Ek kahani (manmarziyan) episode 5


Hy, my dear buddies n mmz fans. Its been long. I guess everyone is eager for ff’s. I think their will floods of ffs today in TU. Even I thought to update big one today. N I forgot wish u all a very happy new year n thinking all might enjoyed. Nagin hero name is Ritvik but it sounds Rittik, clear. Coming to story…

Episode starts with Neil giving flying kisses n Sam watching him from auditorium door n arjun starring Radhika from common window N Ritvik staring Radhika who is dumbly smiling at all.(so many stares na..lol..😜)
Indhu: (to Sam)so handsome na. Y can’t he be my bf. Awww… So sweet to imagine… (Indhu looks like that anchor in comedy nights bachavo)
Sam:shut up.. N thinks he is interesting..N leaves.
Radhika feels someone staring at her n turns see arjun’s back who was just leaving…
Arjun (thinks): I’m familiar with those eyes n he ignored n left.
Radhika pulled Neil’s shirt towards backside of stage, Neil still giving flying kisses to girls. They came outside.
Neil(naughty):Mere radhu.. See my fan following.. I’m getting popular… Woww…. So many girls… All r hotties…
Radhu showed her 32 tooth n hited him.
Radhu: y r u so late, I was so tensed n she continued.. These neil enter into fantasy world with sam n enjoying n smiling looking into sky.
Radhika, who was scolding, observes him n comes near n shouts “faltoossss….”. Neil came to sense.
Neil: y r u shouting? My eardrums will break.what happen.?
Radhu: ur asking me? I have to ask that. What happen? Y r u smiling like that.?
Neil:(smiling): she is so beautiful…. Like angel from heaven… Like goddesses…. Like..
Radhika remembers neil telling this to many girls…
Radhu: stop u r nonsense now. U r flirting with girls on first day itself. God, y u gave me this idiot as Frd…
(God: don’t blame me. I didn’t do anything. By the way, ur not less than him)
Neil: y u blame him?(god:(smiling)correct!) He is really dumb to give a Frd like us. (God(shocked): even u.. Is they r competing to scold me)
They turn there faces in opposite direction n stood..
Radhika turned her head a little with naughty smile at neil showing fake anger, neil observed that n smiled n put his hand around her neck n pulled her.. Radhu laughed…
They both said in union that”god is dumb to give Frd like u”pointing each other n smiles.
(God(disappointed): both r same, never changes, bless u n ur frdship)
They r moving towards parking. Just then they hear someone calling “Miss.Radhika”
Both turns to see its Ritvik…
Neil raised his eyebrows in understood manner when he saw smile on both faces.Ritvik reached them.
Ritvik: hello Miss.Radhika. Ur performance was oosm.. I really loved it. N.. Neil cut off…
Neil: hello, I’m here. Even I performed with her n u r praising only her. If u praise some more, her head weight will increase.
Just Ritvik noticed neil presence due to lost in Radhika.
Ritvik: I mean u both frds rocking, really u guys r fantastic.
Neil: thank you thank you (shyly)
Radhika: thank you sir…
Ritvik: sir..? When u started calling me sir.
Radhika: when u started calling me miss.
Ritvik: ohh.. Okay then I will call u Radhika. N u call me Ritvik.
Radhika: okay sir.. Sorry Ritvik.
Neil was staring both conversation n thinking” Ritvik is handsome, good n rich also n Even he likes Radhika, what if this happens..( imagining radhika n Ritvik with ddlj song in background) n comes sense.
Neil: then what will you call me?
Radhika: as usual, idiot stupid n all those…
Neil stared angrly while Ritvik n Radhika laughed.
Neil showed his 32.. Fake smile..
Ritvik: okay guys. Can I be part of your frdship.
Neil: of course y not? After all u praised me.
Radhika hited him n all 3 laughed.
Ritvik: okay guys see u soon. Small work.
He waved them n left.
Neil stared Ritvik n turned to Radhika.
Neil: what is ur opinion about him?
Radhika(confused): opinion mattlabh?
Neil: he is good, handsome n rich n…
Radhika understood his intention n cut him off.
Radhika: faltoos, now u started again. Plz stop it yaar. Don’t spoil my mood. U know naa 31st is cmng n I’m waiting for that day from 1 year to see him.
Neil(irritated): u still didn’t forgot him. Just stop radhu don’t know whether u can see him again or not but, ur thinking about him..(angry now)
Radhika(hugged him): I’m sorry faltoos n now stop talking about that. Come let’s go. I have to arrange my new room in hostel.
Neil smiled n hugged her n both left to her hostel in scooty.
Radhika stopped at hostel n handed her scooty to neil to reach his home. She expressed her feeling that “she is missing shekar pa, Sarita ma,(who took care of radhu in orphanage) chotu n whole orphanage”. Neil in return smiled n left.

Here Arjun, after leaving library, he started thinking about Radhika. He thought” I felt her eyes r very familiar, I felt like I have see them somewhere”.
Arjun was standing at parking with books in hands leaning n thinking about eyes.
Akhil n yuvi arrived there, they discussing about Radhika n neil performance…
Akhil: she was oosmm.. N that fellow to performed well…
Yuvi: ur right bhai..!! There performance really rocked than all others. I wish I could dance with her holding her like this.( he did u salsa step holding arjun)
Akhil n arjun laughed at him..
Akhil: control yaar, I think that fellow is her bf. So drop ur idea.
Arjun looked up. Yuvi grained in lost manner.
Yuvi: oh no.! Whatever, let’s leave to hostel, before that let’s go to movie.
Arjun nodded in no manner n then said yes seeing their angry stare.
They 3 enjoyed movie n returned to hostel. Its opposite to girls hostel.(hostel head was so intelligent that he guessed that boys r furious to hostel which is opposite to girls hostel. He is absolutely correct).

Girls hostel:
Radhika arranged her room neatly. Few came to meet her due to her frdship with handsome. I mean neil. She chatted with them n became frds fastly with all. It’s almost 9pm. So she moved to her room. She felt lonely as she never slept single. She used sleep with all children in orphanage. She remembers Sarita ma, chotu n children, orphanage, shekar pa n neil. She memorize her day in clg. She lies on bed thinking her day n all.
Suddenly she hears a tune played….
She gets up n sees down from room window. She is happy to see neil playing mouthorgan saying to comedown with his tune…….
Radhika too her guitar n played telling him that ” I will change my dress n come.”
He arjun sitting on study table near window lost in thoughts remembering some eyes n thinking ” what a hazel eyes.!! Get ready jaan. I’m curious to meet you just 2 days.” His thought broke when he heard tune. He looked up out of his window n his eyes struck in opposite window where Radhika was standing holding guitar n playing. He looks down n saw neil playing mouthorgan. He thought “seems to be lovers” N concentrated on his book.

Episode starts with Arjun concentrating his books.
Radhika changed her night wear into blue pant n white kurta. She about to leave the room n remembers Neil warning to ‘remove spects n wear lens. Ur looking like granny in those’. She removed her spects n wore lens. N ran out. She stopped near gate of her hostel. Neil started his bike to near Radhika but he stopped few feets after Radhika near some girl. Radhika hitted her head n thought again he started.
Neil(leaning towards lean): hey beauty, how can I help u angel?
Girl: hi handsome, I need a lift till there.
Neil: sure gorgeous..!! Said pointing to sit.
She did. He wincked at radhika victoriously. Radhika walked upto him n shouted “neil….”
Neil:sorry aunty, there is no space for u.
He smiled like a killer raising his left eyebrow.
A bike with high speed came n halted just beside them, that person is wearing helmet.
Man: would u like to join me for a long drive princess.. N lifted his plam, asking her hand.
Radhika n neil r confused n stared each other.
Radhika nodded in no manner.
He removed his helmet n asked “still no?”
Radhika jumped in joy saying “yes, shekar pa, radhu will never say no to u”.
Shekar: that’s like my princess.
Radhika sat back on sekhar’s bike. Both stared at neil. Now, its radhu turn to go the victory smile n she already gave it.
Neil(makes face): u go with this old man aunty.. I will go with this gorgeous..
Girl: sorry handsome.. My bf is waiting..(pointing a bike halted just now)she waved bye to neil n left.
Neil made a sad face n turned to Radhika.
Shekar n Radhika burst out laughter.
They calmed after few mins. They both stared each other n turned to neil n said in union ” would u like to join us for a long drive”.
Neil: y not. I have to entertain u two oldies.
He parked his bike there n sat back of Radhika pushing her n said “u fato, move little”
Radhika: not fat than ur gf… She laughed.
Neil: which gf.? questioningly..
Radhika: that fato, who fainted with ur blow.
Radhika laughed more loudly, shekar joined her.
Neil: enough of ur laugh old man n go.
He diverted. Shekar started his bike n fasten his bike. They rid fast in night streets like teenage frds with freedom. Its a long drive n they talked, shouted, laughed n all possible things while riding.
They stopped at cliff edge n sang songs, Radhika danced, they laughed out at their jokes, Radhika acted like neil flirting girls n shekar acted like a girl n neil laughed at them. He played mouthorgan n they enjoyed. Shekar smiled wholeheartedly seeing Radhika n neil happy.
Shekar thought” thanks god for giving light to our life in the form Radhika, she made us forgot u,Nisha (shekar’s wife)”, his face is ready to cry.
Radhika n Neil observed him n both hugged him tightly n said radhu “love u pa”; Neil “love u more than Radhika love u”; radhu “no.. I love more”; Neil “I love more n more n more”. They argued.
Shekar laughed at their childish behavior, he remembers they both r fighting in same way in their childhood. Radhu n Neil saw shekar laughed n said in union “finally u laughed”.
Shekar: okay beta.. U remembered that day after tomorrow is 31st, right? .. Unknown smile played on Radhika lips.
Neil noticed it. A bit irriation occupied him. He ignored it.
Neil n radhu: haa pa.. We r prepared for it.
Shekar stared Radhika who lost in her own thoughts.

Flash back:
Sarita,(radhika’s orphanage ma) brought up many children in her career. Everyone choosed their ways n left after grown up. But Radhika was not like that. She wanna give good future to orphans like her. So she need money to donate her home, orphanage. Shekar offered to help her by giving money, but she refused to it. She decided to make money through her passion, music.She asked neil help. They both decided n released an album without revelation of their identity. It rocked n cashed them. She gave it sarita ma. But that money can help them few months only. So, they decided to do a stage performance, but they need a sponsor. They searched but of no use. Finally, shekar offered help as sponsor….

Credit to: Deepthi

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