Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-12

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Raina engagement was successfully got over..but while whole ceremony sanskar eyes only on ragini who was looking like Angel..it became night..sanskar was unable to sleep..whenever he was closing his eyes ragini sparkling eyes nd her rosy lips nd her smiling face only came into his mind..he was tossing on bed..nd he recalling their moments..

Ragini was also not able to sleeps as she noticed sanskar gaze on her at function..but she gets confused did he looked st her r at ishani…then she hears someone playing guitar with beautiful rhythm….it was pleasant nd melodious..she closed her eyes nd admiring that tune…..she opened her eyes when it stopped..she gets up frm bed nd goes out to see whom did played but she didnt find anyone..still she was not getting sleep..she went to d garden nd sits on swing nd enjoying d cool breze..soon she slept there only…

Sanskar who woken up early sees ragini was sleeping on swing..he moves towards her nd about to wake up but seeing she was in deep sleep..he thought to not sisturb her so he lifts her in his arms nd takea her to room…this is seen by ishani..she smiled nd says sweet couple nd she captured their photo(ragini was in san arms) in her mbl….after placing ragini on bed..he got fresh nd went to sudha home…
Ragini wakesup nd finds herself on bed..she reminds she slept on swing itself lastnight…then she thought sanskar should have placed her..she smiles brightly..she got up nd goes to washroom..

@sudha home
Ishani sees sanskar who was jst entered inside..
Ishani:wow what a romantic morning…i wish i will get marry soon..
Naina:kya hua ishu
Ishani:when i woke up nd went to garden i have seen beautiful couple..the man was lifting his wife nd took her to room..
Sanskar widening his eyes
Naina:. Are they started romance in morning itself

Ishani:ha di..i captured that beautiful moment in my mbl also..
Sanskar looks at ishani who was giving a teasing smile…naina asks to show..ishani about show sanskar grabs d mbl frm her hand…ishani asks him to give..sanskar said ni nd runs..ishani Chases him..naina looks at them confused..finally ishani catches him nd hold him by back hugging..nd tries to take her mbl..ragini who jst came there fumes seeing their position…sanskar sees ragini ,she wears blue chudidar with open hair looking beautiful..he was lost in her..ishani noticed this..she slowly grabs d mbl frm sanskar hand which makes sanskar gets sense…
Sanskar:u came wrong time
Ragini:did u disappointed that i disturbed ur romance..

Ragini glares at him nd goes leaving confused sanskar…
After sometime sudha asks to all get ready we r going to shopping..sudha told ragini to stay here nd take rest as she was pregnant..ragini sees ishkar(ishani sanskar) who’s r getting ready for shopping..she says she wil also come as she was fine..sudha agrees…

Naina ishani selected dresses for themselves nd goes to fitting room..sudha asks ragini to get whatever she likes..ragini insisted..sudha says i already told u r like my daughter plz take..ragini looks at sanskar..sanskar signed her to take..ragini nodded..ragini asks sanskar to help her for selecting dress as she dont have any idea about these sarees nd lehengas..sanskar nodded..sanskar asks salesman to show blue color lehangas…

R,agini asks y blue only..sanskar doesnt reply her but he said himself bcz u looks fab in blue..he shows one lehenga which he liked asks her to take this..
Ragini:r u sure.. Is it k..
Sanskar(imagining ragini in that dress nd lost):100%sure…in this dress u will be stunning
Ragini amazed hearing him
Sanskar gets reality nd composed himself nd goes saying take that one…ragini smiles….

Sanskar who was coming frm men’s section after selecting his dress..He sees someone nd got tensed..he searches for place to hide..jst then he sees ishani who was about to comeout frm fitting room..he runs to her nd closes d door before ishani could get out…
Ishani( shocked):what r u doing

Ishani didnt get him
Sanskar:i will tell..do u knw we(ragsan) ran away frm our houses..
Ishani:ha mom told
Sanskar:i saw one of my relative here..if he seen me ..he would informed our parents nd we got trouble..so i thought to hide but i didnt get any place expect this..
Ishani:oh..k..but what if he sees ragini
Sanskar:he dont knw about her..so no pblm..
Ishani (nodded):i want to tell u something

Ishani:u both r adorable couple..
Sanskar blushes..ishani teases him..after a while sanskar peeps outside nd finds that man going out..he got relieved..he opens d door nd both gets out…ragini who wss saw them coming frm trail room shocked..she dont knw why but it hurted her so much…her eyes almost got moisty..sanskar sees her nd comes to her nd asks y she was looking sad..she looks at him with hurted eyes nd goes angrily…they finished shopping..
Ragsan comrs to their home..sanskar was puzzled by her behavior as when he was trying to talk with her,she ignores him…

Ragini doesnt listen..she was about to go to her room..sanskar holds her wrist..
Sanskar:what happend
Ragini:leave my hand
Sanskar:im asking what happend..y r u behaving like this.
Ragini:i dont think u r like this..i hate u
Sanskar:what i did
Ragini:dont u knw what u did
Sanskar:can u plz tell ,what had happened
Ragini:im talking about ur romance with ishani romance

Ragini:dont act innocent..i saw morning nd before a while in trial room..chi..i hate u
Sanskar(understands she was mistaken):u r mistaken..its not like that
Ragini:i dont want to listen anything..dont talk to me..
Sanskar:y r u overreacting..first listen to me
Ragini:go to hell
Sanskar(holds her by shoulders nd makes her turn to him):listen..morning i tried to grab her mbl frm her as she has a our photo
Ragini:our photo
Sanskar:he told morning incident..
Ragini bites her toungue.
Sanskar:nd about d trail room..i saw someone nd i need to hide..nd he explain everything..
Ragini:really..r u telling truth

Sanskar:ha..but why did u behaving like indian typical wife..
Ragini:no..noth..nothing like that
Sanskar:then what..y u got angry seeing me&ishani..
Ragini(stammers): jst i thought..what if any family member sees u both..they would gt doubt about ur character…i dont want my hus become bad infront of others..
Saying she goes to room smiling…


  1. meetu

    thanks for posting it is super i had been waiting for since for this only. When will u reveal their secreat?

  2. meetu

    i m very happy today .im in my uncle(not one in pune) home .it is in village really super there r house,cow with a calf,parrot,pigeon,rabbit,goat,peacock,dog,cat and so on but one thing is not there its signal. Thank god i got 4g jio sim….if its 3gr2g then thats all

  3. meetu

    did u wear half sarees.i hope u dont mind. And u know one thing that monkey took really 3hrs to wear the vashthi(traditional male wear).since he is lean my father suffered lot to make him wear……so bad. Even i got ready within 2hrs.very bad..

  4. Asra


    |Registered Member

    fabulous akka…ohhhhhhhhh my cute possessive ragu….love u dear…..ragu dialogue i don’t want my husband bad infront of everyone….superbbb dear…..loved it alot….and who’s that guitarist guy….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

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