Ek kahani (manmarziyan) episode 16

Episode starts with Arjun reaching college. He was waiting for Yuvi as akhil will not come. He leaning on bike n reading book. Yuvi arrived n indicated to accompany. Arjun turned to bike to get the keys which are still in key hole. She is surprised to see a letter, he took it thinking “when did it came here, when I’m here”. He know that it’s a love letter as he got many that sort of letters but these days they became rare seeing Sam. As usual, he decided to throw it. He about crush it in his fist, when Yuvi asked.
Yuvi: what’s that bro…??
Arjun: as usual some love letter.
Yuvi: Ohhh… give it to me, let me see.
Arjun: not a important thing, leave it.
Yuvi: let me read Bhai..!! Let me see who is the Juliet, Mr.Romeo…!!
Yuvi took letter from Arjun’s hand, Arjun just ignored it. They both sat on chairs in canteen, Yuvi opened the letter n started reading that is audible to Arjun.
                   You brought me sunshine
                         When I only saw rain,
                    You brought me laughter
                          When I only felt pain,
                    Your love was like sunshine,
         slowly warming my soul until it burn to crisp,
                      My love was like moonlight,
  usually hidden, but at right night,it showered you with full glow…..!!!
                I slipped briskly into an intimacy,
      From which I never recovered..!! That’s your LOVE..!!
Krishna can only be radha’s…!! Shashirekha can only be Arjun’s.

Yuvi: woww…!! What a love letter bhayya..!! Really, it’s awesome.
Even Arjun loved the words, now he was curious to who it is.
Arjun: yaa, even I felt the same. But who wrote it ..?? Yuvi verified the letter once n found nothing other than that.
Yuvi: some unknown Juliet. No name.
Arjun: her words itself says how much she loves me. But I have to tell her that I’m in love with someone.
Yuvi: yes…!! Ur right but this is awesome love letter, n not having name also. So, I will use it.
Arjun: what..!?? That’s not correct yaar. How can you use it, it’s someone’s letter naa…
Yuvi: that’s not wrong Bhai. Govt. says to recycle reuse reduce. So I’m doing that only, reuse…!! (God: govt.said to reuse waste paper not love letter)
Arjun smiled at his comment. He took letter read again, don’t know why he felt a goosebumps all over his body. Even he felt like he wanna reuse it. He read it thrice. He decided to spell it than giving letter. He can feel magic while spelling them. He loved it. Arjun, himself “I didn’t see her but I tell her naa..!! But how..?? Think a way Aruu.. think.”

Radhika n Neil arrived to parking area. She saw reading book, leaning on his bike.
Radhika in mind: I think it’s time to execute my plan, but this faltoos is with me, what to do ..??
Neil: mere Radhu, I had a small work, I will meet you in canteen afternoon bye.. he left.
Radhika was relieved. She walked to Arjun n saw him fully involved in reading book. She silently placed a letter beside him n slowly slipped from their. She called Shekar in curiosity. He lifted.
Radhika: pa..!! Done. He might have reading letter by this time.
Shekar: I know you will do it perfectly after all ur under my training naa..!! He chuckled.
Radhika: I’m so curious to know his reaction. But how pa.?? Both thought for a while… oh no..!!! She shouted.
Shekar: what happen beta…??
Radhika: I didn’t write any name or indication in the letter to tell it’s from me…!! (God: ur training failed)
Shekar: now..!! He might be thinking it’s someone’s..!!
Radhika: no what to do pa..!??
Shekar: call him with your private SIM n talk..!! It’s best idea everything will be clear..!!

Neil was waiting for Sam to arrive. She came finally. Her face is still with confused expression. It’s sure that she is thinking about that whole night. Neil really enjoyed it.
Neil: Hyy…!!
Sam: hello..!! Wo..!! She started but cut off.
Neil: I know what ur about to ask. I said I will give u practical example. So follow me..!!
Sam: where..?? He ignored but she followed. He got on his bike.
Neil: come on of ur practical..!!! She obeyed with a little hesitation.
Neil ride her to mall, he was enjoying her company. He showed some couples blindly when she reminded their purpose of coming. They had ice creams. Now they were sitting on food court n Neil went to get some stuff. Sam was waiting staring here n there. Just then someone patted Sam n she turned. She was surprised seeing them. They are her childhood buddies.
Sam: hey..!! Lisa n asha..!! How are you guys.??
Both: v r fine. What about you..??
Sam:yaa, I’m fine. It’s been long right..?? U guys changed a lot.
Lisa: yaa..!! People change with time.
Asha: even u changed..!! Who is that handsome with you.??
Lisa: might be her bf asha..!!
Sam: no no…!! Not my bf. He is just Frd. She don’t want mention that he is her junior as it make things awkward.
Asha: Ohhh..!!(excited) that’s great, I can try this handsome then…!! Both sat there thinking to flirt with Neil.
Sam was really irritated by them but don’t know why as they both her best buddies with whom she spend most of her time. Neil arrived n gave a confused look to Sam. Before sam could speak, they started.
Lisa: Hyy..!! I’m Lisa n she is asha.
Asha:we are Sam’s childhood best buddies..!!
Neil: hello..!! I’m Neil. Nice to meet you beauties..!! As usual flirting way…
Both: awww..!! So sweet of you handsome. They start their blabbering which irritated both.
Neil is thinking to how to escape n an idea flashed.
Neil: okay beauties..!! (Sam irritated listening this, Neil noticed it) actually we planned a movie, sooo… Neil gazed at Sam n she nodded helplessly. Both girls gave their numbers n hugged him n left. Both left to movie. Actually Sam was not enjoying movie at first but she later enjoyed it n got used to neil’s company. She forgot the purpose of coming n started liking his company. At evening, both are going back to college on bike.
Sam: wow Neil..!!see there, red tulips, they are awesome, stop the bike.
Neil saw a beautiful garden with a lot of flowers. Colourful roses, tulips n he can smell jasmine, it’s mesmerizing. Sam ran into garden, while Neil enjoyed seeing them. She returned n patted him. He turned saw her having red tulips in hands. He smiled.
Neil: u like them..??
Sam: I love them… clutching them to her face.
Neil: nope..!!u like them..!!
Sam: noo..!! I love them. He approached her.
Neil: that’s what like..!! U liked them, so plucked them, if you love them, you would have left them n watering them with love..!! These what difference between love n like.
Sam concentrated on his words keenly. He continued.
Neil: love is  like you can’t leave them but u will leave them for their happiness. He won’t feel their presence until their absence. It’s awesome but it’s dangerous at a time. U can’t bear their loss, u can never replace them from your heart.
He became emotional remembering his mom n dad’s condition after his mom’s death. Sam felt pain seeing his eyes wet, she want to console but don’t know how as her mom never thought that. Neil came to sense n saw Sam’s sad face.
Neil: so this the difference..!! Ur lesson ended today, see you in next class..!! She nodded changing her expression. Both left to college.

Radhika got Arjun number from her source n dailed him. Here, Arjun was thinking about Radhika. Arjun, himself “I’m sure God..!! U will do something for me”.She started trusting God after meeting Radhika in concert second time. He felt god made everything to meet her but he himself made things complicated. Just then his phone, he irritatingly lifted it, as it distributed his thoughts.
Arjun: hello..!!
Radhika: Arjun sir..!! She literally hissed them.
Arjun :haa..!! Who are you .??
Radhika chuckled instead of talking. Arjun heard her chucking n looked into to display to see her identity, it’s private number. He thought for a while n spoke again.
Arjun: so… it’s you..!! Same reply….I’m sure that he will do something.
Radhika: who…?? She shooted. He smiled thinking that she spoke instead of chuckling.
Arjun: God..!! Now she laughed n he smiled. Radhika wanna ask about letter,but taken back thinking how can she ask. Arjun wanna say something but he is unable. Finally, Radhika broke the silence.
Radhika: do you wanna say something.???
Arjun: yaa..!! That… wait a second..!! He inhaled n exhaled air in excitement. Radhika can hear it.
Arjun:(in poetic way) You brought me sunshine
                         When I only saw rain,
                    You brought me laughter
                          When I only felt pain,
                    Your love was like sunshine,
         slowly warming my soul until it burn to crisp,
                      My love was like moonlight,
  usually hidden, but at right night,it showered you with full glow…..!!!
             I slipped briskly into an…. He forgot.. I slipped briskly into an…. He stammered trying to remember.

Radhika:   I slipped briskly into an intimacy,
      From which I never recovered..!! That’s your LOVE..!!
Krishna can only be radha’s…!! Shashirekha can only be Arjun’s… She completed. Arjun was shocked n surprised thinking how do she know this. He returned from thoughts.
Arjun: how do know this..??
Radhika: don’t copy others, tell something own not someone’s hard work.
Arjun: so ur the one who wrote this..!! He is confirmed. She smiled. I don’t know my better half having this skill,I loved it.she blushed at the word BETTER HALF.
Radhika: okay… see you soon. Guess you didn’t forget my challenge..??
Arjun: how can I forgot. It’s my life… She blushed n ended the call. He smiled clutching the letter in his hands.

Sorry guys..!! I know I’m late. Tell me ur opinions. I’m thinking to fast the track like reducing the explanation as I’m thinking it’s bored. My next part is based on ur opinions only. Whether to fast up or continue with this flow. Waiting for ur comments, they are literally encouraging me.sorry..!! I didn’t have time to reply ur comments.

Shree.. I will declare BEST FLIRT AWARD to Neil for sure n zayn… Ur totally confused with Pentagon love story,lol. Hareem,Roma,nila,harani,hayathi.. sorry for Ritvik but everything happens for a reason is policy, his character too plays something interesting in further, u don’t worry. If possible I will set someone of u for him,lol, just kidding.
Liya…wait with patience dear snehahari, manha ,devi, pani, hina, cherry, lakshmi, bhavna… thanks guys for ur interest in my ff. First time I think I remembered max.names, lol, my memory is equal to golden fish memory, so forgive me if I forgot someone.

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