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Hope! You all are fit and fine. I just used the common concept which you might have seen in movies and read in stories. I wanted to give it a try for a long time. Now, I gave my first try in it. you may find some logic missing. So bear my mistakes!! I think it became a bit lengthy. But I couldn’t cut short it. Sorry for the inconvenience. if you like it, please leave your feedback. If you don’t like it then also leave your views. Love you all!!! Go ahead!!!


‘what the hell is this, aman?’, I shouted at the top of voice because I lost a deal. This wasn’t the first thing which went wrong that day. The supplies didn’t reach in the morning so the process stopped for a day, the workers started their strike for bonus and I knew who behind the strike; I knew how to deal with them. Then, due to a mere variation of .1, I lost the tender. I was frustrated. I threw away the file and went out to relax my mind. I ignited the engine of my BMW, started to race on the empty roads of Mumbai. DAMN!!!! My anger didn’t subside a bit. I needed a drink very badly. I took a U- turn.


I sat at the bar counter, waiting for my scotch whisky while checking mails. I heard the loud music and the shouting of people, in the name of enjoyment. I felt like my head would blast at any moment. Beside me, two lads were talking about some performance but I didn’t pay heed to it much. Suddenly, there was a pin drop silence for a second. Being surprised, I turned. I froze for a moment.

There was a girl, no.. no… a gorgeous lady looking at the crowd with her intoxicating eyes, the thick layer of kohl applied on her eyes gave her more s*xy look. When she started to sing, I noticed her luscious lips which painted in red. Then she started to move her body according to the beats, if I would say, she has perfect curves, it wasn’t enough. I whispered, ‘hot and s*xy’. She looked at me, gave a killing smile. I smirked back while holding my glass up. I felt her sharp gaze on me for few more seconds. She stealthily escaped from the touch of those hungry men. After finishing her song, she gave a flying kiss and went from there. I didn’t know, what happened to me. I wanted to see her; I wanted to taste those juicy lips then and there. Then, I spotted her, talking to a guy. It looked like an argument. He gave a bunch of money. She took it and smiled widely as if got convinced. After a minute, she went with that guy who held her waist and squeezed it and then rubbed his nose on her right side of neck. I wanted to beat that guy black and blue. But I just shrugged it off, saying ‘it’s none of my businesses’.


I couldn’t sleep that night. Those eyes, lips, face, that lady took away all my senses. I just tossed and turned but no effect. My headache increased. I knew, I needed a sleep badly. I took a sleeping pill which made me to sleep for the next whole six hours.


I started to go to that bar, regularly, to see that gorgeous. And, I knew that she also started to notice me.


I stopped my car, seeing a familiar face. There, she was getting slapped by some guys around three. I got out of my car and within a minute, the trio ran from there. I helped her to stand up. Then only, I noticed her lips had a cut and were bleeding. I made her to sit on the bench near and went to get the first-aid kit from my car. When I was returning, I saw her, wiping tears to hide it but I caught her. I cleaned her wound and applied medicine on it. She hissed in pain. ‘why did they slap you? Who are they? Why are you with them?’, I asked one after another. ‘it’s none of your business’, she replied flatly. ‘yeah, I know that’, I paused for a second then introduced myself, ‘I am sanskar.. sanskar maheswari’. Her eyes widened and she exclaimed, ‘SANSKAR MAHESWARI’, stressing my name, ‘so you are that ruthless, money minded, arrogant, devilishly handsome, the most eligible bachelor, sanskar maheswari’. She looked cute in that expression. No one could say that she was a s*xy bar dancer if they saw her at that moment. I smiled at her. She composed herself quickly and gave suspicious look and then evil grin appeared on her face.

she brought her face close to mine and asked, ‘wanna go a ride?’, in a husky tone. I got the inner meaning behind those words. I carelessly spread my legs and folded my hands up to my chest. She got up and stood in front of me as if showing her shape to me. I traced my eyes on her. I noticed that she wore skinny jeans with black sleeveless t-shirt complementing her skin and her hair curled at the bottom. I turned my concentration on her when I heard her saying, ‘just one lakh… you saved me so It’s a special offer for you… only for you’. She inclined towards me and poked my chest by her forefinger while saying the last sentence. The jasmine flavor perfume made me feel drowsy. She waited for me to say something for less than a minute. I just stared at her. Then she said, ‘okay… will meet you at 11pm… at the same place’. She started to move but turned when I said, ‘okay’.

She gave a beautiful smile and I knew that smile was going to be disappeared in a second. ‘I want you, a virgin girl… not that waitress,’ I stressed my each word while getting up. She was shocked, her eyes widened in fear but she was a good actress to hide it easily but… not in front of me. ‘what do you mean?’, she asked in a cold tone. I pulled her to me by waist. I could feel her shivering. ‘I knew it sweety… I knew… the waitress who goes inside the room and the waitress who comes outside the room are different… I also knew the drugs, you are mixing in your customers drink’, I said straightly staring into her eyes. Her body became stiff hearing it and she started to sweat. ‘what happened, sweety? What’s this?’, I said while I wiped off the thin layer of sweat on her forehead. She showed off my hands and took steps backward then again said the same thing, ‘it’s none of your business. Don’t poke your nose into others matter. Got it?’, she said trying very hard to keep her tone normal as well as cold.


The storm was coming on the way and I was eagerly waiting for it. I started to count 3… 2… and… 1. There, the storm, in front of me, with her fury eyes yet she was looking hot. I thought and chuckled a bit. ‘what the hell is that, mr. sanskar? ’, she shouted. I smirked and asked coolly, ‘what happened, sweety? Is there any problem?’, which added the fuel into the fire. ‘how can you fire me? I am working there for the past eight years. You can’t fire me just like that. You have to give prior notice to me. just leave those things. What’s my fault for the sudden decision? You have to answer me, NOW’, she yelled. My god!!! Fortunately, my cabin was sound proof yet I could see the employees looking at her, some of them with lust due to the glass walls. I pulled the screen down, noted the face of those lusty eyes. They had to say bye to their work. She startled by my sudden act and took a step back. ‘What the hell are you doing?’, she asked, folding her hands. ‘I am fond of my privacy’, I said. She rolled off her eyes. ‘now, answer me’, she asked. ‘mmm… I don’t want you to work there’, I said. ‘I asked the reason’, she said while trying to maintain her tone. I didn’t utter a word. I just looked into her eyes. I knew that she got the answer. she averted her gaze, after a second, I heard her melodious laugh. She looked beautiful. soon, the melodious one turned into hard one. I looked at her confused. She wiped off the tears at the corner of her eyes. ‘so… you want me to be your personal escort, right? What did they call it? yeah… yeah… concubine… live in relationship… for how many months? Or… for how many days?’, her words increased my rage. ‘but… I am happy with the way I am and what I am doing. You know what I can’t get satisfied by a single ma..’, I didn’t let her complete. I didn’t know when my right hand gave a hard slap on her cheek. Due to the force, she fell on the floor. Her eyes welled up.

‘don’t utter a word more’, I said in a dangerous tone. I knew that she scared of it but she is a tigress, never accept her defeat. She opened to say something. I gave a deathly glare and uttered, ‘don’t dare to’. I pulled her up and pushed her against the sofa and leaned towards her, ‘don’t try to act smart. By the way, you are not a good actress’. she glared at me. I shrugged off it, ‘I know, I know everything, Miss. Ragini’. Her eyes widened in shock. ‘what? Shocked or surprised? Thinking about how did he get to know about my real name?’, I smirked, ‘and, I know that you got the answer. the right answer for your previous queries. Don’t act anymore’. She pushed me suddenly so I stumbled a bit but steadied myself immediately. ‘I don’t want your job’, she said and moved towards the door.

I pulled her so she crashed against my chest. ‘leave me’, she said but I didn’t move a bit. ‘LEAVE ME’, she yelled and got out of my hold and started to scream her heart out. I was waiting for this moment since the last six months. ‘why the hell are you doing this to me? you know everything, EVERYTHING, right? Still, you want to hear from me, right? Then, HEAR. IT. Yeah, I am ragini, a surname less, blo*dy virgin. I betray the men who want my body. So what? I am cheating none other than those rich bastards who can’t understand others feelings. If you know everything, why are you behind me? a sl*t like me? You heard me right… A sl*t GIRL… AN IMPURE GIRL… this is how the people calling me from the day I born… how can it be my fault that I born for a pr*stitute? How can it be my fault that I spent my entire childhood at that disgusting place? Why should I do the same work, my mother did? Why can’t I study like others? why can’t I work decently as others? Why can’t I live like others, happily? Why can’t I lead a normal life? Why the word sl*t is always tagged with my name? I was tired of asking these questions again and again’, she gave a sarcastic smile while tears were flowing endlessly,

‘I was safe till my mother was alive. She protected me from those animals. After that, those men who slept with my mother, wanted to sleep with me. irony, right? At the time, eisha, my sister yet not by blood related, helped me escape from that hell. I didn’t know, I honestly didn’t know that men only wanted the flesh of the women. Wherever we went, they only asked us how much your price; they tried to harass us regardless of age. After being hungry for days, we decided to do this work together. I became a bar dancer and a pr*stitute and she became a waitress in front of the world. But she sacrificed herself for me’, she put her face into her palms and cried out. I held her by shoulder while my eyes also welled up. ‘It hurts… it pains… here, in my heart… how much we tried to be brave and bold… we couldn’t… we just couldn’t … every day, we are living in a hell… it has been years since we slept peacefully, fearlessly… we don’t want other kids like us mainly, girls shouldn’t live a life like this… so we tried to provide a normal life to the kids as many as we can… with the income’, she said in between her cries. After sometime, her cries subsided. She looked at me, ‘and… you don’t deserve me, a slu…’, before she could complete, I placed my lips on her. She didn’t protest though she didn’t participate in it. I broke the kiss due to the lack of oxygen. We breathed heavily while I placed my forehead on her. I wiped off her tears and said, ‘I want to marry you, you, this ragini’. ‘oh my god!!! How many tears did she has?’, I thought. She hugged me and cried once again.


‘honey, wake up’, I heard her sweet melodious voice. I habituated to it. I pulled her and pecked her lips with half opening eyes. She smiled and placed her head on my chest, while I caressed her hair lovingly. ‘honey, I want to say something’, she paused. ‘what’s it, sweety?’, I asked while I made her to look at me. ‘ohh… that… that is… soon someone will be going to disturb our privacy’, she said. ‘no one has the dare to invade our privacy, sweety’, I said while holding her tightly. She giggled while getting up and said, ‘there is someone’. She held my hand and made me to get up; I gave a confused look to her. Then, she placed my hand on her tummy. I was a big fool. I couldn’t understand it. She pinched my hand then held it tightly and gave a shy smile. My eyes widened in surprise and started to scream in joy, ‘what? Really? Symbol of our love’. She closed her both ears and nodded her head positively while saying, ‘yes, Mr. Sanskar maheswari’. I got off the bed and started to dance in joy while she smiled at me. then, we shared a passionate kiss as if welcoming the new phase our life.

~~~~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~~~~

Credit to: Sindhuja

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