Ek kahani (manmarziyan) episode 3


Thank you guys for our suggestions and comments. I selected Ritvik from naagin as I watch very few serials and naagin is one among them. And sorry for creating confusion due to previous update I don’t know how to correct it as I noticed it later. I don’t want bore u now. Lets get into to it..

The epi starts with Arjun coming to world after thinking about radhika. He sees Akhil,yuvi and his group laughing.
Arjun: what happened akhil.? All r looking happy.what’s the reason?
Akhil( he winks at yuvi): u r Sam left u. She choosed someone and left you.
Arjun: wow, that was really good news, I wanna give u party now.
Yuvi: what man! Ur happy.?(sarcastically) y r u that much happy.? She loves
u so much and ur happy that she left u. Y don’t u love her. She is rich, hot and daughter of ur principal.wat more u need from a girl.?
Arjun: there is something more than that called heart. Actually, she doesn’t love me, she is in illusion that she loves me.
Akhil: I agree with arjun, yuvi. She doesn’t love him. She just love his popularity and fame. Arjun was silent guy in starting and he grabs all attention with his charming and talent in dance and became hot guy in clg.At first, she didn’t even notice him and after getting popularity she is after him.
Yuvi: but we didn’t have a luck to get ur party yaar.
Arjun confused and finally understand n said then what?
Akhil: somewhat relief matter for u. Piyali(Sam’s mom) resigned and new principal is Sam’s brother. Now see who will support Sam in her doings.
Yuvi: whatever all r from same father and same egoistic.
Akhil exclaimed may be…

Sam is sitting on like mafia don in movies with her group ,Radhika was standing infront of her holding box in her hand tightly.
Sam: so she is Miss Radhika. Not beautiful than me. Did u notice ur attire and face in the before coming to CLG?

Radhika know that this CLG is full of riches and everyone is modern with short skirts n costly tops. She is not interested in this CLG as she is a orphan brought up in a orphanage. The only reason to be here is her faltoos. Yes, she met him in orphanage when he came to give donation with her father,shekar. Shekar is a big businessman with kind heart filled with love, his son was in depression due to his mom’s death until he met Radhu their. Their frd became strong n he became normal due to Radhu. Shekar had very great bond with Radhu, he trust her more than his son and in return she felt like she too had a dad. Shekar n Radhu loves to spend time together in business work. She is expert in presentation and impressing others with her words. These 3 r in irreplaceable love bond. Great relation created by my ganesh..( ganesh: offo.. This written doesn’t know that all r created by Brahma, not me n writing mmz)

Come to present buddies…
Indhu: how can she see. She is blind naa. She is having spects also.
Meanwhile sam pulls radhika aspects n handed to indhu. Radhika tried to take it but indhu throws it to someone. Radhika failed to take it and all girls started laughing at her. Sam turns her from radhika face to hands. Radhu tighten her grip, which is noticed my sam.

Radhika thinks “no, not this.plzz, save someone”.
Sam stares Radhu tense face and says ” what is in you that made
impressed, nothing naa” looking at indhu.
Her group nodded in nothing manner.
Radhika thinking” He.? Who is he? Is he that senior hero. Yes may be he.can she say his name. I’m curious about it”.
Sam: give me that box.
Radhu: mam please not this.
Sam(that words hurt Sam’s ego): give it.(hoarseness in her)
Sam pulled box and pushes radhika. Radhika was about fell then someone catches her with his cold arms to avoid that. Radhika shivered due to his ice cold arms covered her,she lifted her to see him,an unknown face her. Sam looked into him in a recognized manner and a bit tense in her face n it turned into anger again.and she threw the box in her hand. It hited the ground with bang and open.
He make Radhu stand and questioned her r u fine?with his charming eyes.she replied with her hazel eyes.he turned to sam and slapped her. Radhika was shocked with his action (a little harsh slap).
Sam(her hand on her cheek): bhai…(too angry)
(He is ritvik from naagin, ur wish u can imagine ur fav)
Now Radhu double shock hearing ‘bhai’.
Ritvik(serious tone): I’m not here to see this..

Ritvik,Sam’s brother. Sam’s mom,piyali is egoistic like sam. Due to her ego, samarat, piyali husband, left her without divorce. Ritvik is like his father, never supports wrong. After leaving piyali, samarat and ritvik left to foreign. Its been five years. Piyali want to separate samarat and ritvik,so she retired her post and invited ritvik for that. Ritvik declined as he know the motive of his mom but, samrat convinced him to get back reputation lost my college due to piyali interest towards money n to change Sam’s attitude too. He promised his dad and reached india, he decided to stay in hostel n complete his studies in his won CLG.

Ritvik(serious): ragging is to make frds n not to make enemity.get lost.
Sam :bhai.. He raising his hand indicated to go and sam fumes and left.
He turned towards radhika,who was just out of shock.
He smiled at her and stared at her open box. She caught his gaze and turns
Its portable piano wrapped in a decilate silk red cloth.( don’t think how it fit in box, just imagine)

He thought “she might have selected bcuz of these” and closed the box and returned to radhika. She said thanks with lip movement and gesture but no sound.
Ritvik:its okay. I’m ritvik. Nice to meet u.
Radhu: nice to me u too. I’m radhika.
They shake hands…someone is staring at them
Ritvik: so u r pianist. Right.?
Radhu was about to protest but…

Thats it guys.. Next episode will awesome, ?i guess. Wish u will like it.. Waiting for comments..

Credit to: Deepthi

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  1. Nice episode deepthi…hate Sam yaar… How can she hurt our rads really loved Sam’s brother ritvik..pls update next part soon

    1. U remember Sam’s character at starting of mmz. Its resembles somewhat that. I prefer radhika than Sam.

      1. me too..i love radhika’s character..sam is too selfish..love your story btw

  2. Good one deepthi. I really enjoyed it. Plz updt soon.ritvik is so cute:-)

    1. Tq Sasha dear…

  3. Yya juzt luved it deepthi
    Ur just fantabulous
    And olease plesas update the nxt part asap

    1. Wait till tomorrow

  4. Loved it…interesting…amazing…sam’s character is not cool…but I hope neil sprinkle his magic on her sOOn…excited for next episode….keep updating…love u 4ever…???
    One lovee?


    1. Ya Sam’s character is somewhat bad but see its change in further episodes

  5. nice one…Good going

  6. It is just MIND-BLOWING



  7. Nice episode n ritvik character is nice.waiting for next update.

  8. I like rithvik yaar he is cool buddy in all serials wow arjun rithik and neil all r supportingour radz wowwwww just awesome…. hey deepu just chill babes its ok we understand previous update not a plm babes…

    1. Ur comments sounds like Sam is not ur fav..lol.. Just kidding.

      1. Ha ha ha no nothing like that dr…. in our mmz she is cute and nice i like her but my 1st preference is radz only

  9. Update nxt part soon..

    1. Thank u for ur interest

  10. Intersting epd deepthi……sam character so bad but ritvik was handsome guy and poor radhu…..feel so sad and egerly waiting for nxt epd

  11. Den hu is her best frnd, neil?.

    1. Wait n watch dear..??

  12. Don’t feel bad for Sam..??.. We will turn her into good soon.. Tum chintha math kegiyaa..?just joking..

  13. superb. superb. superb. ur writing is too gud dear. it is so interesting. so is this a pentagonal or hexagonal love story. 😉 but i’m so excited for it. well arjun u will get a girl with a heart. don’t worry. our deepthi will make ur wish true. what say deepthi. 😉 ritvik-sam – radz encounter was gud. but what abt our neil yaar. i’m waiting for him to meet radz soon. i’m waiting for next awesome episode. loveee u.

    1. I thought of updating his entry today itself but I thought to reveal it tomorrow.. So wait for tomorrow..

  14. Hey deepthi ur really amazing !!
    U asked me hw I guessed dat ur a telegu !! Now listen u no u used a name faltoos it was actually in a telugu movie oh my friend of siddhart n shruti hassan !!

    But todes epi is really funny yaar !!
    Keep going dr !! Intaki ela unavu ??

    1. Intelligent girl.. Name bagundhi kadhu ani tesukunna..I’m fine..

  15. I really like rithvik’s entry. Nice epi.

    1. Tq.. He is fav so heroic entry…

  16. This is really interesting. Colg life Sam is chasing arjun.
    Different one.keep going
    Then update the next part if it is very exciting .lol.
    Waiting eagerly for next one.

  17. Hey.. Deepthi.. Thanks for choosing my Idea… THANK YOU SO MUCH…!!!

    1. Ur welcome.. Ritvik is my favorite..

  18. Its cool one yar i love rithvik very much

  19. Yayyyeeee….thr is someone who cn shut sams mouth hahahah??…jst loved it yaar…n plzplzplz updt sooonnn cng wait fr othr nxt awsm episd…love u???????

    1. I’m sure ur enemy of Sam…

    2. Hehe nt lyk tht bt i dnt lyk her tht much…in real serial also she ws betwn aradhika..so i dnt lyk her..

  20. Hey deepthi..nice episode..i really lyk dis story…jest have 1 request plz update daily…its really vry vry hard 2 wait….
    Update sooooon…

    1. Thank u… Patience necessary..

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  22. Wowww…awesome dr…mmz always rockss…ritvik is really suitable yaar…luvd the episode….waiting for your next episode

    1. Thank u dear….

  23. hey deepthi sorry for being an late comer here. But how can I will not reach to my dearest friend and her beautiful aradhika story. miss u so much deepthi loved it yaar totally . arjun heart want a girl with a heart and doesn’t accept the love of sam yes somehow resembles the old magical scenes loved it totally yaar. NO wonder , I can see ur manmarziyaan in ur story dear. This is your manmarziyaan in aradhika our beloved pair and its a joy for us to read ur manmarziyaan . Ur arjun and radhika love u deepthi for making us watch ur arjun and radhika . Keep smiling meri jaan.

    Once a friend always a friend.
    Luv u dera. sweetheart always by heart.

  24. Awesome, lovely episode. Loved it very much. Ardhika rocking, ritvik is good too…keep it up, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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