Ek kahani (manmarziyan) episode 20

Episode begins with radhika receiving msg from ritvik that he is coming to orphanage. Trio reaches orphanage n radhika introduces her frds to Ritvik. All spends time together. Radhika n Neil plays with children, where Ritvik stares her n thinks such a sweet girl. He keeps staring her all the while n wonders that how can she maintain such a sweet bond with all. Trio returns home at the end of the day happily. Ritvik is sitting n smiling being in thoughts of radhika n his day at orphan. Sam,who thinks whole day n decides that she loves Neil. She decided to express it to Neil. She runs into her brother’s room to tell about this but stops seeing him like that. She slowly walks towards Ritvik n shouts “Bhai….” in his ears. He comes to sense n gets shocked.
Ritvik: y r u shouting Sam…???
Sam: bcuz ur unable to hear…!! Seems someone is also in ur dreams Bhai…!! I thought of telling that, I’m going to propose Neil soon, but now.. have to ask who is in my Bhai’s dreams…!!
Ritvik: Wowww… u r going to propose..that’s great…!!
Sam(showing her 32): enough of ur diverting, now tell me who is she..??
Ritvik: u know her, she is Radhika…
Sam: Ohhh…!! She.. that junior right..?? I heard that she is so sweet, good nice selection..!! When are you going to express your feelings…??
Ritvik: not yet decided but soon…!! So tell me when ur going to propose him..???
Sam: I thought of telling tomorrow but tomorrow is fest naa… so changed to day after tomorrow.
Ritvik kissed her forehead n both left to sleep.

Next day morning:
Fest started n college surroundings were full on masti swing. Radhika was feeling strange as it’s day she going to be with Arjun after knowing about each other. Arjun was also excitement to see her today. Neil was occupied with Sam’s thoughts, not completely but mostly. He decided to ignore her thinking that she is one among other girls he flirt. Sam was thinking about Neil, their moments. All leave to college. Performance was going by some other students. Sam was with her gang. Radhika n Neil arrived n stood up watching performance. Radhika was searching for Arjun n Neil saw Sam but ignored, she was disturbed by his behaviour. Arjun too came n searched her n found finally. He can clearly say that she is searching for him. He smiles n purposefully bang his shoulder with hers n passes by. Her eyes turn big seeing him then turned into fake anger, but he loved it. They declared salsa is next performance, who are participating should be on stage. Spot lights falls on 6 corners of stage. All stand in their position. Sam n Neil under one n Arjun n Radhika under other spotlight. Another spotlight falls in middle of stage n host stands there.
Host: Are you guys thinking that I’m going to dance..?? No.. not at all…. lemme clear you.. this salsa is competition, right..?? Let me explain the competition, here 6 pairs are under their spotlight, this 7th spotlight is special bcuz while this couples are dancing, voting happens by audience, based on voting we will announce couple names after every minute, so they have move to this spotlight from their place while dancing. We will calculate the time n declare the winner. Okay now, let’s start. Audience start voting ur best couple.

All start danced according to the beautiful romantic rhythm. Everyone was dancing beautifully in their own manner. Sam was staring into his eyes, even he did the same. He twirled her n lifted her in salsa manner romantically. He slowly lost in her eyes, which was distributed by host announcing their names. He slowly twirled her n stepped towards spotlight n pulled her towards him, while she is still twirling. With the pull, she jerked from her twirl n banged to him n caught a tight hold on his shirt, they lost for a while. Then, rhythm changed n they came to sense. He placed his hands on her waist n continued his dance, making all feel that bang is also a dance step.

Arjun n Radhika had a awkward moment when they started. Both are uncomfortable, they are trying to escape from stare. Arjun understands her uncomfortably n decides to comfort her. He tightens his grip on waist, which reluctantly lying till now. He pulls her closer n caught her escaping eyes, he slowly banged his head with her,which made her look into his eyes, both foreheads are touching n then said Arjun,” don’t you have a dare to look into my eyes, u r scared”, she replied “yes.. I’m scared that I may lost in them”, Radhika blushes n Arjun smiles saying “it will happen one day or the other, as ur mine forever, let it be that one day is today”. She blushed into his eyes. Now, their dance turned romantic with blossoming chemistry.

They come to sense when the couple beside tells “Arjun go to the spotlight, they have announcing 3rd time”. They realize the situation n move towards spotlight smiling at the situation Arjun “better you avoid ur eyes bcuz it’s going have a great effect on me..!!” Said softly,which made radhika blush more,which also made the salsa more beautiful n romantic.

Neil n Sam moved their place, where Sam stared him lovingly. Neil, who reciprocating her came out of that when her hands tighten the grip on his shoulders.He remembers his words in the mall “avoid her”. He starts dancing normally, he doesn’t dance with feel which he danced before. Sam, who was enjoying till now, was disturbed again. She tries to get normal that doesn’t happens.

Here, Arjun n Radhika dancing too. Few couples changed to spotlight after Ardhika but finally, Ardhika was again called on to the spotlight n performance ends. Host declares Ardhika as winner, while Ardhika smiled at each other. Fest ended n everyone starts to leave. Some senior grabbed their attention.
Senior: Excuse me guys…!! Today’s fest is so formal n we didn’t enjoy that much. So, we decided to have a party tonight. So, all juniors n seniors are invited, be sharp at 8pm. Thank you.. n He left.

Arjun decided to spend some time with Radhika. Radhika is not as much interested in these sort of parties but she is sure that Neil will force her attend, so she has to attend. Neil decided to attend party even though he is not in a mood, he decides to avoid Sam completely n forgot her. Sam, who is affected by Neil avoiding her, decides to comfront him.

Arjun at home, his phone buzzed n it’s msg from Raghav. It read “Aruu beta..!! Be in office by next hour,it’s important meeting.” Arjun got ready n left to office. As he entered, his PA arrived.
PA :good morning sir..!!
Arjun: hmm..good morning..!!
PA: dad asked you to wait in ur cabin.
Arjun: but dad said it’s meeting..??
PA:it’s in ur cabin only sir..!!
Arjun: meeting in my cabin..?? Strange… it always happen in conference room. Okay I’m going to my cabin,get some coffee.
He left to cabin. He sees his cabin door is opened which is not usual. He stepped into cabin n found a girl sitting on couch, he confused n shouted “PA..??”. That girl turned to him n smiled. His PA came.
Arjun:who is this girl in my cabin.???
PA: sir told her to be in ur cabinb she is the, one whom u have to meet sir..!! He left without uttering any word. Arjun gave a “WHAT”expression.
Girl: hy…!! I’m Avani..!!I’m daughter of Mr.Ankush, Shinee group MD. Arjun’s tubelight after listening shinee. He understood his father intention n don’t want spoil his dad’s name. So, stretched his hand reluctantly.
Arjun: hello.. I’m Arjun Mehra…!!
Avani: nice to meet you..!!
Arjun: u too..!!!
Avani: Do you know why we met..??
Arjun: Even, you know that..!!
Avani: fine..!! Seems ur not interested..??
Arjun: just for dad…!!
Avani: even I..!! Arjun relieved that even she is not interested. So, both talked formally, n bit friendly. While leaving, she said “We can be friends, where further decision is in our hands only,okay bye..see you soon”.
Arjun uninterestedly went home n decided to inform his dad before he took big decision.

Evening,8pm, party:
Radhika n Neil arrived as usual together. She was looking good as usual but somewhere gave some touch ups to her dressing, hair style n makeup too, to please him. She is wearing sleeveless bright red top which is just reaches her hip n black pant which is a little after knees n her hair is straight n long which has curves at ends. Neil had a party look with his stunning coolness. He is wearing red shirt n black blazer. Both had a habit wearing same colors on any occasion like parties to make others jealous of their friendship. Both sat on bar counter.

Sam walked in with her white top which is exposing her waist n bright blue long frock like bottom.(same dress she wore in party,which Piyali arranged). Arjun arrived with white formal n black pant. Simple formals is enough to give a dashing look for him.

All r at party enjoying, dancing,chatting n even drinking. Neil saw Sam coming towards him n took pooja’s hands,who was sitting beside Radhika, to dance. He didn’t gave opportunity to pooja to refuse as he grabbed her arms n walked to dance floor n starts dancing, he stares her n she stares him angrily n leaves. Radhika,who is seeing this thinks ” y faltoos is avoiding her purposefully..?!” Their is something fishy,I have to find out.?” She turned right feeling cool breeze n sees Arjun sitting beside her. He is looking around dance floor. She placed her hands under her chin n stared him directly.
Arjun: don’t see like that, I can’t melt anymore as I already melted completely…!! She blushed looking down. He stood up n stretched his hand n asked “Will you dance with me.?”
Radhika was about to speak,when both heard “No..”. Both turns n heard Neil,who is dancing with pooja.
Neil: no..!! She don’t dance with anyone especially in parties..She is a bit reserved…. He shouted through the loud music, still doing a boring step with pooja.
Arjun turned to Radhika n she nodded in yes manner making a pleased face.
Arjun:it’s okay, even I decided to dance with my better half only… n sat beside her.

Sam sat a bit far from Radhika in another counter single, while her frds her dancing with random boys. Neil n pooja dancing when Akhil slipped into between them facing Neil n said ” She is mine, go n search ur own”. He turned to pooja n got hold of her hands leaving Neil. They both moved from their n Neil stared them helplessly. Sam burst out in laugh which angered Neil. He looked around n found everyone having their own partner. Sam winked at Neil with evil smile, she is sure that he will ask her now. While Neil don’t want to lose, he walked to Radhika n caught her hand n pulled her towards dance floor with him. Arjun was confused by his sudden behaviour.Neil n Radhika dancing.
Radhika: what happen..?? Y u pulled me suddenly..?? U know I don’t dance in parties right.?? Then..??
Neil: no problem… do you want ur Frd to loss.??
Radhika:no..but, Arjun might feel bad, he asked n I refused naa…!!
Neil: y u think about him..?? He is just frd naa… lite..
Then Radhika realizes that she didn’t tell about Arjun to Neil. She sees Neil winking at someone n turns n sees.it’s Sam. She is surprised n think “Now, I’m sure there is something going on between them. Y is he avoiding her.?? Did faltoos love her n avoiding her bcuz of that or she loves him, whatever, I have to get them close to know the reason..!!”
Radhika: one second..!! She excuses n runs towards Arjun n says something in arjun’s ear. Then come back n dances with Neil.
Arjun walks Sam n forwards her hands. She looks at Neil n gives her hand. Both starts dancing near Neil n Radhika. Radhika winks at Arjun. Arjun pushes Sam as dance step n radhika keeps her leg, Sam slips n Neil catches her. Radhika smiles n moves towards Arjun n he holds n both dance. Neil lifts her n sees Radhika dancing with Arjun, while Ardhika acts as ignoring him. Sam hold his hand n both dance while he dances looking here n there. Sam gets irked.
Sam: y r u avoiding me..??angry.
Neil: I’m not avoiding you…
Sam: then why you didn’t talk to me from morning..
Neil: what’s the necessary of talking…??
Sam: u don’t talk until you feel it’s necessary.Okay, leave it. Don’t u get effected when I do the same..??
Neil: y will I … tell me y r u getting effected..??
Sam: bcuz… I love you…!! Neil shocked n Ardhika stops dancing listening this n stares them.
Neil: but I don’t love anyone…!! He said flatly leaving her hands. He turns to Radhika n says “I’m leaving, what about you..??” “I will drop her safely” said Arjun instantly.Radhika could see tears in his eyes n pain in his voice.He left.

Sam stood like statue at hearing Neil. She runs crying from party while Radhika tries to follow but fails as she leaves in her car. Arjun came following her. Radhika stood there thinking.
Arjun: shall I drop you..?? U need to console ur frd…!!
Radhika: no…. let him think about it in alone… Then only I can do something..!!
Arjun: u go inside, I will come in while. He said n she left into party.

Akhil calls Arjun.
Arjun: haa Bhai…?!
Akhil: Aruu…. come in to the party, we r playing game…!!
Arjun: game…?? R u guys r kids.???
Akhil: chup..!!n come, it’s interesting..??
Arjun: Okay said uninterestingly. He walks into party n sees Radhika sitting n staring at vodka glass without blinking her eyes.
Arjun: Y is she staring vodka like that..?? Did she drank or what..?? He runs towards her n she turns n sees him.
Arjun: anything wrong..?? Y r u staring it like that..??
Radhika: I felt like I wanna drink it once.
Arjun: then drink..!!
Radhika: but their is nothing special to drink it. I have seen in movies that ppl speak truth n behave weird when they drink, Is it true..??
Arjun: haa…yaa, they will (moves closer) y don’t u drink..!! I wanna see how much you love me..??
Radhika: if I do something weird then….??
Arjun: no problem… I will manage..!!
Radhika(hits him): not necessary, how can I drink publicly. I will try it with my best half only privately….She stretched the last words, he smiling hearing the last few words..!!
Arjun: Okay…I’m ready (moving more closer) what about you…??Just then his phone rings, he bangs his seeing Akhil’s name,while radhika laughs. He cuts the call n says “come Radhika.. this fellow is eating my brain…!!” Both walks out from their n lands near Akhil.
Akhil, pooja, Yuvi n few boys n girls are around table n spinning bottle. Akhil sees Arjun n Radhika.
Akhil: come on Arjun.. join us.
Arjun: what..?? This true n dare..??
Akhil: no..!! Dare or serve..!!
Arjun: what…???
Akhil: Okay… I will explain. One will spin bottle, who gets neck of bottle will ask to do anything to the person who got bottom, if they can’t do, they have to serve n do their work whole day tomorrow, shouldn’t refuse.
Saying that he pulls both Ardhika forcibly n game starts. After few spins, it’s stops between Arjun n Akhil. Akhil smiles victorously at Arjun n say “U r my Aruu naa.. so easy one,propose any girl here” Arjun stares Radhika,Akhil sees this n says “no no… propose imagining ur girl, okay start.”
Arjun stood n imagines radhika. He holds her hands n moves closer n say “I didn’t declare to world officially that ur mine.Will you allow me declare to this world that ur mine…??” Radhika smiles. Akhil says to Radhika “ur boy seems so unromantic”. She smiles, she is out of world at his proposal.
Akhil: what’s this Bhai…??? Is this called proposal..??
Arjun: yup…!! She know that I love her n I know that she loves me too, I love you is to express our feelings, when she knows about my feelings n vice versa, then y to say., instead I have to say this to world,who doesn’t know.
Akhil: ufff… leave it, I can’t attend ur class now, come on spin..!!
Now, it stops between Radhika m some boy, he thinks n says “u have to drink this bottle of vodka..!!” He said keeping a Palm length bottle. She stares Arjun tensely. Arjun gets up shaking table n bottle falls n broke.Radhika smiled.
Boy: Ohhh….it broke, okay no problem, I will get another one..!! He gets up.
Arjun: no problem..!! U sit, I will get it. He walked to counter n brought another. Radhika was worried n Arjun indicates that “I’m their naa..” She takes bottle n takes one sip. All stares her excitedly. She sees bottle once more n lifts it to drink n puts down after completing whole bottle. All r surprised n shocked. She says “it’s….. tasty..!!” with drunken voice. She catches her hand feeling giddy.
Arjun: Okay..!! I will take her home, it’s not good to stay after this much..!!
He hold her hands n lifted her softly holding her shoulder. She briskly walks. They walks to parking area. Holding her closely.
Arjun: U r too good actor..!!
Radhika: thanks for replacing vodka with water..!!
Arjun: I guess this word never comes in our conversation. She smiles. He gets mesmerized seeing her under moon, cool breeze n her smile heated up the situation. He moves closer n she started feeling nervous, she can’t step back as her back is completely pressed towards car. She closed her eyes n Arjun too did the same moving closer, she opens her eyes n smiles seeing him closing eyes. She slightly bangs her head to his n he shouts “Ouch..!!” rubbing his forehead. Radhika “let’s go, it’s already late, even I drank vodka” he laughed at vodka.

Happy Valentine’s day guys. It doesn’t make any difference in my day but few past year memories. Last year in this day, I was eating chocolates, which Akhil received. Ohhh… sorry… I didn’t mention, who is Akhil. He is my childhood best Frd, almost like Neil in my story,flirting except that he trusts love but I didn’t. He is quite opposite to me.Now, I think you got y Akhil is smart in my story..??I really miss him this year, as we left respective to our studies. Here, I’m saying so much about him, in reality, he makes lot of mistakes n mischievous things n I keeps on scolding him.

There is no God comments bcuz it’s bit emotional n romantic episode.
Thank you guys for commenting. Anii, abi, hayathi, bhavna, manha, krishna, shree, shreya, zayn, dhara, akhila, ameena, heeral , sheha, devi, gauri, anwesha, cherry, sundari, rina sivaguru , feby, ananya, subha, arushi ,lakshmi, chandini, akshitha n silent readers thank you so much….!! Waiting for ur opinions.
Shreya: yup dear.. I borrowed that faltoos from OMG only..I liked it. I imagined Akhil, my frd n me in radhu n neil place. I said he liked music bcuz to highlighten their performance n mrng stars show that’s where our hero meets heroine naa..!!
Zayn: u said ur +2 so I that, their will preboard now n board soon, so I guessed. Now, tell me how’s your preparation..?? Seems ur fan of Ritvik more than Arjun.hehe..!!
Abi: meet u soon..!! Hehe.. I think can never be possible..hehe..!!
Bhavna : ur humble request is accepted,how’s the Valentine special episode..?? I started typing after seeing ur comment.
Akshitha: thank you soooooo much for commenting. I’m happy that u commented.
I’m happy to see few new readers like sundari, arushi, chandini, akshitha, rina, ananya n few. Thank you guys..!!

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  1. Wowww awesome yaar poor riyvik uzka heart break hoga na

  2. this is awesome but feeling sad for neil…….
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  3. Deepthi, I am always a silent reader but, this time felt that I shoul comment. You eposides are really amazing.

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  5. Aye deepthi!! Soo cute!!

    Neil ignoring Sam.. So sad… She confessed?! Ohkay… Ardhika plan was superb… Raghav uncle wants to get Arjun married to that girl?! Akhil kas brains… A lot…

    Vodka replacement.. Lol… The same happened to me… My brother replaced the bottle when we were playing the same game… It was “drink or pay” … I drank water… Too funny… I end up laughing whenever I remember it ??… But vodka isn’t that bad…

    I loved the episode on the whole… Too good… But it was a kutti one… I missed god’s comments.. It’s good that he didn’t come… He’ll be kabab mein haddi or else….

    Valentines day special.. So cute… I can understand… You missing your friend… He’ll be back, soon… I know, we keep scolding them for their mischievous actions and they act as if they have done nothing… Argh… You reminded of one of my flirty friend.. We aren’t that close, but he ends up coming to me for help… Lol ??…. He called me his “booze partner”, though I don’t drink….. I sit with him and listen to his crap… I have to… As he is well known and my parents have no problem with him….

    So much memories… Lol… I wonder what he is doing now….

    Thank you so much for the update deepthi!! Post the next part soon.

    Love you loads.. Tc… Keep smiling… Bear hug ??

  6. Deepthi superb episode …ardhika lovely ,cute couple …why there is no God comment on between today 🙂 🙂 :-)Neil …needs more trust yaar ..let’s wait and watch…arjun replaced vodka with water so sweet …and about ur friend akhil ..don’t feel you miss him …he is best you with your thoughts..loads of love for you .:-) 🙂

  7. Sorry …that last sentence ..he is near you with your thoughts ##:-)

  8. I think I read a Telugu song in this ff only not sure
    Whatever this episode is fantastic but felt short
    Thanks for reply to my previous comment
    As usual waiting for the nextpart…..,

  9. Ur story is really gud.. I just love to read it..

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    Luv u…??..tc…

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  14. Finished !!!!!!! Exam prep …
    Yeah i lyk rithik a more than arjun coz now my fav is naagin … i imagin rithik as naagins rithik soo …
    Todays update was awsome dear ..
    How is ur prep going for entrance …
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    U will write AIEEE ????

    1. Nope…!! I’m medical…!!

      1. U dont have entrance for medical

  15. Hey deepthi I m silent reader of ur ff and I love to read ur ff sooooooo much. I have read all ur 20 episodes till now. Plz write it regularly if possible. I really miss ur ff plz…….

    And todays ff was awesome I really like it……

    I really appreaciate ur writing skills deepthi……….

    I m too in 12th so my boards r near but i wait of ur ff daily…..

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    deepu u said abt ur friend akhil. Nice to hear. me too missed so many of my friends. so we can make this VD into friendship day. And i dedicate this song to u n ur friend akhil hope u like it.

    do tell me how was it. 🙂 🙂

    Oh oh my friend tidthe titey nanne
    oh oh my friend kodthe kottey anthe
    oh oh my friend i am so
    sorry DEEPU bunga muthe pettakala…

    Oh oh my friend tidthe titey nanne
    oh oh my friend kodthe kottey anthe
    oh oh my friend i am so
    sorry DEEPU bunga muthe pettakala…

    Ne alakalona mana palukullona
    teliyani sangeetamedo unde
    sara samana ninnano anna
    saheli thoda tho samjona

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    Oh oh my friend tidthe titey nanne
    oh oh my friend kodthe kottey anthe
    oh oh my friend i am so
    sorry DEEPU bunga muthe pettakala…

    Ne alakalona mana palukullona
    teliyani sangeetamedo unde
    sara samana ninnano anna
    saheli thoda tho samjona

    Sunday monday antu rojulu edunaaaa..
    reyi pagalu maravu enduku emaina..
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  21. Everybody is in 12 th. I guess I am the odd one out for I am in std 7th . All the best for boards.

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