Chapter 8
Episode starts with umadevi handover the mic to him; he started “good evening ladies and gentle men, as an employee, am so happy to be here, cox this is the victory of a team. 1st I would like to thank Mrs. Umadevi mam for giving me this project and trusting my capability. But, I know this is just a formality (all are looked at him surprisingly, even umadevi also) because, she just trusted me but my team members, Hari, Karthika, and Ra…. Radhika….. (He feels something strange when he said radhika) I must show my sincere gratitude to them. Cox they worked hard behind this prjct, and their unconditional dedication towards their duties, all this make us success. Thank u guyzz. I am just guided them, their talent… I doono how to express… once again thank u guyzz. I wanna say one more thing talent is more important than experience. I know we must prefer experienced persons also, but we want to find skilled persons who can give innovative ideas and think something different not such persons who had 4 or 5 years experience as assistants. Our society always happy with old repeating boring thoughts, but not the new innovative ideas. They always taunt as ‘new generation.’ I am saying that we wanna respect others talent also. I do not know why I said this. Anyway, once again I congratulate my subordinates. Thank u.”
All are shocked; they cannot believe that arjun can speak like this. They whispered that arjun sir gave a speech wow… so nice… they never expected this. However, umadevi knows that he told all this to her not to the party. Radhu also felt something strange in his speech. She stared at him surprisingly and thinks I was wrong he is a nice person, good in heart, but something happened in his past that incident change him like this. She walked towards him, takes the mic from his hand, and started “hay everyone am radhika, I doono whether I‘ve any rights to speaks here. But it is very glad that we got a project from the Birla group of companies. We done it just because of arjun sir, he guided us; he thought abt every miner points also. Therefore, plss don’t say thanks to sir, we wanna thank u for making us fit for this project. Thank u, and we thanking umaa mam for trusting us. Plss give them a big round of applause, thank u.” arjun looked at radhika and smiled then go for a chat with the gusts. Radhu and frnds continued their chating session.

Dj plays songs and all gusts and employees invited to the stage for dance. Radhika does not want to dance but frnds requested to her so she agreed. Arjun was the only one person who didn’t join them, but he was staring at radhu every second. He feels jealous she is dancing with her friends. His face turned red and fumes inside. They are dancing in a circle so the pairs will change automatically. Arjun noticed everything, and get irritated when the pair changes, and radhika dance with an unknown person. She feels uncomfortable with him. He hold her waist tightly, and his hand did something evilly. She irritated by his cheep behavior. Arjun saw this, his eyes and face turn red. He crushed his hands, he can’t control his anger. He go to stage and smoothly release that dancer’s hand and he hold her gently. Radhu looked at him thankfully. Arjun pull her towards him and start dance with her. Radhu shocked with his strange behavior. She stared him; she lost her senses in his eyes. She looking like a doll which dancing with a remote control, that remote is on arjun’s hand. When he touching her, she felt something special…. An unknown feelings. They feel comfortable with each other. They regain their senses when all gave them claps. Both of them shocked when they realized what they did. Feel awkward, arjun rubbed his back head and radhu looked at the floor. She pinned her hair behind the ear shell and walked from there. Her frnds taunt her…

Karthu: wow… radhu what a dance…!!! U lost ur senses in his eyes….. Not bad….!!! Hey, tell us what’s the matter…..?
Radhu: shut up u fool…. Nothing like that, I’m also surprised when he dance with me. Actually, he helped me.
Varun: what do u mean..?
Radhu: ur my first pair he na hari…? When the pairs changed, I got a person who was unknown to me. His intensions are not good, he misbehaved with me. At that time sir came to me, pushed him back, and holds me. That s it.
Tina: oh… He helped u…! Ye karela aaj sweet kese hogaya….? (How this bitter gourd turns to sweet…?)
Radhu: shut up tina… he is a nice person, good in heart.
Hari: r u ok radhu…? Who is he..? Tell us we will teach him a lesson.
Radhu: Hey, chill man… am ok….
Then she looked at her watch and said “oh god………… its already 9.30 am late dadaji will waiting for me. Varun plss drop me… ”
Varun: ok lets go…. Bye guyzz
Radhu: Bye… see u tomorrow.
All wave their hands.

Arjun saw them varun started his bike and radhu sits on it. She holds his shoulder. That makes arjun jealous.
The party gets over and everyone go back to their home. Arjun was in his room. He was changing his dress. He open the buttons, then he felt something like thread in one button. He took that, it was not a thread; it was a strand of hair. Arjun keep the hair strand in his hand and stared it. All moments they shared in the party rolling through his mind. That make a cute smile on his face. Then he turned back and saw priya’s photo,
he talk to her. “Priya, I donno what happened to me…? Why I think so much about radhika…? I’m in a dilemma donno what to do… she disturbing me so much… why… why…? Plss answer me priya… plss”
his eyes turned teary. He continued “she is nice, good from heart, but she has a bad habit also, she always interfere in others job and also in life too. I saw a beautiful smile on her face always. That make me fresh and calm. Do u know one thing priya, in today’s party I delivered a speech, most of the things that I spoken was in favor of her. I doono why… Why these all happened to me…? Priya there is no one other than u know me very well. So plss tell me…. Plss come to me… am alone here…. No one understand me…. Plss come back….. PRIYAAA …” he screamed loudly… Tears roll down through his cheeks. He sat on the corner of his room. He kept his face on his knees and cried.

Umadevi was in room, and hears his screaming. She ran towards his room and found it closed from inside. She toughed the door and silently cried. She cursed herself am responsible for this. I ruined my arjun’s life…. Then she return to her room.. she was on the bed and thinking abt their earlier life. How happy were they. Arjun’s cute smile, his naughty behavior, their nok-jok….
I ruined everything…. I ruined my family… sorry Mukesh (arjun’s father) plss forgive me….

Scene shifts to radhika’s house. varun dropped her and said “good night radhu”
She thanked and hugged him and said “good night, take care, have a safe ride.” He start his bike and drove off, she wave her hands to him and smiled.
She turn back and saw the front light was off…she thinks why dadaji turn off the light….? Is everything ok with him…? She get scared and ran towards home she called “dadaji….dadaji…. where are u…?”

precap: entry of nesam…….

That’s all for today….. Thank u so much for ur comments….. plss forgive me for my typos and grammatical mistakes…. Love u all……

Credit to: mittu


  1. manju

    very nice update dear superb !!!!!!!!
    nesam entry i think they r also employees in arjuns com or family friends right
    anyways waiting for next update dear update soon……

  2. Lakshmi

    Superb episode dear. Arjun’s speech is nice. Will be waiting for next update. Love u??..take care..

  3. zayn

    Thank you in advance for upcoming nesam part …..
    Todays update was awsome , seeing umadevis behaviour i guess she wont trouble radhu!!!!!!
    Wating 4 ur nxt update
    Till den TC and love u ♥♡♡♡♡♡♥

  4. Roma

    O my mittu dearyyyy, it’s superb episode, arjun’s speech was very good. ..loved it…ardhika dance…lovelyyyyyy…arjun’s convo with priya’s pic was really very heart touching n showing arjun’s true feelings for rads..his dilemma, anger, jealous, smiles, eyelocks…omg he is falling for rads…umadevi also regretting her deeds…what happened to dadaji?….precap is very exciting nesam entry wow…bas issi ki kami thi…now it will be really amazing. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

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