Ek kahani (manmarziyan) episode 9

The episode starts with Arjun kissing his phone n saying “love you ma”.Radhika n Neil just came there in bike n neil is parking it. Radhika, who is waited out for Neil, heard the last 2 lines said by Arjun . She smiled n got teary eyes at a time. She didn’t see his face as his back is at her front. Arjun went off thinking “mom will surely convince dad”. Radhika standing their thinking “he is so lucky. I don’t have that love, I’m very unlucky.” n staring Arjun back. She wiped her tears to not to show them to Neil. Neil came n said “come, let’s go”looking somewhere.
They both walked into college. Sam gang is waiting for Radhika. They saw her with Neil n Radhika to saw them, but Neil looking somewhere.
Indhu: Hey u come.. pointing both.

Neil looked up n saw Sam. Radhika got scared slowly hides back of Neil. Neil became statue seeing Sam n stared her. He felt like he flying in air n he is felt light n danced in his mind to a sweet violin music.
Indhu:Hey u both only.. come fast..
Neil came to sense n looked beside n finds Radhika missing. He called out “Radhu, where r u?”
Radhika:Here, ur back.. he was about to turn.. She said don’t turn. He made a confused face.
Radhika: see her.. pointing Sam.. I told u naa, yesterday.. (Radhika who never hides anything from Neil said this too)
She is that girl faltoos … now what to do.? She saw me.
Neil: so she is the one.. then I have to deal for sure.. come lets go.. I’m their naa.. tum figure math kegeyaa…

He pulled her to his side n both walked towards Sam group. Sam saw Neil n thought ” he is the same one right?”
She circled them n said “so ur Arjun’s gf?” with anger. Neil laughed out n everyone blogged at his laugh.
Neil: u never told me this mere Radhu…
Sam felt something hearing the last two words but she ignored it. Radhika strength her faltoos is beside her so she decided to speak out.
Radhika : sorry mam.. who is this Arjun?
Sam gave a confused look, she understood that Indhu added masala to a gossip n gave a angry stare to Indhu. Indhu caught that stare decided to escape.
Indhu: May be she might be lying to escape..She murmured in Sam ears.. Sam decided to confirm it.
Sam: u don’t know who is Arjun.. is it true.??.. doubted look.
Radhika : no mam.. is he the one who saved me from tagging? I didn’t even saw his face to thank him…
Sam was now confirmed that Arjun n Radhika has no relation. She turns to see Indhu missing. Neil who saw Sam’s stare said “she escaped.. don’t trust which u saw even ur own eyes will cheat u”said sharply. Sam indicated them to leave. Radhika was about to go but stopped hearing Neil’s comment.
Neil: don’t u say sorry for hurting mere radhu..

Radhika : what r u doing faltoos? Come lets go… pulling Neil.
Sam,who was already irritated due to Indhu got more irritated hearing Neil n little more irritated hearing that last 2 words again. She was about to burst out but stopped hearing someone calling “Radhu…” All 3 turns to see it’s Ritvik. Sam covers her anger n smiled at him.
Ritvik: hy guys.. I was searching u.. both.. he notice Sam then… Sorry guys.. I thought of introducing.. She is Sam, my dear lovely sister.. side hugging Sam.
Neil faced glowed hearing this n thought “wow.. ritvik’s sis.. wow God ur awesome.. u created a way to approach her.. love u God..” giving flying kissed to God in mind. (God: he remembers me when it comes girls.. God Sam ko bachavo) Ritvik continued disturbing neil’s thoughts.
Ritvik: Sam.. She is Radhu.. Radhika.
Sam forwarded her hand in frdly manner, Radhika took it, a little confused at her changed behavior.

Ritvik : he is Mr.Neil… faltoos.. He smiled. Now Sam thought of not giving shake hand but Neil forwarded his hand with excitement. Sam has no other option so she squeezed his hand with full energy giving a monkey smile. Neil hand ached a little at her squeeze but he’s not ready to free it. Sam was confused seeing him smiling. Neil became statue in that position.(God:offooo.. became statue again.. Radhu punch him na..) Radhika pinched him a little as she is used to pinch him everytime when he freezes seeing girls. Neil says “oouchh” n releases his hands.
Ritvik: guys.. I will meet u in break at canteen.. please wait for me. I had a small work.. see u both there.. Bye Sammy… He left… Radhika felt it’s better to leave in presence of Ritvik to escape Sam n pulled Neil who is staring Sam…
Sam looked at Neil thinking “he wants sorry from me. I have to set scores with him then”.

Janki ended her call n turned to see Raghav getting up to leave. He knows what she is upto, so he thought it’s better to leave, but he’s late.
Janki:Raghav… She shouted to stop him. He has no option,so he stopped with a jerk.
Janki: Raghav.. I wanna speak to you something important.
Raghav :tell dear… He can guess what’s her next words but he can’t ignore them.
Janki: y don’t u excuse Arjun for tomorrow’s project. Let him enjoy with his frds.. She lied…
Raghav:sorry Janki.. but it’s very important to attend that.. it’s necessary too.. we r helping poor through this n those 2 kids r doing great for orphans.. Sorry jaan.. I’m not gng to take it back at any cost..
janki senses seriousness in his tone. She decided to say about Arjun’s love to Raghav as she is sure he will help her.
Janki: Raghav.. tomorrow is important for Arjun. He is gng to meet his love… She was about say something convincingly but cut off by Raghav.
Raghav: I know… Raghav is aware that Arjun met a girl in concert but he is not sure who n which concert it is? Bcuz their will be many at 31st night in city…
Janki: then why Raghav?… shocked at him.
Raghav: I want my son’s happiness. I can’t see him in any pain due to love. I can’t bear it if same thing happens to my son which happened 20years back… he left without uttering anymore with his PA at door.

Janki doesn’t know how to react, she stayed for few minutes. She sat down thinking about her past n his comment. She knew that Raghav loves Arjun so he is concerned towards Arjun. She never past effects Arjun’s present. She thinking how to answer Arjun.

Neil and Radhika escaped from Sam and walked into college. Neil stopped seeing library.
Radhika: what happen?why did you stop faltoos?
Neil: it’s library yaar… it’s not my cup of tea…(God:only girls r ur cup of tea right?)
Just then they hear announcement that” football selection is gng on for juniors who are interested can be part of this at ground, thank you”.
Neil:okay Radhu..I will go to ground… u study.. making face…
Radhika:do u know how to go to ground.?? She exclaimed.
Neil:I will ask someone.. u go n study.. slightly hitted her..
Radhika turned to go. Someone was passing by. Neil called out. He turned to see. It’s Arjun.
Neil: excuse me sir..!! Can I know the direction towards ground?
Arjun: ohh.. go straight..2 right.. straight.. 1 left n then…
Neil made a confused face n Arjun noticed it n smiled.
Arjun: okay.. come.. even I’m gng their only.. v 2 will go..
They both walked towards ground introducing themselves.
Neil: I’m Neil.. Neil malhotra..

Arjun:I’m Arjun…2nd year..
Neil remembers Sam taking Arjun name n thought that he is the one who saved Radhika..
Neil: so ur Arjun..thanks for saving mere Radhu..Arjun looked up..
Arjun : so she is your gf.. Neil laughed at his comment.. Arjun gave a confused look.
Neil: no.. not at all.. she is my bestie..
Arjun:sorry.. seeing ur closeness.. I thought more than that..
Neil: our relation is more than frdship which can’t see with eyes but heart.. He smiled remembering their bond.. Arjun too smiled understanding their pure relation…
They both moved into ground. Arjun saw his Frd selecting best in juniors.He suggested his frds to look up Neil’s talent.Neil proved himself best among all, he is not less than professional player thought Arjun. Arjun n Neil became frds in short time forgetting they r senior n junior. Neil liked him more bcuz he is saved Radhika. Arjun gang also frdly with with Neil, Neil’s talkative skills attracted them n soon became frds..

Radhika looking into her watch n thought to leave for canteen as Ritvik told her that he want to meet them. She left library thinking about Neil n Ritvik. Neil n Arjun gang to moved to canteen. They r talking n having samosas n laughing at their own jokes. Arjun thinking to call his mom. He is curious to know his mom’s answer. He too his phone n waved all telling them “I had a important work, see you guys later”. Arjun called his mom.

Janki cutting veggies thinking about Raghav’s words. She thought “I know Raghav lost trust on love bcuz of my past. God, don’t punish my son for my sins. I have to do something for my son to get his love.but what can I do I’m helpless.”she came to sense hearing door bell as well as her phone. Aruu.. flashed on screen. She smiled n then it vanished thinking what to answer.she indicated Maid to open door. She hesitated lifted her phone.
Arjun:Hy maa… I know u must have convinced dad.. I’m sure.. my mom will convince.. He shouted curiously.
Janki stood silence without answering thinking what to say. Someone took her phone suddenly, she looked up, it’s Raghav. He gave her a serious stare but not angry.Raghav placed her phone close to his ears, hearing Arjun calling “maa”.. raghav responded..
Raghav: Aruu.. Ur mom is busy cutting veggies… U remember that tomorrow is ur project u have to attend it my 9. I think you remember.. Arjun thought his mom didn’t convince him.so he himself thought to convince his dad.. before he spoke out.. Raghav continued..
Raghav : I know my son make me proud Janki.. his tone is soft but his intention is serious.. okay Aruu.. see u in the office byee…
Raghav ended the call n placed her phone in his pocket n left without seeing Janki’s face. Janki stared him until he left n thought “I’m helpless Aruu..”.

Arjun just left canteen, Radhika entered. She saw Neil with some guys. She thought “shall I call him? No no.. He is with guys. Let him. I will wait “. Just then Neil saw her standing n excuses his seniors n left. Neil n Radhika sat on another table waiting for Ritvik. Akhil who saw Neil sitting with Radhika said “see guys.. Neil is having gf”. They turn n saw Radhika opposite to Neil. Yuvi said “she is the same girl who played guitar yesterday, right?” All nodded in yes manner. Yuvi continued “she is superb.. Neil lucky ” he said sadly.. all laughed at him.

Neil n Radhika chatting..
Neil: u know Radhu.. I’m selected in football team..
Radhika : I’m sure u will.. She smiled.
Neil: Arjun is the who helped me.. He is a nice person, so frdly with me.. even I thanked him for saving u..
Radhika : ohh..yaa he is a nice person, I got it in our first meet itself.. u should have called me.. I should have thanked him.. didn’t even saw his face also.. disappointed face..
Neil: no problem now we became friends naa.. I will make you meet him..
Ritvik arrived n saw them chatting at corner. He walked to them n sat beside Radhika..
Ritvik: hi guys.. seems to be happy..
Radhika: Neil got selected in football team..
Ritvik: ohh.. that sounds good.. congrats man.. patted his shoulder… okay guys any plans afternoon..
Radhika: no.. just to attend classes…

Neil: boring classes.. making irritated face.
Ritvik: then we Wil plan something.. we will go for outing.
Radhika: no.. but how? We r having classes..Ritvik laughed..
Ritvik: u guys.. don’t know to bunk.. Neil face glowed at his comment..
Neil: we know.. but this saraswathi.. mother of studies will stop always.. pointing Radhika… Radhika made a face at Neil n Ritvik laughed at them.
Ritvik : Radhu plz… Ritvik requested..
Radhika: even u also encouraging Ritvik.. principal of the college is encouraging to bunk classes..
Ritvik: now I’m not principal I’m student too.. so bunking.. please Radhika please… with his cute pleasing face.
Ritvik n Neil tuned please making Radhika accept for bunking..
They moved to parking area n Ritvik unlocked his car telling them to get it. He sat in driver seat n sees Radhika n Neil standing n giving blank expression. Ritvik got confused n gave “what?” expression.

Neil: car..?? Do u want fun.?? Then y car..??
Ritvik: then how?
Radhika:bike.. Ritvik smiled n got down n locked his car… Neil indicated “this is my bike”. Neil unlocked his bike n sat.. Radhika sat back of him n waited…Neil n Radhika looked up n saw Ritvik standing with puzzled expression.
Neil n Radhika: come on..
Ritvik(puzzled):where?.. They both indicated their back..
Ritvik: here.. 3 in one bike… Ritvik is confused as he experienced it..
Neil n Radhika : yes.. if u want fun.. just sit..
Ritvik did little hesitatingly.. 3 drive through the whole city n outskirts.. Ritvik little bit hesitated but later he too entered into their frdship bond. They enjoyed the ride.. it’s long ride.. They shouted in empty highway n pranked with few. Ritvik was the one who enjoyed their company a lot.. They spend time at cliffs n walked in empty forest roads n had a lot of fun finally…it’s almost night…

I’m gng out of station for 3 days.. so no updates till then. Gng on family tour to Tamilnadu..SORRY GUYS..

I don’t know whether it is big or not.. I was very busy today with a lot of work. Sankranthi naa.. so festive mood n festive preparation.. sorry guys..I think today one was not so interesting I think…

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  1. Awesome update dear.God’s dialogue to Neil ‘only girls r ur cup of tea right’ lol that was superb.Arjun n Neil became friends so easily. Oh Sam felt something in their first meeting with Neil.Happy sankranthi to u n ur family in advance deepu.Enjoy festive with ur family.Love u deepu???…take care…

  2. I loved it yaar awesome story dr…

  3. Heyy today one was the most Interesting…poor janki soo helpless…well arjun wait little nd u will get the most beautiful gift of life…good things only comes who wait….wow wow such a cool student n principal ritvik … Aaise log toh sirif dreams me milte hai…and gods dialouges … ???…god u r amazing… I think sam will start feeling for neil sOOn…oh my god three days….well it’s ok….enjoy ur time…Happy sankranthi…I love this festival a lot…bye…luv u ???

  4. Superb

  5. Mouni Godavari

    Your imagination is awesome happy Journey

  6. oh deepu, so gud yaar. princi encouraging bunk. oh god this is to be written in history n it is possible only with deepu. 😉 right.
    so all r becoming friends so fast. i loved their frndship bonds. ritvik-neil-radz convo too gud. radz saraswati devi. yes she is. neil-arjun bond too gud. god’s thoughts were quite amazing. it is so gud. arjun don’t worry u will any how meet ur princess soon. so dont think too much n stop being sad. raghav is being protective for his son. i hope he will understand arjun’s love n support it later.
    3 days we have to wait. its ok. festive season na u should also enjoy. happy holidays dear n enjoy them to the fullest.

  7. Hi deepu dearrrr, it’s awesome, lovely episode…loving this story very much…nesam fight was cute…neil n arjun friendship very good…raneilvik bike ride was tooo cuteee…n God’s comments awesoooooome. …I’m 200% sure that Raghav is sponsoring the same event where raneil will be going to perform n there our hero arjun will meet with his ladylove radhika….will miss you honeyyyyyy, enjoy your holidays dearrrr, plzzzz update when you come back, love you loads

  8. It was really good…don’t
    worry Arjun u r going to meet hr soon….luv ya & Njoy….tc

  9. Omg !! I loved the update!!

    Wow!! Neil friends with Arjun!! Poor janki aunty…

    That’s alright .. Enjoy pongal and come back soon with a cute update .. Shankranti wishes to you and your family..??

    Love you loads.. Tc.. Keep smiling.. Bear hug??

  10. Amazing wht a bonding b/w Neil and Radhu….. Lovely


  11. hey deepthi its awesome dear I love it the neil and arjun scenes are awesome and very much cute very excited to see it dear

    luv u dear

    waiting for next eagerly

    Once a friend always a friend.

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