Ek kahani (manmarziyan) episode 7


Radhika spelled “1 year, finally it completed”.
Shekar: I know u will be waiting for that day.
Neil: u still remember him radhu. N dad u r encouraging her, even spoiling her. Im sure he would have forgot u by this time. N he would have tried to meet u if he cares for u. He didn’t see ur face also n ur over thinking.
He said in appointing manner.
Radhika n shekar made a sad face at Neil’s comment. Neil saw them both.
Neil: ufff… Plz hide u faces n I can’t them like that.
Radhika: how can I be happy, my faltoos who supports me in everything is not supporting me in the most imp thing of my life… (Sad puppy face)
Neil: offoo…. Okay.. I will support u.. Smile now.

Radhika smiled n hugged him. N he hugged her too.
Neil: but, listen.. If I find anything wrong with him or if he hurts u… I’m not gng to leave him.. First I have to enquire about him, his parents, background etc., everyone then only I will say yes.. Okay???
Shekar(laughed): u dealing like a typical father.
Radhika laughed at his joke. Neil made a face.
Shekar: okay now. Its too late. We have to leave. So chaloo… i forgotto inform u that, this year, im not sponsoring ur concert. Someone got impressed due ur talent n ur intention of concert (donating naa..) n they requested me that they wanna give a helping hand…
Neil: That’s great to hear dad…

Radhu: Yes pa, we wish to meet that kind person n thank him…
Shekar: Mmm… I will arrange meeting after concert. So that u can thank him.. by the way.. i didn’t reveal ur identity to their company.. dont reveal.. okay?? Come.. lets go..
They dropped Radhika at hostel. Hostel gates r closed by that time n watchmen refused to open.
Radhu:pa.. Wat to do now? Whatever, I will manage. U go… Its so far…
Shekar: yaa.. So far neil… Soo far even now..(showing off)
Neil: ya pa… Its some 10 right? 10?
Shekar: yaaa..no..10 or 15..??
Radhu(confused): wat 10 n wat 15?
Neil: woo… Distance.. We r confused whether its 10 or 15… Will u correct us? (Smiling)
Shekar: from here to that house (pointing villa beside 2 houses of boys hostel)
Radhu thought for a while n both observed her. Then she smiled n say ” papa…”
Neil: ya radhu, we shifted..
Shekar: so that I can’t miss my princess..

They all hugged n left to villa….

Here, hamari Ritvik…
Ritvik on bed talking to samrat in Skype.
Ritvik(excited): today was so good…. I love it…
Samrat: ur face itself says that beta.. How is Sam n ur mom.? R they good.?
Ritvik: haa dad, both r same. Actually I slapped Sam today. I didn’t expect such behavior from her.
Samrat: wat she did?
Ritvik: she misbehaved with Radhika…. I ..
Samrat ” Radhika” interrupted.
Ritvik: ya Radhu…. He smiled unknowingly.
Samrat: Radhika became radhu (mischievously), something is gng on, I think.
Ritvik (blushed): dad… But she was so good, innocent n u known she plays guitar really good.
He posed like playing guitar…
Samrat smiled n waved bye.ritvik closed his laptop n leaned on his bed thinking about Radhika.

Now, come to Arjun. He concentration vanished when he looked up into calender which is hanging wall, he smiled at that. He tried calling some number curiously but no response. He waited, Waited, n waited. Finally, he phone ringed n he picking it in its second ring.
Arjun: did got it? Curiously….
What..?? U didn’t get them…. I was idiot to trust u..
He hited his hand in irritation n throwed the phone.
Again his phone rang. Its his dad now.
He lifted it after calming him down.
Arjun: haa dad..

Dad: What happen beta? Everything fine there?
Arjun: haa.. Everything fine dad…
His dad smiled.
Dad: actually, I called to inform u that we organized a concert for poor n ur gng to lead them. He have to be here at sharp 10 in mrng on 31st. N concert is at ni8 n u should present their n manage them.okay? It’s very important n I know u will manage it well.
Arjun face became sad when he heard 31st ni8.
Arjun: Dad… That, I have an imp work on 31st…
He is thinking to say about his jaan.
Dad: (serious) I’m not gng to listen anything from u. Ur gng to attend this project. That’s sure. Meet u on 31st. Byeeeee….

Arjun thought “so many hurdles to meet her. I didn’t get the ticket first n now dad. What to do now.? God, show me the way, pls..(god: search in Google maps, even I use that to locate all lokas) Amma knows that 31st is very imp, can’t she convince dad?” He was restless whole night thinking her. His mind is searching a new way to reach her. I leaned towards window n slowly slipped in her thoughts……

A year back, 31at night:
While city is enjoying, partying n full fun everywhere.
Arjun, fan of music, especially darshan raval.Raj(frd)n arjun r waitiing for akhil. He came finally….
Akhil: sorry arjun.. tickets r finished for darshan’s show…
Arjun: Oh no… disappointed..
Raj: then.. what’s the planning guys…??
Akhil: I heard their is music show in gardens.. if u guys r okay then we will go to that… n easy to get ticket also..
Arjun: No guys.. I’m not interested.. u go…
Raj: come on Aruu… we r gng.. Akhil go n get the tickets..
Arjun had no option.. so agreed…
Akhil went in n came with tickets his hands n said ” Guys, suddenly tickets sale increased yaar.. May be the show was good I think”..

Saying so.. they did towards gardens.. show was already started. Everyone was cheering for them.They can hear the music. It was making everyone to swing to its tune. Arjun smiled listening to the music. They parked the bikes in parking area. They showed tickets n done with security check also. Arjun was in love with the music. Crowd was less. So they 3 moved close to the stage.Till the he heard only the music but now after seeing her, he lost in her. He can see only her eyes. His eyes caught her eyes. He tried hard to break the contact but it’s getting difficult every second. She is playing guitar n dancing like Angel in her ball dress. Everyone shouting, cheering for them n finally welcomed New year.

Arjun was lost in her. The virus which made him difficult to break d5ue contact, started spreading all over his body. He felt like his whole system freezer at once. His body can feel her presence, only her presence throwing the world aside. Show completed. He came to sense when she break eye contact bcuz of her co-star. Suddenly, his system started working. He saw her leaving n thought not to miss her. He runs towards entrance. Raj n Akhil turns n sees increased crowd. They both turns to see Arjun missing.
Arjun ran towards back gate, it’s back side of stage. Security stopped him, telling “sir, u r not allowed to go”.
Arjun: I wanna meet her. It’s important. Please.. He begged.
Security : sorry! They r leaving already sir.. pointing a car.
Arjun can see her leaning towards window in moving car. He thought of running but it’s already out of reach, so dropped his idea..
Akhil,who was searching for Arjun, saw him at back gate staring at empty road. He came to Arjun.
Akhil: Aruuu… u r here.I have been searching for u.what happen? What r u staring at? breathing heavily.
Arjun: Ooo… ladakaaa… pointing empty road..
Akhil: no one their Arjun..
Arjun:Oh no.. I miss her..
Akhil: who??
Arjun: that singer… who performed on stage.. She..
Akhil: Bhai..!! She is a celebrity.. her music was miraculous right.. I never saw a girl playing guitar.. fantastic girl.. but don’t know how she looks… many fans miss her now.. even me… Come lets go…

He pulled Arjun without understanding his feelings..
Arjun requested him to drop at his home… Akhil dropped him n sees him lost…
Akhil: what happen Bhai?
Arjun: I missed her. I wanna meet her….
Akhil: did u see her face? At least her name? No naa.. then how.? U can’t meet her as she is celebrity now. Even if u meet, she will give u autograph that it, not more than that. So forgot her..
Arjun: but, don’t know I think I love her..
Akhil: what?? Many guys love her. U r one among them. She didn’t even notice u, I think, bcuz ur one among 1000’s of her fans… so don’t think too much about that… how can u love her without seeing her face..
Arjun: she saw me… I know she is also eager to meet me.. her hazel eyes itself tells that… He smiled remembering her hazel eyes..,
Akhil moved his head in disgusting manner n left that place waving “good night”…

Arjun’s house:~
Arjun walked into house with lost mind thinking about that dark hazel eyes. Janki, arjun’s mother, who saw him cmng in bike with Akhil through window, came to open the door. Arjun who is lost, stood their in statue form without ringing calling bell. Janki opened the door. She asked him to come in. He didn’t respond. Janki senses something wrong.
Janki: beta… shaking his hands.. He came to sense.
Arjun: haa maa.. when did u open the door? Janki stares him… He thought to divert situation… happy new year maa.. he hugged n kissed her..
Janki: happy new year beta… she kissed her forehead.. Arjun: come.. lets get in..thought he diverted.
Janki: Stop..!! What happen? Y r u upset beta.? I’m ur mom, I can understand everything through ur face itself, just tell beta…
Arjun thought now he can’t hide it.. He hugged her.
Arjun: I met a girl today. I think I love her in first sight.
Janki smiled n said “then y ru upset!! U have to celebrate this moment ( God(shocked): what a maa..!! She is.!! She is encouraging her own son. Janki.!! Can’t u convince my maa to encourage me like you) ”
Arjun: no maa… I missed her in a Nick…
Janki: no problem beta..!! U saw her naa… we will find her…
Arjun (sad): maa..!! I didn’t see her face..

Janki: what??
Arjun make sit on the stairs at entrance. Kept his hands in her hands n started telling about incident, her hazel eyes n his feelings n almost everything. He completed finally. She smiled.
Arjun: now u got it. Y I’m sad.
Janki(pleased smile):U r love is true n lure n I’m sure u will meet her again n ur blossoms.
Arjun: but how maa.. how can I meet her?
Janki thought for a while n smiled.
Janki: u told that she is a singer. So, u can meet her in her next concert.
Arjun: ohh maa… it’s great idea.. but it happens only on 31st night.. so one year… with sad face..
Janki:Can’t u wait for love for just one year…. love is waiting…
He hugged his mom.. n thought ” not 1 year, I will wait whole life for you, love is waiting.” He muttered last few words..

Raghav,Arjun’s dad, who woke up seeing Janki missing, walked out of room in search of Janki, he sees Janki n Arjun speaking n stood there hearing their conversation.

How was today’s episode?? I think it’s big. Due to lack of time I updated small one last time, sorry for that.

Credit to: Deepthi

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