drags neha..they leaves..
Aryan:if u dont mine..can we go to home..i dont want to go dinner..
Ragini nodded as she too want this only…
Ragini talks to herself..i can clearly found in his eyes..he loves me..but y he wants to marry that neha..is there any reason like me..i want to talk to him once..but i dont have his num r address..plz god show me some way..i cant live without him..i have to convince dad..before i have to talk aryan..

@next day
Dadi asks to ragini get ready we r going to temple..
Aryan also coming..ragini thought it is d right time to talk with him so she nodded..they reached temple nd did darshan…ragini says dadi u sit in car..i have to talk with aryan..dadi nodded nd leaves..they both went to aside..
Ragini hesitates to tell
Aryan: u can feel free..tell whatever u want to tell
Ragini(closed her eyes):i dont wanna marry u..i agreed for my dad..i love someone else..i tried to talk about this many times but im scared(she said in one go)
Aryan:r u telling truth
Ragini nodded
Aryan(smiles):thank u so much
Ragini looked at him puzzled
Aryan:thank God..actually my state was same like u..i love one girl named twinkle..but my dad threatend me nd asked me to this marriage..i agreed for my dad..I too want to tell my love story but being afraid of my dad..i didnt tell..
Ragini was happy hearing him..
Aryan:actually me nd twinkle planned to ranaway frm home..
Aryan( nodded):ha but i felt sorry for u. thinking about escape..but now no worries…
Ragini smiles widly nd says all the best..
Aryan:thank u so much..im very happy..friends??
They hugs in being happy (friendly hug)..someone clicked their photo..

Dont worry friends i wil not create more misunderstandings bw them..nxt epi will be their confession nd mrg(shocked????)

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