Ek main aur ekk tu (few shots) Part 7

My heart said no to me and some where it was right i cant hate yuvraj everytime its not neccesary that he will fall in love with me if i love him
I went to sleep

Yuvraj pov…
I recalled suh and her behaviour towards my father . She did everything for me and i shouted at her .

I felt a hand on my shoulder i looked at the person and found my dad
Dad – sorry beta for getting angry on you
Me – noh dad dont say sorry
Dad – from childhood me and your mom had always tried to make you a perfect boy but today i understood that no one is perfect
I hugged dad
Dad – beta where is that girl bcoz of her i could understand you
Me – dad can we go home first ?
Dad – yes lets go first

I was in my room after meeting mom and dad
I saw my phone and opened gallery just to see suh pic
I saw her pic and then suddenly i recalled that she said i love you to me infront of dad
I felt that she said it from her heart
But first i have to say her sorry then i will tell her i love her too

I checked her address from her card which i made for her before recahing goa that if we are drunk someone can drop us home

I went to sleep so that i can go soon tommorow to meet her in morning

Next morning
I came down at the breakfast table
Dad – beta you will go on a date with shanaya today
Me – dad
Dad – beta i want you too get married soon
I saw shanaya already looking at me
I couldnt say no now and said yes that afyer breakfast we will go on date

Shanaya and yuv goes for date

Suhani pov…

Sharad bhaiya handed me phone to call yuvraj
I didnt called yuvraj and called at his home
His dad received the call
Me – hello uncle suhani here
Uncle – suhani that girl with yuvraj
Me – yes
Uncle – ohh beta how are you
Me – i m good
Uncle – sorry beta yuv had gone for a date i hope he will agree for marriage with her soon
I started crying but stopped myself
Me – ok uncle bye
Uncle – bye beta
I hanged the call
I hugged sharad bhaiya and started crying

I booked a ticket of paris

Yuvraj and shanaya are sitting in a coffee shop
Yuvraj – shanaya i m sorry but i love someone else
Shanaya – ohh i didnt knew that
Yuvraj – yes coz i didnt said dad about this but i love suh i know i had a fight with her but she will be convinced soon
Shanaya – ok yuv bye i hope you will get your suh back
I just smiled at shanaya
Shanaya left from there

I sat in my car to reach suh house but dad sended me and shanaya far from the city and it took 2 hours for me to reach in goa

Suhani sits in plane and looks at her phone as she feels that yuv will call her

Precap – last part

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