ek main aur ek tu (prologue)


A guy was chased by some goons and he was running continuously to find shelter for himself or to hide from there but fate was not with him the goons were just back of him when a girl with a gun come there and fight with the goons and rescue the boy the boy was shock to see the girl and when she turn to face him His reaction was TUM

Character sketch:
Swara: A CID cop she is on her secret mission she is 24 only and it is her first mission she has entered the college through the source of trusty because for the mission she has to be in the college trusty is Linked to the case that is why she has been given admission without any problems she is a modern girl but in college due to some reasons she has to be tradional . In college she has present herself of 22 years so that no one doubts her and trusty himself has helped her in this her parents live in England and are against her job but she without listening to them continue with her job

Sanskar: A 25 years student he is bigger from others because he has been fail for 3 years LAGATAAR (continuously ) he is very rich his parents love him and his best friend Equally he has never fall in love but always pray for the one.

Ragini:She is the hottest tomboy she is spoilt brat because her parents never paid attention on her she has always been ignore and always have Received money Instead of love From her parents . Sanskars best friend . She is popular in college because she is rich and hot but no one dare to speak to her because she doesn’t tolerate any one. She is 22 years.

Credit to: rituuu5

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  1. Wowwww loved d intro…ragini a tom boy ☺ ,waitng to see her in a diff. Avtaar..?? …i thnk its swasan….i”ll surely read it to know about rags charecter…waitng for episodesss, post soonsoon dear???

  2. nice love rags

  3. Ragini character is nice, waiting for ragsan scenes

  4. Soujanya

    Awesome… Make it swasan

  5. Awaome plz continue

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