Ek kahani (manmarziyan) episode 18

The episode starts with Neil sleeping peacefully on his bed n Radhika sitting beside him n thinking something n Shekar standing in one corner of room n staring Neil. Radhika came out of thoughts n turned her gaze towards Shekar n got up. Shekar looked her in questioning manner, she indicated him to come out. Both walked out silently n locked door carefully. Both sat in garden staring moon for few minutes then Radhika started.
Radhika: pa… I’m scared, if his hatred continues like this towards love, then… then…. I’m scared about his future pa..!! Her face indicates how much she is scared.
Shekar: even I’m scared of that Radhu, I’m responsible for this, I’m a bad dad….!! His face is so sad.
Radhika: no pa.. u can’t blame urself it’s fate which is already decided..!! We can’t judge it,like mine,leave it.now, what we have to think is to make him trust on love.
Shekar: Trust…?? He already trusts love. He is just scared of losing them…!! That’s it.
Radhika: but how to overcome that pa..??
Shekar: no need to do anything. First let him fall in love, then he will realize how difficult to be away from his love.!!
Radhika smiled thinking something.

Arjun getting ready to college n leaving. He is curious to tease his other half. He reached parking area n waited for Akhil. It’s been 30mins, he didn’t arrive. He moved to canteen thinking “where is akhilock holmes.?”. He entered canteen n surprised n shocked to see Akhil n pooja chatting so closely. He walked to Akhil n patted his shoulder.Akhil looked up n smiled. Arjun gave a confused look pointing pooja with his eyes.
Akhil: poo..!! See you later after class, byee..!!
Pooja:bye..!! Akku. C u..!! She left.
Arjun had a curves on his forehead due to more confusion hearing their close conversation. He is thinking “how can this happen in single day.?”
Arjun: poo..!! Akku..!! What’s going on here Bhai..!!
Akhil: chatting with ur bhabi man..!! Arjun gave a confused look, akhil continued… u know yesterday what happened..??

Akhil n pooja reached gardens n accidentally collides with each other. They looked each other surprised n just then recalls what they said to each other due salsa practice.
Pooja: Hyy..!! U came with ur gf..??
Akhil: she said she will come so I’m waiting for her. Where is yours..??
Pooja: he said he will come at 10 due to excitement I came hr early…!!
Just then Akhil gets msg from his gf, he reads “SORRY.. darling, I can’t come now dear, I’m busy with my dad, sweetheart,sorry..!!”. He replied “it’s okay dear “.
Akhil: sorry pooja, my girl is coming today.
Pooja:it’s okay..!! No problem, I will see her some other time.
Akhil:Okay byee..!!
Pooja: Ohhh please, give me some company, let me introduce my bf. He pleased by her looks. Both sat side by side on a bench, n started talking n she told about her bf that she didn’t see him till now. Akhil was exclaimed that how can she love someone without seeing, he wondered at her innocence. It’s been more than hour. Just then they see a teenage couple kissing in public, they felt awkward n moved little bit maintaining distance between them. They can see the boy face but not aware of girl bcuz her back is to them. They r romancing openly.
Pooja: how can someone do these sort of things publicly.?
Akhil: it’s waste of talking about shameless ppl, call ur bf it’s been late…!!
She took her phone dailed his number. It started ringing but noone lifted it. She tried again worriedly not bothering about surroundings, now someone cuts from other end. She was about to try again but someone caught her hand,it’s Akhil, he staring somewhere.
Akhil: iska jarurath nahi hai..!! He is the one,who you are calling. He pointed the boy, who just kissed a girl infront of them. Pooja was shocked. He took her mobile n dailed his number, it vibrated, that boy took it irritatingly from his pocket.
Girl: who is the one calling u so many times..??
Boy: some crap..!! Leave it. He throws mobile aside n again starts romancing.
Pooja saw this n broken, she is crying, Akhil pats her shoulder in controlling manner. She walks to him n slaps him hard n says “I’m pooja,dare to show ur face again”.she gives another slap n girl turns in shock. Pooja stares them angrily. That girl runs from their in shock, that boy follows. She composes herself n wipes her tears n turns, she sees Akhil standing their in shock n full tears, she confusingly walked to Akhil. He sat on bench in something lost manner.
Pooja: what happen Akhil..?? Y r u crying..??
Akhil: that girl is my gf..!! Pooja was shocked. She forgets her pain n starts consoling Akhil, she took his hand n squeezed it in assuring manner, that she is with him. He looked into her eyes n world freezes for few minutes, he suddenly hugged her n she replied the hug.
Pooja: I never thought someone thinks so much for his girl, she is very unlucky to miss you..!! Even she is crying now, not for her but for him. Akhil realizes even she is facing same, breaks the hug n composes.
Akhil: SORRY, I forgot ur facing the same n I’m crying like a girl.
Pooja: it’s okay..!! My love is not wrong but the person whom I love is wrong, it’s my mistake. N I can see ur love n can that how much you loved her. It’s good that it ended, she don’t deserves your love.
Akhil heard her, he recalls his meeting with pooja, her innocence n love in her eyes,their closeness.
Akhil: y don’t u deserve my love..?? He stared him surprised. Even he don’t know whether he spelled them intentionally or unintentionally.
Akhil: SORRY, I don’t know whether it’s correct or not..!? But I wanna say it, I don’t know whether I love you or not but I’m sure that I can love you, for now, I started loving you, I assure that I won’t leave you n will love forever. I’m sorry if it hurts you…!! Take your own time..!! He started walking.
Pooja recalls his words, their moments, their closeness in just 2 days, his infinity of love. She runs n hugs him from back. He is surprised n happy too.
Akhil: will you please leave me, we r in public..!!mischievously.pooja smiled breaking hug. Akhil took her hands in his.
Akhil: Will you be my better half..?? I love you.
Pooja: I don’t know whether I deserves ur love, but I will try my best to be ur best half. Relations r made by God but I never thought my happens in this way. Both smiled.
Akhil: I thought it’s worst day in my life when I saw her but I never thought it turns out to be best day in my life.
Flashback ended.

Arjun: this much happened in single day, u didn’t tell me yesterday…??
Akhil: ohoo..!! U didn’t gave me chance, u r busy with your love..?? So what can I do..??
Arjun: Ohhh… yeah..!! Sorry, now I need treat…
Akhil: yeah sure Aruu..!! He ordered something to Arjun n both started talking n eating.
Akhil: what about ur girl..?? U said something yesterday. What are you going to do.???
Arjun: I had my own plans bro..!! U wait n watch..!!
Akhil: please don’t make something rubbish,ok?? Arjun nodded. Both left to ground to play football.

Radhika n Neil as usual reached clg.
Neil: Okay bye, I’m going to ground to play..!!
Radhika: every day ground, won’t you listen classes.(God: what a funny question ur asking Neil..!!haha..!!)
Neil: everyday classes, won’t you get bored..!! Accompany to ground Radhu, just for today.
Radhika: no..!! Let me….. interrupted by announcement.
Announcement: Good morning students, due to cultural fest on this Monday, I mean day after tomorrow, classes are not supposed to be conducted, today is declared for practicing for cultural fest, I wish you to prepare well n rock the floor, thank you..!!
Neil winked at Radhika, she walked with Neil telling “no other way”..!! Both reached football ground n saw group already playing. They indicated Neil to join. He throwed his bag to radhika n ran to join. Radhika located Arjun in the group n sat on stairs staring him smilingly. Arjun, who was playing got diverted n lost his ball. Neil caught the ball n whole group ran after him, Arjun their staring her from corner of his eyes. “Seems someone lost in someone n lost something..!!”said Akhil. Arjun glared him raising eyebrows.
Akhil: I mean ball.. just u lost ball.. He covered smirking.
Arjun walked to Radhika. Radhika,who is staring him, saw Arjun n Akhil looking at her,so she looked here n there to cover but he walked start to her n moved his hands towards her, she moved a little out of scare, but he took bottle beside n drank some water, he smiled recalling her gesture. He sat a step ahead of her, both stared each other for a while.
Arjun: hy beautiful, seems to be happy today..?? Radhika eyes bulges out in shock at his word “beautiful”. She composes herself.He smiled at her expression.
Radhika: nothing like that Arjun sir..!! As usual, routine.
Arjun: ohh..!!! Is it..?? Then I will make it special. Again shock(God: again shock, see her face,even mental patients doesn’t get that many shocks)
Suddenly, he shouts “oh God..!!”(God: did u call?), he twirls Radhika n hides behind her. Radhika was confused by his action.
Radhika: Arjun sir..!! What happened..?? Arjun indicates to her front, she turns sees Sam standing there. Sam is searching for Arjun in ground but didn’t find him. Instead she stopped seeing Neil, even he looked her. She stood their looking at Neil, n he walked to her.
Sam: Hyy..!! She forgot about Arjun.
Neil: hey hi..!! Waiting for someone..?? He can easily guess it.
Sam: no…!! She lied. Busy..??? She asked again with a pause.
Neil: nope…!! Would like to accompany, I’m going on a rid.!!
Sam: yaa sure..!! Even I need some refreshment. Both left.

Radhika: she left..!! U can come out .
Arjun: I’m surprised, she left without bothering me, thank god…!! Thanks radhika you saved me.
Radhika: it’s okay Arjun sir, but y u scared of her, she loves u, I mean i heard. He stared her sharply.
Arjun:(u wanna test me or what Radhu.?) No,I don’t love her, even she is not loving me.
Radhika: u don’t love her mean u love anyone.?? She asked curiously thinking to hear her love story from her love. Arjun smiled at her curiosity, but he felt it’s time to annoy her. He smiled mischievously getting ready to apply some plan.
Arjun: yaa..!!(Radhu smiled) yup..!! Her name is ameena..!!
Radhika: what.??(shouted literally) she looked around n calmed herself, but Arjun really enjoyed it.
Arjun: ameena.. such a beautiful name n beautiful girl too, (radhika fuming) we r studying 4th I think.
Radhika:thank god.!! She sighed in relief.
Arjun: next..hayathi..!! (God:seems Neil soul posses u)
Radhika: still..?? Shocked seeing this of Arjun.
Arjun: yaa..!! Hayathi, she’s different like her name.
Radhika: which class.?? Irritated feeling.
Arjun: even she is 4th..!! Same class..!!(God:what 2 at once..??Shocked)radhika eyes turned round n big in shock, Arjun caught his lower lip with his teeth to control his laugh.
Arjun: we are same class, my teacher used to say that spread love, so I did that.(God:thank god, u didn’t spread it to ur teacher n whole class) Radhika caught her head spelling “next..??” Arjun continued…. next, bhavna, such a sweeto, she is the best,(Radhika blank expression) she is…. He tried to continue but Radhika lifted her hand interrupted him n said “next..??” Guessing she is the last. Nope, she is completely wrong.
Arjun: then…lakshmi, she is so traditional like goddesses lakshmi, I failed to make her fall bcuz she has already fallen for me… He laughed thinking it’s joke, but she made a disgusting face, which she tried to cover.
Radhika: that’s it..!! She asked in a bit raising excitement due to his pause.
Arjun: nope…!!(God:seems he is new avatar of Lord krishna) Radhika rolled her head n have a fake smile… it’s Shree or Roma..?? Wait wait.. let me think whether it’s Shree or Roma first.. I think it’s shree, we used crack jokes n chat while classes are going on, she used to laugh at my msgs n get caught..!! Wow, such a lovely days I spend with roma..!! That was a memorable days, u know..!! I miss them..!! He said remembering his previous days with his frds. He brilliantly used his childhood frds names to design stories, he literally enjoyed seeing his love lady burning jealous. He silently apologized to his frds for using their to make her jealous, closing his eyes.
Radhika: really do you miss them..??
Arjun: yup..!! Manha, shreya, harani n especially aastha n many..!! (God: I felt u didn’t leave any…!!)
Radhika: leave those..!! Tell me whether you are in love with anyone presently..?? Hopefully..
Arjun(stared)himself: I wanna say yes,it’s u n wanna hug u but, I will never get a chance after this, so sorry my love… NO..!! He spelled out. Radhika was disappointed completely. He know she would, so he decided to divert her.
Arjun: come…!! Let’s go n practice, come..!! He pulled her even she is not in mood..!!

Both stood close to practice. Arjun placed his hands around her waist without hesitation this time. He tightened his grip n pulled her close, so close that they have never been. Radhika too tightened her grip around his neck resisting their closeness. She looked into his eyes trying to control herself, she is slowly losing herself in him. She looked here n there to avoid eye contact, so that she won’t spell beans. Arjun smiled, he is feeling her presence n her touch. He can feel her cold body under his hot body, he felt she may melt like ice under his heat. They danced passionately. Radhika doesn’t get opportunity to avoid eye contact with him as his smile didn’t let her eyes leave. She is melting slowly…
Radhika: ENOUGH..!! I think it’s enough for today..!! She spelled when she felt she can’t hold herself.
Arjun:Okay…!! It’s enough then… come lets go.
Radhika: with u, where.??
Arjun: I will drop you even Neil is not their, so u have to go alone, it’s better if you accompany me..!!

Sorry guys..!! I’m so tired so, I’m ending it here. I used few names of mmz mania, I’m sorry if u r not okay with that, I tried to use all girls names but it will too much if Arjun has too many gfs,so I took few names only. N I thought of creating manmarziyan fan page in FB,closed group, it’s ur wish, if yes.. let me whose going to do that..!!

Susi,snehahari, hayathi, krishna, rachana, jasvin,anii,subha, lakshmi,shreya, shree, devi,manha, bhavna, hareem, Roma, mittu, abi,zayn, aastha, ameena, harani, abisa, subhadha n my dear lovely silent readers, thank you sooooooooo muchhhhh for loving my ff…!!!
Hareem: all the best for ur board dear..!! I know u must be reading my ff, comment me about ur exam after finishing them,OkAy.??
Aastha: my dear cutie.. sure, I will send you to console him, I dropped my thoughts about him when I heard he is married..!! Lol..!!hehe..!! U didn’t leave him still, just kidding.
Abi: congrats, u have finished ur undergraduate. I’m going to start next year, I heard vet doesn’t suits girls..!! Whatever I applied for pvt..!!
Bhavna: as usual..loved to read your comment.
Roma: seems full in joy, even I’m after reading ur comment
Ameena: updated this part seeking for ur forgiveness..!!
Zayn: SORRY..!! I made ur 1 percent won over 99.99…!! It’s not too much, it’s ur right to demand,love you.

I’m sorry guys, I can’t comment everyone bcuz I’m completely exhausted..!! Love you guys.. see u in comments box..!!

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