Chapter 9

Episode starts with, somebody come in front of her and asked in an angry voice “why are u so late…? U are a girl, so u should come back home in proper time.” Radhu wanna say something and started “but…..” the anonymous person cut her and ask “who dropped u here…? Who was that guy…?”
Radhu identified the voice and replied, “He is my boy friend…. Do u have any problem…?”
Unknown person: “boy friend…….!!! U have boy friend., and u didn’t tell me yet…. CHASHNI…uuuu… i don’t leave u…”
The light turns on. The unknown person was none other than SAAM… “Hey saam….” Radhu screamed loudly and hugged her tightly. Saam hug her back and said, “leave me chashni ur hug is so tight I can’t able to breathe.” Radhu broke their hug and hit her. Both went inside and saw dadaji in a new look.. he wore a T-shirt with his pyjama and a cooling glass… and asked “sam beta, chutki, am I look smart…?” both sam and radhu burst in to roaring laugh…… dadaji made his face… then sam controlled her laugh and pinched his cheeks then said “u are looking cool dadaji….. plss take one selfee with me…”
Dadaji: “thank u sam beta…..”

Radhu: “dadaji, what is this…?” Radhu again chuckled and ask “from where did u find such funny dress…?”
Dadaji: sam brought for me from banglore….
Radhu: sam, this cooling glass also….? R u mad…?
Sam: no no chashni….
Dadaji cut her and said: actually, she gave me this t-shirt. I just tried it, at that time I saw sam’s cooling glass on the table, so… I just wear it….
Sam turns to radhu “by the way chashni….. Am daam hungry…. I wanna eat ur parathas so I didn’t eat anything from flight…. Plss make parathas for me….”
Radhu: ok…. First go and fresh up I’ll make it. Before that I also wanna change my saree.
Then she turns to dadaji and said “dadaji u also change ur dress…”
Dadaji: no I wear this today. This is my sam’s love towards me I won’t change it.
Sam: I agree with u dadhu. Hey chashni…. Don’t u dare……!
Radhu and sam go to radhu’s room… radhu was about to go to wash room, sam stopped her and said “oh…. I didn’t noticed… wow chashni u are in saree…” she went close to radhika and said “u are looking so hot yaar…. Oh… how did the guyzz in the party control themselves…!!!”
Radhu pinched sam’s ear shell and said “shut up… shameless…!!”
Sam: oh… u can wear such sarees and I can’t comment on them….this is not fair radhu…!
Radhu: u will never change Sammy….. now stop it and go and fresh up….. then radhu pushed sam towards washroom.

Sam asked “chashni then u….?”
Radhu: I’ll use the common…. U don’t worry…
Radhu changed her dress then go to kitchen. She was started her work when sam and dadaji joined her. Both take plates and start eating…. Sam take parathas from thawa itself as she want hot one. While making parathas radhu asked sam “when u went Bangalore…? U didn’t inform me….? Why…?”
Sam: Actually, dad sent me there for an important project. I complete my works and inform them that am going to Mumbai for a 1-week holyday…. Am going to enjoy this 1 week with both of u…..
Dadaji: wow… saam beta…. 1 week… we’ll have lot of fun… am I right chutki…?
He looked at radhu. She said “no masti dadaji, doctor told u na..? u need rest….”
Dadaji looked at sam sadly. Sam said “don’t worry dadaji….am here na I’ll manage this doctor…!! Yaar radhu, I forgot to ask how is ur new job…?”
Radhu: ya its going well… u know na its difficult to adjust for a new appointment. But it is good. My boss is very talented… (She thought abt arjun and stay silent for few seconds)
Sam hits her and asked “what happened…? What are u thinking….?”
Radhu: no…. nothing… u eat… I’ll make more parathas…
Sam: Are u sure…?
Radhu: haa yaar….

They finished their dinner and went to bed. Radhu and sam are in radhu’s room. They laid on the bed and turn off the light.
In arjun’s room, he was sitting on the floor; he covered his face by hands and crying. Suddenly somebody called him. He shocked and turned back there was a girl wearing chudidhar, standing over there, her hairs flying due to cool breeze coming through the window… he saw her in moon light cox he switched off the lights already. That was PRIYA…. Arjun shocked and stared at her. She walked towards him. He looked at her; he didn’t blink his eyes at least once. She sat beside him, looked at him lovingly. His eyes widen and tears flowing down, that wet his cheeks and neck. She cupped his face with her hands, wiped his tears, then started with her sweet voice “arjun… why are u hurting yourself….? I can’t see u in pain.”

He touched her cheeks and said “priya you are here….(he can’t believe his eyes) you come to your arjun…….. Thank u so much…” then he hugged her and caresses her cheeks and hair. He started “do you know…? Am alone here… nobody understands me…. Now u come to me na I’ll not let u go away from me… never…”

She broke their hug and said “no arjun…. Plss don’t say like that… I love u so much…. However, I can’t live with u. am in a different world… I can’t stay back here or u can’t come there. I wish that u live ur life…. Happly…. I wanna see that….. plss live ur life arjun at least for me….”
Arjun: looked at her sadly “how can I live without u….? u r the only one who can fill my life with happiness and light….. plss don’t go…. plss”
Priya: no arjun, it is the rule of sansaar. I’m helpless. And, this is not the arjum whom I loved. There is someone born for u…. unfortunately, I’m not that person, that’s why god take me with him. (she controlled her tears and continued) the one can give all happiness is “radhika”…. She is ur better half.

He cut her and said “enough priya…. She is just an employee in our company, there is nothing more than that.”
Priya: then why did u feel something strange when u looked at her, talked to her and when u touched her…..? tell me arjun…. Tell me….. why…?
Arjun: I don’t know… I don’t know anything…… but still I love u……
Priya: no arjun…. U don’t love me…. U love only radhika…. She is ur love…. She is ur life…. This is the truth…. Plss accept the truth….
Arjun: NO……. NO……… u r lying……. That’s not true……
Suddenly he open his eyes and saw the dark room, and there was no one in front of him. He looked here and there also called priya… priya….. but nobody is there…. He stood up and walked towards the window…. He stared at moon and tears rolling down through his cheeks. He thinks, why such dream…? Is radhika special to me….? Why priya told me that radhu is my better half….? But I can’t love anyone…. My love is priya…. Only priya….

Radhu’s home, sam and radhu were on the bed. Sam “chashni, r u slept…?”
Radhu: no sam, what happened…?
Sam: no, nothing serious. But I wanna ask u something…
Radhu: don’t be formal sam, ask what u wanna know from me..?
Sam: yaar, is there any problem in ur office…?
Radhu: no.. Why r u asking such questions…?
Sam: I felt something rolling through ur mind, when I asked same question earlier.
Radhu: oh…. I was thinking abt my boss. He is a wired personality.
Sam: what…?
Radhu: sometimes he behaves rudely, sometimes sweetly. His mood swings in instantly.
Sam: that’s strange….!
Radhu: haa yaar, one moere thing, he hate his mom
Sam: why…? There should be some reason…
Radhu: ya, but no one aware of this. I wanna know the problem, so I asked him direct…
Sam: then…?
Radhu: he scolded me… that was not scolding, he burst on me like thunder stome….. I was scared…
Sam: oh…. Radhu u will never change…! Why u interfering others life….? Now u plss stay away from this, else u will lost this job… do you get me…? Stupid…!
Radhu: oh…. This is not fair… Sometime before u are interested abt this now what happened..?
Sam: look radhu, we’ve a lot of roblems already so don’t make new one….
Radhu: ok….by the way sam, what is ur plan tomorrow….?

Sam: Why u asking my plan…? Its our plan na….?
Radhu: no yaar u didn’t inform me earlier so I don’t get leave tomorrow. Sorry… I’ll take leave on day after tomorrow…
Sam: (make her face sad) hmmm….
Radhu: don’t make ur face sam…. I promise I’ll spend one day with u….tomorrow u enjoy with dadaji…..
Sam: ok…. Good night…
Radhu: Good night… Sammy…
Next morning, radhu wakeup early and complete all household works. Then she go to room and called sam.
Radhu: Sam… sam…. Wakeup yaar its already 8.00 am. Sam… (She pulled the blanket and patted on her head then slowly leans down to her ear and screamed) SAM…
Sam: “chashni… I’ll kill u…” she wakeup and rubbed her head then asked to radhu “what is this chashni… u spoiled my sleep and dream….!”
Radhu: hmm. Sam its 8 am am going to office.
Sam: oh… don’t go yaar… am alone here I’ll get bore…
Dadaji came there and said “don’t worry sam beta… let her go, we’ll enjoy here… bohath saare masthi karemge hum… I planned everything. Chutki go its already late.”
Radhu: oh… dadaji, u wanna sent me office soon…! U wanna enjoy with ur sam only not with me…?
Sam: oh… u are very busy with ur job na…!!! u enjoy in ur day in office…. (she turned to dadaji) dadu i’ll be back after some time…

Dadaji: ok sam beta…. Bye chutki….
Radhu: bye dadaji, bye sam.. dadaji, no sweets and no more masthi…
Dadaji: ha ha meri maa….
Radhu reached office, she started her work. As usual, there was nok- jok between her frnds also. Arjun arrived office late, he was so tired and feeling sleepy. Radhu noticed this, she take a cup of coffee for him. She went to his cbin and knocked. Arjun gestured her to come in. he has severe head aic. He hold his head, so he didn’t noticed who knocked the door.
Radhu: sir, r u ok…? R u soffering from head aic…?
He heard the voice and identified who was that. He up his head and nodded. She gave him coffee and said “sir, plss have this coffee, u’ll feel better”

Arjun looked at her. She was standing in front of him with a cup of coffee. That makes a cute smile on his face. He said “thank u radhika” she smiled back and replied “with plessure. Have a nice day sir” then she was abt to go, he stopped her and talk abt some projects and ask her to bring some files. She nodded and leave the cabin. He looked at her and keep smiling. Then he took the cup and stared it lovingly. “How come she know that I have severe head aic…? She get a coffee for me…. Oh… so nice of her…” he was blushing while he thinks abt radhu. “Why should she bother abt me or why should I bother abt her…?” then he thinks abt yesterday’s dream and priya’s words… “is she special for me….? Priya said that she is my… (He couldn’t complete that, as she mentioned radhu is his better half) no… no… I can’t do this… what rubbish… She is just an employee like others… There is nothing more than that….stop thinking abt her arjun… (He wanna teach these all to his heart, but heart never obey our brain. This is a war b/w heart and brain…!) “Does she like me…? Else, why should bother abt me…?” thousands of questions running through his brain, but any way he was happy. He drunk the coffee and thanked radhika once again in his mind.
Radhu’s home, sam and dadaji were enjoying their day with dj in home itself. Dadaji was enjoying so much.. sam was on the couch suddenly her phone rings. She paused the music and picked the call. That was her dad. He asked her to come back home immediately, as there is an important work. Sam sit on the couch sadly. Dadaji asked “what happened beta..? Why u paused the music..? Who called u..?”

Sam: dad.. he ask me to come back, there is an important work in office. So I wanna catch night flight. Before that, I wanna go for shopping. But am new here…. What to do…?
Dadaji: oh…fo… beta u r going back today… sam, u go to chutki’s office and pick her, then….. shopping….!!
Sam: haaa.. I’ll aks her to take half day leave. Dadaji, plss give me her office address.
She change her dress and went to office. She catch auto and reached there. She paid the auto and move towards lift, the door was abt to close. She ran and get in to lift. Somebody is there. She can’t see his face because, the person who was in the lift turned back, he wore a freak dress like yo yo boys.. There is a bag in his shoulder. He suddenly turned back and his bag hit sam… she screamed “OUCH….” She rubbed her hands and looked at him angrily. He saw her, he pulled his cooling glass a bit and looked at her like a crow and said “WOW…..” she stared at him. He started “hai beauty…. Am NEIL…. Neil malhothra….” And forward his hand to shake. She stared him and asked “so what…?”

He didn’t expect that, rubbed his forehead, and started “vo… actually… I…” he can’t able to talk to her after her shocking response.
She ignored him and whispered “idiot….” Then she turned to other side. Both of them have same destination, but they didn’t noticed. Becox , sam was irritated by him, and sam gave such a shock to neil. Sam reached the reception and ask abt radhu. Receptionist ask her to wait, she’ll inform radhu. Neil direct go to arjun’s cabin as he is arjun’s best friend. Radhu was searching the files which arjun want. Finally she got it and went to his cabin. Arjun was in resting room also unaware of neil’s entry. Neil didn’t saw arjun in his cabin and take arjun’s seat. Radhika knocked the door and he gestured her. She didn’t saw the person who is sitting in arjun’s chair, as the chair was in backward. She can only saw the head of the man sitting on the chair. Therefore, she misunderstands, and thinks arjun is sitting there. She said “sir I got the all files. i’ll keep it on ur table.” She turned back to leave. He stopped her “hey…. Stop there…” she thinks “ his voice seem to be strange.”

Neil stood up and walked towards her, he looked at her and said “oh my god… hai sweety…” radhu shocked and go backward, she hold her breath and asked “who are u..? what u want….? What are u dong here in my sir’s cabin..?” arjun was behind her and shocked, when he heard “what are u doing in my sir’s cabin…?” From radhika. Both neil and radhu didn’t noticed arjun. Neil started “oh…. My sir….? Is anything special abt this sir….?”

Radhu: that is not m question’s answer…
Arjun cut her and said “hey neil…. U are here…… what a pleasant surprise yaar…..” he hugged neil, neil also hugged him back. Radhu was in shock. Arjun break their hug and said “radhika meet my best frnd..” neil cut him and said “hai.., am neil…..” he forward his hand for hand shake. Radhu shake his hand and said “hai.., am radhka…. Nice to meet u…. and sorry I misunderstand u”
Neil: its ok radhu….

Arjun and radhu surprised when they heard radhu from neil. Arjun “I knew it radhika u must say sorry to him also.its ur habit na.. to say sorry in the first meeting itself.” She smiled and said “sir, I got the all filesand I kept it on ur table.” He nodded. She was abt to leave neil stopped her and offered a coffee with him. Radhu nodded no. arjun hit him and said “sto it yaar” and signaled him. Receptionist came there, and informs radhu that sam is waiting for her.
Radhu: “plss bring her inside.” Then she leaves from cabin
Sam come inside and meet radhu. She informed her abt dad’s call. They are discussing abt sam’s journey. Neil notice it through the glass wall. Then started “mmmm… yaar arjun now I understand, why u ppl choose the name birdsng…” arjun curved his forehead and looked at him then asked “why…?”
Neil “I can see a lot of birds flying in this office”. Then he stared at radhu and sam. Arjun hit on hi s tummy and said “neil, don’t start again…. U’ll never change….”
Neil: I’ll be back after sometimes.

Arjun: where are u going…? (neil signaled him that he was going to meet radhu and sam)
Arjun: Neil…. Neil…. (arjun went with him, as he know that neil is flirt no 1)
Neil: Hai beauties…
Radhu smiled at him and sam stared him angrily. Arjun smiled at sam. Radhu introduce sam to arjun “sir, she is my best friend samaira khanna. sam, this is our boss arjun khurana” Arjun smiled at her and shake their hands. Arjun: “hai, samaira”
Sam whispered to radhu “oh…. He is that boss…!” radhu hitted sam’s leg “shut up sam…”
Arjun curved his fore head and looked at radhu. Radhu smiled at him and ask “sir, I want a half day leave. She came yesterday night and return back tonight, so we don’t get much time to spend together. Can u give me a half day…?”
Arjun agreed after thinking. Radhu thanked him and leave office with sam.

Precap: suspense…….

That’s all for today. Hope u guys enjoyed… thank u so much for ur comments… sorry for my typos and grammatical mistakes. Take care….. love u all….

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