Chapter 6
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Next morning, in office.
Radhu reached office early as she was late yesterday, she is waiting for her frnds. Her eye on the entrence, arjun entered in to office everyone wish him good morning.
Radhu also greet him. He looked at her and said “good morning miss radhika.” And looked at his watch then said “so today u r on proper time.”
She replied “ yes sir actually yeaterday i missed the 1st bus thas y……”
She saw that he ignored her explanations and walk towards his cabin. She didn’t like his behaviour……… she said “hmmmm….. khadooss……”

In that time, 4 of them reached office and find her. they wish radhu from her back “good morning Radhu……” she turn back and saw them “hey guyzzz y are u late….?”
Hari: we are not late u r early…..
Varun: he is right, by the way there is something different in u, what is that…?
Tina: hey guyzz see this (she lift radhu’s hair and said) oh radhu pig tail….. y……? its not suit u.
Varun: yes i was right u r in a different hair style, but u looking more beautiful in open hair….
Radhu: hmmm but oen hair is so disturbing in our job so i just tied it.
Karthu: its ok yaar u are cute in this hair style also.
They start their works. At that time umadevi reached office and asked who is handling the new project…? Radhika rised her hand and then stood up.
Umadevi asked her “u r the new appoinment, right….?”
Radhu said “yes mam”
Umadevi: who gave this assignment to u…?
Radhu: Arjun sir.
Umadevi: both u and arjun come to my cabin and bring the whole documents and ur presentation along with u.
Radhu: but mam i didn’t complete yet.
Umadevi: its ok.. come to my cabin now and inform him also.
Radhu inform him and then reached MD’s cabin. Md check the files only. (Arjun knock the door) and ask “may i come in madom….?”
She nodded. He enter in to the cabin and saw radhu in tension. He asked whats the problem….?
Umadevi: u asking whats the problem…? u know that na the birla group project is so imprtant to us, then how can u give this assignment to a new one…?
Arjun: i think experience is not important, what imortant to me is talent. I know shw has the capacity and she is in my group, i’ll take care of it. U don’t worry mam, we get this project. U get raedy to earn the profit.
Umadevi: r u sure….?
Arjun: damn sure. (And turn to radhu) u wait out side. I’ll be back.
She nodded and goes.
Umadevi: y u sent her…..? what u wanna taalk to me in personal….?
Arjun: nothing personal, but private. Ok…. am very confident abt my subordinates. I’m their boss, and also don’t think that u r the only person who can do anything, others also have their own talents, plss try to respect their talents also.
Umadevi: no my son, i didn’t mean that, i just worried that how can u do such silly mistakes.
Arjun: 1st thing am not ur son and i handle this project and i’ll choose my assistants also. if radhika not fit for this assignment, i make her fit, radhika hari and karthika will assist me.
Umadevi: ok as ur wish, but i don’t want any mistakes.

He looked at her and left from there. Radhika was waiting infront of md’s cabin. He ask her to bring hari and karthu and come to his cabin also he want all documents and her presentation. 3 of them go to his cabin, he said abt their new and distribute work to all and ask radhu to explain abt the project as she studied that file yesterday. She explained it verywell then she show her presentation to them. They discussded abt it and gave their suggetions. Arjun was quite impressed with her presentation and thinks i did a good job by selectimg her.
radhu asked “ sir u gave me this prjct and said that do it alone, then….?”
Arjun: u don’t have that much experience to handle a project alone and i just wanna keep u silent. Ok guyzz get back to work we just have 6 days to complete it. Work hard. All the best…
All cameout from his cabin and start their works. They discussed and they contact Arjun when they have confusions.

In noon break, Radhu was thinking abt arjun and his mom. She decided to ask him today itself.
Arjun came there, but she did’t notice him. He knocked the table. She suddenly stood up and said “good morning sir.” He gave a questioning look, and “radhka its good afternoon.” “sorry sir” she said.
“i knew it. U said this word at least 100 times in a day. Thum thakthi nahi he kya….? any way had food….?”
Radhu: haa sir.
Arjun: then leave ur thoughts andget back to work.
He was abt to leave, she stopped him and said.
Radhu: sir,are u free now…? i wanna ask u something.
Arjun: yes. Tell me whats the matter.
Radhu: actually its personal. I doono how to start….. but…….
Arjun: radhika…… don’t waste my time, what u wana ask to me….?
Radhu: sir…… vo…….
Arjun: Radhika…………..
Radhu: ok….. sir, y are u angry on ur mom….?

He fumes on her question. His eyes turned red, he crushed his hands. Each and every insidents of his bitter past roll through his mind. He can’t controll his anger. While radhika continued questions and her usual philosaphies.
Radhu: i know sir, u didn’t like Uma mam but she is ur mother, no one can’t change this fact.
Do u know onething sir, the most wonderful thing in the world is relationship and in that, most beautiful and strongest relationship is mother-child. If u are angry with ur mother u can tell me sir. My dadaji always tell me that “if there is a will there is a way.” If u tell me, i’ll help u sir.
Do u know who is a mother, she is something special, she can feel her child’s presence, happyness, wishes etc.. even she can know everything abt her child.
Arjun can’t controll himself after hearing all this. he burst out.
Arjun: enough radhika…., u…… how dare u…..
Radhu scared and move back. Even all the staffs scared and stared both of them. She hold her breath and start,
Radhu: sir but…..
Arjun: shut up…….. enough…….. don’t utter a word and this none of ur busyness do u understand…? she is not my mom….. do u get that…? don’t interfare in my life.
All are stunned, arjun look at them and ask “any drama playing here…..? idiot……. get back to ur work.”
They ran from there. Varum signalled radhika but she didn’t noticed it. She was shivering. Arjun turned to her and stared in angry…….. he heavily hits on table and take glass which was on the table. He throw it, glass broken and water spread over there. He turned to her, she feared and abt to leave from there. She took 2 steps and falls down cox of water. She suddenly stood up and said “sorry sir, actually i sliped cox water…….” he ignored her and walked towards his cabin, but he also slip down. Ouch……………. he screamed. Radhika turned back and saw him on the floor. She wanna laugh, but controlled herself and go to him. She touch his hand for help. He ignored her and said “don’t touch me.” As usual she didn’t listened him and helped him to wake up. Then she saw his hand, blood flowing through it. His hand wounded by broken glass.
She screamed and said “oh god……. blood……. sir plss come i’ll take first aid.”
“i don’t want ur help” he replayed.
She didn’t bother abt his words and made apply medicine on his hand, then tied the wound.
He went to his cabin. Radhika ask sweeper to clean her place. Varun, Hari, Tina and Karthu came there and varun ask her “we told u already don’t interfare in his life. But u didn’t understand. Now what happened….? its ur luck he’ll not kick u out. Now stop it yaar and concenrate ur work plss…….”
She said “Sorry yaar…… plss forgive me….”
Hari: ok… now come with us. We have to complete our ppt.
Radhu, Hari and Karthu get back to their work. They have sommore doubts and went to arjun. Radhu hide herself behind hari. Arjun looked at them for some time. He controlled his anger and guided them. He was in his cabin and eyeing on them. Suddenly he stuck on somethng. He looked at radhika and thinks there is something different, and said himself “arjun, y r u bother abt that girl….?” but he can’t stop is thoughts. At that time he heard tina’s voice and understood that y radhu looking so different. He remembered his words “radhika tie ur blo*dy hairs” then he looked at his hand also then smiled. His pa saw him smiling and surprised. Wow………. arjun sir and smiling…….. who make him smile….!!!! he was lost senses in his thoughts. He said in mind “she is more beautiful in open hair like my priya. And how could i forgive her so easly….?” he can’t angry with her. In all he always compare radhu with priya he wanna see his priya in her. Their worki s in progress and he come to know abt radhu more. But he didn’t like her blabering at all. Radhika, hari, and karthu completed their presentation 3 days earlier. Arjun impressed with them, but didn’t show it. He ask radhu to present it, she did a very good job. He said to her that she will present it in conference. She was little nerves abt this.
Radhu reached home and said abt her presentation to dadaji. He encouraged her and said “goahed My child don’t worry, or if u have any dought ask ur boss.”
She was in bed and thinking abt her busy days in office. She said “i got a chance to proove myself. Uma mam aksed that i’m capable to handle such big projects, i wanna show her i’m capable…… yes i can do that.” Then she prepared something in mind. I want god’s and dadaji’s blessing.” Then she said “chal chutki so jaa…. kal thume bohaath saare kaam karna hai, meeting he na uski tayyari achese karna hai. Good night”( come on chutki sleep now, u have a lots of works tomorrow in office. 2moro is the meeting u wanna do all preperations properly).
Next morning, she reached office early. Hari and karthu also arrived early as they wanna take a final touch up and discussion in their assignment. The are waited for arjun. He came and call them to conference hall.

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Precap: conference

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