Ek kahani (manmarziyan) episode 15


It’s night:
Arjun leaving clg with Akhil. Both r at parking area.
Akhil: come Aruu..!! We will go to hostel..!!
Arjun:no Akhil..!! Mom is missing me a lot..!! She requested me to stay at home, so I’m shifting to home even though it’s far.
Akhil: it’s okay man..!! U enjoy..!! See you bye.. Both left.

Radhika walked in campus n to herself “waah Radhu.!! U r star is so good this year, God..I thought whether I will see him again but what u did..!! (God: what I did..??) We met n I even danced with him that too so close, ur great God..!!” (God: thank god..!! I thought ur scolding me but ur praising me).

Neil came out of Audi n saw ritvik coming in opposite direction. He walked to Ritvik n both hugged n started walking
Ritvik: seems someone enjoyed salsa a lot (teasing)
Neil(smiling): no.. nothing like that.

Ritvik: don’t lie..!! I have seen you smiling all the at her, but I didn’t see her face.
Neil: voo.. Sam… He stopped, then he realized Ritvik is Sam’s bro…
Ritvik: whatt.??? he stared Neil sharply.
Neil: Arey sorry yaar….!! (Stepped back) how can I guess that one who I like is your sister..!!
Ritvik: likeeeee.??? He stretched. Neil realized he digged his own pit. So he ran, Ritvik too ran, not seriously but playfully. They both banged into Radhika, who is in arjun’s thoughts. Both circled her chasing each other.
Radhika (confused):what’s going on.??
Ritvik: catch him Radhu, padko usko..!!

Neil: no Radhu..!! U can’t do that with me..!!
Ritvik: Radhu..!! I said catch him.!! Help me yaar, my lovely Radhu naa.. please..!!
Neil: no Radhu..!! What can I do if she is beautiful.!!
Radhika: stop it..!! What’s going on here.??
Ritvik caught both arms of Neil around Radhika, Radhika is btw Ritvik n Neil.
Radhika: don’t make me victim in btw you both culprits, okay.?? Neil… leave naa..!! Turning to Neil.
Neil: I didn’t catch him, tell him to leave.

Meanwhile Ritvik is lost in radhika, her hair is touching his face due to wind, he saw her speaking to Neil, he us unable to hear anything, he is seeing her. Just then she turned n saw him smiling n gave a blank expression, he came to sense.
Radhika: ritvik..!! Leave..!! He released.He don’t know y he just obeyed her. Radhika continued… now tell what happen..?
Neil: it’s about Sam..!! Radhika understood n both stared ritvik. He stared at them with fake anger n laughed finally.
Ritvik: I thought of saving my Frd, but what can I do if he himself want to fall in pit..!! Noone can save..!!
Radhika(fake anger): kya.?? U urself telling that ur sis is pit..??
Neil: every girl herself is pit..!! Pit is same but depth matters..!! Ritvik n Neil gave hifi n both laughed.
Radhika: okay.. y u guys staying with pit.. I’m going bye..
Ritvik calmed but Neil still laughing, Ritvik tried to stop Radhika but she left.
Ritvik: what Neil.?? See what u have done..!!
Neil: no problem..!! Her anger is like soap bubble, it goes soon…!! Don’t take it serious. Okay now, I’m going.
Ritvik: then drop me..!!
Neil: then what about ur car.??
Ritvik: I started loving bikes after ur ride. Both left in bike.

Radhika reached hostel with pooja,both chatted with each other about college, salsa n many.
Pooja: hey I forgot to say that I’m not cmng clg tomorrow.
Radhika: y..?? Any problem.??
Pooja: no.. I’m going to meet my bf tomorrow that too for the first time.
Radhika: ohhoo…so that’s the matter.. but first time.??
Pooja: that.. we accidentally in phone call n it turned into love, we both decided to meet tomorrow at gardens, I’m so nervous Radhika…

Radhika: y so nervous..??
Pooja: he didn’t see me n I don’t know whether he will like me or not.??
Radhika: if he loves from heart, he will never bother that sort things..
Pooja: okay…!! But please help me in selecting dress for tomorrow to impress him.
Radhika: okay…!!! to herself: we have to impress our loved ones, huh.? But y..?? I’m confused but first I have to share this pa without knowing faltoos..!!
She messaged Shekar n clarified the neil’s absence n walked to shekar’s villa.

Neil n Ritvik r on bike riding home.
Neil: Radhu is gone miss our ride today..!!
Ritvik: yaa but it’s your mistake.
Neil: oho.. don’t take it serious yaar, she will be at home waiting for me, she would have forgotten by this time. I think u missed salsa with someone special…. He is expected something from ritvik.

Ritvik: what do you me.?? He blushed remembering Radhu.
Neil:don’t u feel u miss someone, don’t lie, I can see blushing in mirror, okay.?? Don’t fool me.
Ritvik: yaa… I miss that chance what can I do, principal can’t dance infront chief guest naa..?? Both laughed, he continued.. such a sweet girl, I have never seen..!! Looking into sky.
Neil: yaa..!! Mere Radhu is so sweet, lovely, she cares a lot. Ritvik said “hmm” dreaming n realized that Neil found out.

Ritvik:what..?? What Radhu..?? No no no…
Neil: Mr.Oscar.. don’t act, I saw u enjoying Radhika’s presence. He suddenly stopped the bike.
Ritvik:(tensed)sorry..!! Is something wrong..??
Neil: haa..!! Ur house..!! Okay bye..!!
Ritvik smiled n walked towards house.
Neil: Ritvik..!! She’s so sweet, don’t let her cry, she deserves all the happiness in the world. Both smiled.

Radhika ran to Shekar n hugged him n started dancing n twirling him, Shekar is overwhelmed by her happiness.
Shekar: whatever my darling is so happy today..!?
Radhika:bcuz ur darling doesn’t need to search for her love
Shekar: what.??

Radhika: bcuz..!!She found it already.
Shekar:really..!! Wowww.. I’m happy. Even he danced.
Radhika: I wanna say you something… She explained everything to Shekar.
Shekar: so he is Raghav’s son Arjun.. okay, I will enquire about him everything. He paused a little n continued…. n u challenged him, but y.??
Radhika: bcuz I wanna see who curious he is to meet me. I want my story to be more interesting..
Shekar: okay… it’s not fair that u didn’t gave any clue to him, u give some clue then it will be more interesting…
Radhika: it sounds good but what clue..??
Both thought for few minutes, after lot disgusting ideas they decided to write a letter to Arjun.
Shekar: beta..!! Take that pen n papers n follow me, I need a romantic scene to gather my flow…!!

Both selected sat on a small bridge in their home garden in moon light, Shekar started dictating like as typical lover with actions n Radhika started writing, he forgotten sometimes n mistaken n sometimes went on a flow. Radhika crushed many papers n writing again n again with lot of patience. Finally, they are done after few hours of suffer.
Radhika: fine, finally completed writing my first love letter, thank you, I don’t know u had a such a talent in poetry, really I never guessed..

Shekar: u know I used to write lot many love letters to Neil’s mom, she loved my poetry a lot..!! Both got a bit emotional, they composed themselves when they heard Neil.
Neil(shocked): what this..?? What happening here.?? Looking towards floor. Both looked down saw floor was filled with crushed papers, both their foreheads where curved seeing them. They are thinking what to answer. But relieved when they heard Neil’s phone started ringing.

Arjun sitting on swinging bed, terrace. He is dilemma thinking about Radhika, he reminisces their first meet, her hug, there meeting in office n today’s dance. He felt like Radhika is the one who he love. He decided to ask Akhil’s help, he took phone n dailed his number. Akhil lifted after many rings.
Akhil: kya Arjun.?? At this night..??

Arjun: what..?? It’s not too ni8 naa…
Akhil: it’s ni8 for me, bcuz I had a important work tomorrow
Arjun: okay, whatever..!! I wanna meet you tomorrow morning, it’s very urgent..!!
Akhil: okay, I will meet but not morning in afternoon.
Arjun: but why..??
Akhil: I had a very very important work tomorrow, I’m going to meet someone special.
Arjun: Ohio.. that’s matter(teasing)..okay, then meet me in office tomorrow afternoon, I will waiting for you, come with good news…!!
He ended the sleeping their n dreaming about Radhika under full moon.

Neil was shocked seeing the floor completely covered with crushed papers, he was waiting for them to answer but was distributed by his phone, he is not ready to lifted it until he noticed name in true caller, it’s her, he is surprised. He walked from their leaving them. He just watched it instead of lifting, he was test her. It rang again,now he waited until few rings n lifted.
Neil: hello…!!who’s this..?? (God:I will surely nominate u for Oscar, pakka)
Other end: it’s me Sam..!! Ur senior…
Neil: Sam.. huh.!? Haa yaa, remembered.Hyy Sam..!! But how is this possible, a beauty calling me that too ni8..? (God: 1st class flirt)

Sam:(blushed a little) actually… I’m in dilemma about that.
Neil: about what..?? (God: is their any award more than Oscar..??)
Sam: about love n like.. hesitatingly.
Neil: Ooo…!!! Do you difference between them..??
Sam was about to speak, Neil interrupted bcuz he don’t wanna miss this golden opportunity.
Neil: I got it that you don’t know, okay.. u do one thing come to college okay…?? I will give you theory with practicals okay..??
Sam: okay… hesitatingly. Both ended their conversation.
Neil to himself: miss.Sam..!! Kal sa shuru… I’m going to plan something big, get ready to stop using your brain.

That’s too guys….!! Guess it’s big enough to satisfy you guys..!! Waiting for ur precious comments buddies, tell me ur opinions about today’s episode without hesitation..!!

Credit to: Deepthi

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