Ek kahani (manmarziyan) episode 23

Episode starts with Avani telling “Mr.Ritvik khanna, we r going to meet after a long time. Last time, u missed my revenge n now u r in India, get ready to face for ur past consequences. U have bear my revenge for rejecting me, the great Avani arora”. She smirked evily.

Sam pulled Ritvik out of bed n both got ready for shopping. Both walked into shopping mall. Sam searched maximum shops where as Ritvik followed calmly. Sam didn’t buy any n it’s been 2hrs. Ritvik got tired n sat on table in mall cafe asked Sam to continue the shopping. She left n he sat their sipping coffee.

Avani reached mall n his PA,Mr.Sharma gave a clean idea about Sam n Ritvik. She passed by Ritvik n smirked at Ritvik, where he didn’t saw her. Avani made a coincidence scene with Sam n both started searching for gift. Avani all the while behaved good with Sam as a part of her plan.
Sam: u know my Bhai is hesitating to propose Radhika..!!
Avani: then I will convince ur bhai for ur happiness.
Sam: ohh wow… u have to convince then, I will introduce Bhai to u,come.
Avani: Is he here..?? (God: congrats,nominated for Oooscar)
Sam: yaa… come.
Ritvik, who is sipping coffee looked up when he heard his sister calling “Bhai..”. Her both hands are filled with bags, he is sure she did shopping for herself too. His gaze shifted to perfect shaped figure at Sam’s right. His mind lost his grip n flowed into past. Flashes of a his clg days in foreign moved like a bitter breeze.
Flashes:A girl(not Avani) with books in her hands standing infront of him n staring him. He is staring her, her cute lovely eyes under spects, beautiful curves of her hair moulding her face. His heart skipped a beat.
His came to sense placing his hand on his chest recalling the skip. N looked his sister approaching him with talking Avani. Again, a moment flashed.
Flash: Avani introducing herself to Ritvik,they both are shaking hands,while Ritvik staring the same girl(imagine pari from meri saasu maa),who is staring him innocently clutching the books to her chest nervously. Next, Avani proposing Ritvik n Ritvik rejecting her n left to India after that.
Both reached him n Sam started where Avani stared him smirking internally. Ritvik got up.
Sam: Bhai.. this is Avani, my Frd. N Avani.. this is my sweet Bhai, Ritvik…
Ritvik forwarded his hand giving a forced fake smile n Avani too forwards her hand, both recalling their first meet. Sam distributed their thoughts telling “I will get a coffee for you”, she hissed “convince my Bhai meanwhile” in Avani’s ears. Avani smiles at Sam’s foolishness. Sam left.
Both sat on table without uttering anything. Ritvik was not comfortable with her company, so he carefully avoid his gaze on her. Finally, she spoke up.
Avani: past is past.. better to leave that.
Ritvik: I don’t know what ur upto. But I’m sure ur upto something.
Avani: y r u speaking like that Ritvik. We met after a long time n ur speaking like that. Sam is my best Frd n she told to convince her brother to propose his gf. So, as a Frd I came to convince u. I wish I couldn’t meet after that incident, but God made it. What can I do.??
She acted with a fake tears which convinced Ritvik a little, seeing his convinced face Avani continued her emotional atyachaar.
Avani: Even though u broke my heart, I convinced myself n became normal. Then, y can’t u be normal. Y can’t we be normal frds like before..?? Friends….?? She forwarded her hand n he hesitatingly gives his but somewhere his sense is saying something wrong is going to happen,which he ignored.
Both smiled at each other acting normal.
Avani: I heard you loved a girl. When r u going to propose.??
Ritvik: soon…
Avani: propose fast, otherwise someone will occupy ur place… she recalled the same girl,she is crying n said”y did u do this to me,Avani.??y.?”Avani smirked n said ” U don’t deserve him”. Avani brushed off her thoughts.
Ritvik smiled wondering why she is so concern about me.

Rest of the day, Nesam discussed about helping his brother in preparation for tomorrow. Ardhika spend their in absence of Nesam. Radhika decided to tell Neil about Arjun. She informed Shekar about her decision of telling Neil, he warned her that Neil is overprotective about you so be careful n tell ur matter in correct time.

Next day, evening:
Ritvik was so curious to express his feelings to Radhika. He is not aware to do when she says NO. He not even thought about that. He took a final look at himself in mirror before leaving, to his surprise, SHE (same girl)flashed infront him. He stood like a statue infront of that while his mind ran into past again, he could see HER crying n running out of his sight,something hits his heart seeing her crying n said to himself “I still didn’t know y she cried n left that day, I wish I would never see her again”,”who is she..??”asked his sister,who is leaning on the door n staring him. He brushed off his thoughts n changed into excited mood again adjusting his blazer. This made Sam ignore her own question n said ” Bhai… u look like handsome businessman but not Romeo..!!”She said with excitement at starting n ended with disappointment. He smiled at her n said “let me be what I am..!!” While Sam rolled her eyes. He took his phone n msged her that he is leaving. He smiled thinking “Y am I running to past frequently? Whatever..!! Ritvik. It’s past, concentrate on your future”,he composed n left.

Arjun n Radhika r in private talks when her phone beeped. She looked at her phone n bites her cheek that she forgot her meeting with Ritvik.She said “okay, bye, see u tomorrow” hurriedly n turned to leave,when Arjun caught her hand n pulled her. She landed on him n he immediately wrapped his another hand around her waist. She hissed “Arjun sir…??” He tightened his grip on her waist now. “Y so hurry.?” “I had a meeting with ritvik” she replied. He loosened her n she smiled at his disappointed face. Arjun spelled ” this Ritvik has become a hurdle of my love story”, she laughed out hearing him, while leaving.

Radhika stepped out of the college. A car arrived n stopped just infront of her. She moved back n looked for a taxi. The driver lowered the window n stared her n said “Mam..R u Miss.Radhika.?if yes, get in. Ritvik sir send me to drop you”. Radhika smiled n nodded yes n got into car. She smiled recalling Arjun. Her mobile beeped.It’s Arjun,who sent a kissing smiley.she thought of calling once n was about to tap dial, then car stopped with a jerk at deserted area n said “Mam, this is ur destination”, she got down n looked around.

It’s dark. Car roared n rushed on the road at her back leaving her alone, actually she is not. It’s a bit cold n cool breeze are rushing our her. She can smell the smell of lavender mixed with roses n sea water smell. She walked few steps n the power of the smell increased.She descended her steps towards the smell n stood when she heard the sound of running water. She closed her eyes feeling the environment around her, completely mesmerized. She opened her eyes when reminisces that Ritvik called her to here but why? He said it’s important matter but y noone here. Questions are running faster than wind in her mind. She took a step, to her surprise, a small red lantern glowed,she smiled n took another step towards that light, then another glowed. She liked it n took 2 more steps forward n now 2 glowed. As she descended her steps towards the first lantern, the other started glowing according to her steps rhythm. She touched the beautiful red lantern n whole lights turned on n the surroundings glowed including her face.

A beautiful white table with 2 white chairs opposite to each other, smell of paneer curry are hitting her nose.Floor is not even due to informal arrangement of stones. Beside the table, few steps away, a small stream n water are running n hitting the stones, which plays an unknown music. She looked around happily not aware of coming storm. The storm arrived with a broad smile in the form of Ritvik.

Radhika gave a surprising look at Ritvik, who is holding a bunch of lillies in his hands. He smelled them n exhaled his tension. He walked to her. Radhika is still in confused state.
Radhika: hi Ritvik. Y did u call me here.? This place was so beautiful. Y is it decorated so, Is any special today.?
Ritvik: speciallll….!!(tensed) ya special but, it’s based on u.
Radhika: what..?? I didn’t get you Ritvik…!!
Ritvik: I wanna tell you something important…. He paused n tried recall cheesy lines which Sam told but he couldn’t…
He closes his eyes to recall, when he gets a flash….

He enters class n sees his frds r busy in giggling at something, he walked them,one of them spelled “Ritvik..” the main fellow in the middle of the gang hides the paper,which they are reading. Ritvik asked “what’s going on..? what is that ur hiding. Let me see” he demanded. “U need some patience to see it” one of them said with a teasing laugh,while others to laughed at ritvik, which made sure that something related to him is happening there. He asked “tell me what’s gng here?” in serious tone. His frd understood the situation n said “chill man..!! it’s a love letter for from unknown, we found it on ur table accidently. that’s it”,” but ritvik.. the poetic lines r really awesome man, these lines itself r expressing how much she love u” said the other.Ritvik was not surprised bcuz its familiar to receive letter n gifts from unknown person. Ritvik stretched his hand in a way ordering them to give. “ lemme read it ritvik. I read only half, let me complete,its really awesome” said his frd, while ritvik nodded his head in NO. he is sure that his frds gng to read it at any cost. After a few tries to get the letter, he let them to read. His frd started reading it loudly:


My heart to you is given;
Oh, do give yours to me;
we’ll lock them up together, And throw away the key.
Finally, I love you for ever and ever.

From the person
one who loves you forever.

Ritvik’s frd ended reading the letter. Everyone praised the letter,while ritvik snatched the letter from him n walked out of class. He sat on bench in garden clutching the letter. He took another letter n started reading it. He read it more than 50 times after he received it. He heard someone calling “RITVIK..” ,its radhika,he came to sense n opened his eyes. He bends down n closes his eyes… he recalls what he read few years back in that letter n started spelling….

Without you, I’m nothing;
With you, I’m something;
Together, we’re everything;
I promise to be your strength whenever you fall weak;
I promise to be your voice when you cant find the words;
Finally, I love you for ever n ever.

He opened his eyes n sees radhika had tears in her eyes n she was freezed due to shock. Ritvik was unable to talk seeing radhika in tears. After few seconds, Ritvik spoke.
Ritvik: Radhika..I know it’s so sudden, u can take ur own time n answer me… I will wait howw.. He was cut off Radhika.
Radhika: waiting is not necessary Ritvik. I have already decided. Ritvik smiled a little.
Ritvik: Radhika.. that… Radhika lifts her hand indicating to stop. He stopped.
Radhika: I’m in love with Arjun. We met in concert a year back n… she stopped seeing Ritvik in tears, both looking at each other n turned opposite feeling uncomfortable
Finally, Ritvik unlocked his car n walked to his car without looking at Radhika. He left.
Radhika was hurt. She felt guilt for hurting Ritvik. Ritvik was her bestie n she don’t want lose a Frd like him. He is the very next person,who Radhika trusts after Neil n Arjun. Thoughts are running,when a car arrived. Radhika understood that it is sent by Ritvik n is about to sit when, another car arrived. The same driver,who dropped before. Radhika was confused then, another driver said “Radhika mam..!! Arjun sir sent this car”, Radhika was more confused n looked into her phone to call Arjun. To her shock, it’s on call with Arjun. She places the phone near her ear.
Radhika: hello….!! Her voice is not clear bcuz of tears.
Arjun: Radhika…don’t cry. Relax. Driver will drop you at home safely.
Radhika: u heard what Ritvik…she is uttering words with a gap.
Arjun: Radhika… don’t cry my baby,go home n sleep. I trust you a lot. N I don’t want to see ur crying face tomorrow morning. U will get dark circles n u look old with them. My image will get damaged… Radhika laughs a little…. now,come on, get in the car, see you tomorrow… He gives kiss (in phone only,don’t imagine too much)okay,bye.
Radhika: Arjun sir…one second..
Arjun: what..???
Radhika: I….I love you…
Arjun(blushing): u know my answer too… both ended the call.
Radhika to herself” thank you god ..!! U gave such a understanding person to me. Thank you Arjun sir, for being with me in tough times”.

Sorry guys… I didn’t get time to write.n thank you for ur comments. Thank you to silent readers for commenting n reading my ff.Thanks to rishi, nikki, rosie, devga, lara n abha. N all others are not new to me, I always wait for ur comments.I’m bit busy these days. I think you guys will understand.

I didn’t decide the name of that girl I mentioned in the story. I thought of taking any readers names but they are big to type. I thought to take pari or Tara as her name. What do you say..??

Their gonna be a twist in story. Please wait for that. Thank you n good night…!!

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