Ek kahani (manmarziyan) episode 8


Episode starts with Raghav listening to Janki n Arjun conversation. He walked into his room with serious face. He leaned to his bed remembering their conversation. Few thoughts distributed him “‘ Janki,Raghav n Rahul up r frds in clg days. Raghav loves Janki but never expressed it as Janki n Rahul loves each other. Raghav supported their love still hiding pain. Rahul n Janki married secretly with help of Raghav. Janki became pregnant after that. Rahul decided to go to foreign to earn money n return soon in few months… She waiting n waiting.. her family insulted her that she is pregnant n throwed her out. Raghav again supported her. She wished Rahul return soon… but he didn’t. She finally gave birth to Arjun. After 3 years of waiting she came to know Rahul married some rich girl n ditched her. She cried n even tried to commit suicide. Raghav saved her n supported her. He took care of Arjun.

Janki family came to know about this. They requested Janki to come to them n they wanna get Janki again, but they r not ready to accept Arjun. Janki’s mom said ” throw that child n come to us. Noone will accept u with that child. No one”
Janki: I can’t throw him as he is only love..kissing Arjun.. it’s my mistake to love wrong person not my son’s.. She cried.. I will marry who will accept my son as his..

She agreed to marry again as she know Arjun needs dad for sure.. To love n support him…
Raghav can’t see her in pain n finally he dared to ask her..
He walked towards their family n said “if u all okay, then I will marry your daughter” he turned to Janki “I will take care of my Arjun, I promise u, I can’t see u in pain”.

Janki remembers Raghav care towards Arjun n decided Raghav can accept his son as her. So she accepted. Janki family is happy n marriage happened in grand manner. She was send to her in-laws with full respect. Raghav took care Arjun n Janki in such a way that she forgot past n recognized his love for her. She moved on with Raghav. Janki started trusting love after seeing love in Raghav which she lost with Rahul. She started a new life with Raghav. Janki’s past didn’t effect her any further but it effected Raghav a lot. His hope n trust towards love is null.” His thoughts broke when Janki entered room. Raghav opened his eyes to look at her. He looked into her to find whether her past distributed her but, he found nothing, except love. Janki walked near Raghav, looking into his eyes..
Janki:Happy New year Raghav.. She hugged him.
Raghav is happy that her past didn’t effect her mood.
Raghav: Happy New year dear.. I’m happy to see ur face first this new year.. now my whole year will be awesome.
Janki cried due to his over love towards her n she doesn’t know whether she deserves it or not. She faked a smile hiding her past. Her past still distributes her but she faked many times bcuz she can’t see Raghav sad face anymore. She vowed herself that she Wil keep Raghav happy n her past shouldn’t effect her future. Arjun is a kid who is unaware of anything about this.
Janki: come.. lets sleep.. I have a lot to do tomorrow..
Raghav smiled n closed his eyes leaning to bed.
He thought ” I can’t let my son face any problem, I can’t let him pain due to love. Which happened to Janki shouldn’t happen to my Aruu…”

Arjun was restless in his room thinking about Radhika. He thought “one year, I can’t wait, but I had no other option, u didn’t left me any clue to catch, love is waiting, I will wait for u, even if it is a lifetime”.

“Aruu… wake up man. Get ready, u have to go to clg, we r having lot of work today” he woke up with Akhil’s call.
” lot of work??” Arjun questioned walking in washroom.
Akhil replied”ya, football selection, we r gng to select our juniors for football team, so get ready fast”
Arjun nodded n both got ready in few minutes. N headed towards clg in their respective bikes thinking away which leads him to his dream girl.

“Faltoos… get up… offooo.. get up naa.. getting late to clg” shouted Radhika.
” Mere jaan.. please let me sleep.. mere fav radhu maa.. She will allow me to sleep for some more time.. I know” said Neil messing his bedsheets with his movements.
“Okay sleep.. I thought to introduce her.. leave it.. I’m gng to clg..bye” replied Radhika..
“ur tricks became old” he smiled evily.. ” Okay, but what about that girl” said radhu applying new trick.
“Which girl?” Neil fired lifting his head.
” that girl, whom you met yesterday” said hopefully to wake him up. He remembered his encounter with Sam…
He woke with a swing n rushed into bathroom indicating her that he’s cmng..
She smiled that her trick worked.
Shekar smiled to their convo reading newspaper.
Neil got ready n done with breakfast, both left to clg.

Ritvik is getting ready. He is wearing grey t-shirt n black flat over it.He looks into mirror infront of him n Radhika runs into his thoughts.He comes to sense listening his mobile beeps.. it’s msg from his dad. He reads “sort out things with your sister with love dear.!! Have a nice day, love you.” He smiled at it. He thought “yes, I have to sort out”.

Piyali “Sam.. cool.. get ready slowly.. y hurry.?” She said showering love on Sam..
Sam in hurry said “mom..!! Arjun might have reached clg by this time.. I have to go..”
She opened door to step out but taken back seeing Ritvik at door. He had white lilies in his hand. He smiled at Sam.
“Good morning Sam ” he said, still smiling n giving flowers.
“Good morning Bhai” said Sam warmly taking flowers n a bit surprised to see her Bhai.
Ritvik continued ” gng to clg? Okay then let me drop you Sam”.
Sam turned to look at her mom, but he didn’t have a chance to turn instead he placed his hands around her shoulder n pushed her towards car without looking at Piyali. Piyali,who was happy see his son n said “Ritvik beta..” Ritvik turned m said “Sorry Miss.Piyali” he gave a cold look to her. She thought “he is same like his father, soon I will turn him like him n separate him from his dad”.He gave cold look n left towards car.
Ritvik n Sam r driving to clg with silence. Ritvik remembers his dad telling “anything can be gained by love,even arrogance”. They reached clg. Sam n Ritvik stepped out. Sam headed to go but, Ritvik stopped.
Ritvik: Sam..!! I’m sorry.. She turned listening this.. sorry Sam for yesterday.. He said nearing her.He continued again placing his hand on her head gently with love.
Ritvik :I love my Sam a lot, the reason I’m here is just you, I can’t see arrogant Sam,I want only my sweet Sam,who used beg me for extra chocolates, who shares her every secrets n even her crushes with me,who fights with anyone only for her brother, I’m asking forgiveness from u bcuz ur not my Sam..!! So, sorry Miss.Sam..!!
Childhood memories of her n ritvik’s r rolling infront of Sam.. She hugged him n said “love you Bhai soo much , im the same Sam who her Bhai loves, it’s not necessary to forgive.” She cried.
Ritvik:I know.. but I don’t want my Sam to behave badly with anyone. What u did is wrong Sam. I don’t want you to repeat it. Okay? He rubbed her tears n kissed her cheek. Sam nodded in yes manner. They both left in clg.
She met her group n gave hifi to all. They teased boys.
Indhu: Sam.. what to do with that girl?
Sam: who??
Indhu: she?? Radhika.. tere Arjun’s girl..
Sam (angry): I will see her today.. Arjun is mine..
Indhu: cool.. let her come… we will see her end..(like filmy villain..lol..)

Arjun standing near parking area thinking about her. He got an idea n took his phone to apply it. He dialled his mom. She smiled seeing his name displaying. Raghav,who was thinking about Arjun n Janki conversation which happened 1 year. He turned to Janki hearing her phone ringing. He confirmed it’s Arjun seeing bright smiled on Janki’s face. He is aware of what Arjun is upto but stayed calm. Janki lifted phone.
Janki: Aruu..
Arjun: Maa… I need ur help.
Janki: tell beta…
Arjun: mom.. u know naa dad called me for project..
Janki: haa beta.. staring Raghav..
Arjun: u know 31st is important to me.. please convince dad.. please maa..please..
Janki: haa beta.. I know…. I tried to divert him but he stick to that only.. (low tone) whatever I will try once again…
Arjun: love u maa.. I know u will.. please do it.. love u again.. bye… he kissed his phone… Janki did the same….

Credit to: Deepthi

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  1. Sorry guys for late update.. this TU is taking lot of time to post…. I think today’s episode was boring.. please comment.. thanks for ur comments.. I didn’t replied u guys due to lack of time.. Sorry again…

  2. First of all, no need to say sorry….tu is just tu…of course we can’t expect it to apologize but plz don’t apologize…today episode was awesome amazing…I loved it…how dare u say it’s boring?? How dare u say like that?? If one more time u say like that then I’ll be worse than ever….And I’m not joking??…update soon…waiting…love u??

  3. Not boring deepthi..janki’s past was bad…but she got husband n dad for arjun..ur story is awesome

  4. My commnt din cme due to poor network……..r u mad deepu ur story s superb!!!!!!!!seriously I loved it……

  5. Yaar ek arjun radhika ki kab milegi kab realize karegi uska love

  6. No issues keep goin ?

  7. Jasvin J.Kaur

    Story line is a bit dragging but I just love the arjun radhu love mystery bit. But the boring parts are needed to clarify the exciting part. So just keep writing and I will definately keep reading. Lots of love

  8. Raghav is nice person n his concern for arjun also nice.Arjun was waiting desperately to meet rads .superb update dear n not boring. Will be waiting for their meeting… Love u …take care…

  9. Deepthi !! Every time you write, you make me go on my heels… So pretty..

    Felt bad for janki… But she found love again….

    Loved the raneil part… Arjun so desperate to meet radz and so is she.

    Same here.. Even I hate tu… Posted my story by 1 yesterday afternoon and it was posted today morning… Midnight.. Lol its k
    ….. it happens.. Update soon

    Love you loads.. Tc.. Keep smiling… Bear hug.??

  10. oh god when will u girl stop telling that ur story is boring. yaar plzzz it is superb. next time don’t tell it is boring or u want any changes. otherwise i’m gonna kill u for sure. plzzzz take care of that. lol.
    ok ok it was a joke. this is superb. u r giving clear explanation for everything n i think every character has a past. how parents r supportive, protective of their children who don’t want any pain to be caused. but the perspective of each one is different. this is so gud. ritvik-sam convo was gud. i liked the brother very much. neil-radz they r always superb.
    i’m missing god’s thoughts now.
    n don’t worry abt TU it will take 2 hrs time for comments yaar. it is a story then u can get how much time it will take.
    loveeeeee u .

    1. Manha dearrrr, kaisi ho? Itne din ho gaye tumse baat nahi hui…happy new year dearrr….missed you sooooo muchhhh, love you loads and very tight hug

  11. Loved it ..superb!

  12. Awesome episode deepu dearrrr,loved it. ..not boring at all dearrr…we need to know story details n the past of characters shows their personality and here also Raghav’s pure love for arjun n janki shows how hurt was he not getting his love but doesn’t want to happen same for Arjun n he is sponsoring this event for arjun’s love….Janki’s past was bad but now she got true love…all this worthy…raniel convo n ritvik Sam convo were very good…along with ardhika me tooooooooo very excited n waiting for 31st Dec event…keep it up…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads dearrrr

    1. I voted long ago …. Commented also ??

    2. Manmarziyan topped dear… even badtameez dil also good one

  13. Nice

  14. hey deepthi dear I start reading ur story with a fresh mind and if it is boring than we will stop coming here . but the reason for coming is the content is that much potential and interesting. Each and every character is special in its own way. You are surprise but I love the character of janki also. I love the part of arjun and janki convo and offcourse raneil and ritvik part is also very good I enjoyed it a lot
    I read this story from the beginning and connect each and every character dear Its not at all boring truly.

    Love u dear you are truly the bestest you post daily basis and love u so much always do I need to tell u again why . coz of ur nature and offcourse because of ur name that is really very closed to me u know why.
    love u dear by heart
    Keep smiling
    Once a friend always a friend.

  15. ammu vote given dear surely for manmarzyaan

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