Arjun wanna talk radhika abt sam. Arjun started "radhika….."
Radhu: yes sir…. plss give me 5 minuts… i'll complete it…
Arjun hold his head and said "oh god… radhika…. i wanna talk u abt something personal not abt the project.. why are u like this yaar… u will not ever give chance to others to speak. Such a talkative you are….!"
Radhu: so…. arjun put his finger on her lips and said dont say it again….. she looked at his eyes and he also did so.
 that was an intense eye lock…arjun completely lost his sense. He didnt blink his eyes for atleast once. But radhu feel ackward. But she also cant do anything, she was just like a statue… and she was swetting in that a/c room. Suddenly her phone rang. Both get back to reality and arjun was shocked by what he done right now. Both feels ackward and she looked at him like crow and down her face when she realise he also looking at her. The phone is keep ringing. Arjun signalled her to pic the call. She picked the call.. that was none other than sam… before radhu could say anything sam burst out on her… "where are u…? How many times i called dont u  think u wanna answer my call atleast once… how dare u cut my calls and then swithch off ur phone….. so i am nothing to you…. now why are u silent….? Tell me u had any reason for that….?"
Radhu: first u complete. Then i'll start….
Sam was already in frustration. And radhus answer made her more irritated. Then she said "oh… so u dont have time to talk with me….. ok…. bye… l'll never call u after this…. and sorry if i disturbed u…"
Radhu cut her and told "sam….samm… pls calm down…. just calm down….. now u plss take a deep breath…." (sam did so…)
Radhu: now tell me whats the matter…? What make u anger…
Arjun understand that was sam… he also want to know abt her opinion. So he eagerly waited to end their conversation. And he was listening radhu also.
Sam: first u answer my question. Ithni time Thum kaham dhi…?
Radhu: i was in an important meeting thats why i cut ur call and then off my phone. Other wise do u think i can ignore ur call. U r so mean sam…. u didnt trust me….?this is not fare…?
 Sam: no chashni…. nothing like that…. i told  it in angry…. plss leave it yaar…
 Now u listen…. pa  wants me to settle down..
Radhu: (shocked by hearing that. Her eyes widen. Even arjun also shocked by her expression.) and asked:means….?
 Sam: means marrige.
Radhu: marrige……..! Too fast….
Sam: he already started groom hunding and i met a groom today.
Radhu:wow…. how is he…? Handsome…? Muscle man or choclate boy…? Or angry young man…? ( then she looked at arjun who was listening their conversation and felt she is pointing him as angry young man.)
He murmered "hmmm…. she already gave a name KHADOOS… now this angry young man…..!!" And stared her angryly.
Radhu: if u looking me like this… ur eyes will become bulsai…. ( she forget that she was in phone) arjuns mouth hanged open…. he smriked.. and said "what the…"
Sam: what…? Chashni here i am talking abt my life and u are interested in bulsai
Radhu: realises she is in a conversation and said sorry sam…. ok…. tell me how is ur future husband…?
Sam fumed inside. Then said " IDIOT…. he is an idiot…. do u know who was that guy….? None other than neil…..!"
Radhu: neil….? Sorry i didnt know him.
Arjun replyed her in excitement "do u forgot him…? He is my best frnd who was came here 2 days before… i introduced him to you…. do u remember…?"
Radhika looked him surprisingly.. and said to sam:oh… arjun sirs frnd who irrittated u….
Sam: yaa… he only.
Radhu: what he is the groom….? Its funny yaar….u dont like him and he is going to become ur life partner.
Sam: are u mad…. he just come to meet me and i've told him very clear abt my stand and to paa also…
Radhu: what did u say to him…?
Sam: that i dont like him.
Radhu: that so mean…..
Sam:u are my frnd or his..? I think u'll support me but u have concern on him not to me.
Radhu: no yar nothing like that I just said why did u said directly to him not to uncle…? Anyway am always with u…… ok   sam, i think u need a break u come to mumbai, ill talk to uncle.
Sam: thank u chashni… u are the best…
"mmmhua.."(sam gave a kiss).
That was so louder even arjun can also hear it. He smiled by hearing that. And also he understand that sam was not ready for this proposal. Radhu looked at him and smiled. He asked her to cut the call.
Radhu: sam ok then i'll call u later… bye….
She cut the call and stood up for searching something in the shelf. Arjun thought she was going out so he hold her hand in hurry… suddenly she turned back and looked in to het hand and then to him. He tighted his hold on her soft hand. He felt he was holding a small child. Hey skin was as soft as a child. She looked at him pleasingly by het look she conveyed a message to him "sir plss leave my hand" he realise what he had done and release her hand. Then he started "radika, i wanna talk to you something important. "
Radhu: what happened sir. U said this before also. What u wanna say to me…?
Arjun: i wanna talk abt your frnd.
Radhu: frnd..? U mean sam…..?
Arjun: yaa. I know now she called u… and few hrs before neil called me. Both…
Radhu cut him and said "was talked abt same thing. Marrige…."
Arjun: mmm… their parents wish to tie them on a pure and beautiful relation for ever. He is happy with this proposal. So i wanna know abt sams opinion.
Radhu hesitate said abt sams opinion… she said "vo…. sir… sam…."
Arjun: l know everything… no need to sruggle for words. I understood she was not interested in this proposal by ur conversation. But….
Radhu:  then why did u asked…?
Arjun: have some patiants miss radhika. I didnt complete yet. I wish we unite them. Neil is good from heart. And his father mr vikram malhothra one of the successful busyness men in india.
Radhu: so what sir…? She is also from a famous family and daughter of mr. Samrat vadhera. But the matter is that both bride and groom are willing  for the marrige. Then only the relation become  srong and beautiful…… sir, without love there is nothing in anyones life… she didnt like him…. and u know onething, without love there is no use of money….
Arjun: oh… just stop it…. i am not cheating ur frnd i just wanna make my frnd happy. He really like her. He will take care of her. I think ur frnd will agree if u insist her.
Radhu: what…? Really…? Sir how selfish you are….. u want ur frnds happyness….! I also want sams happyness… that is not with neil.. she didnt like him. So plss sir dont argue with me. Am not help u… that all.
Arjun: i know she doesnt like him. But after marrige eveything will be fine. Trust me… he will win her love…
Radhu lost her controll by his point of view. And she was angry on him… she started "sir plss dont say like that…. i cant do that… she is my frnd. I'll be always with her only."
Arjun cut her and said "why are u so adament…? "
Radhu: enough….. i've told you i cant help u…. and u said love happened after marrige….? Hmmm…. u can said that, those who didnt have any affection to his mom, how can he understand the meaning of love, life and relationship…?
Arjun burned in anger… he crushed his hands and looked at her angryly… his eyes are like fire balls…. and he  gave her a tight slap and said"ENOUGH RADHIKA…." she shocked by his sudden reaction and her eyes filled with tears and she kept her hand on her cheeks. A drop of tear flows through her cheeks. She looked at him with her teary eyes… then ran from there… he hit his leg on the wall and turned towards his table and pulled all files and beraied the table. He hit his hand on the table and looked to radhus seat. She was not there.. he was worried abt her and also felt guily on his behaviour….his eyes turned red and teary…
Radhu was in waiting room she looked at the mirror. Mark of his fingers on her cheeks red in colour. She gently touch her cheek and cried….
She thinks how crual he was.. why he beat me…? Whats my fault…. He slapped me….. how dare he…. hmm… anybody never slapped me… dadaji told me that my mummy papa never beat me in my childhood also… then how can he….? Rakshas…. now i'll never allow this marrige happens…. i'll be with sam….

Thats all for today guyzz… sorry i am ill that why the short update…. hope u all enjoyed it….

Credit to: mittu


    • mittu

      Hayathy dear…. how are u….
      arjun is our angry young man… hamesha gussa unki nak mein hai tho isa hogaya….

  1. abbz

    awwwww!!!!!! loved sam n radhu s convo … was soooo sweet ….. great going !!!!!! pls update regularly

    • mittu

      Its just happens… he was in angry and we all know how well he knows abt love and affection…. and pyaar mein thodi takkar tho hona chahiye na…?

  2. aastha

    How dare u Arjun????????? NT one person HS slapped my radhu….n HW dare u?????? First lesson for u:learn to behave WTH girls especially RADS………
    Plzzz update soon….i ws missing ma chechi…….r u all right?????n tanks 4 te last update for ma bday…….

    • mittu

      Hai dear…. sorry for the late update… njan wash roomil slip aayi veenu so ariyathe kai kuthippoyi. Appam rist onn twist aayippoyi so type cheyyan pattunnunnundarunnilla athada update cheyyan pattathirunne…
      love u dear…❤❤

      • Shree

        Mittu how can you be so careless?! Happy that you didn’t hurt yourself much… Please be careful… Take care..

        Love you ??

  3. Shree

    Mittu!!!!! Long time no see… How are you?! Nice update.. Arjun is selfish… And how dare he… He slapped her?! Now Radhika show him who you are…. Stick by Sam…

    Update soon dear and do take care..

    Love you??

    • mittu

      Ya.. l am fine now… actually l had a small strain in rist. Thats why little late hogayi.. and i’ll try to update soon…
      love u…❤❤

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    Mittu my sweeeeeet friend get well soooooooon dearrrrryyyyy. …episode was really superbbbb. ..loved the sam n rads convo n arjun’s intruption. ..her stubbornness n his anger….wowwww. . Loved it very very muchhhh. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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