Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-20

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Sanskar collapsed on floor hearing sudha..
Sudha:sanskar beta i knw u both have done mistake by eloping frm ur houses..but now she is ur wife u have right to fight for her..go nd get her..
Sanskar:she is not my wife aunty
Sanskar:im sry aunty…we lied to u…
Sudha looked at him puzzled..sanskar told everything…how they came here nd all…he apologized her nd says we had to to like that aunty im really sorry aunty but we dont have any option that time…we thought to tell this to u..but before we could tell..she left leaving me like this..he cries…
Sudha(placed her hand on his shoulder):i can understand beta..
Sanskar:aunty u r not angry on us na..
Sudha:no..but i want to ask one thing do u love ragini..
Sanskar kept silent
Sudha:bolo beta
Sanskar hugged sudha nd burst out into cry nd says ha aunty i love ber..i love her so much..
Sudha(consoled him):dnt cry beta..if ur love is true..u can definitely get…

@ragini side
Ragini reached her home..she get into her room nd cries…dadi comes to her..
Dadi:laado..kya hua..
Ragini(hugging while sobing):i love him dadi..
Dadi:who laado
Dadi:laado..what r u saying
Ragini:ha dadi..i love him so much..i cant live without him
Dadi:but..is he loves u
Ragini kept quite
Dadi:tell laado
Ragini:he havnt confessd but i knw he too loves me..
Dadi:but laado
Ragini:i want him dadi
Dadi:u dont cry..i will talk to ur dad..
@san side
Sanskar sits in his room..he recalling all d moments with ragini..he felt alone..suddenly he hears ragini voice..he turned nd looks at ragini..
Ragini:what r u thinking without eating dinner ha..come im hungry..
She drags sanskar to dining..sanskar jst stared st her lovingly.. she served food in plate..she takes one bite nd placed infront of san mouth..sanskar opens his mouth to eat this..but ragini disappeared..then only he realized it was his imagination..he gets upset…

@ragini side
Ragini comes to dinner for dadi sake..it was big dining table with so much of dishes..she recalling how sanskar nd ragini eating at sudha house while chit chatting with sudha nd prakash nd how they had fun being in sudha home..smile crept om her lips bit as soon as it vanished when she realized she will never get that life again..she leaves frm there without eating dinner..dadi calls her but she left without bother dadi..
1wk passed..
Sanskar was shown stood in rain..ragini comes nd back hugs him…sanskar felt her touch nd turnd at her..his eyes glowed with happiness ..he hugs her tightly like never let her go…ragini brks d hug nd kissed his both eyes…sanskar smiles nd he was about kiss her but ragini disappears…he sat in rain nd cries…sudha who saw this nd comes to him nd asks him to come inside..sanskar followed her…
Sudha:what is this beta…i cant see u like this..if u loves her this much.u should have confessed to her…
Sanskar:im scared aunty..after knowing about her im afraid to tell..i want to stay away frm her..but now i realized i cant live without her..
Sudha:y u scaring beta..love is a pure..it doesnt worth of money nd popularity..what if she wants live this life than the luxury life..first u should have confess ur feelings…
Sanskar nodded
Sudha:i forgot to tell..ragini’s dadi gave her no..wait i Will dial her..u can talk with ragini..
Sanskar face lighten up..
Sudha called dadi’s no…nd kept speaker on…
Sudha:hello jii..mein sudha hu..
Dadi:sudha beti..
Sudha:ha jii..actually i want to talk with ragini once
Dadi:oh now she was busy beta..today her engagement held on…actually i want to invie u too..but i dont have ur no..
Sudha(felt sad):k ji..i Will call u later bye.
Saying sudha cutted call..nd looks at sanskar who was broken..he felt someone stabbed his heart..he was numb be dont knw how to react..sudha was helpless..

@ragini engagement
Ragini looks elegant in diamond stood long frock..but her face was pale..she stands beside one man named Aryan khanna(zain imam)..she doesnt even look at him.she thinks about sanskar only..she recalls how her life changed in oneday..

After passing 3days..
Ragini becoming mad being far away frm sanskar..she decided to tell her dad about sanskar..so she was waiting for him to come..then she got a call frm xyz hospital..she got shocked after hearing her dad got heart attach..she informed dadi..nd botu rushed to hospital woth security…after waiting sometime..doc called ragini to inside…ragini asks doc about her dad..doc told he was in depression i dont knw what is bothering about him..he worried for someone r something…now he is k..take care of him…ragini felt she was reason for her dad condition..as in those five days her dad wants to cheer up her but ragini doesnt..her dad changed..now he was giving freedom..he asked to come with him for a movie..but ragini insisted to go..she always locked herself in room…her dad gets upset…she felt guilt for her dad condition..after a while sharad gets conscious…
Ragini:dad r u felling k now
Sharad nodded
Ragini:what u r bothering about dad..
Sharad:its u ragu..
Ragini:im fine dad..plz dont wry about me..
Sharad:how could i ragu..seeing u like that..i dont knw what happend to u..since when u came here ,i was seeinh u..u r not happy..seeing u sad how could i stay without worrying about u..
Ragini:i was happy dad..plz dont worry about me..
Sharad:k..promice me u will listen what i said..then i will not worry about u
Ragini:what dad
Sharad:first promise me ragu
Ragini:promise dad..i will hear u what u will told..
Sharad:u should marry ragini..
Sharad(holds his heart as it was paining):u promised me ragu(he breaths slightly).if u hav agreed i will be happy..no worries about u..
Ragini worried about his dad..so she said k helplessly..Sharad smiles..
Fb ends..

Ragini thoughts brkn by her dad asking her to made him wear ring..she unwillingly made him wear ring controlling her tears…

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