Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-14

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It was naina’s mehendi..mehendi girls r applying mehendi on all ladies..mehendi girl asks ragini what is her husband name..hearing husband word ,ragini unknowingly blushes nd gets thinking about sanskar…mehendi girl shakes her nd says if u dont like its k i will not write no need to think that much..
Ragini:no..its not like that..his name is sanskar(blushing)..
Mehendi girl nodded smilingly..after a while sanskar came to ragini who was looling at her mehendi…sanskar patted her shoulder..ragini turns nd hides her gands behind..
Sanskar:show me ur mehendi
Ragini:my wish
Ragini sensed it nd shows him…sanskar sees her both hands..one palm has his name nd another palm has ragini name..
Sanskar:y did u wrote my name
Ragini:bcz u r my husband na
Sanskar:not real na..u should tell mehendi girl no need to write..
Ragini(lied):vo..vo..sudha aunty told to write..
Sanskar nodded..ragini gets thinking why she lied to sanskar…

@ragsan home
Ragini washed her hands after drying her mehendi…she comes to sanskar nd shows her hands nd says see howmuch dark it was..sanakar smiles he holds her both hands nd joins them..now only he can see ragini sanakar names together(her one palm has rag name nd another one has san so when he joined them ,its look ragini sanskar)..sanskar admires it nd kissed her palms where have their names..ragini blushes..sanskar lools at her then realized what he did..
Sanskar:vo..i didnt kissed ur hands..i kissed to mehendi..its beautiful..
Saying he leaves while ragini glares at him…

@next day
Haldi preparations was going on..ishani teases naina..sanskar looks at them casually…ragini sees sanskar looking at ishani..(ragini misunderstood)…
Ragini(shakes him):y r u staring at her like that
Sanskar(to tease her):bcz she is a girl
Sanskar:dont u knw y boys stares at girl..see she was looking hot in that saree
Ragini clenched his fist nd leaves givit death glare to him..sanskar smiles..

Sanskar went out with prakash..ragini standing infront of mirror nd says mr sanskar now i will show u how hot i am..saying she dresses in red Saree..she did light makeup nd wears simplle ornaments with her hair open..she was looking stunning obviously hotttt….after got ready she was waiting for sanskar sitting on swing…while waiting ragini gets sleep nd sleeps on swing itself..after a while sanskar came nd sees raginj he was awestruck..he stood numb..moon light was reflecting on her..her milky waist was visible due to red transparent saree..her hair was blowing due to air..sanskar lost nd stepping towards her..he neard her nd about to touch her face his mbl rings..sanskar came to sense..ragini too came out frm sleep..before ragino could see sanskar ,he immediately turns ..ragini opens her eyes nd sees sanskar who was talking on phone…sanskar cutted d call nd going without looking at ragini..
Sanskar turns at her,his heart beat rises..
Ragini:when did u came
Sanskar(looks other side):now only
Saying he fastly walks to his room..ragini felt bad as she thought he didnt see her atleast..sanskar closed his room door.nd hold his heart tightly..omg she was looking damm hot nd se*y..if i still stand there with her i would loss my control..he closed his eyes..there is a knock..
Sanskar(looks at his mbl..):ha..what
Sanskar:i had it already
Ragini:i havnt eat yet..can u accompany me
Sanskar(still looking at his mbl):no..im too tired..felling sleepy..
Saying he closed d door..nd takes a deep breath..ragini hurted by this she walks to her room nd closed d door loudly..sanskar can hear d door banging sound he sensed she got angry…sanskar says to himself she got angry but what to do now..

Ragini was removes d saree nd all nd throws on floor angrily…she says idiot stupid bander..i got ready for him but he didnt care about it…there is aknock..
Sanskar:open d door
Sanskar:open first
Ragini opens door..sanskar sees her in night wear..He takes a sigh..ragini looks at sanskar who was holding food plate nd stares at her..
Sanskar:have it
Ragini:im not hungry..u r tired na go nd sleep peacefullly(sarcastic)
Sanskar:sry..come have it
Ragini:i dont want
Sanskar drags her nd makes her sit on chair..nd placed plate infront of her..ragini looks on..
Sanskar:what r u looking..eat!
Ragini opens her mouth nd signs him to feed..

Sanskar looked at her shocked..he looks at ragini who was still her mouth opening…he takes plate nd feeds her..ragini gets happy..
Sanskar:btw why u got ready like that..
Ragini:like that.. means how?
Sanskar:vo…y did u wear saree at this time..
Ragini:for someone
Sanskar(lifted his eyebrows):someone???who it was..
Ragini:y u want to knw
Ragini:u will get to knw soon..
Saying she goes leaving confused sanskar….

I will show their realization in nxt epi…

Pic credit:ragsanfl(insta)


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