Ek kahani (manmarziyan) episode 14


It’s Morning :
Arjun some early even though it’s Sunday. He curious to meet her but was tested by his dad. Arjun waited for his dad to leave weekend out with his childhood frds, as he doesn’t want to tell his dad about this.
He heard sound from his dad’s room n ran into his room covered himself with bedsheet. He heard his room door opened n can feel someone kissed his forehead, he know it’s his DAD. He woke up when he heard car leaving sound.
Arjun to himself: sorry dad..!! I wanna tell you but I will celebrate with you after my success in making her say yes.
He searched his maa n found her praying god. He hugged her from back n said “Maa bless me”.
Janki: be happy always.
Arjun: bye maa… running out.
Janki: where are you going.?? That too Sunday..
Arjun: to get my happiness… to make my dream girl mine. He left in his car.
Janki: bhagawan..!! Take care of my son..!! (God:everyone asks “take care of my son” noone asks me to take care of myself. Noone takes care of me)

Radhika got ready early in the morning n finished her work at temple as it’s routine every Sunday, with Neil. They were about to leave when Neil phone rang. He lifted n started talking.
Neil: ha dad….??
Shekar: going to meeting..??
Neil: what meeting.??
Radhika just remembered what pa said yesterday, she turned to Neil telling “Faltoos..!! I got to tell you this..!!”, where Shekar explained to Neil. Neil is sure that they need some profit. He shouted anger “they need profit in these things also”.
Shekar: I don’t think they are that sort of ppl. Their might be some reason for this…!! said doubtfully.
Neil: whatever..!! I will see their end of it is profit.
Shekar is sure that Neil is going to something their, so continued.
Shekar:I don’t want you to make issue their.!! Radhu, u go n attend meeting as it’s imp for orphans..!!
Radhika: yes pa..!! Ur right, I will go n attend n faltoos.. u don’t come with me, I will attend myself. U will surely spoil it with your anger…!!!
Neil: even I’m not ready to attend that foolish meeting leaving date with my new girlfriend…!!!
Radhika: faltoos…. really faltoos…!! Again new gf..u will never change.
Neil: u already know that..

Radhika: u will change one day for someone… Neil gave a sharp look to her knowing her intention, to avoid coming danger Radhika continued.. I’m not gng to save you today like always, better you be careful, don’t know it’s slap or more than that….
She smiled when Neil placed his hand on right cheek remembering previous slaps with scared look…
Neil: every dog has a day..!! It’s my day.. I don’t need your help, I think u need my help, whose going to drop you..?? He said with naughty smile.
Radhika: I will go by auto n not with you..!!i don’t want to spoil my meeting..!!
Neil: ur missing a chance to get lift from such a handsome guy…!!
Radhika laughed saying ” nice joke.. I will tell this to all my friends, they will die of laughing”.She left in auto still laughing, which made Neil irritating expression.

Auto stopped at a big entrance gate n Radhika stepped out. Arjun was already waiting for Radhika desperately. She walked into office pushing glass door. She looked into the msg which Shekar send regarding the address. She walked to the lift n got in n pressed 12th, it’s last floor. She silently walked to reception watching interiors of the building.
Receptionist: how can I help you.??
Radhika: I’m here for a meeting.
Receptionist: do you have appointment.n I know ur name.??
Radhika: I’m from mrng stars band… She was cutoff my reception lady.
Receptionist: r u mrng stars, I’m ur fan madam, glad I saw ur face… then she realized that she didn’t cover her face.
Radhika: where is washroom.??

Receptionist:come mam..!! I will show you.
Radhika walked to washroom n pulled scarf from her handbag n wrapped around her face, where that receptionist is busy in blabbering. Radhika finished covering n turned to receptionist n said “don’t tell anyone about this okay..??” She nodded in yes manner n said “autograph mam , please” giving a paper n pen, she signed it.both walked back to reception table.
She took land phone n dailed some number n talked something which radhika completely ignored. She turned to Radhika n said “mam..!! That’s the room.”She indicated a corner cabin of the office. Radhika stood up n walked to cabin. Her anger rosed when she remembered that he needs profit.

Arjun’s PA ran into cabin n said “sir.. mrng stars..”
Arjun: did they both came or..??
PA: no sir..!! Only that girl came.
Arjun: okay send her..!! Don’t disturb till 1hr. PA left. Arjun smiled thinking ” thank god, only she came”.
Someone banged door n Arjun twirled his chair hearing sound. Radhika walked n saw someone sitting, but she can’t see his face as he is facing his back to her. She burst out in anger.
Radhika: how dare you..!! U… u…(stammering a little) u even need a profit in this, (Arjun chuckled) it’s.. it’s for orphans n u… She stopped suddenly, when he turned his chair. She is speechless n freezed to floor.

Arjun literally enjoyed this, he stood up n walked to Radhika n said “yaa..!! I need a profit n you know what it is”. Radhika knows the meaning of these sentence but don’t know what to say,she said “what profit..??”blushing under her dupatta.She turned opposite to Arjun as she is sure that she will fail to talk if she sees into his eyes. He moved a little close n leaned to her ears n said “liar..!!blushing under dupatta”by seeing what reached her eyes from lips. She was shocked a little about his comment thinking “how can he guess.?”.
Arjun : “answer my question..!!
Radhika: which question.?? She expecting something turning to Arjun.
Arjun: which I asked you on concert….
Radhika: which question (acting)I don’t remember, we didn’t even met also…

Arjun:what..?? (Moving towards Radhu, Radhu stepping back) so we didn’t met, right.?? Let me tell you.?? (He finally pinned her to wall. Radhika is unable to stare him so looking here n there. He pulled her chin making her to look into him. Both stared into each other.
Arjun:do you remember what happen when power went off..?? Radhika is remembering that she hugged someone thinking Neil but felt little strange. Arjun continued.. u hugged someone right..?? Her eyes widened n big thinking “how did he know..?? That means I hugged him.”She bite her lower lip n saw Arjun blushing n thought “awww.. so sweet..!! If he continue this I will surely go out of control, control Radhu control, how can end your love story so easily, it should be interesting so that u can tell ur children that ur dad n mom is having a great love story”. Arjun smiled seeing her dreaming, he is sure it’s about him.

Arjun: stop dreaming me when I’m infront of u, answer question first…(moving bit closer). Radhika is sure she can’t lie anymore.
Radhika: u know the answer already…..
Arjun: but want to listen from u..
Radhika: I didn’t listen to u to, I just saw it.
Arjun (smiling):so u want to listen from me, (she nodded) then one condition, remove the thing which is between us… this dupatta.
Radhika wants to know more about Arjun so she is not going to leave this opportunity.
Radhika: find me if you can n propose me then my reply is yes…!!
Arjun: it’s not big thing to find u, it a matter of few days. He said with attitude.
Radhika:really..?! Then find out… let me see how.. he moved more closer almost touching each other, she know that she can’t control anymore,she pushed him n ran to door n opened it saying “bye Arjun sir..!! See you soon”. She left smiling from her eyes.
He stood their remembering what happened just few minutes back, his body has lost a vibration which he lost with her. He said himself” I will find u n start a new life with you, I’m very curious about that”.

He already signed cheque n it safely reached orphanage.

Next morning:
Arjun reached clg still thinking “how to find her.?” Akhil who was already their asked Arjun about his meet curiously to know about his Bhai’s love. Arjun just said she challenged her to find her. Both were in thoughts how find her. Their thoughts were distributed by Yuvi, who came just now.
Yuvi: guys..!! U know this, cultural fest is going to happen n we seniors should participate with juniors, I’m participating, I wish I would get Radhika..!! With excitement
Arjun remembered Radhika’s eyes n started feeling like both r same eyes.now it’s Akhil who distributed.
Akhil: wow…!! Give my name even I’m participating. What about you Arjun.??
Arjun: no.. I’m not interested yaar..u know naa..
Yuvi: but I already gave your name n ur the best dancer in clg so ur name will be first always. Okay, I’m going, I had a small work.
Arjun: u know Radhika eyes looks similar to my jaan eyes, is my jaan Radhika.?? I can’t make sure until I have a close look at her eyes but she wears spects..
Akhil:I’m here to give brilliant ideas Bhai…!! Cultural fest, seniors n juniors mix n u will be her partner. Now come lets go.

Radhika n Neil as usual came to clg. They saw Ritvik talking on phone busy. They thought not to disturb him but he saw them. Ritvik walked to them ending call.
Ritvik: good morning guys..!!
Neil: good morning.!! We thought u will attend our concert but u didn’t..y?
Ritvik: sorry guys..!!I wanna attend but busy in pampering my sister…He turned to Radhu.. I did as u said Radhu..
Radhika smiled saying “Good..”.
Neil: what’s going on here.. what she said n what you did.??
Ritvik: Radhu talking with me regarding my sister, she advised to go on out with my sister n celebrate new year with her n cheesy lines to say her that I really love her. They said n I did. Love you Radhu it really worked n I’m sure she will surely become my sweet Sam…
The last word made Neil run into Sam thoughts, he remembers their fast meet n second n all those. After a while, he comes sense n sees Radhika n Ritvik nowhere. She sees a note stick to his shirt n reads “Arey faltoos.!! Now ur out of dreams, I’m impatient to get u back to sense, so we left to auditorium, come fast,cultural fest,juniors r supposed to be their”.
Neil:offo..!! Radhu I will come but after meeting her. Where are you Sam.??
He searched her everywhere n finally reached auditorium. He sees Sam on stand n walks to Radhika who is already standing their. Sam is telling something to juniors.
Sam: cultural fest is going to happen as it happens every year,but this year both seniors n juniors combine will perform on stage, every junior should participate n we will select which we r going to perform….., she took a chit from many chits bowl, she reads “it’s dance, French salsa”. All r excited listening this.
Sam smiled as it is her idea to write salsa in every chit to dance with Arjun. She know it’s juniors n seniors, but She is famous in breaking rules. Ritvik, who went out for a call is busy with that.
Arjun n Akhil walked in. Arjun saw Sam n muttered “ohh..!! God”. (God:kya Arjun, did u call.?) “Sam here” (God to himself: better to not get involved with her n said: I can’t hear u Arjun, network problem, ur calling for is busy with other devotees)

Akhil: I can’t save you but no problem, she herself declared it’s juniors n seniors.
Selection of partners is happening, almost all selected partners n Arjun, Sam, Neil, Akhil, Radhika left. All r at audible distance to each other.
Radhika stared Neil, Neil sees her staring n said “no no..!! I’m not gng to dance with you, I know how u dance, noone dates to do salsa with you after knowing this, thank god it’s juniors n seniors”.
Radhika sees Arjun standing n not yet selected his partner, she wanna ask but she’s shy to ask. Arjun walks to her n about to ask but stopped hearing Sam.
Sam: I know Arjun ur waiting for me. This irritates Arjun a lot.( taking his hands)
This made Neil n Radhika sad as Neil too thought to dance with Sam. Neil: but seniors n juniors.. cut off.. Sam:it’s my wish to break rules. Just then Ritvik enters sees them n asked “did u guys select your partners.??” He sees Arjun n Sam n asked “ur seniors naa…?? R u partners..??” Sam knows through the shopping with his brother that he is not going to tolerate if she breaks any clg rules, she is not ready to make his bro angry on her as their relation is getting better these day.
Sam: no bhayya..!! We both r searching for our partners.Neil don’t want to lose the chance.
Neil: I’m their to be ur partner. Sam gave a cold look.
Ritvik: then u both be partners (pointing Arjun n Radhika). They both nodded thinking it’s golden opportunity.
Neil(laughing): dance that too salsa with Radhu, u will surely forget your steps, be careful Arjun.
Radhika: faltoos… She hits him n he ran with Sam from their. Akhil walked to Arjun saying “I didn’t any partner”.

They see Indhu walking towards Akhil, she is happy that Akhil didn’t found his partner.
Indhu(shyly): be my partner Akhil. Akhil is thinking who will save him.
Pooja came their with faded face telling “Radhika.!! I didn’t get any”. Akhil face glowed with this.
Akhil: Indhu.!!! I got my partner, she’s pooja, bye Bhai.. He ran from their to save himself.Ritvik made a excuse n left.

Radhika n Arjun looked at each other.
Arjun: shall we practice.??
Radhika:Arjun sir..!! I’m weak in dance, especially salsa..
Arjun: no problem..!! I will have u. He pulls to corner of auditorium where everyone is practicing in other parts.
Arjun: this dance a passion n chemistry more than steps, first make your body free to dance, dance freely, okay,.?? Come on lets start.
He pulled her close n tried looking into her eyes but the light in Audi is reflecting her glasses. So he is unable to look into her eyes. He finally decided
Arjun: will you please remove your spects..??
Radhika: y sir.?? But I’m having sight, I can’t see distance things..
Arjun: u can see my eyes naa..!! That’s enough to dance, just look into my eyes.
She did n he too, she just left her body to him n he twirled her body according to his wish, finally she tuned herself to his body tune still staring his eyes.

Sam n Neil dancing just few steps away from Arjun.
Neil: u know what I would have done if ur not my senior.?
Sam(irritated):what u have done.??
Neil: I would have flirted with you n ur beauty is such that everyone starts flirting with you, I’m very unlucky.
Sam laughed. She sees Arjun n Radhika dancing. N muttered “I lost a golden opportunity”. Neil heard it.
Neil: do u love him.?
Sam: yaa..
Neil: r u sure.?? Sam thought for a while.
Sam: yaa.. but y r asking like that .??
Neil: it doesn’t look like u love him.

Sam: what.??? No ur wrong. Neil was sure that it’s just attraction.
Neil: first u have to make sure that you love him or like him.
Sam: really..?? What’s difference btw them n How to find it?
Neil: simple, if u like a fish, u will make a curry n sat but if you love it, u will allow it to live. That’s it. He appreciates himself for his new created philosophy.
While Sam made a confused face. Neil understood.
Neil: u didn’t understand.?? No problem, I will ask you some questions u answer urself. Okay.?? Sam nodded.
Neil: do you feel same feeling on him that u had on him in ur first meet..?? Did you feel like butterflies in stomach when he near u.?? Did u feel any sounds like temple bell sound in ur heart when you saw him.?? She nodded no all the time.
Neil: no…!!? That means you don’t love him but like him (Sam stared Neil n then Arjun)as Frd, I wanna tell you one thing, don’t get angry, how did you like Arjun..?? I mean he is so boring, always books, not even handsome also.
Neil knows Arjun is handsome but he is Sam will fall for his words. Yaa.!! It worked. She left the place in dilemma “where is loved or liked Arjun.?”.
Neil to himself: such a sweet…. very innocent.. I love her, hey Neil.. u misspelled it, it’s u like her.. haa, yaa.. but y did I spell that, be careful Neil… where is this Radhu.?? Is she romancing with Arjun or what.?? Lol….

Pooja n Akhil stared dancing n pooja is irritated with Akhil being her partner. Both fought for a while but finally adjusted. They talked n introduced themselves while dancing n both started loving each other presence.
Akhil: what happen Akhil.?? Ur loving her presence, u forgot u love someone, idiot, first tell her that you r in love.
Akhil: pooja..!! I wanna share this to u, I’m in love.
Pooja: even I’m in love..!!
Akhil: Wowww.!! What a coincidence..!! Can I who he is.??
Pooja: yaa.. sure. Even I’m curious to see ur gf.
Akhil: okay..!! We will meet in gardens, u come with ur bf n I’m with mine.
Pooja: okay… to herself lets see how she looks more good than me..??
Don’t know y both r burning due to this.

Arjun n Radhika still dancing.
Radhika to herself: control Radhu.!!! Control..!! Did u forgot ur challenge. Both I have to avoid due contact with him to save myself, his eyes is having a massive effect on me. She avoid eye contact looking somewhere.
Arjun came to sense, he smiled n himself”y I’m feeling she is my jaan.??yaa..!! Both are same, but I have to more sure. Radhika loosen grip n stepped back n said ” okay Arjun sir, see u in next class”.
Arjun: okay bye. Both left opposite direction thinking about each other.
Arjun stared back thinking “I will find u soon”.
Radhika turned too thinking ” waiting for you to find me so that it’s not necessary to control my feelings”.

I’m sooo lazy these days…!! Is it boring.?! Please tell me if it is. Waiting for ur precious comments. Please comment. Thanks for ur previous comments, sorry I didn’t have time to reply ur comments but I read all of them n thank soooooo much, they really encouraged me. Imagine someone like ur fav actor in pooja character n tell me whom you guys r assuming. Bye..!!

Credit to: Deepthi

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