Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-21

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2 days passed…sanskar got a call frm his home as all r fine there so he should come there now…sanskar packed her bag but be was not able to leave that house..it was filled with their(ragsan) beautiful memoeies..but he has to leave forgetting all..he need to be away frm her memories as she was going to be someone else..he bid bye to sudha family…sudha asks him to come whenever he wants..sanskar gives a weak smile nd left..

@rag home
Dadi tells ragini that sudha called her nd told she wants to talk to u..ragini felt happy ,she thought sanskar only must be made her call..quickly ragini takes dadi phone nd dialed sudha num…but sudha was not lifting her call as she was angry on ragini,after seeing sanskar state…ragini gets upset…

@san home(ragsan wr in mumbai only)
Sanskar reached his home..suji ,ram nd uttara r happy to see sanskar…sanskar gives a fake smile..

2days passed..sanskar joined with ram who was running a small business company..sanskar pretends being happy infront of his family…Ragini searches d ways to stop this mrg..but she couldn’t..she wants to talk with her fiance nd needs to talk with him about sanskar but she stopped what if he would tell to her dad..what if he did a big issue..she thought about her dad health nd …

Oneday uttara ,suji comres to sanskar who was in thoughts…
Sanskar(came out of his thoughts):ha maa
Suji:sanskar vo..u knw uttara friend neha na..
Sanskar:ha maa tho
Suji:i want u marry neha
Suji:ha sanskar..she loves u..nd she made agreed her parents too..nd i too like her..
Sanskar:but maa i wont agree fkr this marriage
Uttara:bhai she loves u very much..she is perfect for u..plz agree bhai..
Sanskar:but uttara
Uttara:no bhai..she is d my bhabi only..thats it..
Sanskar refused…but after suji uttara emotional blackmail..he agreed helplessly…suji uttara gets happy..next day they went to neha(Tanya) home nd fixed their marriage…
2days passed…Ram observed sanskar being upset…he goes to sanskar room..
Sanskar:ha papa
Ram:r u k with this marriage
Sanskar kept silent
Ram:what happened sanskar
Sanskar told everything to ram…
Ram(caressed his hair):i will talk to ur maa now only…i will stop this marriage..
Sanskar:no papa..i cant get her back papa as she engaged…i dont want to ruin maa nd uttara happiness…leave it papa..i will be k
Ram nodes nd walks into his room helplessly…

@next day
Sharad asks ragini to go shopping with Aryan as he was waiting for u down…ragini says i dont want to go dad but sharad insisted…unwillingly ragini got ready nd comes down..aryan was standing there but she ignored him nd walks to car nd sits…he too sits beside her…ragini was in her thoughts..aryan jst kept quite…
Suddenly ragini asks driver to stop car as she saw sanskar in one mall(sanskar too came shopping with neha nd uttara)..
Driver:here but madam..sharad saab said to drop u both at xyz famous designer..
Ragini:i said stop
Ragini( shouts ):stop
Aryan signed him to stop..driver stops d car…ragini gets down nd walks into thst mall followed by two body guards nd aryan…
Ragini looks around for sanskar…aryan came nd holds her wrist…ragini gives him a glare..
Aryan:sorry..r u sure u want to do shopping here..in this small mall
Ragini:ha..if u dont like ..u can go..
Aryan surprised by her behavior..he says k i Will wait in car..he goes…she sees her bodyguards nd says u two plz go frm here…they nodded as no…ragini shouts at them..i want some space plz go out orelse i wil make u both fired frm ur jobs..get out…they nodded nd stands being far away frm ragini…

Neha nd uttara selecting dresses..sanskar jst stood there…ragini searches sanskar finally she spotted him who was facing his back..her face lightened nd a brigh smile appread on her face through her tears..she runs to him nd hugs him frm behind…sanskar shocked nd suprised too as he felt ragini touch..he whisperd ‘ragini’…he immediately turns nd sees ragini..
Both ragsan looks at eo intensily..they have a painful eyelock..brks by neha who jst came there(neha didnt see d hug as sanskar stood some far away frm neha nd uttara)..
Neha:sanskar who is she..
Sanskar stammered ragini looks at neha puzzled..
Sanskar(condoled himself):she is my my my frnd…
Neha:oh..hii..im neha ..his fiance
Ragini shocked..she looks at sanskar with teary eyes which pained sanskar…
Sanskar:neha u go ..i will come..
Neha nodded nd goes
Ragini(gets wiped her tears):congrats(sarcasm)
Sanskar:same to u..i heard u too engaged..
Ragini smiles sarcastically nd walks frm there crying..sanskar looks at her disappearing figure with teary eyes..
Ragini gets into car…Aryan sees her tears nd asks is she k..ragini nodded n asks driver to drive home..driver looked at Aryan who signs him go..

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