Ek main Aur Ekk Tu (few shots) (Part 1)

Hello guys ,
Sorry for late update but i m busy with school so…
Here is the epi…

Suh picks up the card and goes to her house .

At night
Suh listens to breakup song from ae dil hai

Suh pov…
Hmm like this movie i should also celebrate
breakup but with whom ??
Suh thinks and says yes that yuv is perfect to celebrate

Suh calls yuv and thinks to play prank
Suh – hello m i speaking yuv ?
Yuv – yes
Suh – before one month i made you reached your home when you were drunk
Yuv – ohh so now you want my help
Suh – yes meet me at this hotel for celebration
Yuv – celebration but of what ?
Suh – that i will tell you when you will meet me
Yuv – ok
Suh – bye
Yuv – bye

Yuv gets ready in white shirt and black faded jeans and wears his jacket
Suh gets ready in a blue one peice and wears her jacket

Suh waits in restaurant for yuv
Yuv comes there and suh waves her hand
Yuv goes to her
Yuv – hii suh
Suh – hii yuv . Plz have a sit
Yuv – no i m here to meet a girl who helped me before a month when i was drunk
Suh – that girl is me only
Yuv – ohh
Suh – so as you wrote in your card you will do as i will say ?
Yuv – yes
Suh – lets celebrate breakup
Yuv – as i dont have any option i will celebrate my breakup
Suh takes a tray of drinks
YuvAni drinks 12 shots

Precap – ek mein aur ekk tu…

Guys sorry for short update next time long one i promise…

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  1. Yuvani

    interesting…… new phase of yuvani…..waiting for the next

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  3. A.Tejaswi

    Nice epi..

  4. interesting sach m yuvAni to yuvAni h breakup ko v koi celebrate karta h

  5. superb.. pl continue.. so soon school started?

    1. Avanikamdar

      Yaa i have some projects so…

  6. Amazing episode!!..update asap

  7. nice… upddate soon

  8. nice episode.update soon.

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