Ek main Aur Ekk Tu (few shots) (Part 6)

Suh pov…
From noon i m sitting with this rotlu but i love this rotlu i know he is like a small kid but whatever he is he is mine and i love him but this rotlu is busy crying recalling his devil dad he didnt even thought that i said i love you infront of his dad

I said – yuvraj stop crying
Yuvraj – but my dad
Me – can you plz stop thinking about your dad and think about us ?
Yuv – what about us ? Ohh thank you suh fir making me and my dad fight
Me – yuv i did for saving you
Yuv – just go away you destroyed everything
I started crying but yuv angre was much more than anything i felt that
I leaved from there crying
I went to my home
Mom and dad were surprised to see me
I talked to them had my food and went in my room
I started crying in my room
Just then my sis bhawana came inside
Bhawana – suh why r you crying ?
Me – nothing dii
Bhawana – just say me
I hugged dii and told her everything
Bh – suh just confess your love properly he will agree right now he is angre
Me – no dii i hate him now
Bh – you will move on this much easily ?
Me – yes
I shouted i hate you mr.yuvraj birla
I hugged dii again

Precap – will yuv realize his mistake ?

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  1. Avant ur rock star dear.luved ur f2f to f core.it’s so sweeeeeet.pls post regularly.

  2. Yuvani

    love you avani……

  3. nice epi.pz continue

  4. Yuvani_saraj

    nice episode

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