Ek kahani (manmarziyan) episode 6


Hy, my dear buddies. Thanks for ur comments, I didn’t reply due to lack of time, sorryyy. I thought u will bored due to lack of arjun scenes in previous epi. Thanks for ur suggestions n opinions. U guys, can call me deepu too… Sorry, yestrerday didnt end fb…Come.. Let’s get into the story….

A year back….
They both walked on to the stage with Radhika n neil covering their faces expect eyes r exposed. These draw everyones attention towards them. They started their performance.Tickets sales increased suddenly like stack market. Radhu doesn’t wish to reveal their identities.But, these made them more popular. They entertained them all night with their music….
Neil played piano as well as mouthorgan alternately with passion in his olden days style suit….
Radhika danced in her ball dress with gituar in her hands, with no spects n open long hair till her hip..
They both played n danced like prince n princess… Everyones eyes r on the both rock stars only..
But hamari princess eyes was struck at a guy standing down the stage without motion staring her like statue…
Her eyes stuck with him n vice versa.. He smiled at her like glittering moon. Performance ended in next 15 mins n all welcomed new year…..

Audience shouted to reveal their faces… But neil said “sorry dear” n left the stage n pulled Radhika who is still staring at that guy.
Radhika missed him due to neil. She stopped.
Radhu: faltoos, just a sec, let me meet him once.
Neil:who? (Confused)
Radhu: he.. Pointing to audience… But doesn’t find him there… He is there only faltoos said n start searching with her eyes…
Neil: mere radhu! Noone their. Come lets go. There r many reporters outside. We should leave before they spot us…
He pulled her. She moved still her eyes searching for him. Shekar indicated them to into the car. They followed, in few mins, they left the place escaping press n reporters..
Radhika lost in thoughts of that guy…
Car stopped at shekar’s villa, they both got out of it, entered into house, they waited for shekar, neil refreshed but Radhika was lost in her thoughts.
Shekar came with a happy mood n hugged both
Shekar:party time. We got double than what we expected.I donated whole money to sarita. She is very happy. Come on, let’s celebrate mrng stars.
Neil: mrng stars?
Shekar: yaa! Audience n press gave u both these as they don’t know u both.. So my stars.. Let’s enjoy.
Radhika came to sense with shekar pa arrival. N hugged pa saying “thank you”.
Neil: what? This old man just sponsored n ur giving hugs n thanks him instead of me. (Fake anger face)
Radhu turned neil n hugged n kissed his cheek n said “u don’t have right to ask sorry n tq from me” (lovingly) with cute smile n said “love u faltoos”.
Neil replied ” love u too mere radhu” still hugging.
Shekar hugged both n said ” love u both”
They looks like a true family…
Come on let’s celebrate.. They decided… Shekar n neil begging her for permission to drink… She finally approved with condition of only one bottle..

Radhika sat with them at pool with dipping her legs into pool drinking a soft drink n lost in her guy thoughts. She is sad that she missed him. Neil sat on the table beside pool n mixing water, ice cubes n enjoying his drink. Neil gave one glass to shekar. Shekar took his glass sat beside Radhika. He can see her sad face through the light reflection of water falling on her face. She was not bright as always. shekar observed it.
Shekar: what happened radhu? Y r u sad.? I can see something different in our eyes after program. Tell baby. I can’t see u sad.
Radhu: pa.. Ooo.. Guy.. Don’t know, how he disappeared… He was there went I saw but disappeared… (Annoyed face)
Shekar understood. He smiled.he placed his glass beside n completely turned to Radhika.
Shekar: radhu.. Cool beta. So ur r in love?
Radhika lifted her head with puzzled expression.
Radhu: pa… Its not that… (more annoyed)
Shekar(still smiling): now I got it. The change in ur eyes is due to this only.
Radhu: what? I don’t think so pa…
Shekar: u have to. U know that m me n Nisha… He paused… N both turned to neil..

Neil felt its a golden opportunity that busy pa n radhu r talking. So he drank whole bottle n sleep their only.They both see neil sleeping on table.
Shekar(continued): nisha n mine is love marriaage. I fall to her in her very first sight, I mean love at first sight. She too same. After that both proposed each other. We ran off n married. She beared many for me n my love. Her family left her. No one was with her during the birth of neil n I cried that bcuz of me she is bearing every pain. But she simply smiled n said ” U r love is enough, ur my world n I don’t have any other world to care”. I loved her from core but she left me. (Cried bitterly) she gave a big punishment to her pains which I gave to her.
There is few minutes of silence. Shekar is trying to be normal. Finally he broke silence.
Shekar: radhu.. How did u miss him?
Radhika told everything about neil pulling also.
Shekar: u felt like u wanna meet him n see him, right? So ur in love at first sight.
She nodded in no manner.
Radhu: no pa.. I just felt like to meet him only. No love n all those…
Shekar: okay let me ask u few. There r many guys, y only one eyes u caught? Y r u thinking about that guy only since so long? Y r u annoyed for him?
Radhika face is expressionless.
Shekar: I know u can’t answer them. But the answer is u love him. Thats finally n don’t argue with me, I’m so experienced in that. Oka? I’m gng to sleep n pick ur faltoos…
He left letting Radhika to think. She thought” is this love? I’m confused. Whatever I have to meet him anyhow”
She picked neil n placed him on bed… N left to another bedroom n slept in thoughts of him.

Next mrng:
Radhika wakes neil n sekhar n gave them lemonade
Neil left to bathroom. Radhika sat near to shekar who is having lemonade.
Radhika: pa….
Shekar: haa beta…
Radhika: I wanna meet him.
Shekar: but how beta.. Do u know his name or identity..!? No naa.. Then how?
She became sad.
Shekar: may be u can meet him next year.
Radhu: how pa.??
Shekar: ur next performance will be on next year. If he attends that then… Its possible…. If he doesn’t attends then…
Radhu: I’m sure pa. He will attend (with excitement)
Shekar: y r u so sure beta.
Radhu: I felt just like that. His eyes that He is also very curious to meet me. I’m sure he will search a way to reach me.
Shekar: how can read his eyes in very short while..?? (Radhu confused at her own explaination)that’s what called love beta.
Neil(suddenly): stop it pa. Don’t get mad like her. U have seen him just once n saying all love n rubbish. Love at first sight is trash. Don’t spoil her n I’m sure u will forgot him in few days. Even he would have forgot u. So stop ur over thinking.
He left them in shocking state…
Shekar: I’m sure he may change his words someday.
They both laughed each other.
Radhika thought ” 1 year, just 1 year, complete fast, I’m waiting for u”.

That’s it today. Hope u njoyed. Tell me, if u guys r bored of my ff. I thought their will floods of ff in TU but, I’m wrong. I became dull n not updating ff. I’m sad for that.
Have a nice day…..☺☺☺

Credit to: Deepthi

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