Tears flows through his cheeks. He lost his senses in these thoughts… after some time… he saw a girl who was standing near to a statue which was near to arjun.. he thinks who is that girl standing alone here in this midnight…? He continuously watched her.. she was wiping her tears. He walked towards her and asked to her "excuse me… who are u madom….? Why are u standing alone here in this midnight…?"
She turned back and replied in a low voice "u didnt recognise me arjun..?"
He shocked by seeing her face… that was priya… he said with a shivering voice "PRIYA….?" His eyes filled with tears… it cant controlled by his eye lashes… so tears flows down through his cheeks.. he cuped her face and started "priya… i know you will defenitly come to me…. u cant see me in tears na….?"

Priya: yes arjun you are right.. i cant see u in tears… but today i cant see radhu in the same condition… its because of u only arjun….
Arjun: plss stop it priya… plss am already in guilt… dont make me more shame….
Priya: how can u do that arjun. This is not my arjun… my arjun well known abt how to behave with women….
Ajun didnt utter a word becox he knew that each and every words from her mouth was true… she came close to him and wipe his tears and said "arjun plss ask sorry to her… i wanna see u both together for life long…"
Arjun nodded his head negatively…  broke her hold and move from there.. she hold his hand from back and started "arjun, i know it is difficult for ur mind.. but ur heart already accepted this…. plss listen ur heart and do that…. not take any decesion with brain… that will give u only pain…"
He turned back and looked evey where but he cant find her there…. he disappointly walk towards his car. He thought abt priyas words and decided to ask sorry to radhu..
Arjuns home, umadevi was worried abt arjun… he didnt come back home till now. It is late night…. she feel restless and walking through leaving room. Suddenly she heard the sound of a car. She understood that arjun reached home. So she ran towards the door. She opened the door and asked  "why are u late beta….?"  Arjun gave a surprised look and said "oh… you are stll awaken…! So there will be an important work that you wanna give me…. am i right mam…?"
She felt very bad by his rude behaviour.. but she didnt showed it and said "no beta, nothing important.. i was waiting for u. U left office early and come to home now…. what happened…? Is everything ok…. are u ok beta….?"
Arjun cut her and started"oh plss….. just stop it… first u stopcalling me beta…. thst word didnt suites u… i dont wanna hear it from ur mouth…and u dont worry abt me.. i can take care of my self…"

Umadevi: ya i know that but as a mom…
She couldnt complete her words becox arjun ignored her and left from there. He went to his room and immediately closed the door…she feel so sad… and thinks how can i erase his mosunderstanding…?  God…, how much u test me..and my motherhood? He thinks that am responsible for priyas dead… but i didnt do anything… like all mother i also want everything best for my child… so i thretened her so much… but am also a woman how can i do such brootal things to a girl…? The man who i hired.. that devil betrayed her life… I didnt wanna anything such happened to her… i am sorry god… plss forgive me for my deeds…. and plss give my son back…. u need him…  i cant live with hia hatred….
She sat on the floor and cried silently… as she doesnt wanna disturb arjun more..
Next morning, arjun wake up and looked at his phone.. its 8 am. He rush to wash room and freshen up. He was under shover… he was thinking abt radhu only… after a long time he decided to ask sorry to her… he come out of the wash Room and rush to office…
Radhus home, she did all house hold works and gave medicines to dadaji.. she was very sad.. dadaji was missing his chutki from yesterday but he didnt ask anything. He  didnt wanna make her more gloomy… he blessed her and ask her to go to office its getting late… she wish… "if i get leave today…. i dont wanna see that khadoos…? but no chance… after yesterdays incident he doesnt give me sick leave also…..!!"  Then she left for office…. she reached office early becox she well known abt arjun… after their clash, if she late by 1 sec he will punish her… so she came early. The red mark on her face didnt gone completely… so she hide half of her face with hair… every one joined office by 9 am. Arjun also reached by time. He looked at radhu when he was going to his cabin.. she was busy with her phone so she didnt notice him. He thinks that she was angry on him.

Thats why she didnt pay the attention. He entered in to his cabin and saw a neat and fresh room.. actually he expected a messed room… but his pa already give the instructions to sweepers to clean his room. He feel freshness. He sat on the chair and thinks how he face radhika.. and how he give introduction or  how he ask sorry to her…? But anyway, he wanna her appology at any cost.. other wise he will die in guilty… so at last he ask pa to call radhika immediately…. pa informed her and she thinks "why this khadoos calling me now…? And she kept her left hand on left cheek… and take the file which he given her yesterday…." she knocked the door and asked "may i come in sir…?" He lifted his head and ask her to come in… he was hesitate to talk to her… he was abt to start.. she cut him and said "sir…. this is the file which u gave me yesterday.. i completed the all rough works and note down all new ideas which we disscussed earlier.. and i added my own ideas also… if u aprove it then i'll start thw work of preparing presentation."
Arjun looked at her and wondered how can she behave like this… she is behaving like there were nothing happened b/w them…. he keep his left hand on his chin and stand in front of her with crossed legs with the support of his table.. she kept that file on table and turned back to move he hold her hand. She suddenly turned around… her hair unfold the left cheek… he saw the red hand on her cheek.. he rised his hand to touch that, she hold his hand and removed his hold from her hand. Then she looked at him angryly… now he understood the intensity of her anger… but she didnt utter a word. She again try to leave the cabin. Now he hold her both hands and turned her towrds him… he stared "vo… radhika, yesterday i…." she cut him and said "sir, i dont wanna talk abt that incident… so plss let me go…."
Arjun: no i'll not allow you to go before i complete my words…

Radhu: wow… sir… thats so nice…!! this is right we are your employees but it doesnt mean that we will tolerate ur such behavior… plss leave my hands its hurting… and one more thing, u dont have any power or permission to touch me… if u repete this i'll forget that you are my boss… mind it….
She said it with all anger in her eyes… arjun shocked by seeing such face of radhu… he remove the hold and he said "radhika…, i wanna say that i…. just lost my.."
Radhika rised her hand to indicate stop and said "enough sir…. u said what y wanted yesterday itself… and i didnt think that there is nothing more than that… so plss leave me alone… plss let me go…" then she left from there… arjun stand there like a statue… but he was burned in anger… he thought "i called her to ask sorry and she scold me…? How dare she..? Now i'll not ask sorry to her…. she doesnt deserve it…. now u watch radhika how i unite our frnds…. u cannot win in front of me… i will not allow you to win….."

Radhu back to her seat and thought mr. Arjun khurana… you just wait and watch… i will not allow u to unite neil and sam… am always stand in front of sam… if u wanna reach sam… u Should face me first. Here only one thing happens what sam wanted….?

Credit to: mittu

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