Ek kahani (manmarziyan) episode 17

Episode starts with Arjun n Radhika ending their calls respectively. Radhika turned n surprised to see Ritvik beside her.
Radhika: Ritvik… when did you came.??
Ritvik: when started ur poetry n ended with challenge. He is not aware of other end conversation.
Radhika: Ohhh.. that… how is it..??
Ritvik: that was really good, but… May I know for whom..??
Radhika: he is proposing his gf, he forgot the lines n I reminded him that’s it. She tried to smile, she don’t want to lie so she covered the truth.
Ritvik: okay..!! Where ur faltoos..?? (God:flirting with ur sister)
Radhika: don’t know, he left in the morning, he messaged me that he return home directly in the evening. Leave it, he might be with some girl.
Ritvik(laughed): y r u so sure, that he will be with girl..??

Radhika: bcuz in his Frd n know him from childhood. Ritvik exclaimed.
Both sat somewhere under tree n started chatting. Radhika talked non stop about her n Neil relationship. Ritvik stared her smiling. She slowly moved to her background.
Radhika:I’m orphan. My mom throwed in dustbin. Sarita maa found me, brought me to that orphanage. I’m orphan, I felt like I need a family. But fate is different.
Ritvik: hmm..!! I’m sorry. Upto me everything happens for a reason.
Radhika: yaa, ur true. Everything happens for a reason. I would have really missed my true relations like faltoos, Shekar pa, Sarita maa, chotu, bunty u n many others if she wouldn’t have left me. In childhood, I thought it’s a punishment but now my opinion changed its like boon from God.

Ritvik: May be..!! But who is this chotu, bunty..??
Radhika(smiled): they… They r my frds in orphanage. I love to send time with them.
Ritvik: ohh.. really,sounds good. Can it is possible to meet them.??
Radhika: yaa.!! Sure, we will go their on every Sunday, u accompany us on one day..!!
Ritvik: I’m free this Sunday, so shall we ..??
Radhika smiled nodding in yes manner.
Ritvik: shall I drop you..??

Radhika: yaa..!! Sure. Both started riding on bike.Ritvik was a little scared so he is riding slowly. Radhika shouted to stop when she realized a cycle is overtaking them.

Ritvik: what happen..?? She showed the overtaking bicycle n Ritvik made a face saying “I’m a bit scared of riding bikes”. Radhika got down n removed the bag twirling around her n throwed it to Ritvik. She indicated him to move back n he made a question mark face. She jumped on to front n took hold of handles. Ritvik was surprised thinking “is she going to rid.??”. Radhika “get hold of me”. He caught her shoulder. She raised the bike holding brakes, bike roared n she released brakes n bike moved with a great speed which made Ritvik hold her tight in shock. His face colors changed with increase in speed n she laughed loudly seeing that through rear mirror. Ritvik was amused to see her laughed. Scene ended at Radhika leaving to hostel.

Sam n Neil on bike returning. Neil is in his own thoughts regarding love. He know it’s a wonderful thing of life but he is scared of it due to his childhood circumstances. Sam is thinking about Neil’s words, she can clearly see pain in his eyes. She is unaware of what to do. Bike stopped with jerk bringing the back to world. She got down. Both stared but spoke nothing. Sam has a to speak on face without bothering their feelings. Finally, she spoke.

Sam: I don’t know y but I can feel pain in ur eyes. I don’t know whether to console or not bcuz I never did that. I made many people cry, those never bothered me. But y ur pain is bothering me..?? I can only say don’t cry bcuz it’s a way to console. I’m telling this bcuz it’s strange that I’m feeling for someone other than my family. Okay bye. See you tomorrow. She left.

Neil hidden his emotions as he did it many times, he never loss control on his emotions, not even infront of Radhika n Shekar, as he know what happens. He is not aware that why he loss control on his emotions, he skipped all his thoughts listening Sam. He heard her words but not with complete attention. She left n he smiled.He started to home n thinking “such a innocent, she can get trapped in anything easily, but she behaves as a mature girl, no, she covers herself as extraordinary girl. Actually, she is extraordinary due to lot of innocence. Ohhh God.. save her, this bird can easily hit my any hunter. (God: when Hunter is beside bird, what can I do..??)

Arjun smiled remembering their conversation. He took that letter n read it again n again smiling at it. Just then he phone buzzed n he looked into it n saw msg from customer care, he ignored it n looked at time which is at right corner of phone, he shook his head in shock saying “ohh no..!! I have to be in office by this time.” He literally ran pushing the letter into his pocket. He reached on time n signed few files n sat in cabin waiting for Akhil. He placed the letter openly on the table infront of him. He desperately waited for Akhil to arrive to share his thoughts. He smiled seeing Akhil through monitor infront of him. He dialed his PA n Akhil stormed the door in excitement, he seems happy more than Arjun expected.
Arjun: seems very happy..??
Akhil: yes man..!!(twirling arjun’s chair) I found my love finally, I’m happy to see love on her eyes for me, I’m out of words..!! Arjun face saddened hearing last sentence.
Akhil:what happen..?? Y r u so sad.leaning towards Arjun.
Arjun: I’m happy that you found your love but I didn’t found my yet. It’s been 3 days, not even a single clue also. But she… She observes me everywhere, n even placed a letter in my presence.. it’s very annoying I’m desperate to know her.

Akhil: woww..!! That’s great man. She gave letter, give it let me read… Arjun stared the letter which lying lifelessly on table. Akhil tried to take it but Arjun pulled it towards him.
Arjun: it’s my personal now..
Akhil:okay..!! I tried to gather some clue from it, what can I do if you urself don’t want.
Arjun: clue..?? Y didn’t I get this idea..!! He grinned.
Akhil:bcuz ur phattu.. so… He picked the paper from arjun’s fist n started reading sitting on couch. Suddenly, Arjun ran to Akhil n took letter in blow n ran to his seat pushed that into his blazer. Akhil was surprised by his action n was about to question but stopped seeing Raghav entering the room pushing the door. Akhil understood.
Raghav: Aruu… did u sign those files. Do u have any idea about shinee company..??
Arjun: yaa dad..!! They are one of the best company, I have seen his interviews in many magazines.
Raghav: good..!! We r tying up with that company.
Arjun:great news dad..!! Congrats.
Raghav: their is one more good news. He is expected something from us.
Arjun: what dad..??

Raghav:May be it’s u. He said his daughter saw u somewhere, I think he gave a hint. Arjun’s mouth hung in shock n Raghav saw it. Chill Aruu..!! I guessed it but not sure about it. He left cabin hearing his phone ringing.

Raghav walked into his cabin n his PA, who elderly followed. Raghav respects his PA a lot due to his age.
PA :sir..!! Y did u say like that..?? U r the one who insisted them to tie up with ours n asked for their daughter.
Raghav: I know Verma, I’m doing this for his happiness. He will forgot that girl, when he is sure he will never meet her.
Raghav to himself “I’m sorry Arjun”.

Neil walked into house with a little dull face. Shekar,who is working looked up n understood something is wrong. He know that he can’t do anything. Neil stared Shekar n silently walked to his room. Shekar took his phone n Radhika.
Shekar: Radhu…!! He shouted literally so that Neil can hear. Neil knows that now is going to come, he is sure that he can’t cover infront of her.
Neil: y r u calling her now….??

Shekar: can I have a right to call her..??
Neil: u have.. but y now..??
Shekar: y not now.. I have some office work n she has to help me as u never did it, I have to seek my princess help. U do ur work n I will do mine…with showing attitude.
Neil storm to his bedroom, don’t know what to do, he covered himself in bedsheet tip to toe when he heard calling bell. He had few tears recalling his mom n past. He is sure that Radhika will enter room but, to his surprise, it didn’t happen. Instead he heard something broke n someone quarreling. He uncovered his bedsheet to hear clearly forgetting what he was thinking few minutes back. To his surprise, it’s Shekar’s n Radhika’s voice. He storm out of the bed n opened his room door n saw both arguing literally about to fight.
Shekar: no Radhu..!! I said it’s not that..

Radhika : no pa.. it’s that only…!! Y don’t agree with me(angry)
Shekar: ur a child. U don’t know anything n arguing with me. What I said is correct n u have to agree bcuz it’s true (serious tone)
Neil looked them in surprise as it is 8th wonder, he looked down saw a vase broke, he is more surprised n felt it’s big so he have to do something.
Neil: what happen dad..?? Y you both are fighting…??
Radhika: u can’t solve it as it is big, leave it… turned to shekar.. pa, what I  said is correct, agree old man..
Shekar: ur calling me old man..??! I’m not old I’m young, smart, handsome… u spoilt generation…
Radhika was about to start again then Neil shouted “what’s the matter..?? Tell naa..!! I will solve it.”
Shekar: u can’t solve it.. it’s a big thing, u r child, u need to grow to solve these sort of issues, leave it my child. They were about to start again, Neil interrupted.
Neil:I can’t listen u guys fighting without knowing reason, so please tell me..!!
Radhika: so… u want to take this problem on ur head,so what can I do, r u sure, you want listen this problem..?? U will loose your cool after listening this problem.
Neil surprised that problem is that much big that she is asking for assurance, whatever I have to stop them. He assured her nodding head.
Radhika: I said pa to sign on this project papers. He said he can’t.
Neil: y dad…?? What’s wrong with that..
Shekar: I can’t sign with that pen, it’s tip is rough, but she is saying it’s sort n smooth. I said no, but she is agreeing with me..!!fake anger.
Radhika: I said it’s soft but he is not accepting me.
Neil n God are shocked.

Shekar: no… it’s rough. Radhika: no… it’s smooth. (God :is this problem that child can’t solve..??)
Neil: u broke this vase for pen tip..?? He muttered,With mixed expressions. Radhika is trying to control her laugh. Neil hearing both shouting “rough” “smooth” alternatively. Finally, he lost his cool n shouted “u guys r fighting for this silly tip..??”
Radhika:it’s not silly tip, it’s cello tip, now solve the mystery..??
Shekar: he can’t Radhu… leave him.
Neil: Is this a mystery..?? Stop ur bakwas..!! He shouted n left to his room.Now, Shekar n Radhika burst out in laugh which they r controlling till then.
Neil left to his room thinking ” they r fighting for this, I thought it’s big,wait wait..!! They r laughing means they r diverting my attention.” He heard “yes..!!”from door. It’s Radhika. He turned his face opposite to her. She came n sat next to him n wrapped her arms around his neck n leaned to his shoulder with full face.
Radhika: I can’t see u was faltoos..!! It pains when we our loved ones in pain.
Neil: how can you figure everything in me easily, that’s why I’m scared to show my face to u. He hugged her.

Radhika: every relation has different names but the thing exists is only love, our relation is bond with true love, noone can break it even in dream..!!
Neil: I’m thinking what if u wouldn’t have entered in my life, I can’t imagine breaking hamara rishtha, I will remain same forever, I won’t spare if someone thinks to break our relation. Breaking hug n took her hands in his.
“Noone can dare to do that” they heard, it’s Shekar. They all smiled with happy tears thinking their bond never breaks.

Akhil walked to Arjun n closed his mouth.
Akhil: cool man..!! It’s not a big thing. Leave it. Tell me how did know that dad was coming..??
Arjun:nothing I saw him through monitor. Akhil struck their for a second.
Akhil: wait wait..!! Their is cctv everywhere in the building..??
Arjun:yes..!! For security reasons, it will be their in every office for sure. What a foolish question..

Akhil: but brilliant idea..!! U said u called her for meeting right..?? She will be in some camera naa..?? Arjun made a disgusting face.
Arjun: is this an idea .??? Idiot, she covered her face with scarf…!!
Akhil: Arey yaar..!! They are not allowing anyone with scarf into building, so she might be captured, at atleast one camera for sure…!!
Arjun :yaa..!! Ur right. He jumped in excitement n kissed Akhil.
Akhil: aww.. cheeee… don’t do this infront of all, they will think wrong.. Arjun hits him playfully.

Arjun pulled Akhil to security cameras room. He asked them about cd informing data n time. He found 3 cameras in the way to the meeting room n took the 3 CD’s n excited ran to his room. He sat infront of his computer n started playing CD’s one by one, he found many girls in the 2 cameras which are in ground floor main hall. Only one CD left, which is at reception. He played the CD tensely. He found a girl walked towards reception her back seen n talked something n receptionist jumped in excitement. She turned n video got distributed, this annoyed Arjun a lot.
Arjun: y this happens with me Bhai..??just 1 second I would have seen her.
Even Akhil face turned dull n suddenly glowed.
Akhil: wait..!! The receptionist jumped excitement means she saw her..!! With excitement.. Arjun face too glowed up.
Akhil: wait..!! She saw her that’s it, if we ask she can say that she saw her but can’t who she is…?? She can’t say who the girl exactly was..?? So, no use of asking her.
Arjun(sad): yaa..!! Ur right, but we clarify my doubt naa..??
Akhil: doubt…..?? What doubt…???

Arjun: I said naa..!! I felt like Radhika is mere jaan, I felt familiar feeling with her which I felt with mere jaan.
Akhil: Ohhh..!! I have an idea, just remember her meeting with you, recall her every word n compare with Radhika, then u may get some clarity meanwhile I will get her photo.
Arjun recalled their first meet them second, he remembers her words while hugging “faltoos..!! He came yaar..!! He came to meet me, wow..!! Even he is desperate to meet me”, which he spelled out, Akhil looked up, who is surfing in his mobile.
Akhil: I heard Radhika calling Neil faltoos..!! It can be coincidence also, try some more clues.He summoned.

Arjun again slipped into thoughts recalls her calling ARJUN SIR in the meeting. He said” how can see call me Arjun sir.. she would have called me Arjun or some other but y Arjun sir like juniors..?? Their is chance that she can be Radhika.”
Akhil: ur office staff too calls u that, she can be one of them. Still surfing.(God: seems to be CID officer)
Arjun: ur unbelievable.. Mr.Akhilock holmes..
Akhil: I got it… radhika’s pic.. come we will ask her.
Both ran to receptionist. She confused seeing them.
Receptionist: sir…??what can I do for you..??

Akhil: u have seen her face… that girl, mrng star, who came that day for meeting  naa..??
Receptionist recalled Radhika asking not to inform anyone. So, she nodded in no manner.
Arjun(angry): don’t lie, we have seen footage n u can’t imagine what happens if u lie..!! She shivered with fear.she nodded yes now..!!
Akhil showed Radhika pic in his phone n asked “Is she the one..??”he shooted.
She looked it keenly n said “yes sir..!!Radhika But she said not to inform anyone.”
Arjun:how do know her name..??
Receptionist: she gave autograph sir..!! He pulled a autograph book n showed it to them. Arjun reads “With love, Radhika better half A”. He smiled at last 2 words.
Akhile:she is such a clever, she wrote better half instead of ur name..!! That means she agreed u as her better half. Cool Bhai, u r love succeeded without starting.
Arjun walked to cabin to burst out in happiness as he is not ready to embarrass himself infront of office staff.

He jumped in happiness saying “I finally found her.”
Akhil :control baba..!! Now.. It’s ur time.
Arjun:See she even gave me clue in this letter, she wrote her name intentionally but I didn’t found it. I’m such a idiot. Akhil laughed.
Akhil: now go..!! Go n tell her u found her.
Arjun: Yaaa..!! Wait.. till now tigress enjoyed annoying me but now it’s time for tiger. I will make her say herself. Keep watching mere jaan..!!
Akhil: so Bhai..!! U can’t do that with my bhabi..!! That’s not fair.
Arjun: u changed party suddenly, n calling bhabi too..
Akhil: yaa obviously..!! Ur my Bhai n she is my bhabi, from today onwards I will support my bhabi only..
Arjun stared with fake anger but internally he is so happy, he felt goosebumps, their moments flashed, their first meeting, clg ragging, next concert, her hug, their salsa n everything. He smiled to air. Akhil pushed getting him to sense.

Akhil:Mr.Romeo, now stop thinking about Juliet n come lets go, it’s late.
Arjun:yaa..!! I have to share this to mom..!! She will be super happy..!!
He ran into home n started dancing holding his mom shoulders who is holding some dish. Janki was confused but happy seeing him happy, Arjun caught her confused expression n took the dish placed it on table n pulled her towards swinging bed in balcony. He shouted “I found her maa…” Janki: really..!! That’s great.. with happy tears. He explained her everything n she was overwhelmed by happiness. He leaned into her lap n closed his eyes.
Arjun: maa..!! I never predicted that I will fall for girl this much madly… I’m very happy maa, she is such a ordinary girl who doesn’t like others attention but unfortunately, it makes others to draw her attention. I’m happy that I found right girl.

Janki: life is like sailing ship Aruu. We can’t predict what’s going happens next..!! Don’t know what happens in future, don’t know whether ur relation stays same or not but it’s we, who have to handle them carefully, love lies in trusting them,one day u will see something  ur eyes can’t believe, that day u have to trust ur heart but not ur eyes bcuz I love them. U committed most important relation in life, be careful, bcuz every relation face hurdles to test ur love, remember it’s just a test, just remember this word when feel something wrong in ur relation. I wish you took her hand which u r not going leave it at any consequences…!!

This thought n words came out from Janki’s past which effects her even now, she had a tears which she want to hide but they ran from her eyes to escape but caught hands ended up wetting her hands.A tear which cleverly escaped from hands ran to Arjun’s cheek who is listening Janki with closed eyes. He looked up saw her eyes.
Arjun: maa..!! Y r u crying..?? Wiping them.
Janki: in happiness of my son’s love..!! As usual she didn’t caught.Arjun took her palm n placed his hand on hers.
Arjun: I promise maa..!! I will never leave her at any consequences..!! Okay now, smile..!! Ur more worried about ur DIL than ur son..!! She smiled.

Guys..!! How’s the episode.?? Guess, u liked it. Waiting for ur comments. I really love to read them.
Hayathi :sry for mistake, I got confused with A.
Zayn : haa..!!u missed Ritvik right..? So today’s Ritvik part is for you.
Jasvin : thank you dear.
Abisa : I think ur waiting ended..!!
Mittu : ohooo..!! Mittu, I’m not that much poetic skills, I mixed few best lines from different songs.
Bhavna : sry..!! I didn’t get time so small update. I love smiley which u sent, they r special to me from u.
Snehahari:thanks you yaar..!!

Manha: thanks yaar..!! I would be waiting for ur comment daily.
Lakshmi : I just love to read your comment.
Subha : thank you buddy, sure I will continue.
Abi: Ohio…!!sorry for making you wait, happy u missed it, ur using my stance on me only..!!I loved it. My preparation is gng better. U didn’t tell me which course ur studying.??
Devi : thank you dear.
Aastha: seems someone having crush on Ritvik here..!! Lol..!! Just kidding yaar..!! U don’t fear,I’m their to console him.Okay..??
Shree: I don’t know ur full.. but even my name starts with sree.. my frds love to call me that, I’m glad a Frd like u, bear hug.
Harani: still ur doubt is not cleared..!! Ashiwarya is elder than abhisheik n dhoni n shaski too..!! So it’s not a problem dear. Clarify..?? If ur not okay with that think Neil took long term like me.

Roma: here comes my Roma..!! Roma catch me I’m flying due to ur comment…!! Lol…!!
Ameena : don’t even dream that I can forget u, I didn’t mention bcuz it’s not necessary as ur always with me in my story, I updated my ff, so did u  forgive me dear..??

I think I replied every comment my dear buddies. I expect silent readers to comment to know ur presence,just for once.

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