Ek main Aur Ekk Tu (few shots) (Part 3)

Next morning
Yuv wakes up and sees a lemon beside his bed he chews it and goes in the balcony
He sees suh reading newspaper

Yuv – good morning
Suh – good morning
Yuv – i m going to my house for taking my clothes
Suh – no need i have brought it in early morning
Yuv – thank you
Suh – lets do breakfast
Yuv – ok
He goes to get fresh

After half an hour
Suh and yuv goes in balcony with sandwhiches and coffee

Suh – hmm so yuv what do you do ?
Yuv – i m engineer
Suh – i m a hair stylist
Yuv – your family lives in india ?
Suh – yes they live in goa
Yuv – ohh my family too lives in goa
Suh – so tell me about your family

Yuv – actually i dont talk to my parents
Suh – why
Yuv – i wanted to become a architect but my mom and dad forced me to become a engineer
Suh – ohh so you are the only child of your parents ?
Yuv – yes but i never talk to my parents they think i m a robot
Suh – ohh
Yuv – you are the only kid ?
Suh – no i have a elder brother

Yuv – fine
Suh – so i know we had created a blunder on fb by writing love of my life
Yuv – yaa
Suh – dont worry everything will be fine
Yuv – now we will divide work
Suh – ok

Yuv – i will give clothes in laundry you will go and collect it
Suh – ok
Yuv – 3 days i will cook and 3 days you will cook
Suh – done
Yuv – i will go and buy grocery
Suh – done

In noon
Suh makes salad for yuv and makes parathas for herself

Suh calls yuv but he didnt listen
Suh goes in her room and finds yuv playing video game
Suh calls him
Suh – yuv will you play with me ?
Yuv – hahaha you will never win

Suh – that we will see
Suh and yuv starts playing video game and suh wins
Suh hugs yuv and says see i told you i will win
Yuv – i allowed you too win
Suh – hahaha mr. Yuv you will never win if i m playing with you

They have there lunch .

At night
Suh – aahh yaar this weekend is our now i have to go to my salon tommorow
Yuv – even i have to go to my job
They come on bed
Yuv takes more side
Suh beats him through a pillow
Suh – why are you taking more space ?
Yuv – i m not taking
Suh – you are taking

Yuv too takes a pillow and both beats each other
After half an hour
They stop fighting and laughs seeing each other
Soon they show each other camera from there phone and sees that they heads are covered with cotton .
They see around and finds whole room is covered with cotton
They again laugh and sleeps given equal space to each other

Precap – its you and me….

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