Ek kahani (manmarziyan) episode 21

Episode starts with Arjun n Radhika leaving in car. Arjun observed Radhika in thoughts.

Arjun: what happen..? Y r u thinking so much..??
Radhika: nothing Arjun sir..!! It’s about Neil.
Arjun: what are you thinking about Neil.??
Radhika: I’m scared.
Arjun: scared..?? But why..??
Radhika: he doesn’t have trust in love Arjun sir, he is so disgusting. She narrates Neil’s past to Arjun.
Arjun(smiled): u r wrong, he is scared of losing his love like his dad. So, he is hiding that love n saying that he don’t love anyone to world. I’m sure he loves Sam.
Radhika: but how.?? He said he don’t love her.
Arjun: he is just covering his feelings due to fear. Make him spell the beans, like I did.
Radhika: it’s not that easy. It’s difficult to make him admit something.
Arjun: I have an idea, but sounds weird. He explains, Radhika nods hesitatingly. Arjun drops Radhika at home n leaves.

Radhika walks into home n meets Shekar. She explains what happened n her plan too. They both walk to Neil’s room n tries to open it but it’s closed from inside. So, they both try see from key hole. Pushing each other. He is crying
Radhika(hissing): pa, let me see naa..!!
Shekar: radhu.. chup naa.. I’m seeing naa..
Radhika: atleast tell what he is doing..??
Shekar: Vo… doing something. Radhika rolled her eyes.
Shekar: go.. go… He is coming to open door..!! Both run.

Neil opens the door n sees radhika n shekar sitting on table near pool. to his surprise,shekar is drinking n radhika didn’t protest n even she is preparing another glass. he is surprised thinking ” Is she goning to drink now..??” he ran to them.
Neil: radhika…. what r u dng..?? pointing to drink in her hand.
radhika: drink..??? this is for u..!!
neil: no..i dont want to drink now.
shekar: seems ur missing golden opportunity. radhika: then we will drink…!! u go, we will enjoy..!!
neil: what u will enjoy without me..???
shekar: u said u dont want, so we will enjoy..!! he says cheers to radhika.
neil: okay..!! give me my glass..!!
radhika: here,it is. radhika gives his glass. radhika is drinking diet coke.All 3 say “CHEERS..” n drinks. shekar n radhika observes neil from corner of eyes pretending as drinking.shekar n radhika makes him drink a little more.

Neil starts drinking in a rage of forgetting sam, where his thoughts are filled with sam only. She is rolling all around in his mind. Tears were rolling down his eyes, radhika was unable to see him like that. Till now, he controlled them but now, even they lost control n ran out of his eyes.Radhika holds his hand, which he forwarded his hands to get hold on another glass of wine, saying “enough..!!”it’s already more”,”no..!! I need it. I wanna forgot hear, she is my mind, leave it radhu”replied neil.”its not the sloution”said radhika sharply.”then,what..??”shooted neil immediately in half drunken state. “u love her,right?then, y is she in u r brain.?” asked radhika ignored shekar n implementing arjun’s idea. “who said that, I don’t love her.? I love her“ said neil swinging the empty glass in his hand in different direction. Radhika smiled immediately at his answer, she opened her mouth to shoot another,when he indicated to stop with in his glass. He tried to drink few droplets left in the glass n continued “I love her, but I don’t want to love her, I’m scared radhu,I’m scared. I have seen dad in pain when lost her, if it happens for me, I can’t bear it radhu, I’m not strong like him”, saying this he blinked his eyes vigorously n slept on the table pushing the glasses with his both hands. Radhika turned n saw dull face of shekar. He got to leave to his room n shopped hearing radhika,”stop blaming yourself pa..!! its time to realize the situation n move forward” she paused a while n shekar turned to face her,”neil is in love pa, we have to make his realise its importance in life” ended radhika. Shekar said “Ur right beta, im blessed to have you in our lives, who always supports us in weak times. Thank you, is only word I have now”,”I guess this word never comes in our conversation” said Radhika remembering arjun’s words. He smiled but a bit sadly n left room without uttering anymore.

She looked at sleeping Neil n lifted him. She made him walk but he mumbled something in that drunken state which is not clear. She covered with blanket n say beside caressesing his forehead. She slowly slipped into her past. She cried at night feeling lonely, she covered her feelings infront of Sarita maa n acted. Radhika is elder in orphanage among children so she started taking care of others thinking it’s family n she can never get her family back. Then, entered Neil into her life. When she found him, he was like a lifeless body,she found that he lost her mother so he became like that, both became frds, their bonding turned everything, she gave him a motherly love. She felt like she found another family,she forgets that she missed her family. Their frdship started their now here it is. She turned to Neil n said “I’m sorry faltoos..!! To make you drink but it’s for you only. U gave me many in my life, now, it’s my turn to return ur favour”. She left closing door smoothly.

As usual, all reached clg. Ritvik,who is aware of situation of her sister’s situation, didn’t bothered her due his hurry in work. Radhika left Neil,who was dull due to last night, he is not aware what’s happened, but can feel something is fishy. Radhika searched for Sam everywhere n found her somewhere isolated part of clg. She is crying. Radhika walked to her n patted her shoulder. She looked at Radhika once n ignored. Radhika can easily say that she is crying from, long may be from last night.
Radhika: Sam…I’m sorry on Neil’s behalf.
Sam: not necessary Radhika.. He said what he felt.. I’m fool to mistook him that he loves me.
Radhika: no Sam.. ur mistaken, he loves you, true..!! Sam stared Radhika. Yes..!! He loves you but scared of losing u..!! She narrated Neil’s worry n said “he loves you so much that he is scared of leaving you..trust me, I will unite you both,promise”.
Sam smiled n hugged Radhika n said “thank you Radhika, thank you so much”.
Radhika: it’s not necessary, I’m doing this for my frd.

Radhika walked here n there, thinking something seriously. Arjun observed her, she is looking down,then biting her nails, then hitting the tree beside her. He smiled at her behaviour. He walked n stood infront of her, she collides with him.Radhika gives annoyed expression n continues walked here n there ignoring Arjun. He held her arms.
Arjun: what happen…??
Radhika: Neil loves Sam..!!
Arjun: wow…!! That’s great news..!!
Radhika: I promised Sam in filmy style that I will unite them but how..?? How arjun sir..?? He thought for a while.
Arjun: make them talk privately.!! Their May be chances of bursting out his feelings, as love can’t hidden long.
Radhika: wow.. that’s good idea, Neil is short temper sometimes, he will surely burst out if he gets irritated.

Radhika n Arjun are in classroom. Radhika called Neil n said “help me..!!faltoos,help..!!I’m in classroom” worried voice n ended the call. Neil,who got worried ran to the classroom n found Arjun standing there. Neil asked “where is Radhika..??” Arjun indicated the door connected to another room. He without thinking anymore ran into that room n found Sam. He turned back to leave but saw Radhika closing door.
Neil: Radhu.. open the door, what’s is this childishness.?
Radhika: sorry faltoos…talk to Sam,please open up ur heart which u did last night.it’s difficult to get loved ones, don’t loss her with ur foolishness. It pains to stay away from loved ones, when they are around us.
Neil closed his eyes hearing Radhika.

He opened his eyes when he felt a hand on his shoulder, he opened n found a blur vision due to moisture occupied his eyes. He doesn’t have guts to turn, as he is sure that he will burst out his emotions,he is sure that he would confess. He stood like a statue without responding. Then, sam started with a lot of pain in her voice.

Sam: neil… I love u, I love so much…!! I know that even u love me a lot. Please, tell me once that u love me…please.. I can bear ur silence,its paining from inside. I promise u that I will never leave u, please, admit once that u love me…!! Saying this caught his shoulder n wiped bitterly, she slowly slipped from his shoulder, due to weakness of crying whole night n having no food. She falls on floor felling little giddy. He suddenly caught hold her n asked “sam..!! r u okay..?? sam”.
Sam: im okay, just feeling little giddy. Tell me. Don’t u love me..??
Neil: how cant I love u..!! im sorry, I made u cry.
Sam(smiles): I didn’t expect this from u..!!
Neil: I love u, I promise that I will never let u cry. Promise me.. that u will never leave me..!!
Sam: I promise u neil that I will never leave u… said sam placing her hand in neil’s . he kissed her hand gently n holds it on his cheek softly.
Neil: I never thought that ur gangajal will make me confess so easily..!! he said in teasing tone. She hits him playfully. Both sits down on floor leaning to wall, supporting their heads on each other n caresses each other hands.
Radhika turned towards after closing door. She without noticing shouted in excitement that “ now everything will be perfect”. She heard a door knob sound n turned to at the door she locked n found nothing. She heard it again n turned to arjun closing the classroom door, which they are in. she stared him approaching her n felt goosebumps all over the body due to the heat nearing her. She stared directly into his eyes n found a naughty answer. She looked here n there to behave innocent but failed.
Radhika: arjun sir..!! this classroom is good naa..?? trying to divert. He leaned completely on her,making feel his hot air on her. She turned her face to right to avoid the scene to go out of control, due to her stare.

Arjun: I don’t know why girls try to ran from romantic, even though they love it. She stared him coldly. He moved more close n she turned her head to left closing her eyes. He smiled n kissed her cheek n earshell , which increased radhika’s adrenaline secretion. She turned her head allowing him to kiss her. He pressed his body all over her to kiss n he did it. He crossed his fingers with hers n clutched his hand. He can feel his intensity on her by her clutching. He was getting deep, when door knocked. She pushed him due this n composed herself.
Neil: radhika.. arjun… open the door yaar..!! he shouted. Radhika can hear happiness in his voice n felt arjun’s plan worked.
Arjun: neil… bhai..!! wont u let me story continue..?? said sarcastically with sad voice, where radhika chuckled at arjun. Arjun made a angry face n radhika said please with her beautiful eyes. radhika opened the found them smiling at each other, which made radhika relief.

sorry guys..!! i was in a mood to update today but mood off after watching sanam re, i hate sad ending so i switched to sanam teri kasam, even that turned more sad ending. sorry for short update.
thanks for commenting my lovely silent readers…abi”ya, niharika, brin, pankhuri and others too.. i got used to all other names so i didnt mention a special thanks for u guys..!!
niharika: seems u r younger than all of us. but im happy, even my frd name is niharika.
feby: yaaa..!! even, i felt the same. many 12th zayn, pankhuri. sorry, i dont know about others.
shree n harani: thank u guys for u concern.
pankhuri: all the best.
zayn: science stream naa…so, aipmt n all those medical entrance, i will write.
manha: love u manha… u r song really made my day. thank u sooo much.
brin: thank u
abi”ya:thank u for commenting..!!

i’m feeling sleepy,so bye. all the best guys for ur respective exams n all the best for myself. surprise will be waiting for u in further episodes. i was looking for few guys comments but didnt found them but im sure they have read my story. i think they didnt comment due to lack of time.

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