Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-13

Sanskar was recalling recent fight with ragini..he liked d way how ragini fighted with him about ishaani..he smiled nd brushed his hair..
Ragini also thinking about sanskar..then she again heard guitar sound..she quickly comes out of her room nd moves towards where music comes frm..
Ragini opens d door nd sees sanskar who was playing guitar with closed eyes while engrossing in it..ragini stares at him for sometime…sanskar stops playing nd opened his eyes nd sees ragini staring at him..
Sanskar:what r u doing here
Ragini:u r playing guitar??
Sanskar(sarcastically):no..someone is playing..im jst acting..
Ragini:very funny..i dont knw u have this good quality too
Sanskar:oh hello..i have good qualities only..
Ragini:achha..y r u playing this suddenly
Sanskar:i used to play whether im happy r sad..
Ragini:seeing ur face i can sense u r happy..wha is d reason
Sanskar in mind bcz of u..
Ragini(felt she heard this):did u said something
Sanskar nodded as negative
Ragini:k..can i play
Sanskar nodded nd gives to her guitar..she was playing very badly..
Sansksr:stop.. what is this ha..my ears r paining
Ragini pouts angrily
Sanskar grabs his guitar frm ragini which makes her angry..she turns to go..sanskar stops her holding her wrist..

Sanskar(sensed her anger):y r u going..dont u want to play
Ragini:no..leave..i have to go..saying she tried to free her hand..but sanskar pulls her..ragini rolled her eyes..her back was facing his front..sanskar keeps guitar in her hands..he hold her both hands by around her..(hope u guys understand their position)..he makes her play..ragini was jst stares at his hand which was on her hand…sanskar said sry in her ears..ragini closed her eyes felling his hot breath on her neck..in d process of making her play..sanskar moves even more close to her which makes sanskar cheek rubs ragini cheek..ragini was lost..sanskar feels her soft skin..he dont want to stop so he rubs his cheek with her’s..by losting..they came to sense when ragini hand touched guitar string which makes sound..quickly they departed nd gets embarrassed..ragini runs to her room after keeping guitar there…sanskar thinks what happened to him..y he was bejaving like that with her..what she will thought about him…here ragini comes to her room..she touched her cheek she was blushing..she thinks y iam blushing instead of getting angry..what happened to me…both falls asleep thinking about eo..

Ragsan comes out frm their room..both look at eo but quickly turns otherside recalling last night..without uttering a word they goes to sudha home where naina was talking about her sangeet…naina gives songs to them to dance..she gave one song to dadi..nd sudha&prakash..nd ragsan..nd ishani..
Dadi:ragini is pregnant na..how can she dance..
Ragsan looks at eo..
Ishani:no pblm..i will dance with him.
Ragini:its k aunty i will dance
Sanskar shocked hearing this nd thinks y she wants to dance with me..but gets happy..
Dadi:no ragini u should be carefull
Dadi:no buts nd vuts..u keep quite..
Ragini nodded helplessly but she dont like sanskar would dance with ishani…ragini drags sanskar nd says tell them im not pregnant..
Sanskar:i told u na..its not right time..
Ragini:i want to dance with u
Sanskar stunned by her sudden out burst nd smiles
Ragini(realized what she said):vo..vo..i mean..i love dancing…i want to dance..
Sanskar(bit disappointed):if u want to dance then do in our home..but not in sangeet
Naina calls sanskar for practice ..sanskar leaves ragini felt bad…ishkar r practicing..ragini sees this sitting on sofa..she was burning inside..she takes banana which was her beside..she takes banana peel nd throws on floor near ishani without notice anyone(everything is fair in love nd war)..ishani stamps on it without seeing nd about to fall sanskar holds her..ragini irked..nd angrily goes frm there..sanskar sees her going nd calls her but she doesnt respond..sanskar thought what had happened to her..

Ragsan got ready in matching dresses looking made for each Other..sanskar sees ragini was lost..she was thinking how to brk ishani nd sanskar dance performance…sanskar asks her is she k..ragini gives a fake smile…
Sangeet starts with dadi performance..nxt will be d ishkar..ishani calls sanskar before he could go..ragini drags him to aside
Sanskar:what happened
Ragini:vo..how im looking
Sanskar:took me here to ask this?
Ragini( nodded):tell
Ragini in mind only nice..
Sanskar:shall we go
Ragini:no..i want to ask something
Sanskar:not now..ishani was waiting for me..i should go..
Ragini:no u should tell me
Sanskar:k..ask fast
Ragini(she dont knw what to ask she jst wants to stop him ):vo..vo..
Sanskar:what vo..vo..
Ragini:vo..do u love someone
Sanskar(stunned by her qustn):what..u want to ask this
Ragini:tell na
Sanskar before could reply..ishani comes searching him..sanskar goes with her..ragiini followed them cursing ishani…ishkar was dancing…ragini thinks y im behaving like this…sanskar imagining ragini in place of ishani nd dancing looks at her lovingly..ragini doesnt like the way he was dancing with her..


  1. Egde Black

    This is really nice….Your story is one of my favourite…so please dont stop in middle….Keep posting…..

  2. Tigeress


    |Registered Member

    How cuteeeee, sachhi so nice , I love guitarists , so this time sanskar steal the show for me , 😅😅(I know it’s silly) and ragu was so cute , awwwww jealous , hahahaha , amazing epi , can’t wait for next please upload as soon u get time

  3. Asra


    |Registered Member

    awesome akka…Ohhh my possessive ragu….loved it alot akka….eagerly waiting for nxt one….tkcr akka….

  4. Adi

    Suddenly this connection popped in the my mind.
    Why they both ranaway from thier respective home,,? Is any marriage fixed for both by their family unknown to them???

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