Ek main Aur Ekk Tu (few shots) (Part 5)

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Here is the epi…

2 months have passed and suh and yuv live togethere and are happy with each other

At night
Suh and yuv are sitting in balcony with beer bottle in there hands

Suh – you havent told your parents that you live with me
Yuv – how can i say my parents that i live with a barbar ?
Suh beats him with her hands
Suh – i m a hair stylist
Yuv – one of the same thing

Just then yuv phone starts ringing
Yuv sees the caller id and says ohh no why dad is calling me ?
Yuv keeps the phone on speaker

Chetan ( yuvraj father ) – hello yuvraj beta
Yuvraj – yes dad
Chetan ( angrily ) – you are a characterless boy
Yuvraj – dad
Chetan – shut up
Yuvraj starts crying
Chetan – you are in a live in relationship
Yuvraj – no dad
Chetan – dont lie
Yuvraj – she is my frnd
Chetan – aacha then why did you wrote love of my life on fb and posted its pic ?
Yuvraj – dad it was a dare given by my friends
Chetan – then why you live with her ?
Yuvraj – yes i live with her but
Chetan – shut up you just come india fast with that girl
Yuvraj – ok dad
Yuvraj starts crying

Suhani huges him
Yuvraj – suh i m that much bad ?
Suh – no you are the best
Yuv – dont lie
Suh – the girl which will marry you will be the luckiest girl on the earth
Suh looks at yuv
Yuv was sleeping peacefully in suh lap
Suh kissee his forehead and books two tickets online for india

Suh doesnt move and yuv and suh sleeps in the balcony

Next morning

Suh wakes up
Suh – yuv wake up
Yuvraj wakes up from suh’s lap
Suh – chalo start packing your bags
Yuv – no suh i dont wanna go to my parents
Suh – i m coming with you
Yuv – pakka ?
Suh – promise

Yuv and suh starts packing there bag and next morning reaches india

At goa
Yuv reaches his home with suh
Yuv – plz suh i dont wanna go
Suh holds yuv hand tightly
Suh – come on yuv
Yuv and suh rings the doorbell of yuv house
Chetan opens the door
Chetan (shouts) – you are still holding this girl hand
Chetan raises his hand on yuv
But suh comes between and holds chetan hand
Suh enters the house with yuv
Chetan – how dare you entered my house
Suh – dont you dare shout on me mr. Birla
Chetan looks at her angrily
Suh – you know what you dont trust your own son ?
Chetan – excusme miss its our personal matter
Suh – no its not
Chetan – why do you love yuv ?
Yuv looks at suh
Suh – yes i love him
Yuv looks at suh shockingly
Chetan – do you love suh ?
Yuv ( tremmbling ) yee….sss…
Chetan – get out of my house immediately
Suh – mr. Birla thank you for this now yuv will live on his dream
Chetan – he is a enginner
Suh – not at all he is studying in a architecture university
Chetan gets angry
Suh holds yuv hand and comes out from yuv house

Precap – do you really love me ?

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  3. Wow avani what an episode.yuvani scenes are superb.suhani character is very impresdive.pls try to post regularly.

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    awesome episode

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