Ek kahani (manmarziyan) episode 4


Episode starts with Ritvik and Radhika’s shake hand.
Ritvik thinks “she is so simple,beautiful and so much innocence in her face. I like this sort of girls. Hey,Ritvik stop thinking n make ur Frd idiot”. He smiled at her n introduced himself and she introduced her shelf. He thought her as pianist.

Ritvik: ur pianist, right? I love pianists (he loves guitar than piano he thought)
Radhika was about to say something…

Someone came n hugged her from back n kissed on her cheek. Radhika face has no reaction as she know he is her faltoos n our neil. She turned to him. He looked at Ritvik and said “what radhu, u started flirting was this handsome on 1st day itself that too without me.? He is handsome but not than me.ur taste just okay okay”with a naughty smile. Radhu(angry): y r u so late.? I have been waiting for so long n u sleeping like donkey. I’m so scared u know?(dull) Ritvik was somewhat annoyed with closeness thinking they r in love. His heart said no,they r not. But mind said may be,they r.. Y don’t u clarify. So, decided to clarify.

Ritvik:(fake smile)so he is ur love, right?
Neil understood his fake smile and said “yes” to see his face changing colors as he guessed. Radhu smiled at his answer. Neil thought too clear his doubt.
Neil: yes love, every relation has love like hamari frdship n he smiled mischievously.
Ritvik smiled in a relief and gave a shake hand to neil.
Ritvik: I’m ritvik khanna, nice to meet u.
Neil: I’m neil malhotra.
Ritvik: ohh u r son of sekhar malhotra right.?
Neil: yes, but how do u know.
Ritvik: we met in few official meeting.

Just then came a peon n said ” principal sir, its time for meeting” ritvik replied “I’m coming”. He waved them.
Radhu: is he principal.? Upto my knowledge principal will be old,with big tummy n bald head. Be he is handsome n very friendly.
Neil: do u like him?
Radhika made a question mark face. He blinked his left eye n smiled with a lot of naughtiness. She hit him and smiled cutely.

Sam is fuming with anger in corrioder with her frds. Bcuz of this girl, bhai beat me, that too in front of all. I will do something for sure to her.

They hear a announcement in the speakers arranged in the corridor that “all juniors r supposed to come into the CLG auditorium to show there talent, thank u”.
Sam(evil smile): indhu we got an opportunity.. Only seniors n juniors will be present. Its time to insult her in front of all.
Indhu : ur right sam, come let’s go.. N they all started moving towards auditorium.

Arjun n his group heard the announcement… N laughed in joy that its opportunity to meet all fresh faces especially girls..
Akhil: come arjun. Let’s go.
Arjun(uninteresting face): no, I’m not interested.
Yuvi: hey arjun, its a good opportunity to meet junior hotiee n ur saying ur not interested.. So dumb..(sarcastically)
Akhil:hey yuvi, he won’t care about other when he has one.(teasingly)
N arjun blushing hitting him.

Yuvi:ohh sam….(he exclaimed)
Akhil: no yaar.. She is some hazel eyes girl… Even this dumbo doesn’t know but loves her.
Yuvi: wow, r u crazy bhai. Without seeing her.. How.? Don’t know how she looks…
Arjun: I loved her soul not her looks n external stuff, I love her from internally..arjun was cut off by akhil..
Akhil:stop it man, how many times I have to hear this. Almost 1 year. Stop it now. We r gng. U go to library as it is ur fav spot…
They left n arjun left to library which just beside auditorium.

Neil n Radhika r gng towards auditorium. They r confused as they r new. Radhika stands looking in all directions finding any indication. Neil stops suddenly feeling someone his back. He turns n see sam passing by.he felt like World stopped for few seconds. Radhika taps neil to show the indication towards auditorium. Neil comes to sense when Radhika tapped him. He out of excitement jumps n says “radhu, just 1 min, I will be back” he throwed his guitar to radhu n ran. Radhika is confused n thought “may be he found some hottie I think” n walked towards auditorium.

Neil ran to find sam but he didn’t find her. He runs her n there to find but he missed her. He stands there remembering her in her blue shirt n white jeans n continuously smiling. All in the corridor stared him strangely.

Radhika in auditorium:
seniors calling each name for performance. And everyone doing their best. Sam entered auditorium with r group n starts searching for Radhika with dark eyes not leaving inch of the auditorium. She finally spotted her. And walked towards. She was about pull radhu from back. Someone tapped sam,its indhu. She stared indhu irritatingly. She indicated towards door with eyes. Sam turned towards n irritated to she her bhai. She fumingly went off. Ritvik went upon the stage n started.
Ritvik(mike): hy guys, til now principal r not supposed to take part in these sort of things. But from now onwards, I will be part of this. N everyone r here due to there talent towards their passion. Let me see ur talent. Carry on guys. Be comfort n left the stage.
Announced: Radhika, plz come on the stage for ur performance.
Radhika walked towards stage a bit tensed n thinking”where is this faltoos. I can’t start without him.”she smiled n thought to indicate him.

She stand on stage n focus light is on her. Ritvik is curious to see her performance. She placed the piano other side on floor n took guitar from her shoulder. Everyone thought she will play piano, but to all surprise,

She started to play guitar n paused…. Stared for response…
Everyone was curious to her bcuz she became popular due arjun..
She again played the same tune… (Mere nisha starting tune) n paused…
Whole CLG is listening through speakers, even arjun..
Some girls teased her “is this ur talent..”n laughed.. Radhu was annoyed..
Neil comes to sense due to that tune n thinks “what a romantic tune..!!”… He sings tere re raa.. N remembers “oh god..(god:did u call me, neil?) Radhika” n runs towards auditorium.. He doesn’t find way…
Radhika is standing with annoyed face n everyone teasing her, Ritvik worried…
Then neil takes his mouthorgan n plays indicating Radhika that I’m cmng..
Radhika smiles bright n starts playing…. Mere nisha tune..
N mouthorgan joins it…
Everyone was exicted to see who it is…
Neil follows radhika tune n goes on o the stage from backside…
Radhika stops suddenly… N blinks her eyes towards other end of stage…
Another focus light falls on neil who is standing their playing mouthorgan and arranging piano… Then he starts playing mere nishaaaa… With piano..
Finally both starts playing n dancing lightly to tune…..
N focus light is following them… They both sing….

Finally ends up with low tune n stands in position touching their backs… (Somewhat filmy style)….
Everyone was cheering all the time during performance..
Boys thought “she is marvelous, awesome n soo on..”
Girls r falling for neil n cheering for him…
Neil gives flying kisses to girls… (God: enough of ur show off.. Never leaves a situation to flirt girls. If parvati maa knows that I’m seeing him, she scolds me being with sort of boys)…..
Episode ends with arjun staring Radhika from common window of auditorium n library..( don’t think that how Audi n library has same window, just imagine guys)..

Thank you guys for ur comments.. Waiting for ur comments..
Thinking today’s episode was good… Expecting ur opinion towards epi..

New year is cmng naa.. I wanna ask u about ur planning guys..
What’s ur planning buddies..????????

Credit to: Deepthi

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  1. Hyy guys can i join ur manmarziyan family

  2. Hey deepthi,…sorry yaar,..I dinn read your story,….cox of my busy schedule ma,….From Jan First week,..I had exams and Have to write Missing pieces too in between,…So,no time to read any of the stories posted here,…I was longing to read all the stories,..If tym permits,I’ll try yours,nisha’s, shree’s and ameena’s,…

    Happy New year to all the Ardhika Friends and Manmarziyan fans yaar,…

    Deepthi,…Happy new year to you too dear,…

    Geethu,…I saw your comment accidently while I peeped in silently to wish deepthi here….

    I just wanna say one thing to you dear,….Last year 2015 which is a nightmare for me cox I lost many things in my life and found true friends and affection from my parents when i was hurt,…Even,I started watching MMz just to divert myself from my hurtful past,…And this new year welcomed me with severe headache from 1.00AM,..I got relief from my pain after 10.00 Am,…Now M alone in my home as my parents went out,…I din feel bad ma cox I had strong belief that today even my new year started with Headache,..I will achieve all my unsuccessful dreams in this year,..I knew our belief is the strong weapon for us to live,…Dont think you are alone as God is with us and our wishes are with us which are unseen to our eyes,..We just can feel it if and only if We believe it,…

    Sorry for my blabbering,…Bye Deepthi,…Have a nice start this year dear,….Gonna Take rest,…So that i can resume my studies,…

    Happy new year to all,…

    1. Happy new year.. I wish u should get a free time to read my story…tq

  3. yes , renu never ever say you are blabbering dera, this is the place of saying all our hearts dera, and always we are sharing each other hearts

    Love u renu by heart dear. hey i know may be the last year was tough for all of us and for u also I know how and when . but this is a new year new resolutions and govt is also working each and every bit and today is a new morning a new sunrise and new aspirations of all of us also rise with the day and we make it complete dear.

    I want to say so many things but on right time dera I tell it all. love u by heart. keep smiling meri jaan renu. happy new year

    hey anu dear you are already in the family dear. You are already made ur place safer and we love u dear.
    happy new year anu meri jaan.
    we all are sharing each other manmarziyaan with each other in comments in ffs and sometime anywhere. love u by heart and you are an important part dear tight hugs from my side love u .

    keep smiling deareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees happy new year
    love u all
    once a friend always a friend.

    1. Hi nisha Happy New Year

  4. hey anu me too love sd dear i found you there. me too love it a lot and waitinf for next eagerly dear.

  5. hey laxmi happy new year to u too meri jaan. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow moderation time is finished

    abhi toh party shuru hui hai .

    all friend comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  6. Thax nisha luv u tooooooo and how was ur new year dear?

  7. I was little busy today.. So I didn’t see ur comments.. Sorry.. Geethu seems to be alone.. If u feel that ur lonely, then ur really alone.. Throw that thought of alone from ur mind… Ur loneliness vanishes..

    Thank you guys n wish u a very happy new year….. Guess u had a blast today…. Enjoy.. 1st day is not gng to decide ur whole year.. Its just beginning.. Every moment of life lies in our own hands.. Just handle them careful… A very Happy new year to all my buddies…

  8. THANKS for your concern renu,bhavana,lakshmi..
    Sorry that i am feel bad for my dearest person in my life that’s why i tell feel lonly..
    But what to do i am badly miss my sis..
    She died in 2013..till today i control my self for be strong..sometimes i overflow unknowingly..
    Anyways guys sorry if i m bothering all..
    And onemore thing..i m not sentiment..
    UnTill then mysis…
    The correct ex for my courage is ..
    i m liv hply without tensions, and restless or mis my mom..
    Yes..my mom died when i was 2yrs only..till now i nvr mis her..Don’t think bcz of child ..
    i had confident, i can liv without my mom..
    But now i don’t think soo..
    But it also sometime only..
    Anyway sorry for bothering all of u..

  9. Thanks deepthi..i also hpy today..
    if you don’t mind can i ask you one thing..? R u from chennai?.
    Thanks guys.. Once again HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR..

    1. No geethu.. I’m from andhra…. U r really a strong person.. U faced many in ur childhood itself.. I wish u to become more strong to face any problem.. I’m very happy to meet a strong girl… I wish gos shouldn’t test u… Hope u enjoy ur day…

  10. Deepthi wow wow what an episode…I loved it…..amazing…I m really excited for aradhika’s love story as there is also third person ritvik…hmm interesting….and also excited for nesam love story….update soon….ik they will start posting from 4 jan….but plzz try to update on 4 jan….I’m eagerly waiting….

    @Geethu…dear plzzz don’t feel lonely….we all r with u n will be always with you dear….u have suffered a lot….but u r still soo confident and strong….that’s the spirit my girl….and hope god fulfil all ur wishes….love u from all my heart….???

    Happyyyyyy newwww yearrrr guys….may this year treat you well…..cz u all deserve the best….and may god fill ur life with colors of love, happiness and friendship….I LOVE YOU ALL….4ever….????


  11. Yeah, but i m never thought it difficult except my sis..
    By the way i m from pondicherry..
    Nativ is tamilnadu..
    And for other identification lik yhm ishitaa i m also madarasan..yaar..
    Thank ameena..
    And i think i m not that much suffered bcz i m experts in pass tha task given by god ..
    Gud nyt guys..
    All Aradhika fanss..
    And my first fav serial is na bole tumna kuch kha..
    I am watch mmz bcz of agam sharma..from mahabharth as karna..
    And then bcm fan to radhika.. By their tom,jry fight..
    Arjun uncontrollable lv for radhika..

    1. ??????

    2. May god give more strength to u and hope all ur wishes come true in ur future.

  12. Hi guyzzzzz….Anyone here???….we can chat here….

    1. Hi ameena I am happy to see you back……..I hope everything is ok…..

      1. Yesss nisha dear…everything is fine….how r u now??…I saw ur comment on 1 page….u were saying that u r badly injured….hope u r fine dear….tc of urself….love u 4ever….
        One lovee?

  13. ????????
    Husband: I can hardly wait.
    Wife: do you want me to leave?
    Husband: don’t even think about it.
    Wife: Do you love me?
    Husband: of course always have. always will.
    Wife: Have you cheated on me?
    Husband: No. Why are you even asking?
    Wife: will you kiss me?
    Husband: every chance I get!
    Wife: will you hit me?
    Husband: hell no are you crazy
    Wife: Can I trust you?
    Husband: Yes.
    Wife: Darling

    (After marraige: read from bottom to top)

    1. ?????

    2. Lol amu ??..
      This is been shown to every couple in our college, to get them scared… I just donno why ..

      But its fun to read alone.

  14. AMU kya baat hai. i hav read it. from where r getting these.


    1. manha google baba se….google baba ki jai ho…..

  15. I wish TU is always like this in posting comments….

  16. Very nice episode. But who will be the hero, arjun or ritvik?

    1. Have to wait….

      1. Ok, l will wait for that. Or ek bat he, o he-You wrote Sam’s bro’s name is Ritvik (from nagin). But nation’s hero’s name is rittik. I want to know ur answer.

  17. Hi everyone!!!! Sorry for being late … No network ….

    HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! To everyone here … Love you all … Have a great year and may you all reach great heights of success…

    OK I’m hating tu for the past 3 days … Too boring… ??

    Anyways A VERY VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR once again

  18. Sorry, I wrote natin. But it will be nagin.

  19. I’m excited for next episode. Please write quickly.

  20. Awesome, marvellous, outstanding episode, keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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